Vindhyas: The Mountain that became a Range

Vindhyas: The Mountain that became a Range

Once, the Vindhya Mountain was causing serious problems for the cosmic gods.  Each day he was growing higher and so powerful that he threatened to block the Sun as he made his journey across the sky.  But the gods could do nothing and became very concerned as the mountains would not surrender or bow down to anyone or listen to their requests. 

So the gods decided to go to Agastya Rishi, the Guru of the Vindhyas. 

When he enquired about the purpose of their visit, the gods replied, “The Vindhya Mountain is growing fast, trying to compete with Mount Meru and has also asked the Sun to move around him instead. The Sun refused and now Vindhya has threatened to grow tall enough to stop him from moving.  Please do something before half of the world merges into darkness if Vindhya succeeds in blocking the Sun.”

Agastya Rishi thought for a while and then he assured the gods that he will take care of the matter.  He knew that Vindhya was quite stubborn and obstinate and would not be easily persuaded to back down on his ambitions.  He decided to pay Vindhya a visit and set off on the long journey. 

As soon as Vindhya saw the Rishi coming towards him, he bowed down out of respect and reverence. 

Agastya said, “I am very pleased with you.”

Vindhya replied, “I am so happy that you have come, please tell me what I can do for you.”

“Nothing. I am very appreciative of your respect, love and devotion for me,” said the Rishi, “I have some urgent work to do in the South, please remain as you are until I have returned from my pilgrimage.”

“As you wish, Guruvar” replied the Mountain, “I will stand like this.” 

Agastya went to the South and settled in Dandakaranya, patiently waiting and preparing for the day Lord Rama would come to him during his forest exile and  battle against Ravana.  Either deliberately or for some other unknown reason, Agastya Rishi never returned to the Vindhya Mountain.

Due to great respect for Agastya, the Vindhya continue to obey the order given to him and keeps his head bent low.  Countless years have passed, he still stands in that posture and faithfully waits for the day he will once again see his guru.

Today, the Vindhyas are considered to be a range of hills so low that they can be easily climbed rather than unrivaled mountains… perhaps it was his pride and arrogance that brought him down to this level ???