Defining Religion: Why I choose to be a Hindu

Defining Religion: Why I choose to be a Hindu

Who are you? How do you define yourself?

I am a Hindu, which to me means the inheritor of the oldest and the highest spiritual culture known to human history. Although I have been in service and business to earn my living, I define myself as a writer. I started as a poet, became a novelist, and have ended as a commentator, on cruel, crude and imperialist ideologies Christianity, Islam, and Communism.

Could you explain your spiritual and culture background, your evolution?

As a young man I was influenced by Vaishnavism, Arya Samaj and Mahatama Gandhi. In college I was under the spell of Marxism and became a Communist.

In 1949, Ram Swarup cured me of Communism, and after that I returned to Hinduism. I have been strongly influenced by the Mahabharata, discourses of the Buddha, Sri Aurobindo and, Plato.

My masters have been Vyasa, Buddha and Sri Aurobindo, as elucidated by Ram Swarup.

What does the idea of Paganism mean for you? Are you a Pagan? A Polytheist?

‘Paganism’ was a term of contempt invented by Christianity for people in the countryside who lived close to and in harmony with Nature, and whose ways of worship were spontaneous as opposed to the contrived though-categories constructed by Christianity’s city-based manipulators of human minds.

In due course, the term was extended to cover all spiritually spontaneous culture of the world – Greek, Roman, Iranian, Indian, Chinese, native American.

It became a respectable term for those who revolted against Christianity in the modern West. But it has yet to recover its spiritual dimension which Christianity had eclipsed. For me, Hinduism preserves ancient Paganism in all its dimensions. In that sense, I am a Pagan.

The term “Polytheism’ comes from Biblical discourse, which has the term ‘theism’ as its starting point. I have no use for these terms. They create confusion.

I dwell in a different universe of discourse which starts with ‘know thyself’ and ends with the discovery, ‘thou art that’.

Could you explain your position towards monotheism and the main differences between semitic religions and Hindu traditions?

The literal meaning of monotheism, namely, that God is one and not many does not interest me.

What bothers me is the monotheism known to history Christianity and Islam, religions which have prompted aggression, massacres, plunder, pillage, enslavement and the rest. Histories of Christianity and Islam tell the full story. Honest gangster do all this in a straightforward manner, “I want your land, your wealth, your women and children and you yourself as my slaves. Surrender or I will kill you.” Dishonest gangsters have done the same in the name of the ‘only true God’. God is not needed by them except as an alibi. Communists have done the same in the name of History, and the Nazis in the name of the Master Race.

Christianity and Islam do not need any supernatural scaffolding for doing what they have been doing. The mainstay of their monotheism is gross materialism.

I do not regard Christianity and Islam as semitic. The semites of west Asia were Pagans with pluralistic religious traditions before the Biblical God appeared on the scene. I, therefore, call both Christianity and Islam the Biblical creeds. Both of them have their source in the Bible.

And as I do not view them as religions at all, I refuse to compare them with Hinduism. I have found it quite apt to compare Christianity and Islam with Communism and Nazism.

What about the negative role of Christian missions in India?

Christian missions in India have been the Devil’s workshop to use their own language. I need not tell you about the ‘science’ of ‘missiology’.

Christian missionaries had perfected the art of manipulating human minds quite early in the history of their cult. of their cult. The amount of mischief they have done defies description.

They have received a help from the Communists. I am not going into the history of Christian missions and the various mission strategies for converting Hindu India.

(Muslims were ‘spared’ because of fear for their lives). Here I am taking up their role in the present.

As soon as they sensed that the anti-Hindu coalition was cracking and a Hindu reawakening was around, they became hysterical in their anti-Hindu tirades. I have in my possession a 400-page script of a study sponsored by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India, which presents the Hindu movement as Nazi.

We hear the same refrain from the powerful and extensive Christian media in India and abroad.

In the Ayodhya dispute they have joined the Muslim-Marxist brigade in crying ‘wolf’, while concealing the fact that thousands of mosques and hundreds of churches stand on the sites of deliberately demolished Hindu temples and have been built with temple debris.

It is mostly Christian missionaries who are responsible for the negative publicity which Hindus have been getting in the West recently.

They have immensely financed the media-power in India, and can mobilise any number of mercenaries and hired hoodlums.

And their men are everywhere in the media and academia of the West. It was a shocking experience for me to read an article in The New York Review of Books written about Ayodhya by the South Asia correspondent of the Time magazine a few years ago.

