Another Hindu Priest attacked and his sacred thread stripped

Another Hindu Priest attacked and stripped off of his sacred thread


Atleast three incidents of attacks on Brahmins including the forcible removal of the poonal (sacred thread) from a senior citizen have been reported in Chennai in the last two days.

After an attack on a Mylapore priest on Monday, two other attacks were reported in Triplicane and T Nagar. “They beat him up and threw away his poonal,” said Mangalana Gurukka, who complained to the police after a group of ten to twelve people beat up his 78 year old father, Vishwanathan Gurukka.

“He was returning from the temple when they surrounded and beat him. Since it was dark he couldn’t see,” said Gurukka.“They kept yelling ‘Periyar Vazhaga’ ,” he said explaining that incident had occurred on Monday evening.

However, separate attacks on Brahmins continued on Tuesday allegedly conducted by members of the Dravida Viduthalai Kazhagam, of which six are said to be in police custody. In another attack a 12 year-old boy was targeted.

Six people have been taken into custody here for attacking elderly Brahmins and forcibly cutting their sacred thread called ‘poonal’, police said on Tuesday.

According to police, four DVK activists were taken into custody on Monday and two were held on Tuesday.

The Bharatiya Janata Party’s Tamil Nadu unit president Tamizhisai Soundararajan said she was shocked and condemned the attacks.

However, major political parties in the state were silent on the issue.

BJP leader H. Raja, on the other hand, suspected the hand of the Dravida Kazhagam’s president, DK Veeramani to be involved in the attacks. He then called for a ban against the party and also demanded the arrest of its leader . DK’s Veeramani had earlier courted trouble after he presided over a thaali-removal function, an event which was denied permission by the police.


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  • Brahmin Bashers may celeberate this as Victory
    How shame full-for Civil society & cherished Democracy ???
    Time to act & roar
    Come on -Let us Protest

  • This will be a secular news for all media news channels. They will suppress it. Any attack on brahmins is good for political partys. They rejoice. Brahmins are to be blamed its the one community which is divided and not united.

  • I wish some one has the courage to beat up and shave the heads of veeramani, karunanidhi stalin etc and see how these crooks family feels it is to be attacked.rowdy elements understand only retaliation and not logic and tolerence

  • it is the fate we are in and we have to live with… if something happens to a dalit immediately Rahul Gandhi and others will rush to get a photo op.. what about this?? any condemnation even from JJ

  • Needs investigation. Something behind this…a love affair, trouble makers to divert police attention,etc.Looks very suspicious on such an act in 2016.Could be to consolidate votes against some political party……

  • If only Tamil Brahmins and upper caste want to retaliate in unison will these EVR goons be in single piece?

  • Why such heinous attacks on poojaris who are in pious profession are being targeted and attacked by “poojaris “poojaris Dweshis” It is a blot on our culture to insult and humiliate people in pious profession.All the likeminded or right thinking should join hand to arrest this devilish acts!

  • No politician will mince word since Brahmins are minority in most of the states and they are not major vote banks.No bollywood celebs or writer feel insecure in India because brahmins are attacked who have habit of adjusting themselves to prevailing circumstances.No media will make it as prime time news because it will not fetch them TRP. If in place of brahmin, a dalit or muslim would have existed then whole bunch of sick pseudo-secularists and presstitutes would have started chanting “intolerance” mantra.God alone save this country.

  • Now that hindus are targeted, the so-called secular brigade will be tight-lipped on this issue, and the people who returned the awards in protest of intolerance, they don’t see it as an issue at all. Is this not intolerance? no one will ever talk or atleast condemn this act…god save india and hindus…!!!

  • The only language that dravidian parties know is hatred. Getting to power by spreading
    hatred,disrespecting or using chappal garlands,burning statues and people belief, slogans
    like ‘pappanai adi’. Democracy has become a tool for gaining some castes or supporting a
    particular religion or divide and talk in favour of majority is becoming order of the day. Peoples
    weakness for freebies and concession are used as honey before siphoning money and also
    is corrupting peoples mind