Death is Just Recycling

Death is Just Recycling

Dear Sadhguru, the death of anyone or anything makes me so upset, even a pigeon on my balcony or a dog on the highway. Why do I feel this way? Can you make me realize what death is?

Mortality, the mortal nature of who you are, is the basis of all fear. If you were not mortal, there would be no fear in you because even if you were cut into pieces, you would still not die. But what is there to be afraid of? Death is a wonderful thing; it puts many things to an end. Right now, because of the way you are, you may think it is a terrible thing, but if you were to live for a thousand years, you would see death as a relief. If you are here for too long, people will wonder when you are going! So, death is a tremendous relief; it is just that it should not happen untimely. We do not want to fall dead when we are still able to create, contribute and make things happen.

If you want to fall dead at an appropriate time, you need to do sadhana so that you can determine when you will fall dead. Otherwise, even when you see a dead pigeon, it will remind you of your own mortality. What was flying yesterday is dead and dry today. Imagining that you could become like that one day could be scary for you because your identification with what you have gathered has become so compulsive. When I say your identification with what you have gathered – the very body that you carry is just a piece of earth. The soil that you have gathered and made into this body, as well as your identities, have become so strong that losing it looks like a terrible thing.

Suppose you are overweight and we helped you drop ten kilograms, would you feel terrible and cry about it? Definitely not, most people are ecstatic when they drop ten kilograms. Now suppose you dropped your whole fifty or sixty kilograms, what is the big deal? If you know life the way it is, and you are not lost in the heaps that you have gathered, shedding the body is not such a big thing.

The dead bodies of birds, insects, dogs and human beings is just soil being put back to soil. It is not some great drama; it is a natural process. What you picked up you have to return and recycle. You may attach much significance to your birth, life and death, but as far as Mother Earth is concerned, it is just recycling. It pops you out and pulls you back in. You may assume too many things about yourself, but what you have gathered you must return, it is a good habit. Whatever you take from anybody must be returned at some point. Death is a good habit; believe me.

~ Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudeva 



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  • Death is welcome, no body wants to live forever, even the richest person.
    Why they should suffer in their old age and die?
    I do not accept their karma is the cause. For that they have another route. Rebirth.

  • Wonderfull -Thanks
    Deaths & Births-are as simple and True as Day & Night !
    A never ending Cycle ?

  • if it has to be recycled… why don’t god’s die..
    don’t take me wrong but seeing our dear ones die in front of us is the saddest part of life… I doubt if god really exists.. if yes then why he gives so much sufferings to his people
    jai Shree Ram

    • If your child comes home by doing a wrong thing, wouldnt you punish? Why do you give so much suffering to him ?

      -Answer is ” its for the child betterment”- It assures the existence of the caretaker…Same applies here..

      Jai Shree Ram.

  • God never die.. And God is ever loving (Hindu God). God never punish anyone, all suffering are from our own Karma if we kill someone we must pay for it in this life or next birth. We keep blaming God for our bad Karma, Sadhana will keep on track reach God feet.