Carnage of infants by muslims as their mothers refused to convert

In 1752, Muslim governor captured Sikh women and gave them the option to convert to islam or have their infant children tortured and massacred. Their refusal to accept islam resulted in slaughter of over 300 infant Sikh children by chopping their limbs, impaling the babies on spears after throwing them in air, while still alive toddler’s inner organs were taken out & thrown around the mother’s necks as garlands. Still these brave women remained steadfast on their ideals and Sikh faith & not one accepted islam that day.

March 6, 1752 A.D., Muin-ul-Malk, Governor of Lahore (now Pakistan), also known as Mir Mannu; ordered the extermination of Sikhs in his area & had the men-folk beheaded publicly, with the younger unmarried girls sold or distributed among the jihadis. The women and children had a different fate and were taken captives & keep hungry in the Lahore jail.Starving women were forced to operate heavy wheat grindstones and were given the option of conversion to Islam or suffer consequences. They unanimously chose to remain steadfast to their faith in the face of certain death, upon which the Muslim guards gruesomely massacred over 300 infants and children, IMPALING them on spears. Chopping their limbs, bodies of babies were RIPPED open to take out Internal Organs which were then garlanded around their mothers necks. One by one many Sikh women suffered such brutal atrocities but they all chose to remain steadfast to their Sikh faith instead of embracing Islam.

Miraculously though, before the Womens’ turn came to be slaughtered, the surviving Sikh women were rescued by the Akalis (Sikh horsemen) sometime after the death of Mir Mannu on November 4, 1753. One can guess, that similar barbarity must have befallen on Sikh babies at other prisons where their mothers could not be rescued to tell their part of tragedy.

meer mannu killings of sikh kidsIncidents like these run in thousands if not more, and were spread over entire Punjab region, the evidence for many such gruesome atrocities come not from the survivors such as these women, but interestingly from the Muslim chroniclers themselves who very proudly mention these infidel slayings as a “service to Islam “. Such as one account by Nur Ahmad Chishti who recorded that Mir Mannu “killed thousands of Sikhs” daily. Once, on the day of Muslim festival, he beheaded 1100 Sikhs” in public.

Even today, 200 years later, Islamists are doing the same Islam barbarity upon the Yezidi women and children in Iraq, at the time of writing this article.

Could anything be more painful for Sikh women than to watch and witness the gruesome butchery of their own sons and husbands? These women maintained strong conviction in their Sikh faith in the face of extreme atrocites. In those days Sikhs were persecuted because they were considered infidels by Muslims & today Sikhs become victims in the United States because they are confused with Muslims. Its my hope that readers will share & help avoid such confusion

Some people may wonder why didn’t these women convert for a moment to save their children & themselves, be released & when free then go back to worshiping your old religion again? this way atleast they could save their & their babies life and go on worshipping your old religion like before once you have appeased the Muslims by fake-converting to Islam ?

The important thing here is that the Sikh resistance shown by these women was not a fight to worship in “Sikh way” rather than “Islamic way”, the reader should not mistakenly consider this heroic resistance of Sikh women as some blind intoxication with Sikhism so much so that they sacrificed their children but foolishly refused to abandon Sikhism. The Sikh women here were not being obstinate about “being a Sikh to the last moment of breath”. This sacrifice shown here is the highest epitome of fight for principles in Sikh history, for which life had to be given. This Sikh resistance here, was primarily to stop the spread of Islamic ideology in India at all costs; instilling a blind faith & a cult like commitment to die for Sikhism was NOT the objective here as it might seem to some. The Sikhs of that time understood very well the dangers of Islam & the hate it perpetuates towards humanity. If Islam was just another peaceful religion, then the Sikhs could just as well have converted to Islam if it was just a spiritual & peaceful religion like any other religion; meaning why die for Sikhism if all religions are same? The only way to stop the hateful ideology of Islam, was not to give in to forced Islamic conversion at all costs. Infact this was the only option available to them, today Islam has a very weak chance against the advent of internet and democracy in many powerful nations; but in those times many powerful civilizations were rapidly collapsing in the face of Islamic jihad. In India in one generation, either all infidels would be dead or would have converted to Islam.

