The Bhagwad Gita Is Not A ‘Book’

The Bhagwad Gita Is Not A ‘Book’

The Bhagwad Gita is not a book. It is a mahamantra on how a human can become superhuman by merging with Supreme Consciousness. The Gita is guideline for working on yourself silently, to deprogramme acquired knowledge. It is for realisation of the science of cell that carries universal consciousness in the body — how each cell relates to other cells of the body with its own intelligence for constantly eliminating undesirable elements which are a hindrance to growth and evolution, because cells are programmed to constantly work towards full blossoming of divinity within. However, our negative qualities force cells to behave in an unnatural manner. Hence there is disharmony – and we experience pain, disease, suffering, guilt and fear.

Krishna Consciousness is the highest consciousness. ‘Krishna’ is an adjective given to a human with six qualities: para and apara or worldly and other-wordly knowledge, total detachment, perfect conduct, complete grace, joyful abundance and positive aura.

The best way to read the Gita and acquire everlasting knowledge is to first compose yourself and do as follows:

  • Be aware that the Gita is not meant to be read like a book, page to page…
  • When you have doubts and need guidance, open the Gita with reverence and surrender and ponder over the verse you see first before you.
  • Learn the meaning of that verse, and accordingly do it meditatively without having any doubts and in absolute surrender.
  • Then observe yourself, how much you have imbibed, and contemplate on that truthfully.
  • After working on yourself on this point, whatever question or doubt comes to your mind, be very clear about it in your head and then open the Gita once again and just read the shloka your see first and work on it – without questioning it.

Keep reading, studying and working on it like this. It will take time according to one’s individual capacity and attributes; no need to compare yourself with others. It is all about your individual journey.

The Gita needs absolute surrender in Divine will and Faith in the truth delivered by the most evolved spokesperson of Supreme Consciousness. Faith is most important that what you are reading in the Gita is the voice of Supreme Consciousness and now you don’t have to seek any further or go through any more trials and errors. This is supreme surrender.

If you feel like, read more shlokas; gradually you can increase the number of shlokas according to your learning, speed of your growth, and your capacity.

Open the Gita with full reverence and surrender, be an embodiment of truth, love light and read whatever comes, with an open mind.

It is a lesson to accept things spontaneously, without questioning. It might take just a few days, according to the intensity of your sadhana, but don’t be perturbed by this. Slowly, the Gita will unfold the secrets of human existence and full blossoming of divinity within that connects you to Supreme Consciousness – merging that leads you towards growth and transformation.

So, it is like a treasure hunt, one goes on collecting clues for life journey, by working on each shloka and embark upon on the path of truth love, karm and light.

Once this happens you will feel the urge to read the Gita, whole and complete, from the beginning, to imbibe its truth and beauty as it is meant to be.

In other words, start by reading the shlokas as mentioned above, and once you see how helpful it is, automatically you will be drawn to the Gita which is to be lived to be understood.

~By Meena Om