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Team of 300 planted 611,137 trees in 24 hours

Team of 300 planted 611,137 trees in 24 hours
Team of 300 planted 611,137 trees in 24 hours

Team of 300 planted 611,137 trees in 24 hours on barren land without using any mechanical equipment! The most trees planted in 24 hours by a team of 300 people is 611,137 and was achieved by the District Administration of Dungarpur at village Khemaru, India, from 11 to 12 August 2009.

Beginning at 7:15 p.m. on 11 August, participants dug holes without using any mechanical equipment for the trees through the night and began planting at sunrise at 6 a.m. the following morning. The trees planted were of species native to the region, mostly fruits and vegetables for consumption by the local population.

They currently hold the Title of Guinness World Records for this astounding achievement.

Dr.Arushi Malik an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) official coordinating the Indian tree-planting drive said, “We just want to plant. This is not about beating or achieving any record. It’s about creating livelihoods and providing the people of Dungarpur with food security.”

The volunteers planted Mango, Neem, Teak and Jatropha trees; all indigenous species that will eventually provide food, medicinal value and timber to the community.

“The land in Dungarpur had become barren as a result of deforestation, and this led to water shortages and food scarcity. By planting trees, we will ensure this does not happen again. It will also help the fight against climate change,” said Dr. Malik.

Once planted, the trees will be ‘adopted’ by local villagers to ensure that they are watered and maintained. The after-care was supervised by the Indian Forestry Service.

“Volunteers gave pledge forms to record their commitment to looking after the trees they planted. We hope that this sense of ownership will make them good stewards of the environment”, added Dr. Malik.

“From the onset, the Billion Tree Campaign has engendered a lot of emulation between communities. In fact, people at the grassroots level often approach the campaign as a competition, and proudly visit UNEP with a sheet of paper listing the trees planted, said Meryem Amar, Coordinator of this global tree-planting initiative.

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  • What these 300 people did is an ASTOUNDING ACHIEVEMENT!!! It should be an example to the entire Indian nation! Imagine if we could enlist only 300 000 persons to do the same! It would mean more than 611 MILLIONS trees planted in A SINGLE DAY!!! Assuming we use about 100 trees per hectare, that would achieve the reforestation of over 6 MILLION hectares(60 000 square kilometers!!)of land in one day… FANTASTIC!! If we assume that we would need 6 BILLION TREES to successfully reforest at least 60 percent of the whole Indian territory, this could be achieved in only TEN DAYS!!…
    More realistically, each able citizen of India could make the simple commitment to plant only A SINGLE TREE EACH and EVERY DAY… As simple as that!
    Mass reforestation is THE KEY for the Ecological and Spiritual renaissance of Hindu culture. Re-covering the entire Indian territory with an immense ocean of highly diverse Tropical Forest would have IMMENSE BENEFITS for the whole country. It would considerably increase Rainfall, allowing to turn desiccated and desolate lands, such as the Rajastan and the Deccan plains, into thriving and productive lands again, spectacularly increasing the productivity of both traditional and mechanized Agriculture. It would almost completely stop top-soil erosion. It would also prevent destructive landslides, as well as catastrophic floods. It could provide TRILLIONS of edible fruits and seeds for all the people every year, ending for ever poverty and malnutrition in India… The list of all the potential benefits of such an initiative is almost endless!…
    In ancient Vedic India, the country was very much like today’s Amazonia. Now, it has almost become a desert!! It is urgent to completely reverse this trend, and transform India again to the thriving and fertile forested land it was during its Golden Age!… Many thanks for this excellent article.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Marc de Logères