Does Brahmin Bashing really deserve its due?

Those who historically murdered, looted, raped and pillaged and destroyed are today forgiven in modern India in the name of forgetting the past. What’s more those who destroyed our cultural heritage, universities of cosmic wisdom and architectural wonders are provided with all luxuries and comforts in India. But Brahmins, who historically dedicated their lives for the sake of dharma and the welfare of the society, are still persecuted in modern India for their falsely alleged sins of the past.

Indian Brahmins, we are taught by the modern historians, have been oppressing the lower caste population in India. Brahmins are described as cunning, parasitic exploiters and creators of the iniquitous caste system. The theory of “5000 years of Brahmin oppression” is used to include every other caste in the backward classes list and religion, provide them unrestrained reservation, and justify that.

ved vyasThis story is repeated so loudly and so frequently that it is also treated as the truth. Much scholarship and intellectual labor was put into this thesis before it acquired its present momentum and currency. Anti-Brahmanism was a construct of the last two centuries.

They say Brahmins never allowed others to read and write. The word “Brahmin” reminds everyone of arrogant, dis-respective, communal and abusive extremists who whip the lower caste people or dalits till they die. That’s a vivid picture that paints your mind when you hear that word. The anti-Brahmin movement gained momentum when leftists, priests and religious leaders from hostile religions, separatists and casteists of different hues took this from Britishers.

Academia has always held the position that Brahmins exploited and continue to exploit everyone else, that they authored the Hindu scriptures just to ensure their own highest position in the social hierarchy, and that they are responsible for so many problems in India.

But these arguments lack historical validity and logical consistency. It is merely a case of “repeat a lie a hundred times and it will become the truth”.

Let’s think without any inhibitions and conditions. Make your intelligence and thinking unbiased and open to accept the reality. Let’s look at real facts founded upon truth. Should we lend our thinking facility to others?

If you have open mind and if you can think with clarity and logically, you would understand that 95% of Brahmins were innocents and gentle. It is amazing to see that how fiction can become truth in course of time. You don’t need big brain to make out that anti-Brahmin story was planned and planted by hostile religious invaders, colonialist and missionaries of conversion and by politicians to keep the public blind and at the same time rob Indians off everything.

The fact is that Brahmins were neither rich nor powerful at any point of time in history. They are not the Samurais of India. Every animal in the forest wants to hunt deer and eat them. The Indian Brahmins are like deer (stag) in the forest. Indian Brahmin community has become like Jews of Nazi times. Is this acceptable? The destitution of Hindu Brahmins has moved none, not even the parties known for Hindu sympathy.

For many past centuries, mostly Christians and Muslims were ruling India. Do we have to blame Brahmins for everything that went wrong in India? Brahmins have never ruled India.

Brahmins were always poor class! They never ruled India!

brahminCan you quote any historical evidence to prove that Brahmins were kings or ruled any Indian kingdom? (Chanakya had helped Chandragupta Maurya to build a united India. After becoming the emperor of India, Chandragupta fell at the feet of Chanakya and requested him to be Rajaguru and stay in the palace with all luxuries. Chanakya’s reply: ” I am a Brahmin. My karma is to teach students and live on what they get by the way of begging. So I am going back to my village.”)

Can you find any single instance or story of rich Brahmins in history or in the mythology (purana)? Which purana mentions about a rich Brahmin? The story of Sudama (Kuchela), the poor Brahmin, is a well-known episode from Lord Krishna’s life. Incidentally, Krishna (the most popular deity of Hindus) belonged to the Yadava sub-caste. The Yadavas are currently enumerated amongst the Other Backward Castes (OBCs) in India.

If Brahmins were as arrogant as they picturised to be, how come they worship Gods from lower caste? Lord Shiva (Highest Hindu God) is often termed as a Kirata in the Puranas. The Kiratas would currently fall in the Scheduled Tribes (ST) category in modern India. Krishna (see above paragraph) was an OBC.

To be able to oppress others requires positions of power. The Brahmin’s traditional occupation was that of temple priest or purohit officiating religious functions. Their sole income was Biksha (alms) given by the land-lords (non- Brahmins). And another section of Brahmins were teachers (guru) without salary. Were those the most powerful positions?

And have you forgotten the term: ‘Garib Brahmin’ (=Poor Brahmin). Pick up any Indian story book, you will see that term quoted as a virtue. The highest stature of the society was occupied by the Brahmin ascetics and their only way of survival was alms given by people. [Of course there are exceptions, but it cannot be denied that poor Brahmins were honored. Brahmins were asked to live at a minimum and devote themselves to pursue knowledge. Ref: Alvin Toffler, an American writer and futurist, “Hinduism propagated poverty as a virtue.”]

As a matter of fact, most of the oppression of dalits (lower caste Hindus) was committed by the land-owning class (Zamindars) and not by Brahmins. OBCs also oppressed the dalits. But Brahmins became the scapegoat.

Do you know the priestly class among Brahmins is only less 20% of Brahmin population? Some of them might have been greedy or villains, as the priests or clergy in any other community/religion. (However, in the small state of Kerala, Namboodiri Brahmins were rich due to a different socio-political system.) But they never had the power that clergy of other religions enjoy.

Nobody asked non-Brahmins not to read. Brahmins by and large are in pursuit of knowledge. This made them powerful (not in material way). This stems jealousy among others. Whose fault is it anyway?

If the reading and writing was confined to Brahmins or if education were open only to the Brahmins then how do you have Valmiki composing Ramayana or Thiruvalluvar composing Thirukkural? Or the numerous works on bhakti by non-Brahmin bhakti saints etc? Brahmins never prevented others from learning. Please note that Ved Vyas who edited four vedas and wrote Mahabharata was born to a fisher-woman.

Even if you look at people Vashishtha, Valmiki, Krishna, Rama, Buddha, Mahavira, Tulsidas, Kabir, Vivekananda none of them were Brahmins. Are these not the people whose teachings we consider most valuable? If none of them were Brahmins why cry so much about Brahmin didn’t allow you to learn?

The most powerful of the dharma shaastra is the Manusmriti written by Manu. It is the only scripture that gives Brahmins a high status. But Manu was not a Brahmin – he was a Kshatriya. Gita, that describes caste system, was written by Vyasa, who was born to a backward caste fisherwoman. All ancient literature gives highest position to Brahmins, because of the virtue and ethics they upheld.

Brahmins were the seat of non-violence!

The poor hapless Brahmins were beheaded by Arabian invaders, crucified in Goa by the Portuguese Inquisition, vilified by British missionaries, and morally crucified today by their own brothers and sisters. Did anybody fight back?

Mohammad Bin Qasim Hindu HolocaustAurangzeb massacred 150,000 Brahmins and their families in Benares, Ganga ghat, Haridwar, etc…He made a mountain of skulls of the Hindu Brahmins and their children which was visible from 10 miles away. Aurangzeb has gone on record, making a pile of Brahmin “janeoos” (holy thread) and making a bonfire of them (after decapitating innocent Hindu Brahmins who refused to convert to Islam. Did any Brahmin fight back?

The brutal and fanatic barbarians from Portugese mercilessly persecuted and killed millions of Konkani Brahmins who refused to get converted, in Konkan-Goa. Can you show me a single example of a G.S. Brahmin killing a Portuguese?

(When the Portuguese came to India, St. Xavier wrote to the king of Portugal, his patron, “If there were no Brahmins, all pagans would be converted to our faith.” He hated them with a hatred that evangelists alone are capable of. He called them a “most perverse people.” Brahmins became a persecuted people. Thousands of Konkani Brahmins (Gaud Saraswat Brahmins) were persecuted and left Goa. They lost everything. Was there any G.S. Brahmin to fight back?)

The foreign invaders killed thousands and thousands of – Sarawat Brahmins – in Kashmir and Gandhara desa-regions-(part of today’s Afghan-Pakistan included) area. There is no sarawat Brahmin in these regions now. Can you quote a single incident of a saraswat killing an invader? Let alone killing, any violent act from sarawats?

(Pundits, the original inhabitants of Kashmir were tortured and driven out of their dwellings in Kashmir by Islamic militants trained in Pakistan. Genocide of Kashmiri Pundits has reached its climax with terrorism succeeding in ‘CLEANSING’ the valley of this ancient ethno-religious community. To escape persecution, more than 500,000 Kashmiri pundits had to leave their homes in the Valley and out of that; more than 50,000 are still languishing in uninhabitable refugee camps in Jammu and Delhi. Militants killed a lot of pundits and raped their women. Can you show me a single pundit who was involved in violence to fight back?)

Dr. Ambedkar, the father of Indian constitution, quoting Muslim historians, says the first act of religious zeal by Mohammad bin Qasim, the first Arab invader, was circumcision of Brahmins. “But, after they objected, he put all above the age of seventeen to death.” During invasions, forced conversions and Mughal periods, hundreds and thousands of Brahmins were beheaded. Can you show a single instance of a Brahmin killing a human being in any other religions?

Kolkata's rickshaw pullersIn early 19th century, Tipu Sultan’s army descended in Melkote on a Deepavali day and massacred 800 citizens, mostly of a sect known as Mandyam Iyengars. Sanskrit scholarship had been their forte. [To this day Melkote does not celebrate Deepavali]. That slaughter rendered Melkote a near ghost town. Its environmentally connected life was broken, kalyanis – water retaining structures – went to ruin, water shortage became endemic, and the hills went brown. Sanskrit lost a home.

In fact the non-violent Brahmins were pure Vegetarians and ate Satvik food which does not instigate them to do any crime. Brahmins never ever defended themselves.

Please reflect upon today’s pathetic state of Brahmins!

Did you also know that most rickshaw pullers in Banaras are Brahmins? Did you know that you also stumble upon a number of Brahmins working as coolies at Delhi’s railway stations? 50 per cent of Patel Nagar’s (New Delhi) rickshaw pullers are Brahmins. 75 per cent of domestic help and cooks in Andhra Pradesh are Brahmins. There is no reason to believe that the condition of Brahmins in other parts of the country is different. The percentage of Brahmins that live below poverty line is almost 60.

Thousands of Brahmins kids immigrating to US for jobs and they make good software engineers or scientists. Why didn’t the government of India think about such brain drain that too when India lacks manpower?

The per capita income of various communities as stated by the Karnataka state finance minister in the state assembly sometime back: Christians Indian Rupees (Rs) 1,562, Vokkaligas Rs 914, Muslims Rs 794, Scheduled castes Rs 680, Scheduled Tribes Rs 577 and Brahmins Rs 537.

At Tamil Nadu’s Ranganathaswamy Temple, a priest’s monthly salary was Rs 300 (Census Department studies) and a daily allowance of one measure of rice some time ago. The government staff at the same temple receive Rs 2,500 plus per month. But these facts have not modified the priests’ reputation as ‘haves’ and ‘exploiters.’

south indian priestsEven if we agree hypothetically what we had learnt under the colonial-missionary-communist aegis that Brahmins were oppressors, can a civilized society accept the way politicians behave with Brahmins? If your forefather had committed a crime why should you be punished?

Some Brahmins certainly would have manipulated caste system – just the way they do in political parties or religious groups. It may be true that the past is not a clean tale for entire Brahmin community. A minority Brahmins hands may have covered in blood as it can be. And yes, it’s a closed community who doesn’t allow easily outsiders inside their homes and don’t maintain any sort of interactive relationships outside the community.

But should we generalize the whole community for the mistakes done by a small section among them? Didn’t we forgive those foreign invaders from Arabia who killed hundreds and thousands of Indians and destroyed entire ancient culture and looted the rich India? (Remember India was the richest nation before foreign invaders reached here).

How long do we stereotype people? Why the hatred? An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.

Being a Brahmin in India seems to be a double-edged sword. If a Brahmin succeeds, then his entire caste will be perceived as privileged and not in need of assistance. But if a Brahmin commits any aberrant deed, his faults will be projected onto his entire community, leading to more public condemnation of the entire Brahmin caste. The moment Brahmins were able to do something about it, the whole society turns and gangs up on them to prevent them from getting what they deserve claiming that Brahmins suppressed them in the past – as if as minuscule and non-violent a community as the Brahmins could have kept these horrors away from wealth and power or anything leading to it.

The world has a very short memory. The world has forgotten the contribution made by Brahmins to our society. It was not just learning Vedas, Maths, Astronomy and political science, but the sacrifice they have done for entire human kind by developing Ayurveda, Pranayama, Kamasutra, Natyasastra and Yoga.

If Brahmins were selfish, they would have patented all those things. If Brahmins were selfish, they would have put at least their byline below those thousands of ancient scripts. Brahmins sacrificed their life for the well being of human being with a single motto that: “Loka Samastha Sukino Bhavantu” (May all the beings in all the worlds be happy)

In turn, the world is trying to crucify them, for no fault of them.

The intended or actual meaning of Brahmin is one who has knowledge about Brahman, the ultimate and impersonal divine reality of the universe from which all being originates and to which it returns.

The very concept of Brahmanism is so noble and attractive that it is time that we decided to keep it above dispute. There have always been deliberate attempts to confuse the concept of Brahmanism with the caste of Brahmins in India.

Let us understand the simple fact that all members of the Brahmin caste are NOT Brahmins. Similarly, all Brahmins need not necessarily belong to the Brahmin caste.

There are four type of Brahmanism:

  1. Brahmana – one who is born to brahmana parents,
  2. Dvijaha – one who has received the samskaras starting from garbhadhana
  3. Vipraha – one who has received knowlege and
  4. Shrotriyaha – one who has all the above qualities.

Going by our classics and epics, it is very clear that the original Brahmins were definitely the ones that would command respect in any society. Brahmanism had a clear belief that the knowledge is power in the real sense. Brahmacharya which means a discipline followed with specific purpose of understanding the senses and thus taking control of the senses.

Brahmanism also wanted that the peace should be all encompassing, all creatures and all belief systems and all regions.

I am not supporting caste system, the real meaning of which is disappeared now. Our ancestors wanted to create a knowledge-based society in the name of Brahmin, that’s gone now. Alas! A huge majority of Brahmins turned to be non-vegetarians now. And I know in the name of Brahmanism some illiterate people who cannot pronounce rituals and mantras correctly performing pooja and other religious activities and making money only.

Modern Brahmins having abandoned their traditional way of life and being cut off from their traditions, suffer from an unjustified guilt complex and have swallowed this suppression propaganda uncritically. Caught between the greed of the masses, the unscrupulousness of the politicians and the malice of the real exploiters, they are persecuted mercilessly in modern India.

Are Brahmins not humans? Don’t Brahmins desire comforts, luxury and wealth for themselves and their near and dear ones, the way all people do?

~ Udaylal Pai


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  • well written, being a son of a temple priest i am proud to be a brahmin ,that a shocking truth that most of the people should understand it

    we are the main sufferers of ethnic cleansing in india

    • I am not a Brahmin but I like to say this. If there is any community on the surface of this earth that can claim to be vegetarians it’s the Brahmin community. We Indians, irrespective of race, caste or religion must be proud that our great ancestors to have created a vegetarian community. We as Indians MUST never lose this community. Reading through the above article by Udaylal Pai, it gives us more reasons to stop this bashing habit. We should instead encourage this community to regain its past glory (the Vedic way).

      We should also remember that many highly civilised communities have totally disappeared (ie the Mayan people). But somehow we have maintained this unique vegetarian-community. We should also get the United Nations to recognise the Brahmin community as a Heritage community … the only vegetarian community in the world.

    • yes u are soo true..we are the main sufferers….the other fellows just use us..for their needs our goodness will betaken as innocents thing,….such a waste …people out there

    • brother., you have told what actually happend and happenning right now.. but the fact is that many of our brahmins have no unity among us… and we did accepted the fals e propoganda and did not fight for that.. now it is time for all of us. to do so.. let us join hands together and make the supreme court of justice which stands for it’s word on constitution to do justice for the deprieved class of society i.e., brahmins for the past centuries and no government till now had taken any care regarding this issue and projected this community as a villain which is legally wrong and crime according to the constitution. i definitely hope that supreme will hear to our voices…

    • to get some facts right……….peshwas who took over maratha kingdom post fall ….belonged to brahmin class…so they were ruler once upon a time n killed too.
      priest being temple highest authority whose opinions are always counted….still could not make temple entry free for all esp in tamil nadu…..

      • Shankar
        I never accept your, in tamil nadu you any time visited villages, there also SC/ST can not enter the temple still, In my town there is one community (not bramins), in their street no one should not wear the slipers when we go inside the street. you tell me all these thing are happening by bramins. if you guyes still bash bramin community. this is sure world is full of surrended by water of 70 % and 30% only land. nature ie water will swallow the entire land sooner, who ever is doing wrong the bramins will born as animal in their next generation. that is sure

        • Shankar ur a god to tell this things?????
          Dame sure you and your family will suffered in future u told like that na……
          so change himself and think positive man…….

          • Hello Jagadeesan…are you cursing Shankar for voicing his opinion? This is one of the tricks that we brahmins used to play in olden days. Cursing. Shaap. No one can every become a brahmin by birth. There are many non brahmins who have become vegetarians and learnt the vedas and upanishads. I have see this at a veda pathashala run by my in-laws family in Pune. Let us stop all this caste non-sense and live like real brahmans before claiming to be brahmans.

            • may b u born b4 1900…read the entire article…all that shit tellers took birth after the currupt culture..by islamic n isai…u all r followers..bcoz u easily follow things like twiter n fb…having a A4 size colour paper doesnt show ur knowledge…their r not sayings…historical proove is their…what muslim did with brahmin..if d same thing a brahmin vl do with ur community..family..den what wud b ur reaction..vl u b silent….everything we r using in this world..all bcoz of brahmins…

            • You seem to be pretty Ignorant and I do not think you make any valuble contribution to anyone. You think Brahmins are the only ones who had put a Shaap on anyone ? It was actually any learned person that knows that art of self Defense who put Shaap on some one when they thought it appropriate. Even the Rishis did that. But not all Rishis are Brahmins. And those that did put Shaap on someone usually did not use weapons to kill that person. So, what is your contribution here. Absolutely Nothing. You are another Brain washed Garbage.

            • My previous comment on Shapp is directed at “Sai Prasad” ,Who is apparently Ignorant of anything. Seems to have been born without any Intellect.

            • Sai Prasad…..Just look at the comments above…It was Shankar who cursed the entire community!!!!!!!Is it right to curse the entire community??????So whatever can be done against, we have to keep quiet isn’t it…And should not voice against it!!!!!!!

      • Please dont talk about Tamil Nadu here… The Britishers used Tamils to the Max to create divide and rule… What you see now in Tamil Nadu was not the culture of Vedic India

      • Tamil People , as we all know are Brain washed . They have lost their Spirit and Soul. They had truly fallen for the Bullshit of Foreigners. Tamils did not even want the British to leave India. That is how Anti-Bharat Tamils are. So, do not worry about the Tamils, because they are already a lost cause and are converting to Christianity and Islam without ever even examining those religions with Intellect.Obviously this makes sense because Tamils have lost their Intellect to their Masters which is every Foreigner.

        • And the same ignorance resulted in mopla controvercy right
          Same ignorance done in nengali incident right?
          Same done in the breast tax right
          They are not brain washed people but they lost their self respect so now they will surely take a revenge by living back hindu dharma and accepting islam and chritianity

    • Being born in a Iyer family, Namaskarams. I consider myself as an individual of humanity and respect everyone without any discrimination after studying Upanishads and being with Chinmaya Mission. How can I help you? What are your needs? We can talk about brahmin bashing or the so called brahmins can help another. i have written quite a bit during the course of this discussion and I am willing to extend my support to anyone who needs…I look at it as a biksha that I am supposed to offer….

      • Proud of you Sir. Humility, quest for Spiritual Knowledge, Treating all creatures with kindness. These are the qualities that mark a real Brahman. Just by taking birth in a Brahman family does not make one a Brahman.

    • This article has many fallacies. I agree that many Brahmins were meek creatures focused on the well being of society at large. Brahmins in North India (where I have spent most of my time) certainly looked down upon the lower castes. In my growing up years I had a particularly fulminating Bihari Brahmin boy in a boarding school (because I had dribbled the soccer ball way too many times and made him appear incompetent at the game) cry out lout – “ball deta hai ki gayatri mantra padh ke tumko bhasma kar doon”? Thankfully my caste free growing up years had me laugh away this bout of anger. This was almost as if that janeo (sacred thread) and proprietorship over the gayatri mantra gave him the priviledge by birth to do an act as astounding as rending human beings into thin air. And I saw the same attitude reflect in giving a one word gaali – “Chamaar” – so much venom. Chamaar by the way is the name of what would be a low caste. The grudge I have is they created the structures that limited the wealth of knowledge of India to their own community, they built up the artefacts (the rationale and the theological underpinning) that resulted in the persecution of a majority of Hindu society and it was dictats by them that led to ossification of the society at large. I hope none of you would claim that the prevention of the entry of dalits into temples (which happens even today in some cases) – not allowing the faithfuls to see their own god – was done by the dalits themselves. I hope none of you believe that a low caste writer of Hindu scriptures would pen down verses in support of pouring lead into the ears of a Shudra if he were to somehow make the mistake of hearing the Vedas. Brahmins cannot escape responsibility for the injustices of the rulers when the ones giving divine sanction for such acts were the Brahmins. They cannot escape responsibility for the slavery of India for a thousand years because the societal structure created by them rendered a majority of Indians dummies in the line of protection of their lands. You cannot gloat over the constant quiescence in the face of killings of Brahmins by Aurangzeb or the Portuguese or other outsiders – or even worse the immense injustice that Hindu society delivered on a day to day basis. That cowardice was not Dharma. As holders of India’s knowledge it was a responsibility that you carried and it is just astounding how few protested over the millenia.

      With that said, nobody does any service to Hinduism by bashing Brahmins today. For the simple reason that despite all the defects of Brahminism and Varnashrama (and I consider that an artificial construct of Brahmins) there is a wealth of both knowledge and wisdom that India should be proud of, nurture and grow. And quite a bit of that contribution came from Brahmins.

      It is however necessary to understand that this entire caste system – whether you call it varnashrama or jati or whatever needs to give way to a view of Hinduism undivided by caste, region or color of one’s skin. That it did not dawn on the holders of knowledge that taking society towards justice and equality to all human beings is the supreme dharma. We all know this whole caste business was humbug and either that the insertion of varna into our holy texts was spurious (as with the Rig Veda) or that if it was genuine it is time now to revise those texts or throw them to the dustbins of history. And please, please – the clerical task of reading out mantras for pujas in temples does not need and never needed somebody to be born a Brahmin.. the barely read ought to have been able to do it. In today’s world, anybody who wants to, should be allowed to do it.

        • it’s been a long time but I will write a reply since someone did so as well to my note.

          Aah well.. the redoubt of the lazy. Wouldn’t you want to invoke the gods and make me an ant in the next life?

      • RD,
        as per you, brahmins “cannot gloat over the constant quiescence”!! you say that brahmins are spineless and cowards to revolt or retaliate even when faced with death! You have no compassion for the brahmins killed because you feel that they are cowards and if they died they deserved it. They created societal structures? even today my grandmother does not let me touch her without taking bath, does that mean i am untouchable? It is only to emphasize on cleanliness that she is doing it. It was the same way in the past too.. recently one of my malayalee christian friends was saying that lots of laborers from bangaladesh and Bihar have come to Kerala for construction work. Because of them theft has increased, diseases have increased (being non-hygienic), Kerala is no more a clean state but has become filthy!! Now, is she a brahmin? is she practicising untouchability? hers was a genuine concern. It was the same thing brahmins did many years back. In spite of not being rich or even having 3 meals a day Brahmins excercised cleanliness! You call that oppression! your personal experience with a boy just threatening you and someone calling you names has made you biased! even then you cannot say that they ganged up on you and beat you, because they wont and they never will! any kind of protest that they will do is fasting or self immolation. thanks for accepting that ‘quite a bit of contribution’ have come from Brahmins… you have the audacity to write all this because, none of us will do or say anything to whatever derogatory things you write! because we believe in fate and karma! Now that Brahmins are nowhere ‘powerful’ to do any kind of “oppression” what have you done to “take society towards justice and equality to all human beings”? dont worry, the vedas and shastras are already thrown into the dustbins because no one is learning them anymore…no relevance anywhere. just the ‘clerical task of repeating the mantra’ only is required ‘that a barely read ought to be able to do it’. in todays world when everything is free in the internet, i wonder how many of you read all the scriptures and tried to learn the things that the brahmins were till now denying them to learn!?!?! I dont know why i even bother to write a response to such a ‘know all’ as you!

