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T. Sriramanujam, an 11-year-old Visually Impared Boy fulfils His Dream of Becoming News Anchor


An 11-year-old visually-challenged child has fulfilled his long cherished dream of becoming a news anchor.

T. Sriramanujam, who was born blind at birth, anchored a 30-minute news bulletin with the help of Braille.

After successfully completing his assignment, a thrilled Sriramanujam shared his experience of reading news before the camera.

“I am studying in 5th standard in a blind school. Even though I could never see TV, I used to listen to it keenly and follow. I wished if anyone would give me a chance to become a news anchor. Finally, Lotus Channel gave me that opportunity,” he said.

Sriramanujam, however, added that he wanted to become an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer.

The news Sriramanujam read included the follow up of the Nepal earthquake and former Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa’s trial.

The chairman of Lotus channel, G.K.S. Selvakumar, said the main purpose of introducing the visually challenged boy was to promote and create awareness on eye donation among the people.

“In order to create social awareness and to change the mindset of people about disability, a blind boy has been made a news anchor for the first time by Lotus broadcasting service. Through this initiative, we hope to inspire people to donate their eyes after death,” Selvakumar said.

“At present, he has been tasked with reading special news weekly. And after some time, Sriramanujan would become a permanent daily news reader, he added.

Meanwhile, Sriramanujam’s mother Kalaiarasi said that she was extremely delighted to see her son read the news with confidence.

“Talent cannot be restricted by disability. No disabled child should be isolated by society. My request to all parents is if you have a disabled child make them an achiever. Disability should not limit the disabled child to achieve what a normal child could otherwise achieve,” said Kalaiarasi.

“Sriramanujam ‘s efforts will inspire other disabled children,” she added.

Lotus channel had earlier in September recruited the country’s first transgender news anchor, five months after a court ruled that the transgenders be recognised as a legal third gender.