Muslim Mob attacks police, frees three ‘cow slaughterers’ from custody in Muzaffarnagar


MEERUT: Three cops were injured after a mob attacked a police team in a Muzaffarnagar village on Tuesday as it arrested three people on charges of “cow slaughter”. The crowd damaged police vehicles and also indulged in stone pelting.

SP (city) Ombir Singh told TOI that they had received a tip-off that cow slaughter was taking place in Talhedi Bujurg village. “A police team raided a house in the village and confirmed the development. We recovered animal carcasses, 15 kg meat and equipment used for slaughter.”

“Three persons were arrested and taken into custody. However, soon, a large crowd gathered outside the house and attacked the police team. They even fired gunshots and eventually managed to free the accused. Our vehicles were damaged and three personnel were injured,” he said.

Additional teams of police had to be rushed to rescue the embattled cops. “The meat recovered from the house has been sent for a forensic test to ascertain whether cows were slaughtered there. So far, no arrests have been made but a case has been registered against 14 named and 25 unnamed attackers,” the SP added.

The cops injured in the attack were taken to the police hospital, where they were given preliminary first aid. “The attackers managed to escape and are believed to be hiding in nearby jungles. We will catch them soon and will not spare anyone who attacks police,” the SP said.


Ten people were arrested on Wednesday for allegedly attacking a police team in the Khala Par locality in Muzaffarnagar.

The attack by the mob happened on Tuesday when the police team had come to arrest three persons on allegations of cow slaughter. Four police men were injured in the stone pelting by the mob and a police vehicle was damaged. Following the incident, security was tightened and additional police force deployed to keep the situation under control and ease tension.

After the incident, the police had registered a case against 47 people, officials said.

The arrests of the ten accused took place after the police launched a search operation.