Significance of ten heads of Ravana

Significance of the ten heads of Ravana

Ravana, one of the most powerful beings ever to roam the earth is also known as the supreme anti-hero in Ramayana. He was the king of Rakshasas and is depicted with 10 heads and 20 arms, giving him the name of “Dasamukha” (10 faced) or “Dasagriva” (10 headed). He was born to Sage Vishravan and Asura mother Kaikashi.

Ravana’s 10 heads symbolize the 6 Shastras and 4 Vedas, making him a great scholar and the most intelligent person of his time. He was a master of 64 types of knowledge and all arts of weaponry. A highly learned Brahmin, Ravana has to his credit over a dozen of texts of which Arkaprakasha, Kumaratantra, Indrajala, Prakrata Kamadhenu, Prakrata Lankeshvara, Ravana Samhita, Rigveda Bhashya, Ravanabheta, Krishna Yajur Veda etc. are some of the best known. He is known to have compiled Sama Veda with the relevant musical svaras (notes) and his Shiva Tandava Stotra is yet the most popular hymn ever sung in praise of Lord Shiva. His ten heads thus stood for this multiplicity of his genius.

Another negative interpretation of Ravana’s 10 heads are the 10 emotions or senses in a human:

  1. Kaam (lust)
  2. Krodha (anger)
  3. Moha (delusion)
  4. Lobha (greed)
  5. Mada (pride)
  6. Maatsarya (envy)
  7. Manas (the mind)
  8. Buddhi (intellect)
  9. Chitta (will), and
  10. Ahamkara (ego)

Hindu traditions emphasize on the importance of controlling one’s senses and projecting just the intellect alone, which is considered supreme over others. The use of other emotions are considered to be detrimental to the growth of a soul.  The great king Mahabali advised Ravana to shun these nine emotions and to keep only intellect to which Ravana justifies that the possession of all these facets are equally important and make him a complete man.

The head controls our destiny and the ten 10 heads of Ravana controlled his actions which ultimately let to his destruction. The king of Lanka became a slave to his senses and since he could not control his desires, he not only destroyed himself and his clan but the whole Lanka was reduced to ashes as well. Having all this knowledge and not being unable to harness his powers was one of Ravana’s biggest regrets as he lay dying on his deathbed.



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  • i am not sure what the ten heads symbolized but i do know that he practically had 10 heads. This technique of growing a cut off limb has has been rediscovered in the west. Only as of now they have managed to grow a part of a finger by applying a specially developed regenerative powder on the finger itself. As far as i can gather, the reason why Ravana’s life was in his naval is that Ravan had also discovered this regenerative powder, but instead of applying it to any severed limb individually he carried a pouch of the powder inside his naval. Significance of the naval is that before a human is born he develops his body and grows all his limbs through the umbilical chord, therefore by attaching the regerative powder to his naval Ravana could develop any part of his body again and again the way a baby develops his limbs with the help of the nourishment supplied through the umbilical chord. As far as i gather Ravan had innumerable heads, Ramji had cut 10 heads before Vibhishana told him to hit the naval.

  • 10 is an odd figure -for head count physically.there has to be one head in the centre and remaining equally divided on two sides.11 is more reasonable. or have the heads one above the other.
    no 10 heads mean a normal human being uses only 10 % of his intellect while ravana used 100 %.

    • I do agree with kajal only…bcoz 10 heads means he uses his intellect 100%….he was genius…n m sorry to the guy who were talking abt zero n arayabhatt…he need to improve his knowledge…lol…he considered zero with 10 n 100s…lol. Poor fellow

  • Why the ravana had 10 heads?

    Ravana, one of the most powerful beings ever to roam the earth is also known as the supreme anti-hero in Ramayana. He was the king of Rakshasas and is depicted with 10 heads and 20 arms, giving him the name of “Dasamukha” (10 faced) or “Dasagriva” (10…

  • Forget that and answer this,

    How 10 heads of Ravan were counted at that time as 10 has a zero while there was no invention of 0 at that time. Aryabhatt had not invented 0. 0 was invented by Aryabhatt near to 5th centuary.
    And how did ppl know Kauravs were 100 brother as there are 2 zeros in 100?