        • “Gloat over the constant quiescence” – was a nod to Hindu society at large.
          Hindus are idiots to be so much more numerous and yet not have risen up against Aurangzeb’s depredations in Benares, Ghazni’s destruction of Somnath, the Moplah massacres or the day to day injustices within Hindu society. The social construct in Hindu society that does not let us be one in society and practices injustices within is responsible. As knowledge leaders and architects of social constructs in Hindu society, Brahmins have their share of responsibility.
          I will not comment on the rest but rest assured my views were formed as a result of studying in a Vedanta focused missionary school.

        • Excellent response and portrayal of reality. Thsnk you
          There was a time when any one can move upto be a Brahman by acquiring knowledge.Thank God for modern technology,a Brahmin does not have to depend on Govt jobs and quota. A Brahmin can becone5rich too as many have.
          Whereever mreitocracy rules,Brahmins succeed.
          Anti Brahmins in India think,lies releated over and over will become truth. Good luck!
          The Brahmins must unite for a better Bharat. Om Shanti.

      • Mr aiyar,there r contradictions in ur exampls,elaborate 2 of these,1)chamar ,normally sssocisted with a low intellect person not the caste,even a father calls his son by this when scolding, its the pesepectiv over interpretation but i agree this cud b Termed derogatory coz does refer to caste when not viewed in proper perspective n context,even bamhana,tilakdhari,janaiwa,choti,etc refering to brahmin used,ppl hv even notspared mahatma gandhi ,mazboori ka nam gandhi, 2)lead in to ear , in article itself it is said n vich is undeniable that most of holibooks of hindoos created by non brahmins,how can v say these n vedad wr not accessible,
        Bramhins themselves wr partof the structures,on basis of their intellect in sustaining ,preserving n extending human life,there is hardly any evidental events which wud subscribe to caste crearetion r propounded by brahmin as a part of the structure,
        their posn was similar to IAS in governc today whatevr in statute that they follow they dont creat it,article mostly acceptable to me

      • What you have seen now is “after the British & Muslim propaganda”. The Brahmins, who know the Brahman, are incapable of harrassing anyone.

        You don’t believe it? Then do an experiment. Just start asking this question to yourself – who are you? Be crazy for getting the answer to this question. When you get the answer, then we will talk, as by then, you would become a Brahmin.

        • I am sure you are right. Are there any brahmins who know the “brahman” today? Were there ever enough brahmins who know the “brahman”?
          If a Dalit were to know the brahman, you would come to the same conclusion, no?
          You do Hindus a disservice when you associate brahmins the caste with “brahman” the supposed human ideal.

      • all bihari are jokers .. specially who stays in bihar today and dint realised how castism destroyed bihar

      • see brother,a better handling of knowledge and wisdom needs certain evolution of genes and very valuable samskaras . otherwise if knowledge and wisdom is made available to everyone , even a casual a bad samskaric person or a ineligible samskaric people will try to compete and takeover the knowledge use it for their silly selfish reasons for money for power and poison great ancient knowledge with no experiencel knowledge at aalll. so what all brahmins hav done in the best interest of presrving ancient knowledge lik vedas ,jyothishya, natya , swara and many manyy more valuable heritages of hindu culture! so look at positiv side that brahmins hav confined knowledge to themselve to protect it giv it to only people who r having samskaras worth it! and u r talking varna system is the best system proof providing by the fact that genes evolve in genertions . if u study dna and genes study u will understand that varna system has complete scientific backing!

      • Plz don’t string pompous multiple character words. So many paras are at variance with each other. Read the article o sarkari Brahmin. So many queries you all are already there in the post. There were a few Brahmin born rulers, but briefly. Most rulers were of the kshatriya/shudr/ chamar/ any what so ever. Some excellent rulers, some debauchees.

    • Mishraji ! Had there been no class division in sanatan dharma , had everyone been taught to use weapons nobody could have dared to think of ethnic cleansing , who according to you is responsiblefor the four division of classes in hinduism ?

    • Totally True.
      Sadly, Bharat will.pay heavily for this when the rampant reservation system will push more Brahmins out of the
      country and Bharat will not have the brain power it needs
      to achieve its goals. The country will pay dearly. Sad.

  • Many thanks Mr. Udailal Paiji for your bold comments. During the present era of “sarvadharma-samabhawa” nobody dares to mention the facts clearly. So, I mentioned in my comment on FB that once we accept “Sanskrit” as our National Language then every Bharatiya (not Indian) will be able to know & accept our hidden treasure of our own Shastras & will not make the usual mistake to be under the misbelief that our Shastras, written & edited by Brahmins, are unscientific.

  • Government servants minimum salary in Tamil Nadu is above Rs-10000 p.m pensioners get
    Rs 4000 per month minimum

    • actually priests do not get that much. i asked a priest in a nearby temple about how much the government pays him… his response, Rs. 350 per month.

      • Generally in any temple in South India the offering of devotees put in the ‘hundi’ ( collection box) goes to the management ( trust, managing committee, muzrai dept etc.,) whereas the contribution made to the ‘mangalaarathi plate ‘ is the rightful share of the priest/s. I have noticed a few instances where the govt. employees posted at a temple have ill will towards the priests they urge the devotees to put the offerings ONLY IN THE HUNDI thereby depriving the priest of that income too.

        • that is not going to priest, that is going to government and government is spending to other religion not for hindu. what what i come to know. i am asking you simple question they bramin performing pooja for your happy ness to god, why not you put money on mangalaarathi plate.

    • What are trying to say? I know from my personal experience that temple priest get a pittance as salary in Tamil Nadu and in some cases it’s given once in 3 months or more, when the E.O visits the temple.

  • very well written with careful choice of words and this writting has given voice to all the major problems and disbelieves.major problem of cast system,in India,now a days is, its only used by polititians to make vote out of them.there are many other countries with religion/tribe based cast issues (eg. Africa),but now they have accepted both cristianity and tribe cultures at a time(Africa).we have to come up with no caste system where everybody gets their rights by their deeds.these cast based issues and misunderstandings are holding us away from being one whole society.if we this fight between casts is aimed to achieve great benifit for country at the end,then its worth fighting,if not then we should think before entering it.we are loosing precious time and energy which is more needed to nation and its growth,ultimately our growth.

  • I am not a born Bhramin, but I like the way you all live your lives. And I must say, nice thought that you have presented there. I have always asked myself this question that, on one side our educational materials talks of Bhramins being bad/brutal or whatever that word may be which justifies their inherent hate but still a Bhramin ideology doesn’t talk of taking anyone’s life. It talks of living well with the entire system with minimum damage to anyone but here we see that it is complete hate without reasons. Bhramins have never retaliated or projected themselves as victims at any time in history. They simply took what came their way and they never uttered a word. Good once are an ocean of knowledge willing to part with anything you would want to ask them and here we still have a society which mocks them, ridicules them so badly? That lead me to reading more and I must appreciate this work of yours more. I have seen more blood on the hands of the leftists here and the world over than anywhere else in this world. Hope they realize their mistakes and correct themselves before it is too late for their own existence. And I hate to say, that your own silence has lead you to this miserable situation. Hope world gives you, your rightful due.

  • Brahmins were cursed by Mahalakshmi that they will live in absense of wealth unless they worship to lord Vishnu…

      • Pri Ya, don’t be such a weak minded woman to accept such cock and bull stories. This is a fool who doesn’t know the difference between ‘anonymous’ and ‘synonymous’. The idiot will regard even Spider Man to be a true entity in the future.

        • You havn’t understood the meaning of this. Worshipping Vishnu means honouring / praising the Kings. Lakshmi means monetary wealth. Brahmins do not pursue wealth in monetary form, but they pursue wealth of knowledge, which is Saraswati. If you want to gain something, you need to pursue that. So, if you want money, worship / practice the knowledge and efforts of money. Practicing knowledge will not yield money.

  • Many Thanks Mr Udailal Paiji for the Information . Let ALL The Brahmin In India from Kashmir to Kanayakumari know the above fact.Let the information be spread to all .

  • Really good , i guess its time that we stand up and fight unitedly rather than being classified as not opposing, not fighting for anything..Those so called bashers will continue doing the same all through their life.. Even 1000s of articles like this can’t change them

  • I appreciate your well written article.. It is important for such thoughts to be known more widely. I wish to thank you for taking the effort to write this.

    One small correction – As per my understanding, Brahmins held the privilege and the exclusive rights to learning. The other castes were excluded from this process as a rule.

    • There was excluivity in every form of learning.For instance, the vysyas never allowed other castes become trading community:Gold smiths taught their skills to their relatives:carpenters taught their skills to only people in their community etc. But basically what we are talking are two different things. One is literacy and education.Probably because of caste system, the learning skills were only restricted to Brahmins. But the Brahmins never restricted this knowledge to any body. Vocational training and education was restricted to one community or other.

      • For sure you should understand one thing, the learning was not restricted only to Bhramman people. It came naturally to them as they were having right hunger for knowledge and wisdom, where in the other people had this as education is one of their need but for Brahmin it was and is the only thing that is in his mind. But you can’t say there were only Brahmins who did the classic examples would be “Vidhura” who is famous for his needhi and straightforwardness.

    • Vish i appreciate the article, but will not accept your small correction, we should understand that other sect of people were mastering in other degrees like krishna as mentioned in the above article was a non Brahmin but was studing with Sudama a Brahmin in sage Sandeepani Ashram, like that Ashwathama was also studing in Dronacharyas Ashram with the Kurus and Pandavas ,what i want to highlight here is it was the socio economic wellness who were able to afford both time and money were given prominenance as even today if you are not able to meet the Needs of day to day you will not be able to offer Education to the poor and downtrodden , as usual in any caste there were Heroes and villians

      and as usual they say Sarve Janah sukhino Bhavanthu & Loka samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu

    • We now have intellectual property rights, for example in medicine, military equipments etc., I think it’s only in our system that, knowledge is freely available. It’s needs a lot of dedication and commitment to imbibe. Unlike now, education was not paying in older times. The burden of preserving knowledge for generations was on their shoulders. Who could you force easily to learn- your own sibling. We should be very thankful to them actually that they have sacrificed their lives for the preservation of knowledge for thousands of years. Now anyone can learn it- why don’t they? Because it is not that easy and doesn’t pay. People only look at a few rich temples and comment on the money earned by priests. What about those thousands of temples, where their earnings are not enough to make ends meet. Why should they continue. They are physically weaker than others generally and hence can’t do other physically demanding jobs aswell.

    • @Vish: Please read the article again to understand it fully, which writes about as to the eminent people who gave knowledge to this world like Valmiki, Thiruvalluvar, Vyasa, Vasishta, Rama, Krishna, Tulsidas, etc..etc all names mentioned in their are not Brahmins in first place. Brahmins, the real ones, are respected for their ethics and virtues due to which knowledge came to them easily and which they gained…So your small correction is basically a major error in your understanding basically

      • Valmiki is brahmana by birth as he is tenth child of Prachetasa, as revealed by himself in Sri Ramayana and he is related to Brahma Himself. Vasishta is Brahmamaanasa putra and is great Rishi who acted as purohit of King Dasaratha and Guru of Sri Rama Himself. Recollect about Viswamitra’s fight and competition with Vasishta. By the way Viswamitra is intrnsically Brahmana though born as Kshatrirya King. The story his birth reveals this and to get this his brahminhood out, he struggled for ages and finally he could also became guru of Sri Rama. Vyasa is grand son of Vasishta and so is brahmana. Only His mother is Kshatriya of great lineage. It was a privilege kanyas marrying Rishis and even Kshatriya kings considered it as honour. Sri Rama and Sri Krishna are Kshatriayas and enjoined to learn Veda and Sastra at gurukulams. Tulasidas is Smarta Brahmana. Puranas and Kavyas are open to all along with their vocational training. Quite large number authored even Kavyas.

  • Well, atleast now, let this article be an eye-opener to all those who unnecessarily hate the Brahmin-society..Let us all join together to fight this social-evil against Brahmins.

    • Prior to anything, Brahmins first need to unite, help each other, trust each other, talk and discuss with each other and in turn not give up on each other, no matter what the short coming or mis-understanding…Stand together thru the thick and thin of situations, learn to forgive one another and move along as one big herd…..unless these happen there is no scope of brahmins gaining any place in society…For this matter same applies to all people in a civil society too in terms of coming together, leaving alone their caste differences, for a civilized world overall…Else earth being looted by greed of humans as it is, will not be able to sustain natural calamities for long. As the present Pope rightly said recently, God will forgive people, but earth and the more and more natural calamities in recent years, that which is an offshoot of human greed will not…!! In all Earth cannot sustain the human greed and infighting and be it a person of any caste whatsoever is bent to suffer after all

      • The story of a proud Brahmin travelling with fishermen in a boat is all that comes up in my mind, the way things are in present times….

  • True the Intellegence, Behaviour ,Habits have made us Brahmin ,being a good human being is the natures gifts to us remaining support from others are secondary, very encouraging article thank you.

  • My hats off to Mr. U. Pai. History tells that before Barnashram came there were no caste but the Barnashram came out of necessity as a social reform.

  • As per sastra it is said that in Kali Yug all such anarth will start and go to the maximum as it progress further. People will fail to see good reason get involved in sinful acts. Very sincere effort by writer to pass truthful message. Even now missionaries with big budget spread lies to mislead poor hindus for conversion purpose and deprive them from their great culture.

    • Missionaries are following the directives of their religion. What about people among us like Kancha Ilaiah who use their intelligence and skill-set to mislead us?

  • Dear Prof. Dr. Suhirtha Baus,
    I have seen Christian missionary playing with Brahmin sentiments. Please see Christian channels like Angel TV or Aseervatham TV.
    a] Serials portray a Brahmin family and make fun of their practice and show as if they convert to Christianity
    b] Portray a bad Brahmin causing divide among the villagers/settlement and christian missionary comes to help the village.

    Would like to remind you that in Tamilnadu because Christian missionary converting the students who learn in their school, our ancestors had to start Hindu College, Hindu high school and so on.

    This is no joke, but reality.
    I have no misgivings about Christianity, as long as they limit themselves to their work. I can say this because I am product of a Jesuit institution.
    Sometimes I feel, British shortchanged us. Along with our wealth and resources we shared our knowledge with British, but all they gave us is useless western education and baseless materialism.

    • I have studied in convent school. There is no denial that the missionaries were all the time engaged in conversion in the name of giving good education .We were asked to bring clothes from home and give them to be distributed to only converted students. It is surprising to note that the converts spew more venom against Hindus than an Anglo Indian.
      All the converts must understand that hindus have accepted them as part of our society and it is time they do not try to force their religious ideas which do not accept existence of others’.

    • Agree with Venkatesh…. Also few of the state governments are so brutal that they continue this massacare in one or the other way…

  • I would like to bring one point to author’s attention. Gita did not describe caste system, it describes Varna vyavasth. The big difference between two is – Varna is decided by Karma where as caste by birth. There is mobility between Varna’s, of course you can not be born in more than one family at time.

  • Undoubtedly brahmins have moved away from the ancient and traditional knowledge of spiritualism. The oppression and supression of brahmins is indeed a big loss to the spiritual wealth that we had. This was the true and only asset. Will the era of true spirkftual knowledge ever return?

  • Pranams,

    With all due respect to Sri Madhav’s comment above, I would like to say that, based on the vedAnta system as promulgated by great scholars like Adi shankara, rAmAnuja, and madhva, varNa system is birth-based. Specifically, one’s birth is based on one’s previous guNa and karma, and having gotten that birth, one has a latent guNa that has to be developed – which is why duties based on hereditary status are prescribed in the first place.

    It must be stressed here that all duties are important, that their selfless performance without any sense of personal desire is a must, and that they must be performed with the attitude that they are dedicated to the pleasure of bhagavAn. This is why ancient Hindus did not fuss that one person has to perform austerities and chant mantras while another is supposed raise cattle while another just does any other kind of service. All of our duties are for His pleasure only.

    Failing to understand this, one will misunderstand varNAshrama-dharma. It’s not about choosing your own path in life as Americans do. It’s about selfless performance of duty, which can only be done if the duties are assigned you based on some unambiguous trait.

    • Folks,
      Please read through this comment of Raghu two or three times and try to understand what it emphasizes, a job based on hereditary basis.
      I don’t blame him, this is a thought seeded some centuries back which was the root cause of many issues.

      No Brahmin should be oppressed similarly no person, group, scripture or system has any right to dictate a new born what he or she has to do with ones life. So to rightly put it, no person should be oppressed.

      Throw away just this one single concept of I am Brahmin I will seek knowledge you are shepherd go run behind cattle, if one choose that as his job I am sure he will do it happily but if you force it on someone it is a form of oppression and he will reject it.
      Pls think, can we accept a new book of law saying we don’t need that many Brahmins teaching Vedas or doing rituals in Banaras so you and all your future generation ride rickshaw and accept that life happily as service to almighty.

      All are born equal so put forth your point from equalitarian angle.

      I appreciate the article and its genuine concern but we should weed off few thoughts however old it maybe authentic it may sound but won’t suit today’s life where even if you insist there less and less rural jobs and more urban office or industrial jobs. The same Manu will be giving a different version of Smriti if he exist today. I am sure today’s demographics doesn’t need that many Kshatriyas or Shepherds, when farm lands have become corporates, multiplexes and apartments.

      Any socio economic backward sect should be taken care by the govt, it should take steps to improve the lives of the priest or anyone earning 350, what can one do with that today when a kg of rice cost 50 or more, how will he feed his family for even a week.

      Equality in everything is the way to go in my Humble view.

      • yes, u r right sir, further we must dis-continue our caste sur names like sharma, pandit, sastry,dickshit,iyer, iyangar etc which identifies who we are and makes us as target. As a just and equitable society we should marry among all our hindu brotherns and leave the caste system step by step. That will be good for future generation of India and development of our country. Further I must congralute the author for his unbiased work. some people may say that he used cunning word play to deceive people of truth and armtwist OBCs with SC people. but we should not mind about it.

  • Very well written article. Thanks for your in depth analysis and bringing the truth out. Thanks for sharing. The other point worth noting is that Brahmins performed yagna for the benefit of the entire society. They have always lived and upheld the Vasudeva kutumbakam concept and included everyone in their prayers ;

    Om Saha Nau-Avatu |
    Saha Nau Bhunaktu |
    Saha Viiryam Karavaavahai |
    Tejasvi Nau-Adhiitam-Astu Maa Vidvissaavahai |
    Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||

    1: Om, May God Protect us Both (the Teacher and the Student),
    2: May God Nourish us Both,
    3: May we Work Together with Energy and Vigour,
    4: May our Study be Enlightening and not give rise to Hostility,
    5: Om, Peace, Peace, Peace.

  • Thanks to Sri Pai for a true account of Brahamins. Governments after governments encouraged the bashing of Brahamins. The community always remained dumb. No political Brahamins leader came forward to defend the onslaught. Now everybody has taken Brahamins for granted. To some extent Brahamins themselves are responsible for this state of affairs. There is no unity among Brahamins. As rightly observed more and more are becoming non vegetarians. It has become a fashion among the present generation of Brahamins who are affluent to discard the rituals. To give scant respect to the traditions. I feel the present generation of Brahamins are crazy to adopt western culture. Majority of those who work in abroad change their lifestyle within a year and find their parents are old fashioned. You watch other communities. They do not discard their rituals. Let us respect our community and traditions. Teach your children our traditions. Encourage them to learn Sanskrit instead of French or Spanish. Do not join with others while criticizing Brahmins. Non Brahamins will never allow you to talk against their community at all. Brahamins are broad minded . But it does not mean to take the liberty of joining others in bashing our own community.Let us be vocal and initiate steps to stop bashing hereafter.

    • You are 100% right sir. Thanks for the aricle Pai.
      We have to take oath to support our people first, instead of supporting others. Let us be on the right path then we can say to the world follow this path or create another successful path.
      Many of them say that brahmins are uncivilized,not broad-minded is it true? Not at all. Since, childhood we were taught that ” Even if an enemy comes near home welcome them” I think this statement is enough for us to prove that we are broadminded. Am, I right?.
      I have to mention a comment posted in other website. Commenter says, Afghans are better when compared to Brahmins.
      I have to reply by this article to the commenter.
      We are not accepting this because, it is on our favour but, This is hard fact where the present generation are thinking “Being born as brahmin is my first mistake or sin ” Why are they getting this thought? are they right or wrong? No because, the root cause of this thinking is in our hands.
      How? We are accepting, what westerners says are true. We are not ready to believe our own thoughts. And, we made this generations think our ancestors as idiots by forcing them to believe what westerners suggests. Because, during the british empire they did not just loot all wealth from India but they loot the all our important truths or facts from India . With in 200 years, many of the documents were re-written where they brought a concept of Aryans and implying them as present brahmins at last they need their dominance in India ancestors facts.

      There are many facts to discuss. Lets leave all to the Time i.e., ” Kalaya tasmai namaha.”
      “Sarve jana sukhinobhavanthu”

      And thanks for this article again pai. Atleast by this we were able to share our thoughts.

      Sarvam Sri krishnarpanamasthu.

  • Very vivid and true picture of the plight of Brahmins is brought out. More and more Brahmins should practice their Dharma fervently and be united to fight for their cause.

  • well written sir,am seeing a legend in u.a new land mark and rising star who s bringing back truth of brahmins and making it to understand by others..we r always wid u sir…thnk u so much

  • Varnasrama dharma is created by whom ? Bhagavan Krishna endorses the HE has created. “chaturvarnyam maya srushtam GUNA KARMA vibhagasah” Four varna system is created by ME on the basis of GUNA and KARMA.
    Unfortunately we will accept our text book reading about the Binomial Classification of Plants etc by Aristotle giving names like Hibiscus Cannabis (Gongura) and treat it as scientific but fail to find reasoning to what has been given in our ancient texts.
    The above article states that caste system is not good to society, and proceeds with further arguments. This to me is like passing the judgement without even hearing and analysing the arguments from all sides. This is due to westernal influence in our educational upbringing. Our present text books make you to believe that a coin exists with only one side, thereby blocking our mind towards the other side of the coin. A simple question comes to my mind that Caste system (or for that matter ANY system/practice including Sati) existed and prevailed in the society for at least some duration, which itself is sufficient to believe that all the systems/practices have something positive to offer to the society. Did any body thought about those other POSITIVE sides of the System/practices ? Why not ? Simply due to the conditional thinking imbibed by the western educational system.
    How to relate this Caste System even with our educational up-bringing ?
    GUNA is due to the GENE (note the letter resemblence and word rhyming). Means the genetic DNA codification received from parental, over which individual has no control whatsoever. One can not choose his/her parents. Pertinent to mention here that the system of marriage within one’s own Caste/Sect is scientifically to help generating a progeny DNA with a constructive influence in the modification of progeny DNA from parents. Again, we have created Breeding Centers for pets, agriculture seeds etc. But a perfect Breeding System for humans is conveniently IGNORED. Marriage in our system is for a perfect progeny to the Vamsa and broadly to the universe as a whole. Ultimately what a Man’s or Woman’s contribution to the society is ONLY the children they produce in human chain. ALL OTHER ACQUISITIONS FROM BIRTH TO DEATH VANISH (MAY BE IN SOME GENERATIONS. That is why in the marriage mantras the man seeks the woman or vice versa for DHARMA PRAJA SAMPATYARTHAM. Meaning for his/her DHARMA and PRAJA (Progeny – note the rhyming) and SAMPATH (as Grihastha is the only ashram which is the POSHAKA of all including themselves, obviously requires SAMPATH. Note that it is FORBIDDEN to acquire SAMPATH in other ashramas). This naturally flows from ths Vedic stipulations (PRAJA TANTUM MAA VYAVACCHETSIH – Do not break the chain of Progeny – ALL including animals and plants).
    Coming back to our discussion on the gita sloka (chaturvarnyam …). it is clear that on GUNA one has no control. Now let us discuss the other basic factor for classification. It is KARMA. The things/works what one does (includes the the works done by him)from Birth to Death. The SMRITIs prescribe the KARMAs to be performed (or NOT to be performed) list of Do’s and Don’ts (Six basic KARMAs for each VARNA). Meaning here is that by practising ONLY the KARMAs prescribed for his/her VARNA makes a Constructive influence on the GENE they produce and pass on for the next generations. If one does the list of Don’ts prescribed for his/her VARNA, (it is called VARNA-SAMKARA), then the the GENE they produce and pass on will be Destructively influenced, thereby creating bad to the society. There are numerous examples and Case Studies on this issue in our texts.
    Unfortunately ALL VARNAS for the past few centuries have indulged (continue indulging) in VARNA-SAMKARA.
    This phenomenon has NO reversal (to my understanding as of now). The ultimate destruction can be delayed if the system is properly understood and implement remedies with conviction (whatever that strikes to the mind of individuals)
    Coming to the conditions of present society I give below my observations of my childhood in our village some 45 years back.
    I belong to a family of Vedic Pandits took to Government job as scientist. I am also a VARNA-SAMKARA as per my understanding of the term.
    While feeding a (so-called) SUDRA VARNA person at our home, they used to feed in the veranda of the house, provide the leaf plate to him and he used to clean the place of eating with water, on finishing the food. Later we used to wash again with ourselves.
    While feeding to the person of the same caste stated above, our RICH neighbour BELONGING TO SUDRA VARNA but different community, they drop the food in the leaf plate in his hands itself and he is supposed to take the food away at a farther place to eat and forbidden to eat even in the verandah of our Rich Neighbour.
    The observation makes me think that When you realise the changes in the society ADAPT to the new conditions without relaxing much on your convictions.
    If any one feels to have a discussion (mind you NOT AN ARGUMENT) they are welcome.

