Woman —The greatest Creation


When my mom first taught me to love the creator of universe, I learnt to feel his creation in every grain of soil, every drop of water and every touch of air. Soon this extended my imagination to understand that, when a seed first wishes to transform into a tiny little plant, water becomes its mother to feed for its need, protecting its growth inside the soil’s womb.  

At First, I thought water has the ability to bring it out of soil. But slowly I realized that this water gives its love and strength sacrificing itself to the seed by making it realize the inner strength it has to emerge from the hard clutches of soil as it also teaches to stand firm in the new colorful world against all storms. When this plant extends its tiny cute arms of leaves feeling its first light, every ray becomes its father to protect and teach to prepare its own food for survival and growth.  If  we desperately wish to see all these qualities of strength and sacrifice accumulated and personified into one great shape, first thing we do is we start loving God for making it possible for us by giving us the greatest of all his creations ‘ A Woman’.

Though Women are the greatest creation, they are also foolish enough to wish and feel equal to men as they are actually always superior to them in all aspects. Now you may ask me a question, how strength of woman is always greater than that of man? I shall answer it by correcting this logically incorrect question. As I don’t agree with the Phrase ‘Strength of Woman’, I would love to replace it with ‘Strength is Woman’, making it an answer to this question. Every child born in this world is created with portion of mother’s flesh and every drop of milk is elixir of life to the child from a mother’s converted blood which is scientifically named as ‘colostrum’.  So, I believe every man is just part of woman but not an opposite or a counterpart to be considered as equal creation to woman. This proves that the ultimate source of strength any human holds indeed is a Woman.  In my opinion this emerged the main idea of worshiping Supreme power ‘Aadi Shakti’ in the form of woman.

Of all the incarnations any life can take, there are few which bring the best honor to their existence. Among these our first devotion starts with mother. The specialty in this incarnation of woman is we can define the unimaginable bonds like love with perfect meaning. To expand this with a statement and an example, generally, the basic conclusion for any person in this world to love the other is, it is possible only if the person is known or if the qualities of the person are impressive enough to be devoted. But contradicting this statement, my mother protected and safeguarded me in her womb for months.

When it’s time to introduce me with a new life to this world, she had an unimaginable happiness and even got ready to face the deathly pain with a doubt of her own survival, just for an unknown person like me despite I never existed before to impress or to win some affection and care from her by my actions.  This Unconditional care or affection I received can be perfectly named as ‘Love’ which can never be compared with any other bond in this world. So I always feel, as a gratitude for the protection our mothers have given us in their wombs, it is our absolute responsibility to respect, protect and care women around us. If I wish to express the care my mother has taken, the least thing would be writing the greatest lines about her.

Life of man is more fortune as a new half makes him complete with a bond of marriage. Here is the magic of love, where a girl who created her own beautiful world in one family, one day suddenly leaves it behind holding hand in hand with an unknown person to create a new life not only for her but for a new family itself making it her own. As a wife this is the first sacrifice she makes after a man ties a knot. When she becomes a mother she even agrees that her kids belong to her husband’s family. She dedicates all her efforts in fulfilling the prosperity of her new family. I wonder why this system is only for woman not for men.

But when I realized only woman has the quality of loving the unknown person unconditionally, slowly I got the answer that only woman are given the gift of creating best world to any family whereas man can best create that only for a person. Man mostly does what he has got to do. But a woman does what he can’t. So, a man who thanks his mother and wife is the biggest fool in the world because words can never be best ordered to bring out the best meanings for all that woman always gives to a family. Even the oceans will be in scarce to convert all water to ink and write about her. So, like a diamond protected and saved in a strong case, our system of marriage teaches a man that it is his responsibility to be the box to love, support and always protect her as woman has the core and more responsibility of bringing a better cultural and ethical society than man has.

When we peep into our legends or epics, women appear so simple but when we look carefully they are the heart and soul of these epics. Shaping a new dynasty or destruction of it is always possible by a woman. Supporting this, we have a great epic where once a most powerful demon king who conquered almost all the known worlds, being a womanizer made a mistake of kidnapping a woman who lived in jungle with her husband in a hut. Her love and devotion to her husband became a most powerful weapon to her husband who is considered to have a limited human strength to fight back.  He then with the help of fickle minded monkeys organized an army to build a bridge of stones and destroyed the entire dynasty of this demon, where these deeds were believed impossible even to gods in those times.

One more epic has shown us in a huge kingdom an incident where a woman was dishonored by trying to undress her in front many, has emerged into one of the greatest wars ever in the history, leading the destruction of a mighty empire along with 18 lakhs of soldiers.   This level of destruction also gives us the indirect message that going against woman is going against the most powerful thing in the universe.  

In ancient India the end of Mughal era’s atrocities has emerged from great seed named ‘JijaBai’ mother of ‘Chatrapathi’ Sivaji who taught him the greatness of woman for which he always honored women even during wars throughout his life. Mughals have a habit of bringing their wives to battlefields as they mostly considered woman for entertainment even during battle. Every war when Sivaji won, the enemy king was captured. But their wives were honored and sent back to their kingdoms with all the protection from other enemies. This quality in his character has made him one of  the greatest emperors ever lived. 

Even till the modern times there are many great personalities who stood as role models as they have given their best respect to women in their lives. As a gratitude to his mother’s small deed of sacrificing her roties for Abdul Kalam in his childhood, he believed his intelligence and strength of dedication to create a great defense system for India has emerged from those roties given with love and care. So, he decided to honor it with a great ethical life. Mahatma Gandhi has become mahatma by holding to principles he believe for which the root cause is the  promises his mother asked him to make.

So, when these epics or stories are made to reach the younger generations without blinding our eyes with the color of religion, the young minds will definitely have a high opinion of woman and they realize the value of woman. I personally feel if I hurt a man I may apologize him for one time, but if I hurt a woman it is my responsibility to apologize her  for a life time. Our culture has always spoken very high of woman as every great creation including earth is worshipped in the form of a woman. The cultural beauty a woman has, will be reflected as the cultural value of any nation. So they are always given the pleasure of their own decoration. One great fact is even god has honored woman in the set of traditions we follow. When a man prostrates in front of god all the vital organs of his body are meant to touch the ground which we call ‘Sashtanga Namaskara’. But when a woman bows, her main organs which are responsible for motherhood are exempted from touching the ground as a sign of respect which we call ‘Panchanga Namaskara’.

 In modern society, where women are getting away from cultural values, men forget to respect her blaming that women are not worth to get the respect they should get. But, I disagree with this saying. Like a fire does its duty to burn everything no matter whether it is good or not , it is a man’s responsibility to respect a woman no matter how she is or what she is and where she is . This is because the existence of man becomes meaningless and his very existence itself doesn’t exist without a woman. Only when a man gives value to woman, his value will be known to the world.

  —  Gopala Krishna Chaitanya


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  • Only in Hindu Civilization women are empowered as Incarnation of Shakti of Universe. No other civilization has given such power of empowerment to women.
    When an woman is impregnated with +& – power of man and woman she nurtures a new life in the universe in order to make auto continuity of life process in Universe. Since Hindu civilization is the oldest civilization of the world, it has learnt a lot of ups and down of life but is still surviving out of their experience, otherwise, other civilization tried all their best to cruelly kill Hindu civilization with their best of physical power. But ultimately they got peace, prosperity, and values of life over death with spiritual power with Hindu Civilization only.Hindu Civilization, as said by Sh Vivekanand, need only United physical power as a team to break any onslaught of Hindu Civilization in future.