He had invited me for presenting the Hindu case on Ayodhya.

I had given him documented studies on what happened to Hindu temples under Muslim rule.

Also a study by Koenraad Elst on Ayodhya. But he ignored everything in his article and, after quoting from a few books cooked up by well-known Communist writers hired by the Muslim lobby, he dismissed the Hindu case as bogus! There are many other scoundrels like him functioning in the Western media and academia.

The mischief created by Christian missionaries and their mouthpieces In India and the West has to be known in order to be believed.

Mother Theresa is a part of this gang, presenting India as a starved, diseased and corrupt country to her Western audiences and collecting fabulous sums for the missionary machine.

I met her briefly in Calcutta in 1954 or 1955 when she was unknown.

I had gone to see an American journalist who was a friend and had fallen ill, when she came to his house asking for money for her charity set-up. The friend went inside to get some cash, leaving his five or six year old daughter in the drawing room. Teresa told her, “He is not your real father. Your real father is in heaven.” The girl said, “He is very ill.” Theresa commented, “If he dies, your father does not die. For your real father who is in heaven never ‘dies.” The girl was in tears. My friend came back and gave her the money. She departed. He saw his daughter in tears, and turned towards me.

I reported the dialogue. He was furious, and said, “Had I known what sort of a bag she is, I would have thrown her out. I am not a Christian. I was never baptised. Nor do I care for Christianity. I was only moved by her appeal in the name of the poor, and gave her some money. I hope she does not come again, and try to poison my daughter’s mind. “

The closed mind of Mother Teresa was revealed a few years back in an interview published In India Today, a prestigious fortnightly (then, now weekly -ed) which had devoted a special issue to her. One of the questions put to her was: “Where would you have been between the Church and Galileo?” Came the reply, “With the Church. ” That is a measure of her intellectual equipment.

But Western establishments have built her up into a colossal myth with Nobel Prize and all.

Who is your tutelar God/Goddess? Why?

I have no use for God. In fact, the very word stinks in my nostrils. This word abounds in the Bible and the Quran, and has been responsible for the greatest crimes in human history.

On the other hand, saints who have used this word in a spiritually wholesome sense have seldom warned us against its sinister use; most of the time they have been confused by the criminal use of this word, and have confused others. I do not feel the same way about the word ‘goddess’ because the monotheist who happen to be male chauvinists, have not used this word for their purposes.

In fact, the only thing which softens me towards Catholicism is the figure of the Virgin Mother even though theology has not permitted her to soar up to her highest heights.

Having been a student of Hinduism, I find that our tradition knows no God or Goddess as the creator and controller of the Cosmos.

The Vedas know no god or goddess in that sense, nor the Upanishads, nor the six systems of philosophy, nor Buddhism, nor Jainism. It is the Puranas which speaks for the first time of a paramatman (Highest Self), or a purushottama (Highest Persona). But that is not the extra-cosmic and blood-thirsty tyrant of the Bible and the Quran.

We do have in Hinduism the concept of ishtadeva, the highest symbol of a person’s spiritual aspiration.

In that sense, I am devoted to Sri Krishna as he figures in the Mahabharata, and the Goddess Durga, as she reveals herself in the Devi-Bhagvata Purana. I feel free and shed all fear when I meditate on them.

They promise to clean up the dross that I carry within me.

They prepare me for battle against forces of darkness and destruction.

~ An interview with Sita Ram Goel, religious and political activist, writer and publisher (The Observer, February 22, 1997)



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  • Very true .We are nature worshipers not pagans.We are painted otherwise to suit their whims and fancies.When there is submission then there is domination,this is the case with us.We have to rebel against false propaganda,we don’t want any one to convert to Hinduism,nor we to other.live and let live .People who speak that God is love,must put it in action,let people choose to worship the God of their choice or go back to nature worship.Today’s turmoil and unrest can come to an end if each one minds their own business and allow the earth to breathe.Earth is choking because of the arms and ammunition pollution to add to the other woes.Wish everyone for a smooth and happy sailing.