    • I have great yearning to go back to my roots. I am a Sarswat Brahimins from Kashmir.My study so far tends to support my belief that Brahiminism or Brahiminic Supermacy has been the cause of all the oppression we have endured so far.One of the reasons for this perhaps is what called “certainty of faith”.The certainty of faith that you are right devolves into righteousness and dogmatism.Faith requires an awareness of the possibility of being wrong or at least out of place.The greatest dilemma for me has been that how could Brahimins wit heir intellect and learning not have a common sense to project their faith with the changing times- politically ,socially ,culturally …..Even now we play victims, which I feel is a shame.While our Dharma asks us only to beg for our daily survival necessities , why have we extended it to other things like our place in society.
      Sastryji, I want to discuss further.My email I’d is ashokdullu@gmail.com…Request your support for understanding the issues better.

    • What kind of a scientist are you? It is because of dogmatic and nefarious elements like you that the Caste system and all its venomous influence has tortured our great nation, under who’s control we’re still reeling! It is precisely because of the dangerous concept that Brahmins have become the hated villains, on which Mr. Uday sir’s article exhorts about.
      The entire system of casteism is flawed cause it allows the provision of heredity. The venerated Brahmin saints, in all their divine knowledge and wisdom somehow could not envisage such a blatant problem present inherently. Modern India was pragmatic enough to understand this diabolic concept of ‘caste’.

      But don’t get me wrong; I completely agree with every bit of this article and am thoroughly impressed by the logic, rationale and morality reflected herein. While the author was wise enough to negate the caste system, anti-social elements like you muddle the whole issue. The ashrama has done enough damage to the vital fabric of society. There is enough hate and malice towards fellow human beings because of the classification. Be civilised enough not to spew more oil into the boiling cauldron of evil. You talk about breeding, progeny and all other scientific knowledge with convenient pretence that you succesfully sap out the wisdom from them. A ‘guna’ is similar to ‘gene’? That is the level of sense and wisdom you possess!! Do a favour to humanity- don’t spread such nefarious ideas…we have seen enough of them and time has shown us infinite contradictions to the filthy system. Yes, filthy. If people have certain special gunas, so be it. It is pure foolishness to attribute gunas to progeny and attempt to classify people on those lines. Even a modern anthropologist will emphasise on this (with an obvious exception of physical traits). A healthy family, society and nation is enough to make a Brahmin out of any child. I don’t know how old you are now sir, but please exercise a better sense of wisdom for as long as you live from now.

      A Brahmin friend.

  • Adding to my earlier comments,
    I wonder why people take that Caste/Religion/Region have ONLY a dis-integrating influence in the society ?? To me, it simply is a myopic thinking. In fact the SVADHARMA prescribed in the SMRITIS has ALL the positive and INTEGRATING influence in the society and also creates a NATURAL bonding among people. The problem arise only when we try to COMPARE. We only COMPARE selectively among the VARNAS. How foolish it is to compare ONLY the facilities enjoyed by my BOSS at work and NOT compare the responsibilities and accountabilities to the company. First of all, Why COMPARE at all with others? Do the SVADHARMA prescribed for us.
    Hanuman Sastry Madduri

    • Swadharma means the sole objective of human form i.e., realizing “SELF”. Paradharma means following the tendencies and the nature of senses. Para refers to Indriya or Senses. On several occasions Krishna addresses Arjun as ParamTapa – Means one who has won over tendencies/sensual cravings. Arjuna has achieved this to a large extent by then through rigorous penance at the advise of Krishna earlier itself. Arjuna achived Pasupatyam (means raised above animalistic standard sensory pleasures oriented living)

    • Myopic thinking? You have excelled beyond every fathomable sense of being myopic and regard the hapless exploited folk to be myopic. You think you are a BOSS only because you’ve been born to a family?
      The caste system has FAILED! I repeat, it has utterly failed and has spread hatred among the fellow human beings. I have been subjected to ample ridicule and introspection regarding the caste I have been born in. A lot of my Brahmin friends freely indulge in smoking, alcohol, meat consumption, illegitimate sex, etc. yes, the in-vitro breeded progeny you talk about. If my forefathers were regarded Brahmin, it was only because of their traits. Such a simple point which people like you can never understand! Be progressive and don’t throw us on the feet f an idea which has done nothing short of a genocide!

  • Fantastic article sir. I seek your permission to print and publish this article…just want make sure that thus reaches the makes possible public….

  • Dear Sir,
    This is a wonderful article. An eye opener. But the thing is we Brahmins, like you say are not fighting types. We are too proud to beg for our rights. We like to get everything on our abilities rather than depend on reservations, kotas etc. We are brainy and we are extremely proud of that. Also we are v tolerant and let go of any untoward things happening to us.

  • Udai Garu

    As you usual, another excellent article from you. I appreciate your article even more for the reason that I have lived in this country for 50 full years experienced hatred from other communities and castes at every step of my career and life. Unfortunately, people from all the times have been looking for and found some basis to create hatred among themselves. Religion, Castes, Wealth, Political Status, Regional, color etc etc. All this should go and future generations should work towards eliminating ill feelings towards each other.

    Thank you,

    Warm Regards

  • brahmana means one who has brhma jnana, in the definition mentioned above srotriya but, the one who born to brahmana parents can never be brahmana unless they learn brahmajnaana. the anti brhamnism started for the so called people born to brhmana parents and left the main stream who never care for brahma jnana or hinduism. we should pity for the status created by our past neo brahman people. now we should correct ourselves by learning the vedas etc., and follow sanatana dharma. we should REMEMBER for sanatana dharma no one needs to uplift if you are able to uplift on your own. that is real

  • My sincere thanks to PAI sir, who have posted this article. My self a son of temple priest have faced brutal acts of modern ethists and had got ill treated in the society. My father was paid by committe of Rs/- 1000 at retirement in 2010. Do you think a person can run life with only 1,000. I a seeing most of the areas temples are cosntructed to make business and money and poojari’s are ill treated with this simple pea nuts. I ask again are poojari’s are not human beings. A software engineer cannot live untill he gets 30k of salary. but how come a priest living in same era can live with 2k salary ? Every where people talk that poojari’s and purohits are earning lot and minting money But in reality there is no minting. A brahmin is the only person who do not have company insurance, PF, gratiuty, or any benefits of every employee who earns money. I swear and say that life of brahmins is under threat all the way as i have seen generations from 1970’s till date. If there is any reformation needed that is only for brahmins to make thier living.

  • Wonderful work by Shri. Pai. But, I feel that the Brahmins should teach the youngsters of today, how great and ancient our culture is and how scientific are our Vedhas and rituals. Once they go deep into the the Puranas ans Ithihasas, they will begin to understand that all the sciences and latest discoveries of today have been mentioned thousands of years ago in our puranas. For example “the big bang theory” which the westerners ‘Discovered’ less than 60 years ago can be explained in the very first chapter of the “Mahabharatha”. Unfortunately, i doubt, whether most of the present day Brahmins have read any of the Puranas or Ithihasas, let alone the Vedhas. That is our plight today. The Brahmins have become western orientated and satisfied with what they have with minimum care for their own community. Who is to blame for their plight and and meek acceptance of the present conditions?

  • Even the young minds are poisoned through popular cartoons like chota bheem where a bad wicked guy or a thief is always shown as a bramin sporting a shika, they are also shown as eating chicken steaks in hiding, what kind of impact is this going to have on budding minds? kids are taught to hate and look down upon bramins yet like you say no bramin has ever sued them for this. sorry state of affairs

  • Yes great stuff from pai,
    The whole world should be drawn towards this historic blunder.how can we suffer for no fault of ours.it’s enough

  • WE HAVE STOPPED OURSELVES FROM BEING BRAHMAN – The most powerful minds on the planet.
    => DO NOT THINK U R DOING WRONG n GOD WILL PUNISH U,,,its our right to protect ourselves and in which case we must not hesitate to destroy our opponent.

  • All Brahmins should stop using english language which is primarily a the language of Christian missionaries.
    Brahmins should also stop working for c hristian majorty nations.

  • If brahmins take every effort to keep their distance from non brahmins and not integrate with the society , they will be treated as such. It was their own doing that they are treated badly today. They have never promoted an egalitarian society and the community has got a bad name that its cunning and crony.

    All said and done, even today’s Brahmins still among themselves feel and think that they are superior to other castes. They behave strangely. Not fair to be persecuted for the past sins, but there is still enough vitriolic in the community to not let it go scot-free.

  • As a fellow Brahmin, let me share some thoughts. We all agree that our Brahmin culture and tradition are disappearing for reasons above and also due to poverty and social change. Let us classify for practical purpose, our Brahmins as follows;
    A] Temple priests bearing the burden of poverty and still maintaining tradition.
    B] Brahmins [ like me] settled abroad, well to do. But do care about our plight.
    C] Poor Brahmins in India living in poverty , unable to continue tradition or under social pressure.
    D] Middle class Brahmins in India bearing the brunt of Govt policies [ Constitutionally mandated genocide ]
    E] Other Brahmins, I.e disillusioned, don’t care, liberated etc.
    It becomes obvious, that ” B” should help all others for survival [ No Brahminism if we don’t survive] and above all ” A” is the single most important group to protect, for preservation of culture and tradition.

  • It is an excellent article and an very good eye opener for many who have wrong notion on brahmins. He must have struggled enough to collect such vast range of information. Great. Thanks for sharing with us. My good wishes to Mr. Pai.

  • I see that you are claiming that brahmins have been targeted by all other sects for their own benefit and that their is no proof for any of the so claimed injustices meted out by brahmins to lower castes,agreed.
    However i see your own stand as no different wherein you are accusing the Portugese, the britishers, the Mughals, and even Tipu sultan’s Mysore Kingdom for carrying out crimes against the brahmins without any proof(apart from quoting the Legends and repeat-a-lie-thousand-times-to-convince type statements).
    Request you to kindly put out all the sources from where you got your facts).Thanks.

    • @Skeptical: Forget the part that the Portugese, Britishers, Mughals and others carried crimes against Brahmins. I’m sure you have enough facts to at least know that this group of people massacred several thousands of people in the region (now called India) in the name war / religion etc. This is a fact that’s well documented! Now the question is.., when people are ready to forgive and move-on against this group of people, why don’t you just move-on on from bashing Brahmins??

  • Apart from the article…one thing is clear that all Brahmins know about the innocence they have in them. Instead of changing other people, which is not even a battle that Brahmins(non-violent, timid) will stand for. I believe that its time Brahmins shed their innocense, timidity and all the soft virtues we have just for the survival in the outerworld. Inside, with your head or within your family behave as a Brahmin, outside be a fucking warrior. (I am a Brahmin, and internets is not my head.) Even the Gods, take avtaars to change reality. You gotto do what you gotto do. Stop behaving softly to the outside world and embrace the new reality with intelligence, courage and fury.

  • Then again some one said let us make the world understand the truth… I dont understand why do brahmins need the world to know the truth. Especiaaly when you can enjoy all the reservations on a false belief, why will you even look at the truth.The truth however is very simple, change your avataar for some centuries, come to power and then tell the truth. And stop tagging yourself in this changed avataar of non-violent and soft and loving and etc… wo time nikal gaya mere bhaiyyon..Change your avataar.

  • The story presented is truth and only truth and not a fiction .As of now there are lakhs of brahmin families
    who are struggling to exist and lead a normal human life forget about suppressing others .I know only one thing
    what my parents tought me to not fight with any one, help others, study well and teach ohters if you are able to.
    I am also a poor brahmin who struggled a lot in life for sustaining my family. However I am better off now and pray for those lakhs of brahmins who are struggling for daily food for survival. god bless them with more courage. I am thankful to the author and Dr prabhakar korada who forwarded this artical which is an eye opener for many .

  • The article explains about the current plight brahmins but it does not give the complete. If anyone reads the article it is logically clear that for any foreign ruler to build his empire in India they have to eliminate or subjugate the strongest community in India. That is the reason for all those atrocities on Brahmins or other strong communities during those times. Brahmins are always the group who are classified to provide proper direction to the society. If any one looks at Puranas any person can be classified into one of the four varnas not by his birth but by his actions. This kind of thought process has taken a backseat and several sects are formed within brahmins classifying them as Iyengars, Namboodris, Niyogis .etc. The Brahmins instead of driving the society towards Dharma have started taking sides. This definitely seems like a double standard to most of the people from other castes. If you take the example of Chanakya, He has done an incredible work in finding and making of chandragupta maurya and he did this not for his benefit but for the society. This exact feeling is lost over time by most of the Brahmins and they started seeking benefits from the stronger class of the society. If anyone talks about education system in the society before the British era. The basic system of was transfer of knowledge from Master to the student and most the educated class were either rich or the Brahmins of the society and majority of the lower classes felt betrayed. The rich class always act in their interests and are not concerned about the welfare of the society even in the present day. The Brahmins who are given this task of educating the society have seriously undermined it before the British era and for this very reason were alienated by others in the society and are considered cunning and adamant. The British system has changed the social scenario, the British gave power to people who supported them or were the majority. The democratic India still follows these practices and I don’t see any relief to the Hindu culture until the emphasis on the caste system is eliminated.

  • Well articulated by Sri Udaylal Pai, although it veers towards getting back to the days of yore! I believe that any man can be a “Brahman” by his conduct, knowledge & compassion. Also do not agree with a few folks regarding, caste by birth, set duties as per his/her “previous karma/guna” etc. We should eradicate inequality, and those meritorious should help in the progress of those unfortunate. It’s today’s need that we see each human as an equal. Drumming up differences is akin to driving wedges in society. Equality, freedom & opportunity for all will bring about a positive future.
    As an academic discourse, this serves as an eye opener though!

  • Nice thoughts..Well written..

    Please edit..Vashishta was born by will of Brahma..You cannot say he is not Brahmana..

  • The article is okay but harping on the past is not good for the Brahmin community. There are few facts which I want to highlight here:-
    1) Vishwamitra who wast the most powerful kshatriya ruler of his time was completely defeated by the great brahmin Vasishta. He then quotes”Truly the might of the Kshatriya who conquers all areas in the various directions is great, BUT THE REAL POWER IS BRAHMATEJA or the power of a brahmin!

    2) The mantras which are chanted are able to please the gods and bring them into their control; These mantras are in turn controlled and in the hands of the Brahmin: Therefore THERE IS NO DOUBT THAT THE GODS ARE IN THE CONTOL OF THE BRAHMIN.

    If all these exalt the powers of the Brahmin then what has gone wrong:

    The brahmin him self is the main cause for his ruin. He can be born as a brahmin. But the shastra say EVERY PERSON IS BORN ONLY A SUDRA, HE BECOMES A BRAHMIN ONLY BY HIS KARMA. That is why many of the so called brahmins have lost their divine power and are suffering. Our main primary DHARMA is ACHARA. How many of the pseudo Brahmins are actually aware of our secret strength?

    It is wrong to say we have not ruled any government. History is replete with examples where Brahmins have ruled BHARAT. Only when a brahmin guides a ruler will that country or ruler prosperes as per the Mahabharata. Dronacharya was not only a great teacher, but made his son ASHWATHAMMA ruler after seizing half the kingdom of Drupada. Sage Parashurama destroyed 21 generations of Kshatriyas and appointed Brahmins rulers and administrators of many kingdom and this great CHIRANJIVI is still alive to pinish the evil doers.


    • You dont need mantras to please the God.
      There is this legend which talks about a hunter who was devoted to Lord Shiva. Everyday the hunter would offer his kill in front of Shiv ling,He has been doing this for a long time One day Lord Shiva decided to test the devotion of the hunter. Blood started coming out of the eye area on the shiv ling. The hunter cut out his eye and placed over the bleed area. When the other eye also started bleeding the hunter placed his foot on the shiv ling to identify the bleed spot and then cut out his other eye. Lord Shiva pleased with his devotion appeared before the hunter.
      Moreover the mantras will generally be for the welfare of all the people

  • Nw we hav reached such a state whr brahmans r d minorities……..n all those bloody backward class claimin undeservin people r gettin our deservin places…i didn’t qualify AIPMT mains jst bcoz of 15 marks n my neighbour’s son qualified though he got 36 marks less than me….jst bcoz he is an SC….so i hate all d SC,ST n OBCs…..

  • Very good article… I am always bashing ppl who have corrupted the word ‘Brahmin’.. Jerks who know nothing of brahmin call themselves brahmins just because some remote forefathers of theirs mugged up some script slokas and perform pujas..
    I am ardent fan and aspirant of Indian Vedas, Dravidian Vedas.. thats why my blood boils when I see absolutely jerks who have no link to Vedanta, absolutely no knowledge of what it means, who absolutely have no knowlege of Sanskrit call themselves Brahmins..
    Specially the lowest form of them are the newly created “TamBrahms” .. Have you had the experience of this junkies.. none of the ppl who call themselves have any trait or any knowlege or any good character that can be equal to that of a Brahmin.. It is the ppl who call themselve “Brahmin” have absolutely spoiled and diluted and destroyed the Indian culture apart from other sections of Hindu caste who call themselve superior castes..

    • Wow. You are exactly the kind of trash that provoked writing this article. If someone wants an example of hatred against brahmins, please refer to this Sangeeta “fan of Vedas” Basakran’s comment.

    • Very well written comment, specially selection of words really proves that you have excellent knowledge of all the Vedas and have adopted the teachings in your life to the fullest, and that is why, you find all the Brahmins as JERKS..

  • Did you know that no person from any caste other than the ones calling themselves brahmins can perform puja in our temples even if they have been trained well?
    This damn thing is still happening in India.. I have up and close experience with some of these ppl and families.. trust me, they are obnoxious, dangerous, anti-social, absolutely stupid ppl ever.. they literally think they are born to higher caste!! Trust me, the common opinion among ppl about the brahmin is not false…. i am sure there are wonderful and nice ppl too but majority of them are jus obnoxious in nature..
    Calling oneself a ‘Brahmin’ is like calling yourself a “Engineering PHD” without even knowing the basic laws of physics, its like without even undergoing the training of a real Engineer, you jus mug up some sanskrit slokas and blurt and fool ppl..
    I have checked out the sacred thread ceremony and know guys who are absolutely dumb, feast on every animal flesh including cow, pig, absolutely stupid, totally characterless, even if the guys goes around drinking, have tons of girl affairs, even if the guys does not know a blip of Vedanta, can easily become a brahmin jus if he is born into the ‘self-acclaimed’ brahmin family, and if the parents are ready to pay tons good money to the vadiyaar.
    Dont doubt the bad reputation these ppl have created for themselves.. its absolutely true…
    I agree there are lots of ppl within this community are doing great things, but they probably are realised ppl and dont call themselves Brahmins. cos they understand the real thing!

    • Mantra: Manana Trana iti Mantrah – A quick and easy way to remember, – English word that can match is “FORMULA”. formula in itself does no good than to carry on the knowledge down the stream easily. The practice is what makes the difference. The formula that Acid+Base results in Salt + Water is of no use, unless those materials are reacted and result is obtained to create necessary salt.

      Puja – Have heard about Pujyam? Means Zero. The practice or process of emptying your Vyashti (Personal) Deha Ahamkara (Dehoham – I am the body) and merging in the original Universal SELF. It is penance, reduced to a mere ritual and just like any other material pursuits with an interest of deriving boons.

  • Hi this is really wonderful message, it should be circulated to each and every bramhin in the world. I am very proud to born as brahmin.

  • This could possible be the worst article I have ever read. No sources, no evidence, just anecdote after anecdote, and comparison of Brahmins to Jews in the Holocaust, where 6 million were killed in a genocide. What the author is smoking, I don’t know but this shoddy excuse for an article should invite the author to examine his claims in more detail.

  • Fantastic article, very fact based and authentic. Thank you sir for bringing out the plight of our community who are having to leave our homeland for no fault of ours and seek a difficult settlement away from our comfort zone. The ones staying back are having to compete unfairly and cross undue lofty hurdles to survive. This has to stop and there will be consequences.

  • This is a honest heartfelt article.
    As a tambram woman who completed her college in Christian institutions, I had to endure racism and irrational hate comments from lecturers and nuns even just because of their distorted views and narrow minds.I had no option than shut up or be ostracized if I stood up. It makes my blood boil even now.
    Although social media is spreading awareness on our community, I would never risk my children studying some place where they’ve to go through this.
    Not all those who aren’t from the Brahmin community are anti.. it’s a handful of misguided people who spoil the view of the society.

  • “Nobody asked the non-brahmins not to read.”…seriously,,???? you really think it was like a cake walk for the non brahmins or the low caste people to get educated during olden times ??? I guess this is the part of the article, where you are making your point of view weaker by undermining the pain it was for a low cast / non-brahmin to get education in the olden times…am fine with every other point in the article but this…sorry…i cant take it…

    • Please take a look at Sri. Dharmpal’s book titled “A beautiful tree” (available online for download, just google) to get the education statistics in 18th century to see for yourself if this is true or not. The source of information was the census by the British (the invading forces) and not of Brahmin’s making a self-claim. Ofcourse, even the book can be debated but with statistics equivalent in quality and source clearly stated.


  • How all kinds ofreservation excludes only brahmins. stage has comewhen bramins sho;uld e declared as backward or better as schedules tribe category.Only silver lininng is a small reservation in communilst state of Kerala for brahmins who; understand humanity.How long should the current reservation policy contine which is crippling our economy.god bless india.

  • There are several statistics mentioned, which are questionable. However, the overall article is very nicely written and clearly portrays how Brahmins are actually the ones being targeted because of propaganda of lies.

  • As far to my understanding in our country Brahmin Community has to be in the top. Since only they r given the rights to read and learn the Vedic scripture which has so many truth of who is god.hence it is the the responsibility of Brahmins to guide this world by teaching everyone the truth of god.as far as I believe it is Brahmin community who can bring society to right path IF every Brahmin had been leading the path and life as mentioned in spiritual scriptures.but as a sad truth at least in foreign land most of the Brahmin community are Getting highly diverted from the lifestyle which is totally not acceptable for a Brahmin community and Vedas.every Brahmin should feel proud of themselves that they r born in community where they can stay so near to god.but in recent days they r falling for this materialistic and bogus modern world .many carry brahminism in to show their pride but do not follow what really they should follow to feel proud as Brahmin.iam writing this very sadly after watching the lifestyle many Brahmins lead in this land which is outside our Bharat.

  • At last one bold article showing the Brahmins in their true state high esteem and condemning the atrocities against them committed since more than a thousand yand ears. This should be an eye-opener to many.

  • i am not against other brahmins but i hate tamil brahmins to the core.they are the most conservative idiotic irritating group of morons.good thing thiese dravidian parties have completely isolated and marginalized tambrahms.and the next counter point by someone may go like this:CM herself is brahmin.so infact a brahmin actually rules TN.ha ha TN CM jayalalithaa is a born brahmin that’s all.she has been actively influenced by dravidian politics.even a brahmin can’t win from mylapore constituency even if brahmins are a majority there.i have seen cases where iyers and iyengars bicker against each other.i have seen different sub-castes of iyers itself quarrelling over trivial issues.they have no unity whatsover.hats off to the dravidian parties.let us drive out all TAMBRAHMS from TN.already 75% job is done.many have migrated to B’lore,Mumbai,NCR and abroad.the job is not yet complete.let me share an instance with you.once i went to a tambrahm’s house(he happened to be my friend-not anymore).i asked him to use his toilet so that i can pass urine.after i left his place and after he closed the door,i sat outside putting on my shoe.this chap asked his wife to thoroughly clean the toilet that i had used-he directly referred me by my name.TAMBRAHMS are useless weeds who need to be eliminated.people like Periyar are great warriors and they are immortal.we need many more periyars to wipe out these weeds.

    • I hope we have a Moderator for the site who can take note of such racial and abusive language and take this dude to the jail!

    • I pity the plight of Mr Balu Naicker. In any community there are good and bad people. He should not make sweeping accusations against a whole community for the wrong committed by an individual and his view on the Brahmin community is not at all acceptable.

