No exams in school!

No exams in school
No exams in school

The young students in Japan get NO EXAM until grade four – approx age 10!It does not seems “normal” as we all are so used to the idea of getting judged by our teachers or educational system of “how we are doing”!In Japan they have established an educational system based on the values rather than grades. They do not judge kid’s knowledge or learning for the first 3 years of schools, but they emphasize on establishing good manners and to develop their character!So, they are putting “Manners and Character” before knowledge!

I myself am very intrigued by this idea and I think in today’s World where our current younger generation is almost out of hands we should really practice this FORMULA in our schools and education system. This could ensure our future generations will not just be well mannered but with good character to make the right decisions, instead of just participating in a “RAT RACE” to get GOOD MARKS > GET GOOD JOB > GET GOOD CAR > GET GOOD WIFE/HUSBAND etc…

This would change the face of our society and will crush a lot of problems it is facing right now.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this one!!

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  • Yes that’s a good thing. India also has this. Its in Mysore, Karnataka. The name of the school is : Shri Ramkrishna Vidyashala (Residential School).
    Website :
    I had visited this with my friend, but the admissions begin form 5th standard.
    Its an awesome school, everything from values to knowledge to how to lead a healthy life is taught there.