So Kuya Bisre Jin Sab Kish Diya

So Kuya Bisre Jin Sab Kish Diya

Complete Shabad and meaning:

so kio bisarai j ghaal n bhaanai |
Why forget Him, who does not overlook our efforts?

so kio bisarai j keeaa jaanai |
Why forget Him, who acknowledges what we do?

so kio bisarai jin sabh kish dheeaa |
Why forget Him, who has given us everything?

so kio bisarai j jeevan jeeaa |
Why forget Him, who is the Life of the living beings?

so kio bisarai j agan mehi raakhai |
Why forget Him, who preserves us in the fire of the womb?

gur prasaadh ko biralaa laakhai |
By Guru’s Grace, rare is the one who realizes this.

so kio bisarai j bikh thae kaatai |
Why forget Him, who lifts us up out of corruption?

janam janam kaa ttoottaa gaatai |
Those separated from Him for countless lifetimes, are re-united with Him once again.

gur poorai thath eihai bujhaaeiaa |
Through the Perfect Guru, this essential reality is understood.

prabh apanaa naanak jan dhiaaeiaa |4|
O Nanak, God’s humble servants meditate on Him. ||4||