      A government officer was caught in a similar situation experienced by Mr Balu Naicker and he had to attend the call of nature immediately. He rushed to my father-in-law’s house and explained to him his urgency. Being a generous hearted man, my father in law immediately obliged him and asked the official to go ahead. After attending the call of nature, the official felt highly relieved and profusely thanked my father in law for his humanitarian gesture.

      In such situations people should cut across man made barriers like caste, creed and religion. Today most of the Brahmins have changed their mindset and are in line with today’s life style. Of course there are some negligible percent of people who still continue to live in the old world and clinging to worn out traditions and customs which are not in tune with today’s world. Such people would do well to change their mindset. and start living after understanding the ground realities.

  • one of d best articles i have read in recent times.it is carefully written focusing on facts.but its pathetic that 90% of people in backward casts hold brahmins responsible for inequality in society.hope d situation changes

  • i like the way the above article had unfolded…. i wud also add to the above facts that initially the very classification of the varnas was purely based on occupation alone!!!
    the very definition of the above system was gradually altered to be a right originated as a result of hereditary !!!!
    (jus like now we have – an engineer’s son have to become an engineer to protect his fathers respect and stuff or a politicians son gets have a smooth introduction into politics and hold vital positions in their respective party )

    Now if we classify people in these old respects
    we observe any person who is brahmin by hereditary and holding a designation in a call center is by norms of the real system is classified as shudra(as he provides service to the company)

    similarly if he is a soldier , in police and etc. is is classified as kshathriya… (more into physical jobs)

    if he is into business then he is a vyshya

    or else if he is more into intellectual jobs like analyst, scientist,teaching and etc only then he gets to be classfied as brahmin!!!

    now there are other jobs that have popped out… which can be classified as an overlapping of multiple varnas or requires a new defn. …..

    …. so basically this whole caste system is nothing but an empty shell… where if you go by the actual initial norms of the system you would be hurting the sentiments of majority of people in the present, and if you go by the present system(more of an birth oriented classification) you are by default are going to hurt your own roots!!!!

    this view is in no means to offend any targeted group of people … for this view is just a perpective of the truth than truth itself!!!

    • then who decided that it should be by birth – people who got used to a good life, would definitely want their children to have that – whether they deserve it or not. meritocracy is the only way to go forward

  • Not a well researched article. One example of Brahmin king in mythology is Guru Dronacharya who handed over the kingdom to his son Ashwathama. Vishwamitra, a Rajarishi, ruled Ayodhya after he got it from King Harishchandra.There may be others but for this one needs to read our scriptures in detail. And yes, Tulsidas was a brahmin and Ved Vyas (Krishna Dwayipayan) was born to a Brahmin father and a fisher-woman mother. So he was Brahmin to some extent. ‘Satvik’ doesn’t mean ‘vegetarian’. Please read the Bhagwat Gita where it has been clearly described as to what constitutes ‘satvik’, ‘rajsik’ and ‘tamsik’. No where it has been mentioned that ‘non-vegetarian’ is ‘not satvik’. Valmiki Ramayan clearly describes Shri Ram, Lakshman, Mother Sita, Bharat and Shatrughan to be meat eaters. Will you call them ‘tamsik’? Whether people were oppressed by Brahmins or not can be gauged by this fact that till date many people from ‘lower castes’ are treated as ‘untouchables’ and are not allowed to enter temples. In many temples in India, men are asked to remove their upper body garments just to ascertain whether he is a ‘brahmin’ or not by looking out for Janeu. This does not mean that all brahmins were/are oppressors but it is a fact that a large population amongst them indulged in such activities. And due to this, when foreigners invaded India, the ‘lower castes’ never came to the rescue of the ‘higher castes’ as in any case their lot would have remained same whatever the political situation.

    • Dronacharya was not a king. He was mistreated by his friend during his days as student. he commanded his student Arjuna to bring him down as his gurudakshina. So Dronacharya was not a king but his son was.

  • Jesus Christ ! What a bunch of unconnected bunkum strewn into an article. Not one argument struck me as valid. Replace Brahmins in this with any other cultural cohort. And the anecdotes with incidents from that cohort’s past. And I can make the same argument about any cultural group. There is no Brahmin if you ( not you. I mean Brahmins ) identify yourself as one of the rest of the world. If you stick to your past and talk about the great advances you made in medicine only to be taken down by something as simple as smallpox, Then you deserve to be bashed !

  • Brahmin is supposed to live a very simple and dharmic life,earn and share knowledge freely.Take as little as possible from the society and sacrifice maximum to the development of the society.At present ,all these things are not possible in practice and there are certain deviations.In spite of all this still Brahmin is respected provided he lives like a Brahmin.Brahmin remains a Brahmin by his conduct but not exclusively by birth or by studies.So every Brahmin must not miss his habits ,culture and his simple and Dharmic life.

  • I wish this article reaches every nook and corner of our country and particularly to all those so called `brahmin haters’.

  • The system broke down because of the invasion. The Kings/Kshatriyas are supposed to provide security to the Brahmins, Elderly and the Woman. The Brahmins did not have to worry about being poor because the system took care of their daily requirements by giving them alms for performing rituals. They also did not aspire for any riches because the system took care of their future needs also. But after the invasion and the advent of paper money, the Kshatriyas failed to support the other three cateogries. So, the Brahmins left their jobs and started earning, Since Kshatriyas and the Brahmins left their traditional karma, the others had to compete with the Brahmins.

  • Well written article!!! Absolutely true except for the fact that brahmins did hold power in India. The Maratha empire during the reign of the Peshwas was brahmin dominated. The Peshwas were Chitpavan Brahmins from Konkan. I am a Chitpavan myself from the city of Pune where many Chitpavan families migrated to during the reign of the Peshwa. Brahmins themselves became rigid after a point. Especially after foreign invasion. We can see how they treated widows..
    Today’s problem is more of how the caste divisions are kept alive. Brahmins have always been at the front in India. A few examples in Maharashtra would be Lokmanya Tilak, Savarkar, Justice Ranade, Gopal Gokhale and Vasudev Phadke who were exemplary freedom fighters.
    We have reservation system which needs to be justified through such untruths about Brahmins. But I believe the Brahmin will adapt and prevail!!!

  • I’m a firm Devi bhaktha and I don’t think anyone is over or below another, be it human or the rest of nature, we are all equals and divine inherently. That said, I’d just like to bring to your attention that there are few errors in your article –
    Firstly – Brahmins also took up the offices of Kshatriyas – Apart from clerical work they also were ministers ( mostly kshatriyas were minsiters in those times) – Sachivas or Amatyas. Maratha/ Konkani Brahmins who served as ministers later joined the armies which later emerged into the Chatrapathi of sattara. The namboodhitirs marry kshatriya women, but the women of namboodthiri groups cannot marry men outside.
    Secondly – Yes Krishna was a yadava, Raama a Kshatriya, Rudra a.k.a Shiva a Kiraathakan, but why were all these non-Brahmin Gods made to wear the “sacred” thread ? If you say it is a symbol of Wisdom, Paramhamsa His Holiness Ramakrishna rent His thread in twain after becoming wise.
    I do believe there should be no castes ! I love my Brahmana brothers and sisters as I have more of them (I’m a barathanatyam and Mohiniyattam dancer), what I hate is the “Brhaminism”
    Thirdly – You talked about different authors belonging to different castes being authoring various epics and holy books and then towards the end, you say Brahmins gave Naatyashasthra, ayurveda and yoga. There are older books than natyashasthra written in the local languages and naatyashastra is one of the many books on dance, ayurveda and yoga were practised mainly by Siddhas and Gnanis who were beyond any labels and were, so to speak from many diffrernt castes and not just Brahmin caste !
    Dear Brother, Before you write things please study and understand our history. I do totally agree with you on the point that the muslims and christians have divided the sons and daughters of this soil !
    May the Divine Mother guide you !
    Vaazhga Valaththudan ! (Live in prosperity and wisdom)
    Om Shakthi !

  • Brahmins have been in top positions in Hindu religion, security and planning advisors to Kings, played major role in education and development in different kingdoms in India. India was advance in education and science because of Brahmins .Despite of all these facts How India became slave for one thousand years and outsiders ruined our heritage, killed innocents and converted to other religion? If you think deep into it Brahmin ideology is the reason behind all these where other civilizations did lot of advancements in weapons and war strategy instead of promoting and pushing people to religion myths and bhakti. Why Brahmin like Chanakaya never born again to make strong and powerful India? At the end when we look into the past Brahminism destroyed the country and its descendants with its ideology. Today not only Brahmins are suffering whole country is suffering because of their Brahmin ideology who had all opportunities in their hand to make a strong country and people with good faith.

    • Brhmana ideology is only each one to follow their according to their varna and aasrama. Please remember we have brahmanas who were great warriors and participated in wars, like Dronaacharya, Kripaacharya, Aswaththaama and Parasurama. It is only due to Buddhism and Jainism which have Ahimsa to rediculous heights as their prime ideology. Most of the able bodied men slipped into the sanyasis joining these new religions. This is main reagion for our failures in tackling the Islamic and Christian agressors. It appears that Brahmanas spiritular power do not work on these total disbilvers like these about our Dharma. So they are to be dealt with only military means to their elemination for they did not follow rules of truce and defeat. That was not possible with the new ideas from Buddhism and Jainism that had become the fashion of those times.

  • Very well written article !!! Especially paragraph with “double-edged sword” !!!

    It reflects the real state of Brahmins in INDIA.. INDIA can be a super power only if system of meritocracy is put into practice.

    There should not be caste based reservation but reservation based on family income to give fair chance for under developed.

    Jai Hind !!!

  • This well known fact should be known to every human being around the world! I Indeed proud to be indian, to be Hindu and Brahmin. Thanks for your explanatory truth abour brahmins.

  • We have acquainted with all the worldly comforts. Wealth accumulation is not a brahmin way. Why don’t all treat this as an opportunity than bashing to bring back our good speak worthy deeds to the world.

  • Nicely brought out. In the guise of uplifting the non-brahmins, the meritocracy has lost its importance. This is one of the reasons why our children have to leave our own country and migrate to other developed countries like US and European countries where merit is recognised and nothing else. If you take a count of number of brahmins among the persons of Indian origin in US or other countries, perhaps you will find them in majority. This huge brain drain is a great loss to our country. Today our own country treats brahmins as second class citizens. It is unfortunate, but cannot do much as we are helpless. Inspite of this, I would like to be born again as a brahmin if there is a life after death.

  • I was born in a brahmin family but i grew up as an athiest. I’ve literally seen in front of my eyes how brahmins execute untouchability. So i myself got angry towards the fellow brahmins. But i realised its not only the brahmins who follow this. but also other dominant castes. But nobody says anything about them.
    This article above is good, but need proofs regarding mughals and aurangazeb…….

  • the real problem here is perception.
    even today every good individual is respected and gets hid due. the main reason for so called brahmin bashing is bcoz of the present practice. the real meaning of a brahmin has been lost.
    nobody is a born brahmin.
    if u consider urself so by birth, then u have lost the plot.
    so try to be a real brahmin then c the whole mankind will respect.
    go back to vedic period and understand how the whole system has been manipulated/corrupted.
    if u do so then u know its not personal, but every common man /society’s longing for one to guide and support them. I mean they are longing to c a real brahmin whom they can always fall upon at all times.
    in hope to c one who is above himself,caring for mankind.
    hope we will c a few who are Brahmin by their deeds.

  • I am non-brahmin, but born to Hindu parents. I strongly feel brahmins were/are the victims of propaganda, of modern political parties and social reformers. The acid-attack on Brahmins, were done under the leadership of Dravidian Parties. Their mind in-turn were poisoned by two Christian men, (1) Rev. Bishop Robert Caldwell (2) Francis Ellis. I have posted about these developments on my blogpost msradhablogspot.in. My posts also dwells on the subject of untouchability.

  • yes bramhins are not treated fair these days… i am a born bramhin, a proud bramhin… but i think its high time we stop calling ourselves bramhins, marathas or whatever… we all are indians… our society is divided too much to allow the progress of our country.. lets focus on that.. we have a hopes of a bight future due to the election of an able PM, but our country has too many problems… this is one problem we can reduce at the Janta level… lets do so 🙂

  • I am not a brahmin.
    But I admire and support brahmins whole heartedly.
    Our reservation system needs too be revised.
    Ideally it should be cancelled.
    Ambedkar proposed reservations only for ten years.
    Brahmin baiting is one of the worst crimes.

    I think we need to declare all forward castes as scheduled
    castes. A rotation system should be introduced,
    where in forward castes are given the benefits of
    Scheduled Castes for the next 30 years. The schecduled
    castes will be considered as forward castes during the same period.
    This rotation should go on changing once in 30 years, a generation time.
    Forward to S.C; S.C to OC; BC to ST; ST to BC.

    This should be called Social Justice!

  • This article is biased one , and one about Brahmin caste, not about practicing Brahmin. Author has cleverly talked about Brahmins prior to independence, what about post indepence, what abour rich corporate Brahmins. Please stop propagating this false stuff. If you really want to talk about Brahmin, talk about the plight of people who practices it. I respect all people who work towards protecting hinduism, but not all brahmins by birth. People who don’t practice, always behave like they are near to god compared to others in real life.

  • To all.. As in the article there are men who refused to convert and sacrificed..the teachings of Hinduism is more valuable and above than life. “This is the truth, simple Truth”
    Hinduism will never seize to exists. It has survived many and many challenges and still persists and amuses. When my 11 year old son wants to read all available versions of Mahabharatha, Iam proud very proud and will go to any lengths to bring him one.. Long live this culture .. culture of humanity, intellect and wisdom.

  • Brahmins are themselves responsible for their present situation. Historically, they preferred not to do menial jobs as they were not shudras. The were never good at business like the Vaishyas and were generally peace loving people hence did not get along with the kshatriyas. They were good managers and preferred to be working for someone than be leaders. Due to this docile nature, they have been pushed back in society. There really is no point in blaming anyone but ourselves. But, even now, there is always a certain amount of arrogance displayed by Brahmins at places of worship and religious events which is not a good thing. Though I am a Brahmin, my lifestyle is very “Un-Brahmin” like !! Frankly, calling myself a Brahmin has not given me any added advantage in life. It would be a good for the Brahmin community if it gets merged with any other community so that, at least in India we can expect some reservations in some sector and stop complaining about a lost community !!

  • The article is not very well researched but sentiments come across..
    I would like to make following comments on some points raised.

    “We should stop ourselves calling Brahmins”
    I have no problem with this. The question is; is the Indian government and the constitution and the “Reservation Bill” going to stop from identifying you as a Brahmin? Are all people of India going to get equal access to education and jobs regardless of the caste system they belong to? The answer is “No”. Reservation in education and jobs has meant that, “Brahmins” and “Other Upper Caste” communities do not get any help from the government. The “Other Upper Castes” have not suffered as much as the Brahmins because they are from Business or Landowning castes and generally financially better off. Don’t forget, the reservation system has been in force for a long time now, that means that, help is continually being provided to people who are now financially well off.
    Couple of examples from personal experience:
    1: In Gujarat, in government schools, every month, students from low caste (not necessarily poor), would be given around 200 rupees, while the real poor students in ragtag clothes would not get a rupee (because of their higher caste).
    2. A temple in my home town, you will see a group of elderly women sitting by the temple gates looking after the footwear (taken off by people going inside the temple), for some money. You will be surprised to know that, these women are from Brahmin families, widows, who have no other family and no other income. The government will not help them because of their caste.
    So to your suggestion , “We should stop ourselves calling Brahmins”, I would say to every Brahmin, be proud to identify yourself as Brahmin and don’t give up your identity because that is all you will have in modern India, where being of a lower caste pays dividends.

    Let’s hope this new government will treat everyone equally….

    Second point,
    Janoi “sacred thread”, this was meant to be worn by all Hindus, for Brahmins it became compulsory. Janoi was to identify those who had been baptised into Hindu religion. Anyone, without the Janoi is considered to be a “Sudra”. This is why, before a Hindu marriage, first part of “Pooja” is to baptise the couple (most people are not aware of this), since Hindu marriage ceremony is for people baptised into Hindu religion.
    Unmarried man wears Janoi of 3 threads and married man wears Janoi of 6 threads, (one for him and one for his wife).

    Third Point
    “Brahmins controlling the entry to the temple”
    What made Brahmins weak? Their dependence on the society for food and finance. They were forced and still are forced to reflect the attitude of the community they depend on. They have no power, rather than being in charge of dharma they merely carry out religious ceremonies as a job. The temples are not owned by Brahmins, generally they are caretakers, carrying out the will of their masters who are not Brahmins.

    The main reason, Islam and Christianity has flourished is because of financial independence of the religious bodies and priest. Muslims and Christians are required to donate to institution which in turn is able to pay their Priests and Mullahs. It’s like a corporate setup with a well defined hierarchy and pay structure. Financial independence means that these religions have been able to enforce the religion on their communities; Also, flex their muscles politically. Send out missionaries, expand the market, anyone who does not comply will be ex-communicated or even killed.

    On one hand Hindus do not want to make financial sacrifice like other communities (apart from individuals donating to some well known temples, out of greed of even a bigger reward from gods) and on the other hand, want Brahmins to carry out the religious ceremonies (for free if possible). How is a Brahmin suppose to feed himself, send his kids to school? Brahmins have no clout due to their financial dependence on the local communities. In turn, Hindus have no clout in India as they are not unified and there is no “one” voice.

    • Well said but i didn’t understand why other caste people proudly says about their caste then why don’t we (Brahmins), yea i totally agree with you except this

    • That is a very vacuous way to put it. The western universalism which many people refer to as the epitome of women’s rights never allowed them to vote until recently. India has provided the rights of women’s suffrage since its conception. Oppression of women is not a regional phenomena but a world phenomena. Also, which culture in this world has ever given god the personification of a woman ??

  • See agreed that you were poor and don’t blame you people for any thing in the past. But now its high time to mix with other people. What I see is still many brahmins don’t mix. If you stay near brahmins house they never come forward to talk they don’t socialize with other people. That shows u think great about yourself. Well that’s a fact may be its bitter for you. This is the main reason people assume many diffrent things. Reach out to people

    • There are all kinds of people in the community, some mix some don’t regardless of their caste. To generalise like this is absolute naive.

  • Hats off to the author. I am a Brahmin and proud to be a Brahmin but at the same time no as forgiving and polite as my ancestors. It is our fault of accepting what ever comes our way. We don’t have to harm anyone else but don’t let anyone harm us. Unity is important for strength.

  • All that is written in the article is true. One more addition. Hindu religion states (in Maha Bharata) Thar it better to be dead than to be beggar. However by religion only Brahmin is authorised to beg. Otherwise begging is a sin . As per Bhagwat Gita A person who begs is of the lowest “yoni” as his soul is defeated. It s sad in Maha- Bharata that you can sell any thing to survive but when you sell your soul you are dead in real sense of the term and it is as bad a sin as “Brahman Hattya” which is the highest form of sin for which there is no pardon.. Why only a Brahmin is allowed to beg? The reason is he has the highest power ” The Power of Knowledge (Dnyan)” If any other power is added to it, such as Political power or money power the person can cause a disaster to the Society especially he has Rajo Gun predominantly in him like a Kshatriya. That is the reason a Brahmin is not supposed to rule as a king as he wields ultimate power The Power of Knowledge .

  • Not for boasting but for knowledge of those who receive the aids, help, financial help and what not.
    Born in a poor family studied on scholarship – left study for five years and worked in a spareparts shop for subsistence of a family of 5 brothers 1 sister and parents – did priest work also – after lapse of 5 years started study and completed Honours BA, M.Com, LLM, CAIIB (after joining a bank as a steno typist) -reached top level official cadre including visiting faculty – now visiting faculty at a university teaching export import management and aritmatic at the age of 75 – BRAHMINS though beggers never beg but cut the ways to go ahead – It is unfortunate that we live in a country which has constitution saying equal opportunity but in practice nothin but reservation – annuity to lezies – God save this country from so called rulers –

  • any article should be critically examined,to do so one has to view this article through charvakas,shivagi,ambedkars angle.I am really sorry for the poor brahmins.please go through richard dawkins the god dellusion on you tube ,we will come to know everybodies mistake.atleast

  • I did enjoy the article thoroughly. What qualifies to be a brahmana or brahmin? Am I a brahmin just because I am born to a Brahmin parents? My parents were not priests, so how do they qualify as Brahmins? They were bankers.
    Also in the present day non-priest “Brahmins” have no reason to control their emotions/temperment. Hence, there should be no offense in consuming non-vegetarian food or veggies like Onion/Garlic. Food is by choice and does not dictate a person’s philosophy.

  • The whole concept of Brahmin bashing caught up when the english realised that they could not make any headway in promoting their religion as the Brahmins were the guiding force to the Hindus in India. They demeaned them and ensured that the others did not approach the Brahmins for proper guidance and then they started brainwashing the gullible people of the country, which is being carried forward by our modern politician in their quest for their chairs.

    • Nice Article .Most of Brahmin are living in this country without knowing our values.Hope after reading this will be an eye opener for all Brahmins.

  • Excellent article.You have brought the facts to society regarding Brahmins.
    Regarding cast system I have firm opinion that it was not the creation of Brahmin.Vedas, Geeta, puranas tell that it is from very begining.I have no knowledge or proof that it has been created by Brahmin.More reasearch is required to be done for the origin of caste system in Hindu religon.

    Many Many thanks for writting excellent article.

  • After reading this article i personally feel that what that has told is 100% true, i am a basic brahmin guy, even though i have secured very good marks there is not even 1% support from the govt. My mom doing a catering and father is travel agent, we are very ordinary middle class. All due to this caste system. Some body has to stop is.



  • In our society every one feels that their caste is oppressed by other caste. This is all due to selfishness and lack of generousness. No one bothers about the society. our society is built up different religions and castes. So every one should think about society and not about caste and religion

  • Brahmin is a sacred community. The world does not recognize the contribution of Brahmins. There will be future where we brahmins get our due.

  • Excellent article. Wonderful observations shared by a lot of us. In these discussions we forgot to note that the advt, every student dot com is leading to a christian site 🙂 we should stop depending on any advt.

  • Well written article, learned a lot from this article. I always had this argument with my friends that If brahmins were so powerful, oppressive and conniving as modern historians paint them, then how come, that no human incarnation of God like Rama, Krishna, Mahavira and Buddha is Brahmin?

  • I believe basically the caste system is like this. Brahamins full focus on education/Poojas. Farmers full focus on plants/food production, Kshathriyas full focus on ruling the country and Vaisiyas will do the marketing.. So Everybody is doing their own activities, India was rich because each communicay focuses on one thing.. Since education should be used in properway, education was only with Brahmins.and they have to follow certain living rules.

  • brahmins enjoyed the highest place in the society and dominated the varna system for centuries together and excuted the untouchability for centuries together now after renaissance of thoughts and development and controlled by the western forces little(very little) equality has come in the society and that to only for 20-30 years only after independence given by the britishers who supported the lower caste academic scholors like ambedkar to develop still highest percentage of tribals are away from primary health, potable drinking water and basic human rights, Reservations in india are not given on Fiscal/Economical status but on social discrimination for centuries together faced by these downtrodden, still some sectors of the society fear and feel shy to spell the name of their caste itself. i have experienced that the dominant caste ppl of whom v are talking are cunning,(silence killers) Egoistic and dominant. In all departments of the Government inspite of Government policies, all important and good postings and being held by them, if at all by mistake or accidentallly anybody comes they will be discriminated and removed mercillesly

    • Stop vomitting the same story with no substancial proof except some bigot movie you watched. There is no proof that they only wrote it or propogated untouchability. I have seen multiple cases of OBCs clashing with SCs(read news papers) and non brahmin households abusing their dalit domestic help and practising untouchability. The king is not brahmin and he approved the practise nor was the guardian of the temple a brahmin. He too encouraged it. Dont shift your dirt on others. Introspect what other castes did do the lowest of the low than shift it all conveniently on one community.For brahmin, a OBC is lower caste according to govt. For OBC, SC is lower caste. Are you saying OBCs and SCs are bhai bhai? OBCs illtreat Dalits to this day. How come they are rewarded with reservation then? In many states Zamindars are OBC. What oppression did they face? What oppression did kings face for some kshatriya class to be declared Backward. Their present economic condition perhaps. It is like 4 ppl get together to murder someone. The other 3 then gang up on fourth and vilify him and shift all blame to him. That absolves the other 3 right? And if they repeat 100 times that they also suffered, how they were “forced”, it becomes truth is it? Every caste in state has political party sometimes with caste names.ppl unabashedly promote caste and their ppl in most castes. When brahmin says he is brahmin, suddenly he is casteist, the vomit hits the roof from so called rationalists. There r vile ppl from SC who rob,rape and murder ppl. I know OBCs who ruin ppl. I know brahmins who r despicable. The earliest reformers of society were brahmins not coward rationalists who conveniently bash ppl or religion who dont hit back for money and power.

