five evils

Five Evils according to Sikhism

The Five Voices of Ego

Homai – Aham – Ego
In Sikhism, homai, or ego, is considered to be the primary cause of evil doing. Five elements of ego are basic drives and motivators of the body and intellect. Ego’s inner dialogue capable of enslaving the soul in illusory pursuits of Maya, miring it in material distractions. Excessive volume of ego’s voices results in separation from the divine, and perpetuating vice resulting in harmful, even demonic, acts. Ego’s volume may be reduced with focus on spiritual practice, and selfless service. When ego is subdued, the soul’s achieves humility and realizes its inherent relationship with the divine.

Kaam – Lust
The voice of Kaam, or lust, depending on the volume, can manifest as rational, or irrational, to serve, or enlsave, the soul:

In Sikhism the ethical voice of desire to procreate is sanctioned by the Anand Karaj matrimonial ceremony.

Indulging the voice of lustful desire may take the form of recreational pursuit outside of marriage and result in unwanted pregnancy, abortion, children born out of wedlock, divorce, and breakdown of the family unit.

An excessive increase in volume of the inner voice of kaam can drown the voice of reason to inflame desire resulting in the desecration of morality and abject licentious behavior, perversion, promiscuity, prostitution and rape.

Krodh – Anger
The voice of Krodh, or anger, depending on the volume, can manifest as rational, or irrational, to serve, or enlsave, the soul:

Reasonable anger can manifest in assertive or protective behavior, and righteous protest.

Indulging the voice of khrodh can easily trigger rage resulting in hurtful and harmful behavior.

An excessive increase in volume of the inner voice of khrodh can drown the voice of reason inflaming passions and resulting in murder.

Lobh – Greed
The voice of Lobh, or greed, depending on the volume, ccan manifest as rational, or irrational, to serve, or enlsave, the soul:

An ethical voice inspires honest labor to provide necessities and comfort.

Indulging the voice of greed can lead to excessive appetite for food, money, or power, resulting in gluttony.

The excessive voice of inflamed greed can override the voice of result in obsessive coveting if material possessions and theft.

Moh – Attachment
The voice of Moh, or attachment, depending on the volume, can manifest as rational, or irrational, to serve, or enlsave, the soul:

Ethical attachment to spiritual pursuits, devotion, meditation and selfless service enriches the soul.

Indulging attachment to family and home and professional pursuits results in the neglect of spiritual life.

Excessive attachment to Moh results in addiction and enslavement to substances, fashion, money, pleasrue, power, fame and other illusive worldly pursuits, and desires in disregard for spiritual life.

Ahnkar – Arrogance
The voice of Ahnkar, or pride, depending on the volume, can manifest as rational, or irrational, to serve, or enslave, the soul:

A reasonable ethical voice of pride inspires dignity, honor and self esteem and self respect.

Indulging the voice of pride can result in self importance, arrogance, competitiveness, smugness, and self conceit.

The voice of excessive pride can result in self gratification, and subjecting others to submission, servitude and slavery.

~By Sukhmandir Khalsa


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  • This is EXACTLY what ALL the DHARMIC TRADITIONS originating in Bharat, now called India have as their core value system: Jain, Sanatan/Vedic/”Hindu”, Buddhist, Sikhism… all these are the members of the Dharmic system of India. What is very conveniently left out by the reductionist “experts” the western indologists, as they call themselves, is, that the founders of Buddhism & Sikhism were ALL HINDUS. All 10 gurus of the Sikhs were Hindus. The First Guru, Guru Nanak Dev Ji was a very dharmic person, he was the son of a businessman. He did hi business putting service to humanity before profits. He was upset by the social evils & began telling the socially discriminated people how they did not need the priests to do Puja. The Omnipresent creator did not require the elaborate gold thalis etc. An that is where he started. The following Gurus kept that tradition going, & the latter gurus were forced into a war with the muslims to defend themselves & the community from the brutalities of the muslim rulers. They slowly militarized themselves. And the it was the Tenth Guru Guru Gobind Rai Ji who formed a formal military class the Sikhs in its present for. The 1st 5 who wers picked by him were not even from Punjab, they were from east, west, & south. The beauty of it all is that the Sikhs & the Gurus fought against the oppressors. They did not hurt the muslims in the general public unless it was someone involved in criminal activity. The Sikhs these days are, if we go by this article, all bigots, as most of them are guilty of each & every of the 5 evils… & that does not include the sikhs lying about the heritage of their Gurus & calling themselves “different” & not of the Hindu origi & ancestry. How do I know? Because several generations ago, the eldest sons of my paternal & maternal families were offered in the service of the Gurus & their descendants are Sikhs. & this is not a rear occurrence. This is VERY common in Punjab to find such families. The rhetoric by the sikhs is a very recent phenomenon started by the british who couldn’t win over the Sikhs. This venom against the Hindus that the Sikhs spew has nothing to do with religious differences… it is all about pout political power & control… although the Sikhs do not like it when you tell them that… of course no one will be happy that others know the reality. That will be very evident from many of the responses to my post.