Significance of shaving one’s head

significance of shaving one's head

Have you noticed, if you prune a tree, the tree focuses its energy towards the pruned area and the number of leaves that come out in that part of the tree in the next fifteen to thirty days are much more than in other parts of the tree? This happens because the tree directs its energy in the direction of the pruned area. The same thing happens in your body. If you suddenly remove your hair, you will see the energies will move in that direction. People who are doing certain type of sadhana (spiritual practice) want that to happen. They don’t just shave their head whenever they feel like it. They shave their hair on shivarathri, which is one day before amavasya or the new moon, because on that day, on the amavasya day and the next day, there is an upsurge of energy in the human system, which we want to accelerate a little more.

The hair is taken off on that day because there is sadhana attached to that. If there is no sadhana, it won’t make much of a difference. Some of you may know that sometimes, if women who have never shaved their head in their life shave their hair, they become mentally imbalanced because they are unable to handle the excessive energy in that direction. If there already is a small imbalance, it exaggerates itself. But if it is calibrated properly and the necessary sadhana to support it is there, it works to your benefit. A spiritual seeker or a sadhaka who is not only seeking for his spiritual wellbeing, but who is seeking to become an instrument of a larger possibility, wants to use every little support available in nature. Shaving one’s head is a part of that.

When someone reaches a state where his energies are really bursting out of his head, if he activates the two chakras which are above the physical body, then he will not shave. In fact, we would like to grow the hair and tie it up just above that so that it is protected and nurtured. If there isn’t enough hair, we use cloth. Once the two chakras above the physical body are on, it is a phenomenal possibility but it also makes the physical body a little fragile. It tends to draw more than it should and this is the reason a lot of yogis die before they are thirty-five, because they attain to a certain level of energy but they don’t know all the different aspects of the body; they do not understand the mechanics of how the human system functions. The human body is a highly sophisticated machine. The Creator has made this so complex and sophisticated. Sophistication is not just to make it complicated, sophistication means there are more possibilities than a simplistic machine.

If one is not well-rooted in his physicality, then higher possibilities will take you off from physicality. Taking you off from physicality means either becoming less capable physically or leaving the body altogether. The reason why hata yoga is as important as it is, is simply to be able to conduct the body in such a way that your energies are well-rooted in your physicality before you attempt higher possibilities.

~ Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev 



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  • Why then women are not allowed to shave and have the benefit ? also why shikha is left among somue comunities?Also in some communities,men r allowed to shave only during death ceremkng of their parents? Pl let us know.

  • My own reasoning is this – as a sign of bereavement and physical act of showing sorrow. Then the next question is why shave and offer hair to the gods . As an act of offering what is supposedly the beautifying feature of oneself. Something like ” To you Lord , I offer my physical beauty and will learn to live with humility for the next …. ( few months ?)

  • One reason in general understanding is hair gives beauty to both men and women. Shaving off hair and offering it to gods(tonsure) is like letting your ego go and offering to god symbolic of the sacrifice stating internal beauty is more important than the looks.

    When the family member dies only the elder male shaves head. Its a way of saying that he should be humble as he is the next in taking position as the head. Hence women or younger males are exempted to shave heads.
    Another reason we can even say is being elder male the sudden responsibility along with the huge sorrow may lead the person to be burdened heavily emotionally. Hence shaving head ( in death of family) helps the excess energy flow to the head thus giving emotional/mental strength to the person.
    Any one who have faced the situation definitely will understand that during death shaving of the hair definitely makes you feel a bit courageous and helps in understanding that death is inevitable and the living have to gather courage and move on in a positive way to live life.

    Women do have the custom of shaving head in the death of her husband in many communities for the same reasons above(though not followed nowadays). That is the only situation when she becomes the head and have to shoulder the responsibility of both being mother and father to her children. Apart from that it also encourages her to be spiritual and concentrate more on her children. This is my view.