  • The Indian history goes like this. Nearly 400 years British was ruling the country. And before that again centuries Muslims ruling in India.. When British ruled the country they used the strategy of one community will not go with another ie “Divide and Rule” Policy. And more over around 700 years rules by outsider we lost the originality/richness/divination everything. Now the negative is spreaded about each other and it is breaking the improvement. Though Britishers brought Trains, other items, the datas are went from here…
    Now everything reinventing by US, ie Yoga, Turmeric effect are good.
    Research has to prove then only people will believe that situation we are here..That is the period which we are living.
    God only can help

    • Very true, former rulers spread these lies and convinced other caste people with their words, at that time brahmins didn’t try to stop such lies and now a days few brahmins also thinks that our ancestor’s really committed such things, we must pass these truth to each and everyone

  • As you said that “Ved Vyas who edited four Veda and wrote Mahabharata was born to a fisher-woman” but the Hindu mythology says “Parashara was a Rig Vedic Maharishi and the author of many ancient India texts.He is accredited for being the author of the first Purana-Vishnu Purana(before his son Veda Vyasa wrote it in its present form).He was the grand son of Vashista,the son of Sakti Maharishi and the father of Veda Vyasa”.My question here is: Whether the “lineage” be calculated from Paternal or Maternal?Can you please clarify?

  • This article has no direction..Author was trying to portray some of his personal beliefs. Not all brahmins are poor. I have seen them to be filthy rich also arrogant also mean and cunning.

    I have seen brahmins treating others with bad nature and practicing untouchability even today. They are just doing regular jobs at a bank, at a store etc etc. First of all, how can they call themselves as brahmins and do this to others. They are not doing Sandhya vandhan everyday, they don’t read vedas..so many factors that turn them down as brahmin. This should go away. If the person is real brahmin..I mean REAL BRAHMIN and follow all the rules said by my friends here, I truly respect and this article belongs to them. In India there are only 1% of those left who deserve that. Reservations are a whole different concept. Politicians are using it for there own cheap politics. I think based on reservation, the person should not be treated badly. Govt is giving and they are taking, as we are also willing to take if they give us..so no big deal.
    I am also a brahmin by the way.

    • What is the percentage of Brahmins in Indian Population? Can any one clarify as to what percent of that percent are filthy rich?

  • For years, Brahmins have enriched themselves with their quest for knowledge and shared it to the society by being consultants and advisors to Kings and other people in power. Brahmin’s need for exclusivity and cleanliness later transformed into untouchability which was used very well by leaders from other caste to justify their wrong doings. Brahmins were always poor, especially those who lived a life of devotion.

    People like Periyar and others played a smart game where they created a common enemy (Brahmin) with false stories, in his need to create a social reform. He placed Brahmin as the sole reason for years of trouble in T.N, which learned people will know, is false. He smartly hid the majority of good done by this community ad portrayed them as demons, which is why I never liked him. Do good, but not at the expense of others.

    Hence people in TN never understood that Brahmins have never ruled any place, they have never ordered mass murders, they have never created the discrimination between castes.

    I have seen people from B.C will never mingle with ST or SC. What has Brahmin to do with this?
    Mughals, Britishers dominated and killed millions in India , what has Brahmin to do with this?
    Rajaji, Bharathiyar and other 100s of Brahmins who fought for Freedom are easily forgotten.

    People will want their domestic functions to be performed by Brahmins, they want to live in the area of Brahmins, they want to worship the prime deity of Brahmins, they want their kids to join schools run by us, but will treat us badly? How fair is this?

    There is always only one discrimination in India, the People with Money & power V/s the Poor/Powerless people. Simple!

  • Very well written article! This article should reach every citizen, especially the about-to-convert(s), to get rid off fallacies that’s alive.

  • The article has well dealt all aspects and some important things with respect to moral values to which the sect is much attached and their non compromising nature and lack of unity in the caste has led to the presnt state of affairs.Their loyalty to the rulers have not helped them . Persons with ulterior motives and swindlers of temple treasures strongly believed that they are above God and this has become true in the long run as those non believers have amassed wealth to several generations to live in princely comforts and still search for partners to carry on .No power in India cares for Bramins and every where they are helpless and have to fend themselves .Here only votes counts .Though rare personalities like Vanchi nathan , VVS Iyer and Subramania Bharathi were born with guts normal brahmins are small and feeble.Let brahmins carry on their prayer and have strong belief in Geetha.Paritranaaya saadhunam vinaasayacha dushkritham dharma samsthaapa naarththaaya sambavaami yuge yuge!! Nature have swallowed all over the generations and still we remain with the same Will .

  • As a brahmin i really appreciate your effort to show the truth to this society, thanks for you post, may god give you the strength and long life to do such things, wish you all the best sir Jai Hind

  • Impressive, well researched, thought provoking article.

    I have read some books on 1857, as I come from same belt ( Kanpur region, UP), where most of the action happened.

    Some books that present the statistics of Bengal Army, clearly indicates that most of the soldiers were Brahmins. I was thinking that it was English propaganda after 1857 to break Brahmins away from rest of Hindus ( group ) so that 1857 could not be repeated.

    I understand that till 1857, English were using Brahmins in their favor but when they noticed that these guys may be a threat to English empire they started destroying them with this propaganda. In 2014 it looks like they succeeded in doing so.

  • In spite of all these odds and attacks Brahmins live deep rooted…Pai sir you could have highlighted contribution of this community to the nation.

  • Could you please clarify how VashisTha Maharishi is not Brahmin as specified in above article ?

    I know that he is one of Brahma Manasa Putra


  • Thanks for the Article Mr.Pai
    There is another Important thing which needs to be added in the article there is no unity among brahmins and this is a curse which is leading to many brahmin’s suffering and i being a witness to this, I come a brahmin family which had to struggle for a square meal everyday . we are fine now, but what i observed was that when u go to some other brahmin (mostly relatives) & friends for help to get a job they will not recommend u and more over they will laugh at u . Where as ppl from other communities unite and help them. A brahmin is a enemy to another brahmin. This has to open up rather than funding Brahmana sabha ppl struggling to get job from the community should be given job as this helps to stabilize the family not just one person.


  • AWESOME ARTICLE. AN eye opener to all brahmin community . Even after getting independence for 67 years, all the parties are after SC/ST/OBC/MINORITY and we brahimins are completely neglected lot. Infact we have become minority community in our own land. That is really pity. Because we cannot fight and it is not in our blood, the quality of which is well utilised by all political parties for their gains.
    Unfortunately this is the situation of indian brahmins. No doubt their lifes are going from bad and worse.
    and have become laughing stock in the eyes of media.
    Some one should come forward and open the eyes of these so called politicians.

  • I think ley bygones. Be bygones…these kind of articles perpetuate hatred….no body is killing anyone now and all r equal…fight for ur right but don’t quote Aurangzeb……please

  • Thanks to spread the truth about Brahman community.
    Not only about Brahman community. U and ur team is doing really good work for relgion .
    God bless u.

  • Excellent article, however wish to point out that Brahmins did rule a major part of Bharat during the reign of Peshwas. Probably the largest empire of Bharat.

  • Very good article. Well written. Without hurting the sentiments on any. Only one addition. In Bhagwad Geeta the supreme mentions that he creates four sections in every society. That is natural. It has nothing to do with birth or caste system that is being followed by generations. In any society or organization you will see these four varnas and all are equal. In no place the Supreme said that any varna is lower than other. All are important and the Supreme creates them. He did not say that we humans should decide and practice it by our own humane thoughts and means.

  • Thank you for wonder full article, I cannot express it.
    I want to add some little.
    The people of India didn’t understand how the Mogul/ Portuguese / British were taking advantage of Indian’s.
    All the foreigner first tried by mass killing of indians’ but it was not fruit full for long terms.
    then they started make them to convert to their religion, that also failed.
    During the British era, Thomas Babington Macaulay in 18th century came up with deadly idea
    “How can we destroy the indian out of indians’.
    1. First crucify there intelligence, but how? who are intellegence?
    Answer was first identify intelligent people they were Brahmins.
    2. Next separate intelligent form common community.
    3. Now introduce the new system of mass education, like factory, where each human robot do fixed set of tasks which has been trained to do so.
    after doing so, they removed not only Indian out of Indians’ also intelligence everything.
    they were successful.
    Finally Indians lost there heritage, lost their intellectual property lost everything.
    Even after independence Indian Govt followed same thing because they are also came out of same school ( No Intelligence and No intelligent people ).
    if you see now, whatever the thing is getting innovated everything was part of lost heritage.
    I don’t know how to correct it, if there are anythings is going around to do so I would like to be the part of it.

  • Ya.. true. Basically the automation happened instead of manual tasks. I can see most of the inventions happened in 17th century or 18th century. All the data went from India when British were ruling. I have strong doubt. All the invention also focussing on automation. So there is less manual tasks. Whereas in India we were doing tasks with quality – manually. Money is the medium they used segregate. Out culture were well established long back before others were ruling. So each varnas doing their own work. The person who born in the world has to do work ie “nithya karmanushtanangal”. that is only good for health medically also. That is the basic mantra we were using. so no money with quality work. This is diverted by british. We can talk lot in this. If we see the data in different perspective, we can also find solution for India,s improvment.

  • Outcome of article is very good. Some people already started finding loop holes from the each line. Please don’t think in negitive way. We should see the out come of the article. Article never blames others. Its trying to convey the truth which people wont accept easily.

  • Basically I can see all the inventions/science are overall natural facts or phenomena.For example I have applied mindmapping concept.
    ie Manual Vs Artificial or Natural Vs Artificial
    Sunlight — Light
    Rath/Ther – Car
    Human Intelligence — Artificial intelligence/Robot
    Computer – Human Brain
    W/M — Manual washing
    Fridge — Cold containing box where items will not spoil
    TV – There is a concept in Mahabaratha that Vithraur explains about war to Thiruthashtirar in a screen
    Science/inventions – Natural facts/Phonomena

    Basically everything natural/manual things but with human intelligence it is found which can be machines. But why in Inidia no inventions because we are already doing manually everything.
    But the sad part is Indian’s no body respects Indians. Only after going or returned from US only people respects each other.

  • yes article emphasizes issues that we are facing in current time…hatred among people are created by politicians for hand ful gain..we are never involved for anhy one down fall…it is curiosity of people to become best.it is culture knowlege which our forefather has told us.but today many people are creating insecurity among youngster, this children even dont know what these things are we too dont know ..as in article well said there were many muslim,who destroyed culture,many ther invaders who destroyed us.people behaving in such we fear there will some day ethinic cleaning of community..every one is getting reservation.our kids living in a frustration environment to become good…..there is need for unity among ourself not hate others others but make our own life good securing culture..

  • Superb article. Highly interesting and informative and added to this 100% factual.

    I am proud to be born as a Brahmin. One day or the other the world knows the Truth. Though the British tortured all others, they did not touch Brahmins. Further, they gave more value to Brahmins than our Indians. But there is a limit even for patience. The Brahmin, if he thinks, can destroy the entire universe in a split second. But it is not his culture or character. But any how one thing is to be noted down :
    The Brahmin, even though he has fallen down, can recover and retain his actual position that was before his fall, but for others ( non-brahmins ) this is impossible. If at all they (non-brahmins) reach mighty heights, they cannot save their position and will stoop to much lower levels than their previous position. This is peculiar to Brahmins and this is found only in Brahmins.



  • It’s really good article.the true story of poor brahmins.Though it is truth but many people are not accepting it. I completely agree with you.wirte more articles in English so that young generation reads it. Most of the time Hindutva promoting article will only seen in local languages that also in few websites or papers.very sad to know.

  • I have seen, even in those brahmins who have not been educated in scripture possess an intellect that is beyond compare with their peers. Even those that may have only one brahmin parent and the other parent not even being Indian seem to have an intellectual superiority. This isn’t to say that everyone else is stupid and brahmins are the most intelligent, quite the contrary, this is in comparison to very intelligent and successful people, its just that there are high achievers and those that are higher achievers and I’ve observed that a lot of these higher achievers have brahmanical lineage.

  • But in conjunction with this wikipedia article looking at the difference between treating learned brahmins well and treating them poorly, we see that the mistreatment of Drona by Drupad led to all sorts of chaos and wrong doings, whereas the proper treatment of Sudama by Kannan led to good things happening. We take caste to indicate superiority and inferiority, but all castes have their duties, just as a hospital needs housekeeping even more than it needs physicians. Brahmins are the teachers and intellectuals, a brahmin that neglects to carry out his or her duty can lead to the degradation of society, it is not a responsibility to be taken lightly.

  • You cannot ignore the intervening years (from when mythology may have happened and the mughals) because that is a long time, when the later upanishads and the puranas were written and practically, study of sanskrit was completely brahmanised. You also cannot ignore the uncouth law of Manu which is still being upheld by controlling brahmin sects in kashi and many other holy sites of India.
    Current brahmins should not be blamed for what their ancestors may have done, but current atrocities committed by any sect against another cannot be overlooked either.
    Brahmins must not try to use scripture to justify behaviour because that still happens. Of course, casteism will not go until EVERYONE is forced to forget their caste.

  • i was only knew that Brahman in Aurangzeb time came to 9th Sikh guru for solution of problems that they were facing by Aurangzeb. And he (guru teg bhahdur ji )got mytrydom becouse of Brhmnas. Same thing happen in Kashmir that they had nt took arms in thiere hands. i was thinking (our encestors ) were cowrd and could nt solve thiere problems theirself and living only for money and thiere family (only women). They are just showing off just becouse they know Sanskrit and Bharat has Vedas,Puranas. But this artical changed my thought tottly that what they were in reality and why did nt they took arms in thiere hands. After reading this artical I just thought my children will must learn our language (sanskrit) and our history that what are in actual .Thatnks for the greate knowladge given by u sir

  • HariH OM! The article is well written and balanced one. The people in the villages still respect the Brahmins, although it is slowly coming down, due to various political factors. The Brahmin-bashing in Tamilnadu is the worst, thanks to almost fifty years of the so-called Dravidian parties. However, the fact needs to be accepted that it is only the Brahmin community to be blamed for their ills since the British days when they swerved from the Brahminical dharma, as aptly pointed out by Paramacharya of Kanchi. Yes, the olden era of the Rulers and the wealthy supporting the Brahmins have stopped, and the community has to find ways to fend itself. However, it does not behove of a Brahmin deserting his svadharma. Also, the general Brahmin does not control himself in the criticism of other Brahmin communities like the Purohits and Archakars, to name only a few. Even this morning I heard a middle class Brahmin bashing an Archaka of demanding a specific sum for doing the pujas. He has conveniently forgotten that even the Arechaka has to face the same cost of living which the other bashing Brahmin is facing. While the white collared and Blue collared ones of the community have organizational backing and support for airing their grievances, the poor Archakas and Priests have none. Therefore, Brahmins bashing fellow Brahmins should stop first, before we point the accusing fingers at other communitis. The kind of cooperation that we witness among other communities is lacking in our communities, which the other communities take to advantage.

    Please note that although we claim as educated ones, we still need to educate ourselves properly. The only way out is to recognize our svadharma of Vedic learning, teaching and protection of our samskritis, which cannot be achieved without each one of us resolving to follow them ourselves.


  • Some points are true , but most of this article is brazen and judgemental at places.
    A Brahmin, if he/she is the repository of knowledge, must know to adapt himself/himself to the changing times and move ahead.
    Indeed, going overseas for better financial and educational opportunities is one such good trend.
    But most of the brahmins are busy being jealous of each other and other trivial matters.
    They must change soon and learn to empower themselves.
    Even Chanakya’s Arthashatra says that. One who cannot protect his/her identity or individuality is a fool and will perish.
    My point is not that Brahmins must emerge as the most powerful caste etc..
    It is that they must adapt soon and prosper.Survival of the fittest.Makes sense.
    Next time, let some more research be done before writing such an article , and let it be presented in a better way so as to not induce partisan and (slightly) radical thought.
    BTW, I am a Brahmin

  • I agree Brahmins were not the ruling class but we shouldnot forget that they were actually placed above the ruling class of Kshathriyas. Nobles ruled the country and Clergy men had direct authority over the King just like the medevial European system.

  • Very well written article. My mother told me that in her village Brahmins used to be poor people. But vegetarianism has nothing to do with Brahmins. Kashmiri Pandits were always non-vegetarians also brahmins in bengal and many in Bihar have been non-vegetarian for generations. I think many of the Brahmins were involved in politics but that only constitute small percent.
    I think Hindu religion itself went into massive transformation post Aadi Shankracharya. Before him no Brahmin occupied the powerful status as he did.
    In my understanding Manusmriti was not written by Manu. It was written to bring back the ancient Hinduism when Buddhism was in decline. So I do not consider it as important scripture to read about hinduism.

  • Bhrama Gyanah Yasya Arjati Tath Brahmanah.
    Anyone who has the wealth of knowledge is a Brahmin.
    Brahmin is not a sect or a caste that we follow today. It never was to be a caste. Or maybe, Brahminism existed because of Sarvanyas existed.

    • So true man! I’m glad atleast someone could fully understand the nerve of this article instead of hapless Sastrys and other people on this forum supporting casteism.

    • Mr Iyer, As stated we can’t be provoked. We will still stand like impotent and watch our next generations getting screwed. We can only slog our selves till DEATH. I assume this might be the curse by lord / god we pray too for nothing we did. However this is going to go no where, We can get nothing if we don’t raise a question.

  • Yes, very true. All brahmins shuold read this article. Many doesn’t know the fact unless its been told to this generation. Well its really good article. 🙂

  • Mr.Pain I appreciate your article which is you have written with passion with ,wonderful subject which is eye-opening for many new generation people. The Myth about Brahmins being well cleared through your article. In fact in India the population of Brahmins is less than 3%, but they are donging the great job of a catalyst for the country India, without questioning any one for illogical bashings for several decades. I am of the opinion that your article should get published in each of the Indian states in their local language, so your wonderful writing on Brahmin bashing truth will be known to al least Brahmins. Wish you all the best for your next article

  • The current state of Brahmin-bashing, esp in TN, is due to lack of Kshatriya qualities in the Brahmins. Instead of remaining subjugated, they should unite and take up a fighting spirit.
    It is very shameful of JJ to oppose Sanskrit week in schools, just because of half-baked entities’ opposition. It is highly immoral to talk against another ancient Indian language and she cannot elevate status for Tamil by this. It is also shameful for Dravidian parties to support EVR who declared Tamil as barbaric language !

  • The best thing to bring harmony in our country ,is to first abolish Communal Hatred.

    We need to understand that Brahminism is not a Community ,rather a way of life.

    The Great Tamil Poet ‘Subramania Bharathi’ Said “Only the one who has the highest Qualities , May be called as a Brahmin”.

    Jai Hind

  • LOL you rejected my other comment too? Actually I am proud in a way. The author who is appreciated by members of this whole thread is scared to publish my comment. This makes me feel I have beaten you!

    • LOL??? okay, first of all please get off of your high horse of arrogance which is clearly fueled by ignorance and hate!

      Your comments were marked as SPAM because that is what they are. WE DO NOT SUPPORT CASTE BASED RESERVATION FOR ANYONE REGARDLESS OF CASTE, RELIGION OR CREED. It is an outdated practice and should be abolished completely. Your comments are full of double standard and hypocrisy, that is why they are neither welcome nor needed on this website/thread. If any kind of financial or employment help are to be given then IT MUST BE based on personal and individual basis and need, not based on CASTE or RELIGION. In this case you and INDIA MUST LEARN FROM CANADIAN social welfare system. On one had everyone cries about abolishing caste system, oppression and on other hand they keep begging for charity reservation, that is what we call DOUBLE STANDARD and HYPOCRISY! No one can be equal unless you act like it, and you certainly don’t.

      And you beating me/author with your childish comments and “essay”, all I can say is “LOL” …

      Read this and try to educate yourself: https://www.sanskritimagazine.com/india/do-we-still-need-caste-based-reservation-system-in-india/

  • How true the story is. Everyone in this county agree to this. but never come out in support. What our invaders could not do for centuries are being done by our own people “‘Suppress Suppress ” the real secular & intellectual community

  • Really thought provoking. The crime rate is negligible for brahmin community. Though all hate brahmins but when it comes to poojas and last rites he is the first person called for!!! Take the case of these politicians, especially our dear KALAINGAR. He spits venom while talking about brahmins. But he keeps his staffs as brahmins. He finds it easy to talk anything about brahmins and walk away scot free. Once he asked his party worker who was sporting the kumkum in his forehead WHAT BLOOD IS OOZING? but his MANAIVI and THUNAIVI sport a big kumkum. Let him try something about a CHRISTIAN PRIEST or a KAZI !! I know a lot of brahmin families vertually on the verge of begging. Due to the useless reservations many many brahmins are losing education, jobs etc. A rich OBC or SC/ST person gets priority to that of a POOR BRAHMIN !! What a state of affairs? How will the poor be uplifted? Mahatmaji and Ambedkarji come back see for yourself what is the position of your India and rewrite the constitution and stop the rot done by these corrupt, selfish politicians!!

  • Good Article to talk about ancient Varnas not the “Brahmin casteism”.

    What I fail to see is the what the modern Brahmin did to the ancient philosophy by including “Untouchables” and tried to play god, resulting into this hatred.

    Effort should be made to introduce the education system established by the ancient brahmins, that was systematically eliminated by the western philosophy. Problem still is people are using this article the wrong way to justify the malpractices of Modern Brahmins.

  • True. But, some corrections.Brahmins were kings. These are the examples.
    Hemu ( hemachandra vikramaaditya) was coronated as king of Delhi. He unfortunately lost the panipat battle 2 & was beheaded by so called secular akbar. Secular akbar massacred thousands of Hindus & built a pyramid of skulls to frighten .
    Pushyamitra established ‘sunga’ dynasty & ruled magadha Kingdom.
    Peshwas expanded their maratha Kingdom upto the borders of Afghanistan.
    We are comparable to Jews. We can fight back. There is a “parashuram” in each & every one of us.
    Dr. M. V. Rajendra

  • well written. excellent arguments. the best examples. i am impressed.
    but sir… you haven’t given any explanation on untouchability.
    of cource the whole society practiced it..but only brahmins bear the responsibility

  • Respected Sir
    I would like to share my information regarding ancient varna vyavastha.
    There is no casteism n our Vedas and other shashtras.
    There are four classes not castes- Brahmins, Rajanya (Kshtriyas), Vaishyas and Shudras. This classification is purely on the basis of the three gunas(satva,rajas and tamas) and karmas. Take any of the Veda, Shastra, Shruti etc there is not a single evidence that a brahmin can b born to brahmin parents. Even Bhagwat geeta in its 6th chapter verse 41 says that if your karma is good then u u take birth to the righteous person not to a brahmin. There are no. of citation that can be made and no. of examples that can b told to prove that there is no castesim in HInduism or Sanatan Dharm. So a son of a brahmin can be a shudra or vaishya or son of a shudra can be a brahmin or kshatriya. There has been a great manipulation in our shastras by Britishers and the original text has been destroyed upto a great extent by Mughals.
    So i appeal to every one to stop following this stupid form of varna vyavastha and become just a Hindu or rather I shall say Be A Sanatan.:)
    Thank you all.

  • A Good essay but does not capture neither the tradition nor the current reality completely.

    Who is a Brahmin?

    A Brahmin is One who is worthy of knowing God (The Brahman)! so any one can be a Brahmin if he is worthy of knowing God?
    Does any one Brahmin of the day fit the definitions/qualities that Dhammapada describes for a Brahmin?

    “Possessing Nothing, Desiring Nothing
    For his own pleasure, his own profit
    He has become a force for Good
    Working for the Fredom of all”

    Source – Dhammapada as beautifully translated by Eknath Easwaran.

    Today there is nothing that distinguishes a Brahmin from any other caste/ People. Not a single Brahmin who calls himself a Brahmin lives and dies by the tradition. In fact the very foundation of the Hindu Caste system is a shame and a sham.

    Who cares today about the great traditions of Brahmins and their Gods? Who can clarify and authenticate the tall claims made by Krishna ( a Guy who is said to have married 50,000 women and killed a few thousands in a battle of Greed… is he a good example for our Children?) & Purushasukta which claims Brahmins emerged out of the face of the Brahma (Creator)? Are these scientifically valid? The few natural products that emerge from any face are Sweat, Saliva, dandruff and mucus.

    Who can clarify the “Jewel of Yajurveda” – Rudram – that states the brahman resides in everything – everywhere? Where is the question of caste difference if every Jeevatma is a symbolic representation of the Paramatma? What is this contradiction?

