India is the only enemy Pakistan has, says Khalid Kidwai

‘Pakistan's Only Enemy is India’, Says Khalid Kidwai

Pakistan Advisor to the National Command Authority, Lt Gen (Retd.) Khalid Kidwai, has said there is little chance of a war between Pakistan and India because of the nuclear weapon stockpiles maintained by both countries.

Lt Gen (Retd.) Kidwai, who was speaking at a public talk held at the Institute of Strategic Studies on Pakistan’s role in Nuclear Security Summit, said Pakistan’s only enemy is India and our nuclear programme is India-centric.

“War is not an option for resolving the outstanding issues between India Pakistan and diplomacy and political approach should be given priority,” he added.

Referring to a recent report released by the Harvard Kennedy School, Lt Gen (Retd.) Kidwai termed it as loose talk and made it clear that no one could dare to steal Pakistan’s nukes.

The report had said that, ‘With Pakistan moving towards tactical nuclear weapons, there is an increasingly higher risk of nuclear theft.’

The Advisor to the National Command Authority said Pakistan maintains a strong command and control system over the safety and security of its nukes.

He said Pakistan is not at all apologetic on its missile and nuclear programme and it would not be capped at all.

Lt Gen (Retd.) Kidwai said the nuclear programme will continue for Pakistan’s defence.