  • Dear Ms. Geetha, Hinduism is most certainly not restricted to nature worship, although it takes nature worship in its stride. Hinduism is a far more complex (not complicated) body of philosophies, which span the gamut of intellectualism from nature worship and fertility rites to a deep understanding of the universe and its creation (as in string theory and holographic principle). And, Hindus don’t even need to consider the word “pagan” – that is a word which mattered only in a very localized sense of time and space. As a matter of fact, the essential appeals of Hinduism are its spirit of quest, its aspirations, its loftiness and its profundity – these are the attributes which take Hinduism beyond cheapness like “my God is better than yours” and beyond vulgar dogma. //// I will, however, choose to hold one brief for Christianity. Horrific as the abuses perpetrated by its followers have been (from the Crusades to the Inquisition to the extermination of native cultures in Central America to the crooked manoeuvres in our own Goa to the barbarism of the Ustase in Croatia and, lately, to the unspeakable violence in Rwanda-Burundi), Christianity has nonetheless delivered tremendous succour to about a third of the world’s population – with its power of simplicity, with its manifest message of love, with its charitable outreaches, and, above all, with its practice of according human beings and human life the importance and dignity deserved by those who are created in the image of God. I do not subscribe to the interviewee’s point of view on Mother Teresa who, entirely as a function of her Christian faith, became an embodiment of unconditional love to millions who had been rubbished by society. Powerful as a philosophy might be, what matters far more, in my opinion, is the ability to make a positive difference to human beings around us – and, in that, Christianity has made giant strides in the last 500 years or so.

  • Dear Sandeep, It is unfortunate that despite copious literature- books, articles, personal experiences of many persons- common men and well-known- you still consider that old hag Teresa as ëmbodiment of unconditional love” etc or have some good words for one of these demonic religions of abrahamic origins. Better you educate yourself some more on the origin, intention, agenda of these religions. They just want to dominate the world with NIL spirituality. They give material progress to their followers after killing their conscience or spirit and wreck damnation and destruction of non-believers. Only Hinduism/ sanatana Dharma have the spiritual capacity to liberate and uplift human spirit and render it free from bonds.

  • The greatest asset the human beings posses is the ability to rationalise the vast amplitude of knowledge at his disposal and conclude which is right and wrong.Having established the truth live a life that is worthy of the death that awaits all of us.Religion and believes are only scaffolding to a weak mind and like Einstein said if God is the only hope for mankind so be it even though I dont believe in the existence of God.The more you know the more your tolerances to the human race becomes.Going by the theory of evolution our human race is work in progress and unfortunately dead men tell no stories and we read into history without being able to authenticate it.

  • please at least , stop mentioning that Gandhi. Or if you want clearly mention why and which aspect, instead of generalising with out facts. sitting silent when some one raping our mother is not ahimsa, it is coward ness. and playing politics is cheap selfishness.

  • Excepting varna shastra most of the thing is scientific in our religion. And even the said defects could be refined by reforms since reformation is always allowed in hinduism even if it was supposed to be told by God himself,See what a proud perfect religion this is. The first need for our religion is a powerful media (again , it should run by the best proffessionals). Second requirement is to identify Gurus who suits modern thinking …I can recommend two of the known true gurus Satguru Jakki Vasudev and Shri Shri Ravishankar.We need more trained authentic gurus even to the village level. The gurus should guide us even absorbing (instead of rejecting) the age old tradition and beliefs of the respective geographic location and parallely enriching even village level Hindus with our ocean of Wisdom available in our religion. I recently saw a science practiced by a remote Hindu tribes in Indonaesia, by which the person practices a type of pranayama by which he could float on air, and even 10 warriors with sword could not go near him. He just controls his breath and just swings his hand in air and the warriors are thrown away. Another power displayed was a drilling machine could not make any injury on the yogi’s head. Why i am mentioning this here is that our religion has so many science inbuilt in it contrary to other religions which is based on fiction stories starting from Adem and Eve , whereas human remains were found about 2 lakh years ago !!!! The pranayama i have mentioned here was shown by a proffessional team of the Scientifically proved discory channel.

  • I agree to Mr. Damodar . Please stop mentioning the name of Mr.Gandhi for he was just a human , we are thank full to him as he was one of the many who fought our freedom moment but its his madness that is letting every idiotic culture propagating in our country.
    students of forward castes are leaving india just to avoid the system of education here and the rest are caught in dalit politics.
    while there is a church in every village ( trust me there is ) in every corner of our country and People like owaisi are educating students about how great terrorists are and brainwashing them in the name of student federations
    every thing has its limitations let it be the freedom of speech or non violence
    its about time things change !!!