    There is no Scientific evidence to prove that Genes alone decide our Intelligence. There are many epigenetic factors that impact on IQ and other configurations of the grey matter. So Brahmins are not born with any special genes and not endowed with any special natural qualities. They are like any other people.

    Most of the Brahmins like me have moved ahead. We care only about Good education, good standard of living and creating a great future for our children and the Nation.

  • I feel hereafter brahmins and other caste people should abandon the caste surnames, like iyers, iyangers, sharmas, shastris, punit etc. Now it has become pathatic that small kids were admitted in tamil nadu with iyer / iyengar tytles. once it is done we can expect other to do the same and some of the prejudices can be removed by our own action. can any one throw light on why no even small girl kids were surnamed with caste tytles.

  • Sarvadharman parityajya mamekam sharanam vraja.
    This is to all public not just Indians/Brahmins!!

    Leave all caste religion practices and just surrender to Lord (again taught by brahmins), you shall be free.

    So what I mean is lets do what we need “whatever it be” Today- Understanding History is for educated and Inteligentia, it wont give our daily food. We must work and to keep world order go smooth do not confuse the masses as it is hard to analyse past and draw parallel now. All our elders did their best to give this present state, accept it and improve if we can.

  • Nicely presented factual article. Reg. preserving of culture, heritage, customs & traditions, wider usage of Sanskrit language,survival of future generations etc., we must draw lessons from Israel. Also Brahmin’s look at life & lifestyle, attitude towards money, thought process, involvement in active politics etc., require a reorientation / modification without compromising the essential or vital basics.

  • Wonderful article. Thought provoking. One should understand that during the Vedic period the civlisation was divided into 4 varnashram and each allotted a particular dharma and karma. This is very much like our present day political government where in each minister is allotted a portfolio for better governance and to make him accountable for his work. This does not mean that a person who is into human resource development cannot or will not be a finance or external affairs minister.Over the years the concept of varnashram has taken a wrong meaning and interpretation and brahmins were made to be portrayed as a villianious character. hope this article is an eyeopener to one and all.

  • the above article has really shed light on the obscure brahmin abashing truth-less history of the past.. thanks.. and i heartily feel that brahmins must united themselves… because if brahmins survive, then only our indian culture and tradition will survive against continuous attacks of the western civilisation..

  • I am not a Brahmin. But I am a staunch supporter of Brahmins. Brahmins can be protected only by the knowledge they protect. I believe the cultural ressurrection in India is possible by the vedic knowledge. If Brahmins stop living a life of vedic, there is no glory for India and no existence for Brahmins.

  • Excellent article…. People like Balunaicker dont have any justification to talk bad about a tamil Brahmin… Other community people in TN dont have any civilization at all. they all behave just like beasts.. his friend who asked his wife to clean the toilet has his own justification….



  • Dear udaylal pai,

    your last line is not needed… you are almost begging the world for a place for brahmins… it is not needed. Brahmins still hold a revered position in the society and in the hearts of many many people, but it is unfortunate that those people openly don’t display that feeling. Never mind. It would have been better had you given a different closing note !!
    There is another problem the more the castes dilute, the qualities of humans will be lost coz even their genes get diluted.

  • Due to present situation we are forced to leave our virtuals and brahminism and adjust to the situation. I personnally feel guilty cause cant maintain santity. survival itself is in stake may God give strength to overcome this sarvay janah sukhino bhavanthu

  • Unity & strictness in following our own rituals have degraded our own downfall. Our ancestors, mainly due ot the knowledge, we started questioning and were unable to get a convincing answers for our rituals. thats the starting point of our disintegration, supported by ‘no strict punishment’ for not following rituals. whatever be the case, our community is suffering, you blame to our ancestors or government or inability to question others (we ask our rituals but not others). do we all think our suffering will stop- personally (spineless statement) dont think so-either some of us migrate to growing economy or we crucify ourselves. would the world be there once the last soul exits from the world, perhaps a good debate.

  • I agreed all of the above statements. Many men many mind. All have the different thought. let it go and now focus on equality. Stop reservation for SC, ST and OBC. All are equal.

  • I read fully the above article, being frustrated brahmin wherein can not able to understand why our new generation falling down loosing all traditional ethics and beliefs.We lost our conscious to uphold our community believing. attracted to western culture.

  • Iam a non brahmin from a particular community which is supposed to be forward ( I hate that term) but I was fed with this poison of brahmins being vicious. For long I thought they were. But then my best friends are Brahmins, those who always came forward to help were Brahmins. But such lovely people around who were so good to me did not erase what was etched in my mind.

    The day I started hating (not the right word) the religion and the caste I was born into and started being critical of it was the day my mind was freed. I had to pay a price of being alienated by my own people. But it was worth it.

    I do not want to look at this article as putting the records right or as an attempt by the writer to cleanse the Brahmins from the mis information. I look at this as well crafted piece that is able to heal the wounds of the affected. We have to step into this brave new world with openness with an inclusive mindset.

  • Brahmins cunningly adopted only those aspects of varna system which suited to their existence and supremacy over other castes. They got it imposed over other Hindus forcefully by colliding with Kshatriyas who mostly ruled. They spread untouchability towords lower castes and other religion so strongly that if a converted Muslim wants to get reconverted, he doesn’t know where to go!
    If Brahmins wants to get real respect, they should work hard to remove the existing varna system which is killing the Hindu religion. Shankaracharya, at place of raising the Sai Baba issue, should should work for uniting the Hindus.

  • Nice and well written article indeed. And the replies from most of the “Brahmin” readers echos the sentiments stated by Author. However friends.. I feel there is nothing to be proud of the examples that Aurangzeb, Portuguese, Tipu and likewise killed thousands of us and none of the Brahmin complained neither they stood up…There is nothing to be proud of to say that we were always in “Poor and Sorry” state and we like it like that…While reading this I feel WTF. Why should we feel proud of not wanting to be rich, not wanting to be ruler, not wanting to be in driving seat (King) instead of navigating (Guru). I think we need genetic mutation or a complete different mindset. Guys please don’t feel proud of “poor” legacy and also don’t feel guilty of some incidences which may have happened in past. Probably that’s why the Bashing is happening. In Sanskrit there is saying that “Forgiveness from a weak person has no worth”. Same way if you are rich, powerful, ruler and then you are also with good virtues, does make sense. If you are poor, weak, broken and with zero authority then you being good is of no value. Sooner every Brahmin understands it will be better for upliftment of whole community. Second part is Unity as somebody already mentioned. We should unite as one community and at that time if we recognize one person as leader then all others should keep their analytical brain aside for some time. Because if everybody tries to be smart then we go nowhere. There is no harm following somebody capable if we know it will achieve a greater goal than individual ambitions. And lastly .. Stop indulging in “Bhakti, Poojas and Bhajans” and have more faith in “Karma Yoga”.

  • I am very glad that still we have people who vouch for varnAshrama dharma on the public fora. I completely agree with Hanumantha sastry

  • Lord Krishna regarded Brahmins at the highest esteem. They are preservers of culture and policy makers for society rules from behind (for the benefit of the society). For example Vasishta’s one wife rule implemented through Lord Rama. We are peaceful and enjoying the fruits of “family system” even to date. When there was no writing and printing books, they carried the vedas and other knowledge through generations just by reciting without a single mistake. Like any other caste there were some people like Dronacharya and his son did bad things due to jelousy. This cannot be generalised. Overall Brahnmins are to be revered even today.
    I personally regard them for their contribution with dedication to the society for generations. My pranamams to that community.

  • A very good article, indeed. In spite of aggressions, Hindu Dharma remained in tact because of the teachings and sacrifices by Brahmins.

    However, I want to bring out one point. Innumerable times you said (in the article) that Brahmins did not kill anybody. But Parashuram (a Brahmin) killed all Kshatriyas on the surface of earth 21 times. (To me it is unbelievable).

  • DIL DEHLADENE WALA things,social injustice, cruelness,devilness ,horrific things etc etc … faced by brahmins from thousands of years , factual things i got to know now by reading this sensible,diplomatic written words here.
    i express my anger… & obsession over the hundreds of social media channels which make opionised thoughts ,reviews & preplanned discussions frequently on hindu culture ,beliefs etc..
    stringent laws must be formed which stops spilling mud & defaming the community .

  • Brahmin, first of all..has a different meaning altogether than what it is actually meant. Today’s world Brahmin is one who is born to a so called brahmin,

    So, the argument itself has no standing whatsoever, the person who stands by the the principle that Brahmin is the one who is born to a Brahmin, itself is wrong..

    SO, first correct that..then everything will automatically correct by itself, there will be no difference, no fights, no arguments,
    Hari Om,

  • The virtues of Brhamins have been truly to the fore. Honesty, Integrity, truthful, sincere, loving and knowledgeble. ……………………………. D K Sundaram

  • Why undermine a language. Any language is good as it is a medium of communication. English cannot belong to Christians only. It is the universal language. Today all of us, whatever knowledge that we have, is because of English. The language that feeds us is like our mother. What is the meaning of mother tongue, not the one that we began speaking from birth, but the one that makes us to survive. The frontiers of Science and Technology could not have got opened with the key of English. In the words of “Rajaji”, English is the best legacy that we have inherited from the rulers of Britain. So let us respect the language of English and nourish it for all times to come

  • I just want to tell the people who talks about bramhin qualities in the present Kaliyuga and that is why i am replying here.
    I have read this article 1 month before and i have never commented anywhere. There are so many people who has to understand what it is.
    Yes i agree but bramhanatva should be achieved, and also you should be noted that a human will be born as bramhin based on his karmas in the previous janma, after being born as bramhin, there is no other janma, if you follow what a bramhin has to do. If you fail in doing such, you will again have to go for all the entire cycle(84lakh janmas) again to attain moksha.

    I guess there is no person interested in achieving bramhanatva in the present days. Ever One is secular minded, and they don’t even care about their parents, elders first forgetting about gods and anything.
    We the bramhins who are by birth are maintaining the values of bramhin even now, maintaining the values of bramhin values itself says that we are achieving bramhanatva.

    A Bramhin never cares even if they are not being called as bramhin. Here also the author is not speaking about that, but he is telling about the problems a bramhin is facing in todays world for no reason.

    Learn Sanskrit with the help of pandits and know what is actually written in vedas and sanathana dharma,

  • Fantastic explanation about the “The Brahmin Glory”. Its so informative and i truly and completely agree with you Mr. Udaylal..

  • Brahmins once were dharmic intellectuals who guided kings and other people. If Brahmins want to regain their lost glory, they have to live up to their old role. They were pure, followed vedic dictat, did regular anushtana and guided people in good ways. Today, most of the brahmins dont even wear their sacred thread. Those who do, dod not perform sandhya vandan, the minimum requirement for a brahmin to retain his braminhood. And shamefult to say, quite a few are non vegetarian. Some feel proud and fashinable to align to western culture and denounce vedas and puranas. An awareness and awakening campaign by like minded people is required to make brahmins realise their intrinsic value and bring it out by shunning forbiden activities and start ‘anushtana’ of Dharma.

    Coming to the contribution of brahmins to public life in recent times, one glaring example is PV Narasimha rao, who opened the doors of India to liberalization and he is the person who truly deserves the praise forr the all round development India is witnessing today. He died unhonoured and unsung.

  • This is an excellent article. The efforts are well appreciated. Thanks Sir. The heartache of every Brahmin has been beautifully put into words. I don’t wanna argue abt the history coz it’s a matter of proofs. We(Brahmins) believe that our ancestors weren’t morons as they are believed by others to be. They might or might not hv been.That is debatable. But it’s over now. What’s the point of degrading and punishing the entire caste and people in the current world? Are we taking revenge on people for what someone else did(or didn’t)? For all my friends who say still there r Brahmin morons i would like to say something. Yes, there might be some Brahmins who are like that. They might think superior and act strange. But isn’t that based on an individual’s character? are we gonna judge an entire caste based on certain individuals? If that’s the case those strange flocks r present in all the other castes too. If a thief belongs to a particular caste, can u call the entire caste thieves? In the current situation, none of those Brahmin morons(as u call’em) is preventing anyone from getting education or anything. They r just talks and behaviour of individuals. And laws to be enforced just to shut those talks, though it affects many more innocents?

    Finally i would like to ask a simple question? On what basis the reservation system has been running? I know it’s based on caste. But what i mean is, on what basis the individual caste is given higher and lower preference? If it were to help the needy shouldn’t it be based on income?

    Maya Narayanan

  • Well written article. Hurting the sentiments of Brahmins is widely done all over( especially movies). Even I do not support a caste, but falsely pulling down people, when one is not right is unacceptable. Because of the satvik nature of Brahmins, they do not retaliate much.

  • Jai Shree Krishna to all my brothers & sisters ,
    A very well-put article indeed on the Right & Wrong concept of the Brahmins ( not only in India but also in the entire world )………Today , I considered myself as a Brahmin , because I perform the rituals ( pujaa , hawan , pravacchan , aarti & other ceremonies ) & I read and explain (our Shasras /Vedas/Ramayana/Gitaa etc.) in simple language so that the smallest child in attendance can understands……..
    BUT, My experience is that Brahmins / Pandits are the most abused personalities in our society TODAY.
    All the blame of ignorance in our society is being put on the Brahmins…….
    I feel we do so much to educate our people but yet we never do enough ,,
    My opinion is that our people is hearing us BUT they are not listening to us (the message we give)……
    Nobody wants to take the BLAME ,, Nobody wants to take the fall & so they pinned it to the Brahmins
    as shown in history………My friends ; the culprit is in your mirror , look for him / her……………..

  • Glad for posting this article. Its an eye opener. I never had a doubt that we Brahmins were ever wrong. There are good and bad people in every identity. But pathetic mentality and bashing of media, politicians and other religious groups really affected not only brahmin community but also hindu’s image at large.
    Hope things will change for better not only for brahmins by getting respect we deserve but also extended to Hindus as a whole….

  • Sri Maha Periyava has said that where ‘Brahmin and Cow’ are being looked after, there will be prosperity and peace and the people are Blessed.

  • I am a Brahmin and i am really proud about it. Its a nice work and many thanks to you. We brahmin’s should have unity first ,rest everything will in place.

  • Dear Author,

    Thanks for writing this wonderful article which depicts past and present future of entire Brahmin community. We as a Brahmin’s need to unite and fight together by working closely with each other rather than being divided. Hope this article will ignite the spark in every Brahmin to bring back their status in the society.


  • I am not a Brahmin but have lot of respect for learned Brahmins who spend lifetime to study Vedas and other Hindu scriptures. There has been lot of false propaganda against Brahmins. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari they have been persecuted by majority community.They are our conscious keepers. Without their efforts, knowledge and sufferings India would not have remained a Hindu nation. Our secular govt is not going to help this community. We should help them in what ever way we can.

  • The British were asked to vacate India as they occupied India and kept all Indians across the Nation oppressed. The cunning British diverted the attention of the people on Brahmins by calling them oppressors and by that escaped from the wrath of the people. Brahmins always lived the life of penury. It is only during the rule of the British that they exploited the knowledge of the community by giving them the higher posts in their administration and also at the same time turned our brethren against them by creating animosity. The only mistake done by the Brahmins was having deserted the holy life till then practiced by them and to have accepted the posts offered by the British.

  • The above article is missing an important historical fact – the distinction between the Brahmanas of Chandragupta Maurya’s times and the Brahmins of today who are at the top of the caste hierarchy.

    First let’s define the Brahmanas of Chandragupta Maurya’s times – they taught the way to Brahma who is the Omniscient, Omnipotent and Merciful God from whom proceeds the origin of everything (Brahma Sutras 1.1.2).

    Second, let’s define the modern day Brahmin. First, a very apparent distinction is their strong affinity to the Rg Veda where we see hymns to deities like Indra and Varuna. Second in verse 25 of the Tevijja Sutta states we understand that in these worships there were non-Brahmanic practices and qualities.

    The modern day Brahmins gained influence during the Rajput period when Advaita (Monism) developed and the Caste System was developed by the modern day Brahmins. Advaita destroyed the Monotheistic faith of the Hindus. However, it was not until the time of the British that the modern day Brahmins were able to fully assert themselves by collaboration.

  • This paper losts it image giving the most priority to the brahmins, they are really killers of the society. they divided the society on the way they will enjoy the privilege of knowledge and power. This is not a solution rather it divides the society in a uncivilised manner. If they thought all peoples are equal why not brahamins are marryed to sudras and other caste peoples. They are the indigent concubines who made this society patition. I dont belive in this way of reform rather it is the only solution bramin girls should marry sudras so they they take all the peoples are eqal and all the peoples are theform of great souls.

    • Dear Jaganath,
      you are just parroting some slogans of communists and Westeners. Did Westeners achieve some “equality” by confusing and mixing up the social system?
      50% of all marriages get divorced – that is the result of marrying indiscriminately and irrespective of social and cultural background.
      Brahmins were not dividing the society, they were the custodians of Vedic knowledge, of Dharm, of life according to laws of nature.
      Now, that brahmins are almost extinguished and powerless, never was India so much in the grip of division, conflicts, crime, and rape as now-a-days.

    • Jaganath, I am to say that your statements are not fully valid.
      1. The so called brahamins never divided the society. There is no evidence for this claim.
      2. They did not protect the knowledge from anyone. Vedic scriptures are open to anyone at all times but one has to be ready to learn. What I mean is you cannot teach Calculus to a fourth class student. The student should know Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and then comes Trig and Calculus. Krishna was from cowherd family, Rama was kshatriyan, Valmiki was a hunter, Vasista was a son of prostitute..
      3. Many so called brahmins have married the so called Sudras, Muslims, Christians. Jews, Parsis. nothing wrong in that. You might not be aware of anyone in your circle. you cannot generalize with your experiences only.

      • Vj, your reply is very crisp, sharp and to the point. But truth and facts cannot convince a prejudiced mind. But most of the Brahman haters heard the falsehood about Brahmans a hundred times from others and so they believe it as the truth and you cannot convince them.

    • Untoucheability was not practiced by Brahmins alone.
      Moreover, there are many temples where EVERYONE can enter. If a temple has a tradition of not allowing to enter Westeners and other untouchables then one has to accept it. It is a free society.

  • The article is trying to mislead. It is trying ot confuse between financial power and economic power. Though not all Brahmins were influential, there is no denying the fact, that Brahmins upheld the tyrannical caste system. Non-Brahmins who supported caste system, are equally responsible for the tyranny.
    Previosuly religion played a very important role in everyday life, and the priest was treated like God. Brahmins enjoyed all these benefits. And yes Brahmins did prohibit others from learning Sanskrit, telling only Brahmins had right to learn. That’s why the great saint Dnyaneshwar translated Bhgwad Geeta into Marathi. Please read the biographies of saints, and how the priests(Brahmins) harassed them.

  • The Western “indologists” and the West brain-washed by the church hated and still hate Brahmins because it was the Brahmin family traditions that forcefully resisted the conversion efforts of christian invadors. And that is why they invented the infamous concept of “Brahmanism”.

    We are eternally indebted to the Brahmin family traditions who saved the Ved Path for all future generation by giving and teaching the Veda from father to son for milleniums.

    • i like your second paragraph..We are definitely indebted to the Vedic path but we need to accept our weaknesses and try to learn and respect every individual that come in our way…When I say respect, it is in every way as you would treat your brother, sister and family….at all times..

  • Hi participants,

    I have seen the image of Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi on the open page of the website. As per his own words, whatever that we see or write here is a part of our destiny. So I claim nothing for what I write here.
    Brahmins are Incomparable giants of spiritual wisdom. They have never fought for any rights nor will ever, for that is their capacity. Let the world feel about brahmins whatever they like. It can never have the strength to eliminate the sons of wisdom. Should Brahmins die? The whole world will have become extinct before that. Nothing will happen to the world as long as the Brahmin lives. We need not worry about the tragic fate of brahmins in the past or present. We teach the world that all are sons of God and so cannot go against the will of God for whatever happened or happening now. It is when we forget our purpose we begin to judge things. I appreciate the concern of many here, but I am proud to say that we are the only light to guide the rest of the world. If it were not that, we wouldn;t be living today.

    Forget whatever that is happening to brahmins. Let’s help them if we can and not blame anyone for their actions because that is what we are. It’s in this outlook we are brahmins otherwise we are equally naive as the rest of the world. It’s only the brahmins who can laugh at the most outstanding heights of physical wealth. The whole world will bow at the feet of the brahmin if he unveils his potential. It’s what we expect to happen and is always happening in the form of spiritual masters. In the absence of the Brahminhood, the world will become naught.

  • Well written article. I wish I can copy and post on other web sites.
    It is sad that Islamic/Mogul invadors killed so many Brahmins …. now the congress party over the last 68 years gave Islamic community preferential treatment over the Brahmins in the name of quota system. We should embrace Brahmanic way of teaching our children at a very young age. We should stop the nonsense of putting down Brahmanic way of indian life in India. India should be made pure Hindu culture. Let islamic foreigners go back to Arabia where The saudi’s can support them. Those muslims who became Muslims under threat of death can give up Islam to become real indians.

  • The saga of oppression continues even today. You don’t see even one powerful brahmin in the country. However, what is considered typical of Indians abroad – you don’t like some one from your own clan going up in popularity. I have witnessed and experienced several such situations. However – I am still proud to be a brahmin and if any one asks my caste , I unhesitatingly and boldly say I am a brahmin.

  • The post by Udaylal Pai is OK;but playing victim is not right as there are people suffering from hardships in all the communities. I still do not understand how the author mentions categorically that the Mughals, Brits and the Portuguese committed mass killing, without the back up of any historical proof. The bane of all we Indians is the development of negative traits in our psyche like hate feelings, which our earliest political leaders exploited by helping its direction against the Brits before Independence and was gainfully employed, after Independence by the unscrupulous politicians against the particular Castes,Sub Castes,Communities, Regions, Religions and their rituals etc. just to raise a smoke screen to obscure the sight of ground realities. Again, referring to Brain Power and Intellectual Capabilities, we could not afford to get caught in the time warp of the ancient period only, we should also move forward keeping ourselves abreast with the latest development of Science and Technology, as the modern economy is Tech Driven with a bearing on the environmental factors. Last but not the least I honestly feel that playing a victim is bound to create negative hate feelings contributing to our mental and physical ill health, instead let us move forward by being positive minded and developing qualities like inner strength and self confidence.

    • If this article feels like its biased, please take the time to do your own historical research, including the atrocities faced by many races across the world by the hands of the people whose criminal actions you are trying to defend. You can search on this website or elsewhere. It is a historical fact that prior to Muslim invasion, the rulers of Bharat never butchered or tortured women and children whereas there is stark evidence of Muslims killing, raping and abusing even the dead bodies of women! You can search for the Rajput article of Johar on this website as well. You can also search for articles on how the Africans, Australian aborigines and Native Americans were tortured and killed in the name of the Christian religion!

      Don’t just sit there and complain, do your own research – you now have the topic at hand!

      • This is a response to the post above…(Sanskriti)
        ” never butchered…”.but we continue to harass the less fortunate by not allowing them into homes, & temples, totally disrespectful to dalits even now, not caring for the farmers, fishermen, rikshaw pullers in the name of caste…People, the so called brahmins, should read the meaning of chapter 4 verse 13.of Bhagvad Gita in the language they understand and practice it daily. Emotional and psychological harassment is much more & prevalent even today without knowing who a brahmin is, & what are his/her responsibilities. With that attitude, we can only face’ punarpi jananam, punarapi marranam’ until we learn this less of equanimity..Born in an Iyer family, I consider myself as one in humanity family..What’s the difference? No one is superior or inferior to anyone else

    • Ii fully agree with Balan Iyer…We need to do our best to work together to move forward instead of indulging in a victim role. Let us respect one another, learn, contribute and commit to each others’ success in every possible way. Help those in need within our circle…and refrain from hurting others even by thoughts. Thoughts will bring our the words…

  • Namaste , I am not a bramin , but recent years of volunteering service at temple made me a vegetarian and devoted saivaite. Whatever people says about Brahmin community I must stressed that Hinduism is continued to this date because of strict practice of some Brahmins ( text , vedas , way of living , examples ) and etc otherwise we don’t know our roots and engage ourself in some un vedantic practices . Most of us esp in southern part of india and many other countries call themselves hindus but fail to be one ? Hindu by name only .

    Long live Hinduism , its followers , all the great masters , gurus and god bless all those died supporting the great religion .

  • Brahmins are the ones who have realized Brahman and see Brahman in every body. Many, even today, disguised and brahmins don’t even allow their maid to enter the kitchen, or eat with them. This is cruel!! Totally disrespectful in the name of caste…Brahmins should be able to see the oneness in every body. Then automatically they will get their respect and income will follow. Historically they might not have affected but in the past 100 years brahmin families have caused discrimination with other communities that we cannot deny.