Converting to Islam to save ones’ neck was already common place & the ‘logical thing’ to do during this time in the spread of Islamic rule in India. Many infidels in India who were forced to convert to Islam to save their necks, actually did indeed convert to Islam, and then went on to practice their old Hindu / Buddhist religion secretly inside their homes; but outwardly they put on a Islamic name, Islamic rituals/circumcision, Muslim beard just to save their necks. Over a few generations, they became more Islamic, more radicalized and started to feel a connection with pan-Islamic pride and anti-infidel mindset radicalized them and within a few generations, the descendants of once forced-converted-closet Hindus had turned into the same monster, their ancestors had tried to save themselves from. Today their descendants are called “Pakistani’s”, the world’s finest producer of ongoing terrorism and a nuclear contributor to Muhammads’ 1400 year old legacy of jihad. The ancestors of present day Muslims were all Closet-Hindus at one time. They practiced ancient Hindu festivals like Holi upto 2 or 3 generations even after converting to Islam.Even today some of Pakistani’s keep their old Hindu surnames.

This Sikh resistance as shown here, was the fight against Islamic ideology and its spread across human minds, and for this sacrifices such as that of these brave women had to be made, not because they were careless about their babies life, nor that they were intoxicated with Sikhism as is commonly seen in many blind cult faiths, but because one of the Principles of Sikhism is to put welfare of society above ones’ individual welfare. The purpose of a Sikhs’ life is not to be selfish about one’s survival but about the survival of “society” / “community” at large, this means the extent of harm done by self-sacrifice of these Sikh women is minor as compared to the damage to the society that would have been done if Islam is allowed to be spread in the Indian society. This can be seen today, old civilizations now turned Islamic.

Had these women converted to Islam they would have saved their lives and their babies, but it would have lead to perpetual spread of Islamic poison in society, as we can see with the emergence of Pakistan, which is far worse than personal death of these women & the immense grief of massacre of their babies. It was only after this immense sacrifice that the Sikhs less than 5% of Punjab, were able to rule over Punjab and tame the Muslim majority areas. No other episode in history has seen a slaughtered tribe taking the enemy head on in less than a generations time; and rendering North India free of Islam. In the grand scheme of life, the sacrifice of these women was necessary.

– On another note, humans are social animals. Its called Pack mentality… Muslims love it.

Once anybody converts, Muslims will shout out loud as when some celebrity converts to Islam, they mean to show that as an example that Islam is true. If these women had converted even for a moment, an example would have been set; and a lot more people would not have stood up to fight against islam. The idea was to show strong resistance at all costs to stand up against Islamic oppression & you you couldn’t put an end to Islam in India if these brave Sikh men & women just converted.

These brave women sacrificed their babies & set a great precedent at that time. Taking inspiration from these brave women & other Sikh martyrdom that followed many more people joined the Sikh resistance & did not accept forced conversions and fiercely fought against Islamic oppression. Within next 50 years, Sikhs who were less than 5% in Punjab, not only destroyed & took over the Islamic empire in Punjab, but also ruled over that region which was majority Muslim something unparalleled in history till date, it is to say that Sikhism on the verge of being extinction, did not run away to safer parts of the world, but stood right there steadfast and rather kicked the enemy out of Punjab. By 1800, Punjab with a sizeable Muslim population was ruled over by a Sikh emperor who tamed their jihadi tendencies, by closing several mosques that called for jihad, banned muslim calls to azaans in the streets of his capital and wrested half of Afghanistan east of Khybar pass. This put a stop to Islamic spread in India. Today there is no Islam in as much as half of Punjab (todays’ North India). Sikhs who numered less than 5% of a population could not have saved their future generations from Islam, but for the Bravery of these women. In the grand scheme of life, the sorrow & sacrifices faced by the Sikh women must have been small and necessary. Today we are in much better and safer position with the advent of internet to face Islamic jihad. But will we use our freedoms today to carry on the fight of these women? These women belong not just to Sikh faith but a beacon of inspiration for all of us freedom loving people.

– Dr. Ranjit Singh Dhillon .


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  • One cannot stop tears in ones eyes while reading this article. Quran mans peace yet the followers of Islam never understood the concept of quran till date. This was a down right heinous act committed. How can even one kill a kid let alone torture them ?

    • Concept of quran?? Sorry sidhu i didn’t want to hurt your’s or anyon’s faith but why slaughtering, killing, beheading, raping all that is mentioned in this holy quran..why if its a spritiual book??? no other book teaches other than humanity, love and sacrifice..

      • If we see a one child dead whole earth shakes – but these were in one prison of 100’s across India and 300 children in one day. Had India gone ISIS 400 years ago then NO POWER in the world would have been able to stop ISIS like rule in the world.

