The Essence of Mahakarmah

महाक्रमो महाकर्मा महातेजा महोरगः,
महाक्रतुर्महायज्ञ्वा महायज्ञो महाहविः.

mahAkramo mahAkarmA mahAtejA mahoragaH,
mahAkraturmahAyaGYvA mahAyaGYo mahAhaviH.

The one who takes long strides is called Mahakarmah. It is essential to take long strides in order to achieve anything note-worthy in life. But, many fear to take even the first step towards the goal. Risks are a part of the journey to reach the destiny. So, leap ahead with enthusiasm, determination and the required skill to accomplish your dream.

A Mahakarma is one who performs great deeds. We should always set our goal very high, and strive to reach it. There is no fun in setting low goals in order to give no chance for failure.

He who sets his goals very high, and succeeds in achieving it becomes Mahateja, shining with the brilliance of success. Maha-Uragah means the great snake, referring to the entity that can empower others.

So, when you take long strides and perform great deeds, you become brilliant and a great leader who can motivate and empower others. When such a person performs great yajnas, he becomes Mahakratuh. The two aspects of yajna are sacrifice and worship.

The greatest sacrifice is when you offer yourself in self-sacrifice – Mahahavih. Only with sacrifice, things are achieved in this world. A person when he meets all the above qualification, he is GREAT.

~ Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram