ISIS plotting nuclear holocaust to kill millions, claims author who spent 10 days with Jihadi John

After spending ten days embedded with Islamic State, German journalist Jurgen Todenhofer revealed his shocking claims of “the largest religious cleansing in history”

Islamic State monsters are plotting to unleash a nuclear holocaust, killing millions of innocent people in “the largest religious cleansing in history”, an insider has claimed.

German journalist Jurgen Todenhofer spent ten chilling days with the terrorists, managing to escape alive.

Todenhofer, a 75-year-old former MP of Angela Merkel’s CDU party, turned away from politics to begin a career in war reporting in 2000.

He managed to survive on the frontline in Syria, spending more than a week with vile killer Mohammed Emwazi, known as ‘Jihadi John’, and his twisted entourage.

And now Todenhofer, in his new book “Inside IS – Ten Days In The Islamic State”, the former politician tells of how the Islamic terrorists plan to kill millions.

He writes: “The terrorists plan on killing several hundred million people.”

“The west is drastically underestimating the power of ISIS,” he said, before warning of a plot to launch “the largest religious cleansing in history” using a “nuclear tsunami”.

Todenhofer does have his critics, however.

It has been claimed that he was only given such access to ISIS because he has spoken out against the foreign policy decisions made by world leaders concerning Afghanistan and Iraq.

“This project was opposed by my family for seven months,” he said.

“My son ultimately accompanied me – against my will. He meant to protect me. And he filmed there.  My family didn’t hear from us for seven days. It was very difficult for my daughters.”

He managed to arrange the trip following negotiations with the leadership of ISIS via Skype, he claims.  Before leaving, he even wrote his will.

“Of course I’d seen the terrible, brutal beheading videos and it was of course after seeing this in the last few months that caused me the greatest concern in my negotiations to ensure how I can avoid this,” he added.

“People there live in shellholes, in barracks, in bombed-out houses. I slept on the floor, if I was lucky on a plastic mattress. I had a suitcase and a backpack, a sleeping bag.  My impressions? That they are much stronger than we here believe.”

“They now control land greater in size than the United Kingdom and are supported by an almost ecstatic enthusiasm the like of which I’ve never encountered before in a war zone.

“Every day hundreds of willing fighters from all over the world come.

“The beheadings have been established as a strategy which they wanted to spread fear and terror among their enemies. This worked well – look at the capture of Mosul taken with less than 400 fighters.

“They are the most brutal and most dangerous enemy I have ever seen in my life.

“I don’t see anyone who has a real chance to stop them. Only Arabs can stop IS. I came back very pessimistic.”