    Fake stories? I don’t know.

    • At that time stories were written in sanskrit so ravan had dasham heads not english 10. Similarly case of 100. And all these stories, facts and experimentations were preserved by the nalanda university which was burned into ashes because of its legacy

    • I am not intelligent. BUT

      Firstly, Zero was there in ancient history. It is called as “SHUNYA”.

      Secondly, In Mahabharata, Krishna forgave Shishupala’s 100 mistake before killing him in the 101st mistake.

      So Devilish Holy Books, get more deep into the ancient history- more beyond Aryabhatta’s.

      You cannot get in your school syllabus. Some perverts don’t want you to know truth.

  • as we learnt from our elders, ravana known as dhashakanta and twenty arms.he lifted kailash parvath to get shiva’s aatma linga,even after visiting kailash parvath there we saw raksha sarover ( a alkaline water). When ravana lifted kailash parvath it started shaking, then parvathi asked shiva why do you allow him to do all this kidding, and asked to control him. then shiva pressed his foot on the floor, then ravana’s hand cought between mountain and ground, then ravana started crying, his cry went up to universe . after all the devatha’s prayed shiva to releave them for their non bearable sound, so shiva relaxed the force on mountain, so as to ravana can remove his hands. this sarover was created due to the crying of ravana, even today we can view formation of soil ten arms on both sides . and sarover is at head side. the length of the arms is abovt more than miles. also heard that ravana was claiming asta paada. to sit and do pooja of shiva. each paada’s height is about 40 to 50 feet. it is also said that bharatha chakravarthy, of ayodya sriraama’s ikshwaku vamsha (not shakuntala dushyantha’s son,) was also claiming the astapaada to discus dharma with shiva.. even in Ramaayana, also discribed Ravana was if get arroused he would become 12o feet. 12 times of SRIRAAMA.

  • Sri Lanka Version-King Ravana did not use any physical force on Seetha and it was Laksmana the younger brother of the prince Rama that harassed Suparnaki the charming beautiful sister of King Ravana while she was meditating in Dandaka. As she was there to gain spiritual upliftment and refused his advances this made Laksamana to disfigure the face of this beautiful lady, on hearing of this act King Ravana instead of taking revenge from Laksamna abducted Seetha and braught her to Lanka and kept her in custody under guard while giving her all the necessary comforts. King Ravana’s court room was built with crsytal walls with glittering precious stones and the kings head was reflected on each wall giving the image of one having many heads.

  • Zero was “reinvented” or “rediscovered” by Aryabhatt near 5th century. We should nit forget that India was faced with many great wars ( Mahabharat etc) whereby many books and records was destroyed. I think many of the theories have been reinvented or rediscovered…

  • The Vedas are eternal , it has no authorship , It is an integral part of Cosmic breath. The slokha Poornamada Poornamidam, Poornaat, Poornamudhachate talks everythings as part of the whole which includes infinity as well as zero. So zero was always there

    Aryabhata only brought it to the common man similar Newton discovering Law of Gravitation which was there even before Newton’s discovery

  • wow,beautiful….one thing everyone should understand ..the person who cant respect past can never attain anything from future..yeah.ravan didnt touch sita bcoz he had a curse from rambha,if he touches any woman without her permission his heads will be destroyed and lead to his death which made him not to touch sita.And everytime he wanted her to make under senses so that she herself will agree..but in vain….
    I wanted to tell one more thing the people who dont know the exact essence of anything has no right to talk about it..but as we live in India everyone has right to express their own feelings…but before doing such comments just try to know maximum and use some wisdom for whats right and whats wrong…

  • In my personal opinion Ramayana and Mahabharat were written to tell people how their social behaviour should be. Ravana was talented person but his lust (may it be for anything) got him killed. Usually if we behead anything, it dies/ends. Navel is origin. So if you want to get rid of lust it should be removed from the base/origin otherwise it will keep heading up again and again. So maybe ten heads are symbolic. In short, brainwashing won’t work even if u try ten times (means again and again), if lust is the root