The Great Garuda dam of Indonesia to stop city from sinking

The Great Garuda dam of Indonesia to stop city from sinking

Jakarta is sinking at an alarming rate of 7,5 (and some parts even with 14) centimeters per year. Without intervention large parts of the city, housing four and a half million people, will be submerged by the sea. The national capital of the Republic of Indonesia is choking in water and, in addition to that, in traffic congestion. The consequences of these challenges for the city are enormous.

These problems are so serious that there are doubts about the sustainable future of the nation’s capital, and even studies are undertaken to relocate the capital to another place in the Indonesian archipelago.

The Indonesian government is facing not only the challenge to flood proof Jakarta, but also to create a new perspective for Jakarta as the home of millions of people, and as the Nation’s Capital.

Joint initiative

In a Government-to-Government initiative the Dutch expertise and experience on the integration of water management and urban development is shared with Indonesian partners. A joint project was created to conceive a Masterplan for the National Capital Integrated Coastal Development (NCICD), that will facilitate and encourage flood proof and sustainable development of Jakarta.

The NCICD Masterplan proposes a Giant Sea Wall that will protect Jakarta against floods from the sea. Inside the Giant Sea Wall large lagoons will be created to buffer outflow from Jakarta’s rivers. To ensure the quality of this lagoon, waste disposal, water treatment and sanitation measures will be implemented throughout the existing city.

Great Garuda

The Giant Sea Wall development will create a unique and iconic image. Formed by laws of nature, sea water flow and efficiency, this elegant waterfront city resembles a Great Garuda spreading its wings to protect the people of Jakarta, the National Capital. This metaphoric narrative of the national symbol, offers great and compelling strength that is much needed for this formidable project to succeed.

The Great Garuda will protect Jakarta from floods from the sea. But it will do more. Much more. It will provide for a new vision on the future of the National Capital of the Republic of Indonesia.

New Perspective for the National Capital of the Republic of Indonesia

It will become an integral part of the development of Jakarta. The city will be become water resilient and the new coastal development will house 1.5 to 2 million people. Metropolis scale infrastructure such as toll roads, light rail and freight trains is integrated in the Great Garuda design.

The integrated development will relieve urban pressure (traffic, building, economic, etc.) on the existing city. Thereby significantly increasing the quality of life in Jakarta.

The Masterplan for NCICD is developed by a consortium headed by Witteveen+Bos (main contractor) and Grontmij, with subconsultants KuiperCompagnons, Deltares, Ecorys and Triple-A. The urban concepting of the Great Garuda is by KuiperCompagnons.

The Dutch Government (by Netherlands Water Partnership) has commissioned the project in cooperation with the Indonesian Government.

The Great Garuda dam of Indonesia to stop city from sinking


The Great Garuda dam of Indonesia to stop city from sinking