        EVEN India alone should not forget that without Sikhs a Muslim said ALL of India would be muslim.
        “Na kahooN abh ki!
        Na kahooN tabh ki!
        Agar na hotey Gobind Singh,
        To sunnat hoti sabh ki!”

        Alas! We are not mad at Muslims or any other enemies facing us from front but HINDU leaders who are 100% bent on finishing SIKHS.
        The Sikhs are not even considered a separate religion.
        Sikh state has been cut into6 regions.
        Pakistan Punjab, Pakistan Kashmir, Indian Kashmir, Himachal , Haryana and Indian Punjab.
        Knowingly government is interfering with Sikhism.
        Don’t they know that India is going into its third slavery very soon?
        Mughals, then British and now…….
        Why should I even warn them now.
        Sikhs will survive but will Sanskriti?
        DO you want to save Sanskriti?
        If yes! Then save Sikhism!
        No other way!

        • Hi,
          I don’t know about politicians, but the Hindu Common man has absolutely no agenda to ‘finish off ‘ Sikhs. The common Hindu person does not think Sikhism is Hinduism, nor is there any demand among common people to make ‘Sikhism part of Hinduism’. I guess this was a decision made by the government of the day at the center(They included Buddhists and Jains as well in Hinduism which is not really correct as well as they are all different religions; related , as most Indian origin religions are, but different). So you have to

          The Sikhs have a brave and honourable history and Indian society is richer for it, but I would like to point out that there were other forces in India which resisted Muslim imperialism and fought for their beliefs, so I will not believe that without Sikhism, all India would have been Muslim.

  • quran is a war manual and it does not mean peace. people need to be educated about the death cult called islam

    • Step out of ur world…. And learn a few things about other people too. Does ur religion preach humanity? Compassion??

      By reading ur comments non of these seem to be in ur thoughts. I guess u r a Muslim in disguise here.

    • Gurav you are wrong.

      It is not only a war manual + genocide + ethnic cleansing manual.

  • This type of bravery of Sikh women are unparalled in world history.We are here living in India without fear due to their bravery.If Indians were united at that time,our ancesstors would not be suffered. I hope we indian will be united for any such incidence again if happened.

  • Horrible. The Barbarians. God will never forgive them.

  • God is watching. Those that spill his precious blood will pay heavily either in this life or on judgement day
    where is it written that people have to be forced to accept a religion through such babaric if practice .

  • Excellent presentations by ” Sanskriti “! Please keep up.
    While I appreciate the Spirit of the Sikhs and many others of the past, most of their descendants, have fallen into the trap laid by All the West! Can Sanskriti do some thing by which, I can download / copy their articles and burn into a DVD?

  • Respect the Gods, dedicate life for cause, progress on humanity, defend yourself.

    Otherwise, the outcome i same…..

  • It made me cry…I not only salute these brave sikh ladies for not bowing down to religion of darkness but on the other side pray my god, my rabba to bestow his mercy upon his children always..

  • Unfortunately many sikhs joined hands with the enemies of Guru Govind Singh Ji

  • And from where does this article writer get these information ? People need the history not writers creativity.

    • If your madarsas don’t teach you real history then don’t blame others. Stop any Sikh and ask them and they will tell you about it! There are many museums in Punjab that showcase this reality and if the truth about your religion leaves you uncomfortable, then perhaps its time to introspect.

      • Dont blame the ignorant. Just give them the right knowledge. Just mention where to find the right text…. May be he will soon be a part of u. Show him the compassion that his religion lacks.

    • Creativity??? Perhaps u r soul less like ur ancestors that committed theez vile heinous crimes…. No JUSTIFICATION for what ur brethren of darkness did , so you throw a blanket to hide Theez venomous CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY n create doubt… perhaps look at Pakistan n wonder n PONDER WI DAT COUNTRY WILL NEVR KNO PEACE N HARMONY…ANS : THE REVOLTING VICIOUS SINS OF ITS PAST…..WHAT U SOW, SO SHALL U REAP BACK MULTIFOLD !!!!!!!!!

  • no muslim person is found condemning such barbaric acts … neither they read such articles? … this shows that reactions with heavy heart r found by non-muslims … means … muslims do believe such acts of history and present terrorist acts in the name of ISLAM r as per the morals of ISLAM and to save the ISLAM

  • I am not convinced about authenticity of this article. Please share some links backingthe story mentioned here.

