Scientific Meaning Behind Sun Worship in Hinduism

In Hinduism, Sun is called the soul of the universe. We cannot imagine even a single day without the Sun.

In a society replete with customs and beliefs, is this just faith-based or was there a more scientific meaning behind the ritual ?

Sun worship commenced with the rising of the sun when the ancestors would offer water in a “lota”, a rounded copper utensil with a wide edge. The pouring water would create a flowing film, creating the seven colours of the spectrum through refraction by which the sun would be gazed at indirectly. Hindus believe this is helpful to the eyes, vitalizes the body and purifies the mind.

The body is made up of five elements: earth (prithvi), water (jal), fire (energy), air (vayu) and ether (aakash). It is believed proper balance of these five elements helps keep the body healthy, the sun being one of them. The solar rays consists of seven colours of the spectrum which are equally vital to the seven chakras of the body.

Rigveda states the Sun is an energy source for all living beings. The Gayatri Mantra is chanted to Surya Devta to remove ignorance and strengthen the mind. The Sun is the symbol of the Self-god. As the Self-god illuminates the mind, the intellect and the body, the Sun illuminates the world.

Vedas also state that water offered to Sun in the evening converts the drops of water to stones that cause death to the demons. For humans, demons are like all sicknesses like typhoid TB, pneumonia etc. When a devotee takes water in his hands while standing in front of or facing the sun and drops water on the ground the rising direct Sunʼs rays fall from the head to feet of the devotee in a uniform flow. This way water heated by Sunʼs rays and its colors penetrates every part of the body.

Science has now validated the importance of solar rays on the human body. Many people living in cold climatic countries suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) during winter, some even going for solar therapies to alleviate moodiness and depression. Solar therapy, mainly from an alternative source, is also used to treat palliation of disease, usually from dermatological disorders. It also improves blood circulation, balances metabolism and restores function of many body systems.

Exposure to sunlight also promotes the development of the pineal gland hormone – melatonin, the amount of which is influenced by the aging process.

It seems then there that is far more to Sun worship than meets the eyes.


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  • Arogyam Bhaskaraia Namaha, He is the one who gives health in abundance which is nothing but major wealth. Anyone who recites ” Sri Aaditya Hridayam” thrice a day in the morning standing in front of Sun God with a copper pot water, offering Him ‘arghyam’ he’s blessed with health wealth peace prosperity

  • Namaskar,
    I liked the above very vital information Scinetifc …. ,
    Here we have talked about visible colour spectrum, and belif that Sun light, Rays cures decises.
    I would like to request to confirm, is there any in Vedas on the line of a Wave theory, is any mention of ether ways which carries, sound, pictures, and some frequencies which can help in controlling mind.
    I heard during meditation one gets enormous knowledge which one can not compare with today’s know science. One can control someone’s mind get the desired things done. One can experience a visit to certain places.
    Is there any information about this phenomena Vedas . Simple example is reiki used to cure patients at any distance.

  • This is very beautiful. But how can one achieve concentration and meditation. Seeing that it is a very difficult task to achieve for many students?

  • Beautiful article, Sun is the major source of energy, all living organisms survive only because of the energy from the Sun, our ancestors recognized this eons ago and created beautiful mantras and slokas for worshiping the Sun.

  • There is much more to sun worship that is also very practical and scientific. Offering water to the sun in the early sunrise or late sunset hour is just part of a larger surya yoga that has been largely forgotten over time. It is a system of revitalizing total body health (physical, mental and spiritual) through direct absorption of sun energy through five methods including looking at the sun at safe times when the UV levels are 2 or under.
    This system was rediscovered by Hira Ratan Manek in India about 20 years ago and refined through experimentation into something that can be used by most individuals in any part of the world. This system, which he calls Human Resource Management, allows us to get sun energy directly and safely as a complement to getting sun energy indirectly through plants (which convert sun energy through photosynthesis) or though eating animals which in turn eat plants. By getting abundant supplies of sun energy, which biologists call adenosine triphosphate in the body, all our body cells and organs work more efficiently thus giving us a healthier body, better mental outlook and even easier progress in our spiritual exercises. The system is explained in the website http://www.solarhealing.com, in several sites on the internet (google Hira Ratan Manek or sungazing). I have made some adjustments to the system for cold weather climates like Canada where I live, as Hira Ratan Manek’s original was geared more to warm tropical climates.

    To summarize, this is a proven, self managed system that is totally free of cost, requiring no gurus, doctors or medication, which delivers measurable benefits to the health of those who practice it. I have myself been doing HRM sungazing for the last 12 years here in Toronto, Canada, along with my wife who is a college biology professor. I can testify to the practical effects and benefits of sungazing through the HRM system, and I have helped many people here in Canada and other cold weather countries to do sungazing. I must emphasize that there is no cost to doing sungazing with this method. When Hira said at the Vishnu Mandir in Toronto, “The sun gives everything for free, and I give everything for free.” I said this is my kind of guy and I am signing up immediately.
    If anybody wants to get firsthand information about this sungazing or wants to start doing it, feel free to contact me. I am a retired senior and this is my way of giving back something after receiving so much myself.

    Ram Jagessar
    Skype: ramjagessar1

  • I’m from USA. And i cant rope tree at enterence of house because of i believed in directly sun light come in house. So, something brief knowledge give me about it. I want to give answer for that in us government. Please help me.

    • I saw your comment rather late, one year late! But it’s not too late to do sungazing even in conditions where it’s difficult to find early sunrise and late sunset sun at UV 2 or under. Hira Ratan has come up with some ingenious ways to get UV 2 or less solar energy even at times other than sunrise and sunset. I will be willing to share these with you if you contact me at ram.jagessar@gmail.com or give me a call at 416-289-9088 in Toronto. I have helped many people with HRM sungazing over the past few years, in Canada and the US in particular.