  • I agree many of the points, favoring Hinduism. This name was given by the British, we are Sanathana Dharma. Vedas have been read, talks have been given but our philosophical leaders may he be Sankara, Vivekandanda, Yogananda, chinmayananda and anyone else have always said have a Deiva Dhrushti, sama dhrishti, meaning see the divine in everyone. But many/most have not done that in spite of studying vedas. ‘Sudra’ means ‘one who struggles, is sad or in sorrow’.and ‘anyone who acts without any thought (say a child urinating in a living room at 5 months). According to the scriptures everyone born is a sudra because they start their life with a cry and once the infant learns what when and where should be and should not be done, then the child is growing intellectually. This learning should continue. Mere going to temple, doing puja, abhishekam and disrespecting, fighting with other individuals, may he/she be family, friends or others does not qualify anyone as a brahmin We all should see the oneness and not differences..Atman is same in every BODY. We see the differences because we not spiritual but only ritualistic..This is what Sankara has spoken in Manisa Panchakam about Chandala…I hear many sing without practicing what is meant there..

  • I am a brahmin and am proud of being a brahmin. I will never accept dole from Government because a true brahmin believes that his daily bread has to be earned and not be given. Even if Government were to offer reservation in education and jobs to the community, I will not avail them as I believe everything should accrue on merit. I am not the poorest brahmin in town and I am not the richest either. Even if I were one, my stand would be the same. And I am sure most brahmins would think the same way.

  • All have been discussed, this mesg has to be spread like DK has been doing for the past so many years ofcourse without any permanent victory except wealth accumalated by DK being managed By veeramani SIR enjoying in the name of DK. Atleast awareness should reach the mass.

  • Very well written..!!
    I would just like to add that the entire concept of Reservations in India on the basis of Castes is nothing but reinstating the age-old caste system. This is ridiculous. Even after 6 decades of our independence I do not think this reservation or the entire provision in our constitution holds good or is required anymore. ^0 years is enough time for oppressed families to come at par with the social main-streams.
    In present day situation I would like to say that Brahmins (of course all General caste citizens) are the ones who are most oppressed. They have taken a back seat when it comes to education from Govt institutions or Govt jobs. They are losing their talent at the cost of ‘Arakshan wali Rajniti’. These so called ‘backward communities’ or ‘dalits’ are nothing but vote banks. On the other hand the quality of services & quality of employees in Govt jobs has hit the rock bottom as most of the positions are reserved for our so called oppressed brothers & sisters. With due respect to all my fellow citizens, cultural accomplishment, politeness, integrity and polished behavior cannot be learnt from reserved quota seats in schools & colleges. It comes from generations of practice and traditional heritage of a community.

    Its high time that we rethink & amend this provision in our constitution. If Arakshan is not there, there will not be any Corruption as well.

  • If brahmins never started anything then how did the caste system cone into being ? Why the term sudras ? Why are brahmins considered the highest caste among the caste system ? Why is it other caste people are not allowed to eat in the same plate you eat ? And why is it others are considered unclean and brahmins are considered clean ? The main question is if brahmins did nothing to encourage caste system or never introduced it then how is it that brahmins are considered the highest caste ? And ok probably ull have a good answer to that relating it to God . But then why is their a low caste a sudra ? Why wer they not allowed to enter the temple in olden times .these are all actual happenings and facts . Why is their an untouchable caste ?

  • Dear all person who have made comments:
    is this kind of comment is necessary as on today
    In the first instance i wish that this should have been circulated only among Brahmins, so that other would have not taught of making any comments, I am an Indian even though i am an Hindu and by caste so called “SHUDRA”, i need some clarification regarding the above comment:
    1) Is Mahabarath & Ramayan is an HISTORY OR EPIC, if it is epic is it not that we should read just as a story and take the moral of the same or if it is an History why the same are not in education text books
    2) In the comment made they clearly says that 1lac and add Brahmins are killed by Aurangazed or other Muslim rulers, here please note that how many soldiers or worriors from non Brahim community are killed may be in corers, is it not the sacrifice of other community people.
    3) The aparthied as i have understood starts in Mahabartha Please any one of them clarify why Thumb of a Shudra Ekalavya was removed….just to please a single person Arjuna, and ruined him for his life time and what massage it gives to the society even though he showed the ultimate bakthi towards Dronacharya his non teaching Guru is it justifiable.
    4) Yes it is agreed that the Brahmins as on today also are very intelligent community as for education is concerned hats off to them, but please note the education is in their blood since 5000 years and where as for the other community it may be only from 60 to 70 years, by this short time there are so many Doctors, Engineers IAS and others form the forwards non brahamin communites without any reservations for example REDDY LABS and others as on date, If all the people were made to enter Gurukulas of those days i think there would have not been any reservation quota to any body today.
    5) further in some of the paras of the COMMENT i read that ” who told the other community people of those days not to study” Like wise who told Brahmins not to make business and earn Money and be rich, for example Mr.Narayan Murthy of Infosys is a multi millioniore who can stop him, these kind of comments goes only for arguments, please go to the village side and see the agricutural labourers in rural India and anyalise their economic condition then it can be under stood who are the more sufferers.
    6) Now coming to the present situation, yes it is pathetic that good Brains are Draining out, this may not only due to reservation and others problems, people from all the communities are going out searching the opportunity, for ex. in US, UK AUS and other countries you can find Community Association, which proves all people from all type of communities have gone abroad in search of living.
    7) The COMMENT also says that contribution of brahmins like VEDAS, PURANS, YOGA etc., are the great contribution to this society, yes we too agree, but note the COMMENT made man has forgotten the Farmers and Soldiers, can VEDAS Grow a Handful of Rice or it can Secure our country from Border terrorisum so i mean to say even other community peoples contribution is also to be commented. please tell me farmers and soldiers work is to be appriciatble or not.
    8) Beliving God and following a particular type of culture is left an Individual, our culture should be appriciated by others it not that we ourselves blow our own Trumpate.
    9) Hence there will no end for these kind of arguments, if the castesim should vanish means all the learned Civilised citizen should encourage inter caste marriages so that aleast by another 50 to 60 years there will be no castisim in our country.
    10) And my last question for clarification in a scientific way, please tell me Cow Milk and its products like butter Ghee Cruds is Vegetarian or non vegetarian.

    • For the first time I see somebody who is not part of ISIS but supports the ideology of ISIS. Do you know about ISIS? If not Google about it and read about them.

      I was going to overlook and stay silent about your comment, because I know you would not understand. You would argue. But again I thought may be…

      Soldiers die in every battle but what Aurangzeb did is ethnically killed Brahmins. Which dumb fellow can’t even understand that? You fail to understand that and still stand for it with an argument indicated your bias against Brahmins.

      What Aurangzeb did is now done by ISIS. They are not killing Brahmins in particular but they are killing westerners, Christians, even Muslims — whoever doesn’t ascribe to their faith.

      Why should this article be circulated among Brahmins only? Because you disagree?

      Brahmins were the intellect of a nation. Even Kings had Rajgurus who kept vision of a nation on track. The aggressors first attacked at the brain of a nation, corrupted it. Then it became easy for them to take over completely. The other people were simply like sheep.

      Wars are won on propaganda.

      They burnt NALANDA, corrupted your shastras and made you to believe something is so and so. We are so appalled that we suspect our past. Whether Mahabharat was an Epic or History? What an appalled question!

      It doesn’t imply that Epics are not history. What question are you asking? Srimadbhagabat GIta still exists and petty minds are slowly waking up to to the scientific principles it teaches. Western people are now accepting it’s principles, so all the western biased Indians will find it to be true.

      Isn’t that proof enough to believe that Mahabharat is not mere imagination. Skeptics can never be convinced with proof.

      Ekalavya’s thumb was not taken because he was Shudra. If somebody steals your Nuclear technology and gives it to your enemy, what would you do with him? He came from Magadha, an enemy country ruled by Jarasandha who was a supporters of evil forces like Kamsha. Ekalvya, after his education was going to serve against the welfare of humanity. Lastly, he tried to steal intellectual property and you stand by him because he was Shudra. This is the bias that is making you angry. It’s not apartheid.

      I wish I had the time to answer all of your questions, but as you said arguments! They don’t solve anything.

      Lastly, vegetarian and non-vegetarian! Cow’s milk, ghee and butter? There’s more to vegetarian food than you think.

      If you walk with a desire to learn, people will answer your questions. When you come with a desire to defeat you learn nothing.

  • I’m impressed with how the facts have been excellently expressed by the author in a very unbiased manner.

    It would be helpful if you can mention any Brahmin Association/ organisation in India who are actually working towards the upliftment of the Brahmin community or enlightenment of the society along with any other activity.

  • a boldly written article. felt really good reading it. i would also like to add a couple of things. brahmins respect knowledge irrespective of the person’s sex, economic status or age. also brahmins are pointed if they do not follow the supposed traditional way of life. but do we see other communities following what they supposedly had to do? it might be true that a part of brahmins tried to suppress the other communities in the past. but brahmins are being suppressed in almost every walks of life in today’s world!!!

  • There might some truth in what has been said, but I will disagree that Brahamanas (not as a whole) did look down upon non-brahmanas and treat them with contempt. Dont believe me, visit Udupi Krishna Gudi where even today prasaada is offered to brahmanas and non-brahamanas in separate dining rooms, the latter being being very filthy and ill-maintained. You can experience it yourself and then decide why the brahmanas are what they are today. They have to undergo penance just like all of us do.

  • Dear Uday Paiji,

    I am a Non Brhamin, Convent Educated, Hindu. The article written by is very much reflects the truth. When we speak about objectively we miss the symbolism to great extent. In my view Objectivity allows to think in a focused way and symbolism allows scope for various scenarios being built up.

    I don’t hate brahman caste nor brahmanism but i do have my own reservations in regard to their piousness. To me it is the misuse of the position given to them in the society is the casue for the plight of Brahmins today. I have no claims in accepting the Brahmins are comparable to Jews. But with in my little knowledge about our scriptures and epics and vedas I put it this way.

    1. When Bali chakravarthi is performing 100 yagnas which will make him elgible for taking up the INDRA Position. A Brahmin (Vamana) has taken the side of the exisiting INDRA and Sent Bali to Pathala loka. Conveniently Speaking BALI is an ASURA. (Brahmin Community As a whole accepted for misusing their position in the society)

    2. Parashu rama the next avatara in dasha avatara is only for the sake of killing Kashtriya Community. Can any Brahmin without setting aside my question as a question from moron can rationaly explain. (Brahmins also killed many either with astras or with their mantras is unquestionable)

    3. Coming to the acquiring of Guru Position. The Lord Rama was disciple of Brahmarishi Viswamitra (who himself was a king Earlier) All the four brothers were led a life of togetherness of exemplication unmatched.
    When a Brahmin and disciple of Parashurama – Dronacharya taught kuru princes and finally they have crest fallen in the battle of brothers unmatched. ( Again a Brahmin misused his position for his hidden motives I wonder why not even one brahmin of today raises their voice against giving a dronacharya award to the best coach)

    4.Coming to Adi Shankaracharya (with all devotion may the lord shiva forgive me for my grave Mistake of being critical) he practised untouchability. Because Adishankara got enlightened by the chandala(panchama or avarna) Is it not the brahmins who created Panchama Varna. Why no body speaks about it in open that it is worng fully done. (Can we take a cue from the Japan apologiisng to koreans on war crimes)

    5. Namboodri Brahmins of kerala supposed to be the most rigid used to practice morgantic marriages in the name of sambhandam with Nair communities as the the eldest son of the Namboodri family is allowed to marry. (Is this not a Varna Samkara other way round the brahmin community has taken advantage of their societal position)

    6. Coming to Modern day India – Why did Brahmins given into british rulers for example Paying amount to east india company for allowing them to maintain tirumala temple. Again they have misused their stature in the society for their personal gain. As brahmin they can ask the devotees to offer alms in perishable kind rather than in the form of money so that they can never be in a position to offer money to BRITISH.

    7. Brahmins were to be with the Janapadhas and only visit king to inform the king about the injustice happening in kingdom. But Brhamins taken shelter under the kings and accepted the court jobs and tried to become the advisers of the kings. Janapadhas were looted by the kings again the brahmins left the job given to them.

    8. Jawhar lal nehru was a Brahmin and our first prime minister, Atal bihari vajpayee Brahmin, Indira Ghandhi Brahmin, P.V.Narshimha Rao brahmin, I.K.Gujral, V.V.Giri all re brahmins Still the country is in doldrums because the brahmins are not supposed to be administrators but Analysts. They cant lead but they can guide. Out of Greed the community left the role of guiding (PUROHIT) the society and started leading the society towards disaster. (can any of the Brahmins Deny this)

    9. Another example of Murky thing is all the “KARS” will find place in the Indian team From Gavaskar to Tendulkar no one was able to make india champions. Ganguly a brahmin flundered at the final step, Kapil dev and mahendra singh dhoni made it to the glory.

    Finally i want to close this and open it to the forum by saying that GOD never discriminates either it is brahmin or Muslim or christian they have to pay for what they have done.

    Thank you

  • Wow !! We ll researched and welll articulated !! this was a dialogue waiting to happpen. The Brahmin class needs to be protected and rejuvenated. Otherwise the shastras qwill be lost for ever. Humanity will suffer. Luckily H.H.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has started a Veda and Agama Pathashala where youngsters from all over are brought and trained in the shastras. The extensive devaluation and systematic distortion of the ancient knowledge at the instance, earlier of the British , and later by our own English-educated brethren has caused untold damage to our culture, especially to the role of Brahmins in society. Having a class which is dedicated to learning and higher thought will continue as long as mankind exists. The present western education model does not recognise this. The priestly class will also have an important role to play. They were doctors, the local counseller etc. to the local population, trained to serve , night or day. they never needed to look back or bother about their living, because either society or the ing would take care of their needs.

    This needs discussion. One of the fall outs has been the crass commercialization and installotion of Mammon as the first God of Civilization today. Many of society’s evils fall out of this. You need the highly educated and spiritual class of people to point the populaace to higher learning and aspirations…

  • Very Good Article..
    Being a Saraswath, I know the pain & Hardship our forefathers gone through in Portuguese & Bahumani Sultan regime.If they have accepted freebees offered by invaders that time, we would have deprived of calling our selves as Bhrahmins.
    Bhrahmins are playing a great role in social harmony & rightly lauded as ” Bhramano bahujana priya”
    They worship Lord Sri Rama who has incarnated in Kshathriya, Lord Krishna who incarnated in backward class( Yadavs).They never judged Ravana as hero just because he is Brahmin..It is Brahmins who preached the Ramayan which is written by Valmiki who was born in a hunter family.They respected Rishi Valmiki as a great sage.Where is teh question of discremination?

    It is important t note In Bhrahmin community person is respected for his knowledge,In Kshathriya community person respected for his strength,In Vaishya community person repected for his wealth & in Shoodra community person respected based on his age..Brahmins are always misunderstood by larger community as they respect a person based on his knowledge .In this process they accepted all enlightened person from all communities.
    It is sad that a community which sacrificed so much for welfare of the society are treated as third rated citizens in their own country.Hope everyone get enlightened soon…Thamasoma Jyothirgamaya…

  • Dear Pai,
    I understand your agony and sympathise with it.
    But sir still why is it still important for you to stick to your caste.
    Why is there you find the necessity of divide. Why always you want to be treated as brahmins first and equals later. No where in your article you yearned for treating you as equal or stopping the segregation!

  • Well written, but we the brahmins only get to read this article, am sure non-brahmin will not read a letter from this article

  • really it is true .since I am a brahmin from tamilnadu ‘ [66 year old] I am able to feel this write up
    thanks for the additional input
    bloddy the dravidian movement have spoiled the whole country
    THE ALMIGHTY is there to save them since they strongly believe on this

  • I know that we are sharing 50% yield in our paddy fields to the former that we have leased our fields. The same fields when we have sold to another upper cast person, the earlier former was working as a labour in the same filed with other upper class cast owenr.


  • Preferential Treatment already in Place for quite sometime now and lot of SC/ST’s & MBC’s are in Government sector and in prominent positions as Doctor, Engineer & Lawyers….its now time for the government to reap the benefit from these eminent personalities 🙂 automatically people and government will face the consequences …next 20 – 30 years we will see how ably these people will administer the society and save the people…lets wait and watch the fun while the boat sinks..finally fly away to a place where we will be given the due respect. ENJOY!! though sorry to see our society dooming…and really we are helpless of this current state! Brilliance will be vibrant anywhere and everywhere…

    • Earlier a particular Caste was embraced by the kings and they made people follow their religion and they oriented ignorant people…Now the same is in the form of VISA…division among mankind is existing in some form…Unity is a buzz work used as an answer but unless we let real talent to survive, we should keep dividing…we brahmins can always survive….

  • Just like Hindu religion could not be wiped out from india,despite muslim,christian,zorastrian invasions, Brahmins rich traditions and values can be destroyed by these dravedian party s speeches and darnas in front of temples .One of the dravid leaders is said to be the trustee of a vinayaka temple.God only know whether he utilises that fund for his party expenses
    The so called dravidan party leader s secretly worship God in their houses.and their son s,daughters and grand children are ordained worshipper s of God and often seen to visit temples

  • There will be no change for as long as this planet exist. Brahmins will have to undergo their trials. No matter what the reality is , the opposition for them so big like Himalaya it is better they reduce their population which they are in any way doing and get out of this life altogether. No need to live in a planet where there is no God.

  • Anti-Brahmanism was started by the British as part of their Post First World War “Divide and Rule” Policy. The Brahmins spear headed the Sepoy Mutiny which was supported by the Moslems. So, made nervous by the Independence movement, they started Hindu-Moslem enmity in the North and Brahmin-Non Brahmin enmity in the South. The British appointed their stooge, the Dalit Oriyan Zamindar, Rao Bahadur, Sir Patro as the Chief Minister of the Madras Presidency. He was of the “Justice Party” from which the various “Dravid” and Dalit movements originated. (The irony is that the real Dravids or Druids were tall fair Semites from Mesopotamia who brought agriculture and architecture to the Indian sub-continent, whose technology and temple worship methodology entered the most recent Aryan Veda, the Atharvana, via the Agama (that which came from outside) Shastras beginnning the Dravido-Aryan civilization that was brought to an end, together with caste mobility by Ashoka, the term was expropriated and applied to the negroids and others ultra vires of Aryan law by the British) In 1921, Patro promulgated the notorious communal gazetted order #613 that made discrimination against Brahmins in all walks of life the official State Policy. This has remained India’s State Policy till today. Brahmins were a small, easily identified semi-ascetic, community weakened by a surfeit of spirituality and vegetarianism. This made them a soft and easy target for British and Indian fascists who, like Hitler, needed to provide an object of hatred to unite their vote fodder. In South India, the status of Brahmins can be compared to the Jews of Nazi Germany, the Hindus of Pakistan or the Yazidis and Kurds of Mesopotamia and Turkey. The Indian Constitution has enshrined inequality under law making a mockery of “democracy” and exceptions to the the rule of law making a mockery of “nation” hood. India has, conveniently, tucked helpless minorities like Brahmins, who are not large enough to be a vote-bank, under a non-religion like “Hinduism” to turn its back on their plight and pretend to the rest of the World that Brahmins (aka Hindus) being a majority, have human rights. They do not. They are treated unfairly in educational opportunities, employment opportunities, and even in courts of law with a uniform code of hatred that pervades all arms and organs of Government and takes its toll at every opportunity.


  • I am not going to go in the debate of who created the cast system or why it was created. If you are really sincere about these issues – best solution is getting rid of CAST & RELIGION culture altogether.

    Btw – I don’t understand what BRAHMIN unity lot of commenters are talking about. Even in the modern world – kokanstha girls don’t marry a guy from deshashta family. Marrying from other cast is still far far way to go. All BS.

  • Good one….The Brahmins should be more united, not to further any egotist ideals but to do more research and create new Vedic roots not only for Brahmins but also for other communities….The christians are now trying to project themselves as Brahmins and some cheap converts are putting up this drama in order to usurp Vedic traditions….we have to guard it and drive them back into their countries….it is our duty…

  • it is no more than the exploitation of cunning,greedy and mighty khashtriya brother of his other weak brothers and in order to remain supreme as ruler generation after generation, he not only devised hereditary system, but also for his other weak brothers so that he can remain the RULER FOR EVER. and also prohibited inter mingling of other weak brothers so that they should not unite to oppose his supremacy. In the process one weak brother interested in studies, could not think of any other profession like his other brothers.

  • Even today Brahmins by and large are intelligent. This intelligence is due to various factors which need not be discussed.. What is required now is UTMOST UNITY among Brahmins which is lacking. Affluent Brahmins
    due to their intelligence becomes Rich and settle in various places forgetting their background. First they should set an example leading a life with simplicity and with high thinking. This does not mean they should
    forego all comforts. Avoid extravagance in all their actions and mobile funds for a common cause in the form of a Trust.. Learn at least to Chant Gayathri Mantra understanding its meaning. Shed their EGO and move freely
    with others. Temple worship is symbolic and preach others its real significance. Rituals are only to awaken the youngsters to understand and not to spend their time through out their life. They should command RESPECT & Not DEMAND IT.. Finally make sure which is the right course, then follow it, without bothering
    about what others may say. If we are in the right path, criticism should only be taken as an INCENTIVE..

  • Good article. If brahmins fallow their dharma then only they can regain the lost glory. I mean they need to practice what shastra has said to be a brahmin. I doubt how many brahmins do Sandyavandana daily (3 times), Gayatri mantra is so powerfull that it has been tested by germans and found that if spelt rythamically, it produces the vibrations which cannot be produced othervice and wich will stimulate the brain nerves. Thats why old generations ob brahmins are said to be intelligents.
    Just imagine power of gayatri mantra by this small example.
    The 8 year old shrungi gives shapa to grand son of Arjuna, Pareekshit maharaja for insulting his father by putting dead snake in his neck when rishi is in deep meditation. after seeing this srungi cursed the one who done this to be killed by snake within 7 days. At this time only Srimad Bhagavata was told to maharaja by sanaka- sunanda rushis to have better position of soul after deth. As per that maharaja was killed by takshaka.
    This shrungi has not done any tapas other than gayatri.even ggrand son of arjuna who ruled 3 lokas cannot escape.
    So do your karma and phala will follow you.

  • India is the first place on earth to have not one but, two civil wars.
    Basically When Shri Ram Chandra ji returned from Banbvaas, as per the story, Pandit Pashuram ji and his clan ended up attacking—- for no apparent reason other than ego issues.
    Mahabharata is another war that, shed the blood of many kith and kins, for no apparent reason.
    Manu’s caste system that served the initial purpose of reservation and assuring job security, became the biggest head ache for Bharat (Indus Valley)
    We lost much of Bharat to savages when Poojari ji in Rajasthan offered prayers as the Muhamaad Bin Kasim and his entourage arrived and advanced.
    We need to face the truth that, this hierarchy has let us down, and big time.

  • Dear Mr.Udaylal,

    The statement which you have provided is sensible and we are able to understand in this 21st century ,but there are lots of things said about brahmins as mentioned below could you please verify or you can analyze the history.

    1.we all know like brahmins are the people jho migrated fro german to this dravidian indian country and they called as aryans true or wrong we do not know
    2.the brahmins people slowly learned the knowledge and talents of the propel who was dominent on thsoe century before 1000bc to survive and they themselves were praised that brahmin people are the founder of vedas ,were the other set of people like dravidian and Mayan ctizens were found the same before the arrivel of brahmin in india hence some people say brahmin people or the copiers to survive in india since they will fight for everything to survive
    3.brahmin people is the one who initiated the word untouchability and does that for past centuries -true or wrong we do not know .
    4.brahmin people who intiated the animal sacirfice -ashwamedha yaga -true or wrong we do not know.
    5. brahmin people are said to be forward or orthodox cast, if brahamin people or poor and sufferers why they called so ,and wat about other caste ,,were they come from whether this can be eradicated ?
    6.and till the end of 20th century other caste poeple were not oppointed in government jobs even as clerk and hosukeeping and for the same the senior ,rich brahmin people will appoint poor brahmins to give watrer coffee and to do housekeeping jobs – true or wrong we do not know
    7.brahmin people like chankaya did not asked for any money or throne or ask ingdom but he himslef does the land grabbing and other grabbing in business for his herd to survive -true or wrong we do not know

    so many thins were said about brahamins sometimes wrongly sometimes bad,sometimes good ,, but the nearby brahmin neighbors also proved like they wont allow other caste people inside thier home and the poojaris in the temple wont allow other cast people to pray or to see hindu gods ,,,but church and mosque always welcome everybody .. why is that so,,, why there are lot of gods in hindu ? whether hindu gods are ancestors of thier own ? , who is brahmin? who is dravidian? who is mayan? who is muslim? who is chrsitain? which god to be preeched by a human to be like human being ? , why religion war is happening what for it is ,,why is religion is believied,,, without religion why cant be live ,,a human should be humanbeing right … why is this happening ? WHY WHY WHY

  • I am a Brahmin. and I am proud of being one. But became a KSHTRIYA in proffession ( Joined the Army ) During the early part of the twentieth century , say between 1900 till around 1930, Brahmins were considered to belong to the ruling class as they learnt English quickly and the British needed them for administering the country . Tamil Brahmins were actually in key positions in Delhi .This created a chain of events which was favourable to Brahmins . But that did not mean an average Brahmin was fond of the Britsish rule . Our very eminent lawyers , were very much part of freedom movements. But some how a couple of very clever politicians managed to highlight the way the Brahmins were getting all the attention and respect and strated the SUYA MARIADHAI movement which essentially BRAHMIN HATE movement. The non Brahmins who were in majority were persuaded to hate the PAPPAN every where. In schools and colleges and in almost all places. . I ahve personally experienced such hate campaign at the young age of 8 w almost 80 years ago. I could not do anything to counter it . I ahd to quietly move away from the scenes inviting more triumphant laughter and abuses.!!! And later after our independence when only vote mattered , obviously the so called upper cast is totally neglected resulting in exodus of Brahmin youth from Tamil Nadu !! However I am now noticing a change in the attitude of an average Tamil ( incuding those in SC ) in that I aws treated with lot of respect and many used to visit me for advice on their personal matters . Perhaps time will start healing the malady !! Seshadri.