    • Stop any Sikh on the road and ask them, you will get your answer! In fact, you can go any gurudwara and ask or better yet, read Sri Guru Granth Sahib if you prefer! If the previous ruling parties chose not to inform the general public about the atrocities faced by the original natives of India then don’t shoot the messenger.

    • I am not convinced about authenticity of ANY and all so called holy books that talk about God speaking to prophets directly. Why don’t you fix the authenticity of those first “Amit”?

  • Amit…..Time to read a little more and dwell deeper into history..Unfortunately the earlier governments have suppressed a lot of facts and thus more the need that you should introspect and find out the truth behind these massacres……..
    And by the way these facts are written by the Muslim Historians itself and thus no one can even politicize it..
    In fact while we have been taught to respect AKBAR as Akbar the Great…his Akbarnama written by his court historian (AbulFazl – if I am not wrong) claims that Akbar killed 30000 Rajputs in one single day….Reasons best known to him…This execution was followed by celebration…..
    Please read the current best selling Mughals – By Alex Rutherford… will be surprised that even while trying to highlight Babur, he had to mention that Babur himself wrote that he came to India just to Plunder and for Wealth and he ordered killing of all Infidels…So high time we wake up to our history and treat these plunderers as plunderers

    • The Holocaust of 1762, akber or babar killing people to plunder wealth was the live of those times.

      Just like USA bombing Afghanistan, iraq!! They were not religious preachers. Hence their acts cannot define the religion.

      It’s like saying Christians are barbaric because Bush bombed Afghanistan. There was a lot more to their thinking that religion. Talk sense for heaven sake.

  • For those asking for proof. see and read news channels covering the attrocities of ISIS today. They are now repeating what their ancestors did in the name of Islam. If they can do such acts, in todays world – imagine what worse crimes could have been done in olden days.

  • This is our actual History but unfortunately we are taught something else. These stories should be a part of our syllabus now…let students get to know the real past and the act of muslims in the name of Islam. Thanks to our political leaders and their vote bank politics.

    • Creativity??? Perhaps u r soul less like ur ancestors that committed theez vile heinous crimes…. No JUSTIFICATION for what ur brethren of darkness did , so you throw a blanket to hide Theez venomous CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY n create doubt… perhaps look at Pakistan n wonder n PONDER WI DAT COUNTRY WILL NEVR KNO PEACE N HARMONY…ANS : THE REVOLTING VICIOUS SINS OF ITS PAST…..WHAT U SOW, SO SHALL U REAP BACK MULTIFOLD !!!!!!!!!

  • i appreciate christian power if not american power these isis would have destroyed whole world by this time same time america should end all ties with papy pakisthan which is a terrorist country

  • For those who want proof

  • The problem is that Muslims do not boycott such people. They indirectly support terrorism. If they had boycotted terrorists on social grounds, we would not have seen terrorism in the world. There was once a king called Ravan. Was he without a religion? But his religion was against the humanity. That is why Ram killed Rawan. Any religion that is against humanity must be eliminated from the world.There is only one religion in the world. It is the religion of humanity and all human being must be united together to strengthen it. Those who do crime in the name of religion like terrorists do shall never be forgiven by God. They shall be burnt in the hell eternally. They shall never be released from hell.

  • Islam the religion created by the pseudo prophet Muhammed Ibn Abdallah was bloody from its very concept and from the year 632 A.D. till the present time is awash in the blood of innocents the world over.

  • Thanks for telling us this Episode. Who will not have tears in his eyes?
    PITY IS PRESENT DAY PAKISTANIES DONT REALISE THAT THEY ARE ALL OFFSPRINGS OF HINDUS ANS SIKHS . Millions converted to islam are all there in Pakistan. Wake up you are in fact all HINDUS

  • Dear Dr. Ranjit Singh Dhillon, thank you very much for this informative lesson in History. Our nation and our culture are indebted to you. Thank you!

  • Hinduism is the mother of Sikhism,Buddhism, Jainism and others those religions whose birthplace is Hindustan… We all r brothers and sisters..we love each other, respect each other

  • It’s unfortunate to say that a Sikh, named Kareena Kapoor chose a polygamous Muslim as husband. Vah, what an example ? And there are more … SHAME ! Must spit on them !

  • This type of courage must be inspired. Islam is a barbaric religion practised in the same manner as the Jungle Apes. It’s no different.
    A adult male Apes live in harems with defined territorial boundaries. Each needs it’s own “homeland.” The bigger the harem, the bigger the army of offsprings, the stronger the community.
    Women are the saviour of the society, of the civilization.