ISIS asks Indians Muslims to fight for their dignity

ISIS asks Indians Muslims to fight for their dignity

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed ‘Caliph’ of the unofficial ‘Islamic State’ has said that India was among many countries in the world where the rights of the Muslims were seized, and has urged all Muslims to fight for their rightful place and dignity.

The leader of the extremist group that seized much of northern Iraq and Syria called on Muslims worldwide on Tuesday to join the battle and help build an Islamic state in the newly conquered territory.

Baghdadi, in a chilling 20-minute audio released late on Tuesday, said that Muslims’ rights were being violated in India, China, Palestine, Somalia, the Arabian Peninsula, the Caucasus, Sham (the Levant), the Philippines, Ahvaz, Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, Iraq, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria and Morocco. The inclusion of India in ISIS targets has raised fears about Indians trapped in Iraqi cities controlled by the Islamist group.

Meanwhile, Iraqi prime minister Nuri al-Maliki offered a general amnesty Wednesday in a rare conciliatory move to undercut support for militants whose offensive has overrun swathes of territory and threatens to tear Iraq apart.

The offer comes after a farcical opening to the new parliament, despite international leaders urging Iraq’s fractious politicians to unite to help combat insurgents, as the military struggles to seize the initiative on the ground.

Counter terror chiefs fear that Baghdadi, the self-styled leader of the jihadist group ISIS, will soon launch a terror attack similar to the 9/11 strikes of al Qaeda.

According to reports, ISIS jihadists across Iraq are alleged to have plans to attack airliners, making Jordan its prime target since the country shares good relations with the West, reports the Mirror. Arab security forces believed Baghdadi had instructed his inner circle to launch the attacks, said Western sources.

According to sources, ISIS will expand its attacks beyond Iraq and Syria whereby a missile attack or a device smuggling by suicide bomber on a plane is expected.

In a tape posted by ISIS on the militant website, Baghdadi has appealed to the jihadists and Muslims with practical skills to expand attacks beyond Syria and Iraq in the holy month of Ramzan. In Iraq, Sunnis and Kurds have abandoned the parliament without a decision on replacement of Maliki. The US, UN, Iran and Iraq’s own Shia clergy are in favour of an inclusive government.

~ Hindustan Times