Lateral Entry into Indian Civil Service(IAS) from Private Sector

Government opens 10 joint-secretary level posts for private sector professionals

The Centre has opened the highest echelons of the bureaucracy to skilled individuals from the private sector and academia, inviting applications for ten candidates at the level of joint secretary across various departments. Joint Secretaries play a crucial role in formulating and implementing policy.

Bypassing the UPSC exam, it will select ten ‘outstanding’ individuals for the post of Joint Secretary across the following departments—Revenue, Financial Services, Economic Affairs, Agriculture, Cooperation & Farmers’ Welfare, Road Transport & Highways, Shipping, Environment, Forests and Climate Change, New & Renewable Energy, Civil Aviation and Commerce.

Candidates can apply online from June 15 to July 30 (1700 IST). In its announcement, the government has set some general parameters for eligibility.

1) A minimum age limit for applications has been set at 40 as of July 1, 2018

2) Must be a graduate “from a recognised university/institute”.

3) Minimum of 15 years work-experience for those coming in from academia or private sector

These lateral entrants into the civil service will be offered a three-year contract, which the government can extend to five years depending on performance.

However, the highlight of this announcement is the salary these lateral entrants will receive — Rs 1,44,200 to 2,18,200 per month.

These are seemingly competitive salaries. Making matters better for potential candidates is that they shall be eligible for all government-mandated perks – for example, transport, accommodation and reimbursement of expenses.

Source :Govt of India- Dept of Personnel and Training