Significance of Muhurats in Hinduism

Many people consult a Brahmin priest before starting anything new. It may be the laying of the foundation of a new house or shifting to a new house, starting of new work, a marriage in the family, a journey to a distant place or something similar. Some call it superstition. Others emphasize that in nature there are days and times when one is likely to succeed better.

In the Brahmvarchas Panchang it is said:

 सदुद्देष्यक्र्ते कार्ये विवाहे जातकर्मणि | विघ्नाषुभमुहुर्तान: प्रभावो नोपजायते ||

Nothing inauspicious can affect a noble deed done with a noble objective.

How true! Whatever is good and noble will always succeed. Delaying it to search for an auspicious time would be wrong. One who is capable and confident will always succeed. If there are obstacles sometimes, they may be due to natural reasons and should be accepted as part of life. They should not be allowed to damage one’s self-confidence.

In the Brahmvarchas Panchang it is also said:

य्दानस्त: गतो भानुगोधूल्या पूरित: नभः | सर्वमन्गलकार्येषु गोधुलि: शस्यते सदा ||

The time when the sun is setting and the cows are returning home is auspicious for all good deeds.

It is also explained that Akshay Tritiya (the third day of the moonlit half of Baisakh), Akshay Naumi (the ninth day of the moonlit half of Kartik), Basant Panchmi (the fifth day of the moonlit half of Magh), Ganga Dashera (the tenth day of the moonlit half of Jaisth), Vijay Dasmi (the tenth day of the moonlit half of Ashwini), Mahashivratri (the fourteenth day of the dark fortnight of Phagun), Ramnaumi (the ninth day of the moonlit fortnight of Chaitra), and all the full moon days are auspicious for marriages and other new activities.

It is also believed that all activities conducted after religious rites or those conducted in places of pilgrimage need no special day or time. The purpose of the activity and circumstances are important. Success follows automatically.

Your questions answered…

What are the marks of persons born with demonic qualities?

Persons born with demonic qualities are given in to anger, greed, hypocrisy, pride and arrogance. Such persons do not understand when to act, and when not to. They do not believe in God, or His having created this universe. Such people have insatiable desires and through ignorance cherish false doctrines. They are devoted to the enjoyment of sensuous pleasures. To them that is the highest limit of joy. Given to lust and anger, they amass wealth by all kinds of means. They believe that they have supernatural powers and are mighty, and none could be like them. Even when they pray and give charity, it is only with ulterior motives.

~ Prem P. Bhalla