US Court dismisses case against PM Modi

US Court dismisses case against PM Modi

New York: A US court has dismissed a lawsuit accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi of failure to control the 2002 Gujarat riots, saying as a sitting head of government he was entitled to immunity.

In dismissing the case filed by human rights group American Justice Centre (AJC) in New York, US District Judge Analisa Torres Wednesday upheld the US Department of State’s determination regarding immunity for Modi.

A “sitting head of state’s immunity from jurisdiction is based on the Executive Branch’s determination of official immunity without regard to the specific conduct alleged,” she ruled.

Torres dismissed the plaintiffs’ argument that the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act provided immunity only to foreign states and not to individual government officials and Modi was not entitled to common law immunity as the alleged acts took place before he became Prime Minister.

AJC filed the lawsuit against Modi under the Torture Victim Protection Act of 1991 and Alien Tort Statute in September on the eve of his first visit to the US.

The dismissal of the case comes ahead of President Barack Obama’s second trip to India to be the chief guest at India’s Republic Day celebrations.

The lawsuit alleged Modi did nothing to control riots in his home state of Gujarat in 2002. Though Indian courts have cleared Modi, the allegations led the US to revoke his US visa in 2005.

But Obama overturned the ban by quickly inviting Modi to the US after Modi’s election as prime minister.



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  • The dismissing is not to be celebrated as it is given on the basis that he is the PM presently. The moment he loses election and becomes an ordinary person the case will be revived. It is US dubious character of blaming the entire world for human rights violations and what about the US which had violated and continue to violet it every where in the world and more so in South Africa and India in the garb of Human alleviation

  • What about the cases which should be registered on the US government itself and the presidents ignoring the human right violations done by US soldiers in all the countries they invaded in the name of help and their troops never returned back ???
    Who are they to even file a case ??? What is the role of United Nations then ??? Who is filing cases on Human violations done by US Military forces >???
    It is too biased… What is US agenda ??? It wiped out entire local tribes and many american locals are still in pathetic state to establish itself as a powerful nation.. Does not it count as a Human rights violation ? Increasing cost of medicines to favour rich Pharma companies thus leading to medicines in developing and poor countries unaffordable thus pushing millions to death .. this is not human rights violation( will happen)?? Double standards of politicians is not a new concept all over the world. World Peace seems distant dream.