Alarming case of Indians joining ISIS war in Iraq

Alarming case of Indians joining ISIS war in Iraq

Intelligence Bureau warns that the movement of Saudi Wahabi preachers in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, if left unchecked, will lead to more Indians being brainwashed and eventually joining ISIS founder Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi’s militia.

One of the major concerns today of nations fighting the war on terror has been the growing number of youths turning radical over the Internet.

And there is no shortage of role models either. While misguided youths drew inspiration from the likes of Osama bin Laden till some years ago, today many subscribe to Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant founder Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi’s ultra radical thoughts.

Though India is no stranger to online radicalism, it is just beginning to realise how the Baghdadi’s sermons are drawing Indian youths to fight for the ISIS.

Three students from Chennai were reported missing a couple of months back. Intelligence Agencies later traced them to Syria, where the trio have been fighting alongside the ISIS.

Today, the agencies are on the trail of 15 more persons hailing from Kerala and Tamil Nadu and suspect that they too could have joined the ISIS militia.

Intelligence Bureau sources told that couple of youths had returned home as they were unable to bear the pressure there.

An IB officer said, “It is one thing to see things on the net, but many of them do not have the resolve to indulge in such a bloody battle.”

The officer added that the youths are influenced by both ideology as well as the money on offer. There are dedicated financial modules in various countries, including one in India, funded by Saudis who subscribe to the Wahabi faith.

Kerala, in particular, has been vulnerable to the Wahabi faith. Several preachers from Saudi Arabia have been visiting Kerala to hold meetings, which the state establishment has chosen to ignore, the IB lamented.

‘We had warned them against such developments; the writing was on the wall when they (radicals) moaned the Osama and Ajmal Kasab’s death openly. If not checked now, the number of ISIS recruits could well increase,’ IB source said.

‘Take Britain’s case for instance. 2000 Britishers have joined the ISIS militia. In the initial part of the Syria battle, just 25 of them have joined the ISIS. However, within a year the strength grew to 2000 and this forced Prime Minister David Cameron to officially acknowledge this fact in the British Parliament.’

The IB suggests that the entry of Wahabi preachers into Kerala and Tamil Nadu should be checked and all those who attend these meetings should be brought under the radar.

~Vicky Nanjappa /

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  • send them all to fight for ISIS and never let them return back to India. these people are biggest threats for India, they do not support India they support terror only, sometimes on the name of allah and sometimes on the name of shiya,sunni,ahmediya,sufi and saiyyad.
    after all these will happen, they will cry as they had been molested by India and other countries. people who can start riots in India listening to the fake news of burma, can never be Indian.
    let them all go forever..