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Why do we need to save birds?

Why do we need to save birds?

This is a question that often battles the minds of many people. People talk about bird conservation. Wildlife researchers and scientists work on saving birds from getting into an extinction mode. ‘Why’ is the question which largely remains unanswered to common people.

Most of the times, statistics are pulled out and there is deep scientific study done. All that is definitely important to save these birds from the conservation point of view.  However, what is equally or more important is so tell people why bird conservation is important. Let us get to the basics.  For common people, it is more essential to understand the importance of bird in the environment.

At grass root level, awareness should be given importance. Here, let us look at the role of birds in the environment.

There is ecological damage from not protecting birds. Extensive recovery efforts for a species in trouble cost far more than protecting the habitat before it gets that far gone. This is not to say that we shouldn’t protect these specific critically endangered species, but to focus also on protecting less endangered areas as well before it is too late. (from Birdfreak)

Birds are the greatest indicators of climate change. Their behavior and disappearance can help us in evaluating the dangers to the environment. This cannot be done by humans. That is a reason why birds were increasingly used in science and still being used.

Insect outbreaks are reduced with the existence of birds. This is true with respect to maintain the insect population in forest and the urban habitat.

Some birds are important pollinators. Some trees will not spread out unless they are pollinated by birds. Not all trees can be planted by humans. There are some birds whose seeds will sprout only if dispersed by birds.

These are a few examples of importance of birds in our environment. There are more to why we should save birds, the most important being the predictor of natural disasters and the contribution to birds to science. Let us save the birds before we come to a stage where we are in an urge to save the last few birds existing.

– by Sharada Balasubramanian

Below are a few websites that showcase how you can help save the birds of India: