Arvind Kejriwal most hated Indian in 2015 in annual Survey of ‘Goonj India Index 2015’

New Delhi, Jan 6: The annual chronicle ‘Goonj India Index 2015′ has branded Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal as most hated Indian in 2015 while Prime Minister Narendra Modi has emerged as the second politician after Dr APJ Abdul Kalam in the most lovable list. The Aam Aadmi Party has also been branded the most hated political party by the same survey.

According to the report published on ‘The Goonj India Index 2015’ portal, the Aam Aadmi Party leader Kejriwal topped the list of most hated Indians in 2015 followed by Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on the second most hated Indians while Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan was on the third position in that list. The site also mentions Congress president Sonia Gandhi on fifth position in the same list.

The latest report released by Goonj India, a mass media research outlet, tracked down the trends, popular mentions on Twitter, Facebook, Google searches and YouTube viewership to map the popularity of the individuals and whether they were discussed in positive or negative light.

The score has been given in Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) format where 1 GPM is equal to an estimated reach of 100K on digital media in which Arvind Kejriwal got the highest (1.99 GPM) score in hated list followed by Rahul Gandhi (0.73 GPM) and Aamir Khan (0.72 GPM).

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  • Funny if that guy Arvind Kejriwal is most hated how come this fellow and his party got elected.If this finding is true then the people of New Delhi must be idiots.
    It is sad to note the people of New Delhi chose to let down BJP even though they knew Sarkar Narendra Modi Ji is a gem of a man who is really a caring person.This shows why Hindus are insisting the provision secularism to be repealed from the constitution.And pull the carpet from under the feet of these minorities who have grossly abused it at the expense of the Hindus.This is the work of the Congress Party which was led by non-Hindus parading under Hindu names and ensured these elements enjoy the bulk of the benefits from the government thus the word secularism played a very important role This is the very reason why New Delhiites
    rejected BJP.
    Why should this nation be secular when the predominant people of this nation are followers of sanantana Dharma commonly known as Hindus from time immemorial.