Brussels: Missing Infosys employee confirmed dead in terror attacks


MUMBAI: Infosys techie Raghvendran Ganesan who was missing since the unfortunate Brussels attack last week was confirmed dead late on Monday evening.

The Belgian authorities have identified him as one of the victims of the Barbarian attack in the European city last Tuesday. The mortal remains will be handed over to Raghvendran’s family, younger brother, Chandrasekar and parents -Annapoorni and Ganesan C – who are at Brussels currently. The body was at Belgium’s military hospital and will be taken to India from Amsterdam.

His last phone call was tracked to a metro rail in the Belgian capital, external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj had said in a Tweet.

Authorities from the Indian embassy at Belgium confirmed the news.

Raghvedran, 31, is survived by his wife and a one-month old baby. Raghvendran has been working at Brussels for last four years on an Infosys project with Proximus.

The family, originally from Tamil Nadu, moved to Bhayander, Mumbai over 30 years ago.

After he completed his junior college from Vartak College in Vasai, Raghvendran went to Chennai to study engineering from where he was picked by Infosys during campus placements. He became a father just last month. He was passing through the Maelbeek station in the Metro like every day to reach his office