Curfew Imposed After Violent Clash Between Sikhs and Muslims in Saharanpur

The Saharanpur administration has imposed curfew under Section 144 in the district after violence erupted between Sikh and Muslim groups at Gurdwara Road of Qutub Sher area on Saturday morning over a Gurdwara land.

According to reports, several shops and vehicles belonging to Sikhs were burnt to ashes by Muslim Mobs. Congress leader Madhusudan Mistry, Nagma have been detained.

The local administration has rushed the Rapid Action Force to the spot to control the situation. Police had to resort to fire tear gas shells to dispel the mob.

As the angry mob pelted stones at the police, a city magistrate and five policemen were injured.

Saharanpur District Magistrate Sandya Tiwari said that the situation was brought under control after curfew was clamped in several areas of the city.

“Things are under control. We have imposed prohibitory restrictions in the area. Few policemen have also been injured,” Tiwari told News 18. Additional forces including Rapid Action Force have been rushed to the spot to control the situation.

Sources said the clashes began with a verbal spat over a gurdwara land after a group started construction work by installing a lintel near the site. “A local court order had come in favour of one community which infuriated the other community that started the construction and led to clashes,” a source said.

Meanwhile Chief Secretary Alok Ranjab has called an urgent meeting to review law and order situation in western parts of the state.