  • Being a non Brahmin I had close friends coming from Brahmin society. All my friends come from well educated family and are mostly very intellectuals. They are generally good in nature except for a bit of arrogance which I believe is because of the knowledge they posses and their Supreme culture.
    My personnel view is Brahmins must share their wealth (knowledge) with the community and help people in lower strata of life to come up in society, whether they are Brahmins or non Brahmins. I strongly believe that they are the only community in this country who have got that capability (in majority) to bring quality education to this country and raise our people above poverty line. Pls do that and the world will automatically start praising Brahmins.

    • “Help the qualified and deserved”.Because, if an individual is not qualified, he is treated as a person who is not properly motivated to learn the course.If someone is a slave to wine,women there is a great chance of failure due to improper concentration.(exceptions).Learning needs a strict schedule and commitment.One who wants to learn, should get only thought is to get immersed in those lessons.In olden days, all the tests to decide whether someone is qualified/not used to test only the nature of student.Unlike today’s tests which tests excellence in that field. “Brahmin is one by possession of knowledge.Its not by succession.” It might hurt someone.Knowledge is outside.Everyone can have it.But then, something shameful happened. The society misbehaved.people started respecting wealth but not wisdom.The mere thought corrupted the remaining people in the society.People started believing their own beliefs and turned against brahmins as if they are oppressing others.And now we have some teachers who doesn’t follow any strict rules like brahmin.Because they are not following that strict procedure Brahmins(True teachers) follow.Teachers are no more selfless.Upto some extent, its not their fault.But still one can avoid being corrupted by following the lifestyle of a brahmin.When everything of this go Ideal, Yes brahmins really want to teach those who deserve.

  • Excellent article. An eye opener to this modern politicians and so called secularists.
    There is one set of people who ask to cut off the surnames and the sect names(incl. Sarma, Sastry etc) but they take pride in attaching reddy, Naidu surnames..
    Brahmins should get united and start fighting for the rights and not to go for intercast marriages and leave the dharma.

  • this article is very good..!! as a brahmin… i really support this. because of the intercaste marriages and the brahmin guys who eat non-veg in public and who have all the worse habits…..the whole brahmin community is getting a bad name….!! as those who were born as brahmins(not only brahmins…..the other communities also) should protect their community’s name and fame….. they HAVE to do this bcaz they were born like this…

  • Excellent writing, I am a Brahmin and proud be ONE. There is lack of unity among us in the recent times which has to change…..

  • It is clear to me that Brahmin is supposed to be Brahmin by virtue and qualities, but not by birth or surname (caste). But I am confused now. I know Brahmins are mostly gareeb. But some Brahmins of today who are Brahmin by surname such as , Shukla, Mishra, Bhushan, Kaul, Chakroborty, etc. are too proud and egotistical in nature that they always troubled me in class. It was clear that they are poisoned by their parents against us, that’s why they make fun of me. They are against the very appearance of us and suggest we that shave. and constantly keep taunting and degrading us emotionally and speak against Gurus.

    I cannot forget such accounts as they were deeply depressing. They made my life hell. Maybe today’s Brahmin generation is mislead by propaganda as well.

    I still respect Brahmins who have knowledge thinking that people who are just have ego of their caste are just hypocrats and fools who spoil their community’s name. Now I think their family is working for a missionary who is purposefully trying to recruit Brahmin caste people to spread hatred.

    What do you have to say….

  • Very well written article sir.. You also need to talk about our education system today, brahmins have to score 99% to get a medical seat but for an SC/ST, its enough if he scores only 70%. Is this system not unfair!?. When both the children attend same classes and get the same question paper, why this difference?

  • I am a Brahmin and even after reading this I have no desire to get revenge.And I love to live a life filled with simplicity.(answer to the last lines)

  • Though born in Brahmin family and aware of false propoganda spread by some people against Brahmin, I would like to contradict some points here. First, some Brahmins are so fond of meat that they justify it by quoting misleading traditions. A Brahmin DU lecturer has even claimed that Brahmins used to eat cow’s meat. Second, if we had good Brahmins, we too had some wicked Brahmins too. For example, Chandra Shekhar Azad was our freedom fighter hero, but they guy who ditched him by informing British was also a Brahmin. The person who conspired against Chanakya was also a Brahmin who instigated to poison Chanakya. So, let’s not paint all Brahmins as holy cow. Each caste has some good and some bad people and as a Brahmin, we need to encourage good people to come forward.

  • No use of posting comments and arguments. Nice article. something concrete should be done to ameliorate the poor and deserved among the brahmin community.

  • Excellent article by Udaylal Pai. Great effort. Though the article is focusing on Brahmin community, it is true for entire India….every invaders raped and looted her. Let us all work together to bring the glory back to our great Sanadhana Dharma.

  • Everything is fine except elephant in the room CASTE.
    Plz i request these Veda school’s include few from SC&ST and finish this anti Brahmin propaganda all together and make unite all Hindu’s plz.

  • I am a Bramhin by birth obviously the first one(Brahmana)……….I appreciate the author for his sincere concern that he has shownin this article………I was not aware that Bramhins(ourselves) contributed much to the welfare of the society……….No human should be discriminated on the basis of caste and so the Brahmins…….I am sooooooooooo proud to be the bramhin by birth!!!!!!!!IWish I should be Bramhin by character toooooo!!!!!!!!

  • i am not brahmin, but I agreed with the article. There is so much hatred for brahmin caste even after making so much sacrifice for Hindu religion.

  • Loved this article.
    I now have points when I get to argue with many people who always try to speak foul about Brahmins.

  • None of the Indians especially rishis mahathmas sages swmeejies vidwaans and so called intellectuals have invented anything which is very helpful to mankind. But Europeans invented lot of scientific
    Invention which is very useful for mankind. If our culture is so ancient and strong why did our country didn’t develop such new invention. This may be irrelevant but I request u to reply. Reg.brahmiin there is no unity among our selves.No brahmin is begging in street.A Brahman helps his own then only it grows.
    As I observed this is not followed by our so called intellectuals who r in high positions.At least in future if they help themselves voluntarily then only our community will be strong. In KANNADA there is a proverb “Ane hoguthe nayi bogaluthe”.

    • I think you need to spend more time on this website to find out what ancient India did for the modern world. You may want to check out the Vedic tab along with the search option.

  • very informative and necessary to the people of present age, specially so as history is twisted in accordance to the west …however i have seen few facts missing in the main article. they are as follows:
    1) Shalivahana’s were Brahmins and they did rule the then Bharatha…the Shalivahana shaka started from them,
    2) Ravana in ancient History who was also a Brahmin did rule Sri Lanka.
    MOST IMPORTANTLY THE BRAHMINS ARE VERY FOND OF THEIR RICH RELIGION HINDUISM AND ITS PEOPLE “THE HINDUS” AS WHOLE..THEY HAVE IMMENSELY CONTRIBUTED TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF HINDUS IN EDUCATION, TRADITION, RELIGION… IT IS AN ACKNOWLEDGED FACT THAT THEY ARE REFERRED AS ” BRAHMANA MARGADARSHI” BRAHMANA LOKAPRIYA” BRAHMANA BOJANA PRIYA” ..at the same time we must also accept that there have been certain situations where the brahmins did discriminate on caste basis and superiority complex did play the spoil sport in the caste system…but this reference should be treated in isolation as majority of brahmin community have always taken the hindu society together as one..they have been responsible to keep the unity in the hindu system.

  • Brahmin bashing has become a fashion. It’s actively spread by the missionaries of other religions, because they know that if they hit the nail at the vulnerable point, the entire structure can collapse. Some short sighted Hindus been sold out to their schemes and subjects their own pillars to humiliation. Brahmins never retaliated because they were never aggressive.
    We are becoming responsible for our own doom.

  • I am so humbled at the tries of Brahmans even at the cost of remaining oneself poor to keep this Hinduism living to this date.

  • without brahmins the other castes will not have any birthdays and death days.
    for a marriage u need a priest. to name a kid u need a priest.
    if some one dies…to perform the final rites u need a priest.

    ravana was half brahmin…but nobody worships him coz of his karma.
    Chanakya was a noble soul…so hez respectd coz of his karma.

    in manu smriti its mentioned that

    caste is decided based on karma….not on janma.
    Jaatasya karma anusarena…..not janma anusarena.

  • Not sure if this is the right forum but I’m here for a reason to learn more about Brahmins. The very reason Im here is to know why you Brahmins don’t like pets? I’m having so much trouble from my Tamilian Brahmin neighbours who keep complaining everyday about my dog and cats. My cat wanders around and sometimes ends up in their yard not to poop but to play. They hate my pets so much they even threatened to hurt my cats if it show up again. My dog barks at em for right reasons as they chucked stones at him to try and hurt him, since then my dog cant stand their sight. I would like to understand them better so I can explain them its not right to hurt animals. I even offered them help to over come their fears about cats and dogs but they declined stating don’t try to change us. Keep your cats in cage, in our religion we don’t allow animals enter our house, don’t ever let them enter our house or yard we are Brahmins and we cannot allow any animals entering our home.

    I’m taking measures to keep my cats away from them, but again cats like to roam free, I cant cage them all day. Now all the above somehow made me think if all Brahmins are same or are these the minority of orthodox people i’m dealing with. I even thought Hindus had at most respect for animals but i’m starting to believe its not true.

    Can someone please shed some light on this so it will help me to take positive initiatives so my pets and neighbours both are happy.

  • Its true that the Brahmins of this country India have been suffering as a result of birth community based reservation for school admissions and jobs if not for promotions.But this very same reservation has ,by virtue of the Law of the Unpredictable Consequences, boomeranged upon those ‘scheduled’ communities that get extra protection under the government.The members of these communities are effectively trapped within the system and cannot aspire to get similar (unearned) privileges in the IT/ITES industries.Nor in any nation abroad.
    Meanwhile the adversities that Brahmins undergo during their formative years make them more competitive and ambitious and so they make hell of a lot more money than the Scheduled classes and tribes!
    For your information NO member of the so-called privileged-by-birth classes ever served in the WTC towers when they fell on 9/11.Only 7 Brahmins and 2 Namboodiris and 5 Nairs among the 40 Indians!.

  • A) Brahmins do well in Cricket.
    B) Brahmins fare very poorly in other more athletic / vigorous sports like Athletics / Soccer etc.
    C) Cricket has killed other sports in India

    🙂 And this is a good Sample of what happened in our country since the Vedic Period.

    • Many a times brahmins floundred even in cricket

      Brahmins are meant for knwoledge seeking class but their closeness(connivance) with the british made them enjoy all the good things of jobs. Thus cricket.

      Kapil dev nikhanj is Jat who won the world cup for the country.
      Sachin failed miserably to lead a team with different people. without being brahmin it is rarity to be a cricketer of the country – Vengsarkar – wadekar-manjrekar-gavaskar-tendulkar-kanitkar- list goes lengthy.
      Sourav also a brahmin failed at the final step –
      Mahendrasingh dhoni – won the world cup again.

      By this can we say some thing that brahmins lack the leadership qualities to take the team to winning but wantonly they became leaders and today plight of farmers is due to brahmins

  • I disagree with the premises you shared for your argument, for the following reasons –

    Brahmins were expected to be the custodian of the Hindu way of living and philosophy of life, they were expected to help in building the nation and protect its heritage, both as religious gurus and advisors to the rulers. The order created in the society by Manu was expected to work according to the laws of microeconomics that promotes the concept of specialization and exploiting competitive advantage. If the system wasn’t perfect or didn’t work it should have been allowed to evolve.

    India has failed miserably in exploiting its rich knowledge of science, math, and art. We are dependent on the western world to endorse our glorious past. And unfortunately are still drawing pride from our history to boost our morale. When I look at the fate of the nation all throughout the history, it has been marred by defeat at the hands of anyone who desired to rule it and impose his doctrine on ways of living life here, some of them have been really intolerant to Hinduism.

    We could made the caste system flexible and merit based, if at all anything else, promoted preservation of our heritage which was strongly based on research and rationality, instead of allowing it to turn into blind faith driven, that suited the selected few’ s vested interests. We should have helped build a robust education system, which frankly I think we had, but gave it up or couldn’t preserve it over time.

    As Brahmins, by the rule of karma, we have to pay for our incompetence and misgivings of past. We have exploited more from the society than given it back as a whole. The first step of change is recognizing our shortcomings. It is irrelevant if in the past we sacrificed our lives or were massacred because we were weak or because the assailants didn’t think we have a place in their order, or whether we have forgiven them or made peace with ourselves because of our helplessness to avenge, what’s important now is, accepting how have become today is based on the rule that you pay for your deeds in this world itself (karma). We are nation which has lot to improve upon. We have the largest pool of poor and destitute population, which struggles to make ends meet for wholesome daily meals and someone has to be blamed for it, who do you this is responsible?

    As good leaders we have to take the responsibility for the failure of the system. The result is in front of us to see. All major positions, achievements, and contributions are primarily by Brahmins, why wasn’t other communities and sections of society encouraged or given the platform for contributing, were they not capable? would you appreciate a similar scenario of undermining of abilities or promotion of selected few in a corporate environment?

    I was appalled to see that the exploitation at the hands of Brahmins is still prevalent in the temples, such as Tirupati and Kala Hasti in Andra which I visited recently but I’m sure there are many similar ones all over India, where the priest give an unforgiving glare if you don’t donate to their expectations. I understand it is a materialistic world but Brahmins as the chosen ones were expected to strive for the quest for knowledge, and not forget wealth and fame follows it.

    I hope the readers of my response are kind and tolerant to my contrary views just as the Hindu ways of living preaches! Diversity in thinking only promotes creativity and thus leading to creation of a better world. And if it helps the credibility of my views, I’m a brahmin and practicing vegetarian who chose american education system for my higher education and developed this view after learning a little about reasons for success and failures of a organizations.

  • Hello every one.
    First of all I am not understanding one thing. Keeping aside the point that whether the above told points about Brahmins are true or not. What matters if a person is a Brahmin or Vaishyas or Hindu or Christian. Ultimately every human being on this Earth have more or less equal body parts and every one will be dieing on one day. So in the life which we live between our birth and our death, we should make it as happy as possible. But what people are doing. They are spoiling this happiness by introducing this Caste feeling. Be anti to the Caste System. As soon as we were born we are not Brahmins, we are not Vaishyas, we are not Christians. At first we all are HUMAN BEINGS.

    As far as myself is concerned there’s only one caste in the whole world. That is Human Beings.

  • What is written in the article is true. Let us not forget that many Brahmins were actively involved in Brahmin-bashing under the guise of ‘ secularism’..

  • Why don’t we follow the recommendations of the scriptures and acquire bramhagyan as well as experience the bliss of Bramhan and so become a Brahmin. All are entitled to this. There is no need for any kind of bashing. All has equall access to Bramhan.

  • The article was interesting and mostly looked one sided. I know growing up in upper class has all the privileges and side effects of it. And also how members of upper class/Brahmins behave too. My own aged family member (now no more) used to call maid as “Shudra”. Many older people in community never used to touch others. Many a times upper class people never used to allow their children play with others. Many temples in South India have separate unofficial Food area exclusive for its members. Even today I know many of us try to avoid maids working in our houses not to go to other houses. We do all these stealthily, nothing official about those things. We create fear in the name of God, that is the brahmaastra we have. No God fearing Hindu can escape the fear. Every Brahmin knows that.

    We have lots of support from our own people who are in Media, higher positions, Educational Institutions, Temple cultural associations, etc. Forget about political parties, as we all know.

    I am only worried for us is, we are recognized for our merits but denied the opportunity on merit.

    I am also happy that even with educational reservation policy we have developed competitive spirit and kept up the momentum with our hard work, strategic thinking and fore vision.

    We need to move away from segregation of our older generation and keep moving with hard work, dedication, determination, dreams. It is same for all castes and religions.

  • Outstanding article Sir. I have been trying to uncover the facts from the “perceptions” and “lies” that are spread around by media now, which was essentially started by the invaders and rulers of India.
    I am a typical “stereotype” modern tamil brahmin….born and raised in Cosmopolitian Bombay…moving for higher studies to US almost 2 decades ago and settling down in the West…I was unaware of these realities about my roots…..In my quest to understand my roots I came across this article…and it makes logical sense…
    One point I want to make about Why everybody was not allowed to gain knowledge is….the knowledge that the vedic system created was deep and vast….if this is taught to everyone it will be misinterpreted and used for wrong reasons (which is what you see happening today). Just like studying and understand Quantum physics is not something everyone can do….there is classical physics which you can relate to materially…Similarly the wise brahmins of the yester-years came up ingenious ways of worship so the mass population gets benefit from this but does not need to fully understand it.
    Some of the greatest writers and elinghtened souls of Vedic India were non brahmins….but brahmins took upon themselves to protect and deliver the benefits from these enlightened souls to the larger society.
    Everything in the vedic system was based on a very deep fundamental understanding of Human being and its relation to the cosmos in a non material way.
    If people are told that the temple is designed in a way to facilitate the joruney of activation of your chakras…it will totally confuse them….Instead if you design a society so that they visit temples…the eventual goal of life…self realization – i.e. activation of the Pineal gland….becomes a lot easier….

  • Dont waste ur precious lifetime in understanding the past about who and what of Brahmins. Look at today and think of future. In Hinduism the distinction was brought to identify people of those times as Rulers, Intellectuals, Business Community and Working Class. Now a days it is of no relevance. I feel we can distinguish todays population as Politicians, Middle Class, Business Community and the Poor. Anyone can become a politician, can join the business community or can become poor. Let us not waste our time and energy in segregation let us spend our limited time to serve humanity at large. Broad classification into religion should also go. Let us all Collaborate and Co-exist.

  • Now there was one thing that was not mentioned. I have observed that Brahmins are not cowards, because I have seen that they are unmoved and unrelenting in any task they decide upon even in face of direct physical threat. There is however one more thing that Brahmins have never showed any interest in violence or physical training except saying things in words. One reason that brahmin women are more often deserting their community, because they find Brahmins are pure cowards unfit to live, because they just dont know how to manipulate. In another twenty years, you may simply alter the article and write that “Once upon a time, there used to be a class called Brahmins, who were demons, but BR.Ambedkar, Islam, Gandhi, Buddha……..Christian countries which specially instilled a sense of false liberation on Indian women, where most of the educated women are brahmins, who would shift to USA and destroy the community to become nothing…………..combined and waged a relentless war and saw that Brahmins became extinguished”. Show the life of Brahmin in a museum like they are showing tribal lives in a Gallery.

  • Well documented article .It underlines the need for every Brahmin not to feel submissive and pursue as a true and ideal Brahmin as teachers ,karma yogis detatched from greedy pursuits and to be just being a karma yogis.
    This article should be read by everyone to know the true history.
    As Brahmins we take a pledge to emulate and practice to be a true to and worthy of highest position accorded in the scriptures.
    With all these ,can we conclude Dr A PJ Abdul Kalam was a true Brahmin.?

  • I offer my heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Pai for his very well informed article. Bold, forthright & plain.
    I wish him all the best in his endeavours. I have a group of about 200 in & around Toronto where i am
    a resident for the last 50 years. I am 83 but still active mentally. I will forward this gem of an article to my

  • First, it seemed the article made sense, but I do not believe that Brahmins are dwindling. Brahmins are very much alive and practicing in their faith and culture. Look around you and you’ll know. They may have changed their outlook towards life -in my opinion a decent change. We are in the 20th century, so get over it and accept the change and challenges. However, this is a one-sided story and I would like to hear from someone who has been oppressed by a society. Those people understand alot of the caste system than the Brahmins themselves.’It is important not to be parasitic within parasites’. And let’s just say stuff happened in the past, mostly an unpleasant evolution during a revolution.

  • A very good article written with lot of facts that shows that that society must not jealous with brahmin. And government must have to think about this and either remove the whole reservation system or must include brahmin in the reservation to make sure that the highest brains of our society may contribute in the development of the country then that reserved one goes to the good position and doing worst things.

  • It is Bhramhins priests in the temple who do not allow Dalits into the temple, It is Bramhin, who collect more money in the name puja. The practice of untouchability is strongly practiced and imposed by Bramhins on the others. In 18th century, mostly Bramhins were appointed as teachers in the schools, who did not allow untouchables into the school. Bramhins do not rule but they are the brain behind all the rulers. Who said in the caste system, all three varnas would serve Bramhins. If Manu is not a Bramhin, on what conditions, he wrote Manu Samhita or who pressurised him to write such a toilet book. Don’t lie once again.

  • Long back i have written a lengthy comment Seeking explanation from the most of the brahmins. Can any body answer to my comments. Very few comments are practical and represents the true pictures.

    Brahmins take the temple booty – they accpet the british they were ready to they manage the temples like tirupati and participated in the tenders by britishers for the temple.

    Brahmins are good at making people believe but the truth is they dont have faith in their own deeds. Why should they pay amount to britishers for our temple. we coneviniently change colors to our needs. Brahmins bashed other low castes – Including the jagadhguru Sankaracharya – from where did the panchamas came from. throw light on the facts dont try fancy upon past glory.

  • मी कोकणस्थ ब्राह्मण कुटुंबामध्ये जन्मलो याचा मला अभिमान वाटत नाही तर फक्त आनंद होते. मी ब्राह्मण कुटुंबात का जन्मलो ? ह्याचे उत्तर मलाच माहित नाही तर त्याचा मला अभिमान का वाटावा ?
    लहानपणी तर मला वाटायचे ,बहुतेक ब्राह्मण हे जन्माने ब्राह्मण पण नोकरी,व्यवसाय ,संरक्षण दलात नोकरी,म्हणजे शूद्र ,वैश्य किंवा क्षत्रियच आहेत.फक्त जे जन्माने ब्राह्मण आहेत व भिक्षुकी करतात,किंवा शिक्षकाचा पेशा पत्करतात तेच खरे ब्राह्मण आहेत.
    आम्हा सर्व भावंडाना घरून जे शिक्षण मिळाले ते कुणाचाही द्वेष न करण्याचे मिळाले.
    आम्ही कधीही कुणालाही ओळख झाल्यावर त्या व्यक्तीला तिची जात कोणती ? पगार किती ?असले प्रस्न विचारीत नाही.तसे संस्कार आमच्या आई वडिलांनी आमच्यावर केले नाहीत त्याबद्दल आम्ही आई वडिलांचे कायम ऋणी राहू.
    परमेश्वरी अस्तित्वावर आमची श्रद्धा आहे.
    आज दिनांक ३० ऑगस्त २०१५ च्या लोकसत्ता मध्ये श्री.मधु कांबळे यांचा लेख आला आहे .” फुले ,शाहू,आंबेडकर मान्य असतील तर ….” अशा शीर्षकाचा लेख पान ८ वर आहे.तमाम ब्राह्मण द्वेष्ट्या लोकांनी तो अवश्य वाचावा.व काही शंका असल्यास “madukar.kamble@expressindia.com” संपर्क साधावा ही विनंती .
    ब्राह्मणांना सत्तेची ,पैशाची हाव कधीच नव्हती व खऱ्या ब्राह्मणी संस्कारात वाढलेल्यांना ती कधीच असणार नाही.” शहाणे करून सोडावे सकळ जन ” हीच खरी ब्राह्मणी वृत्ति होय.तरीही इतिहासामध्ये व आजही ब्राह्मणांचा द्वेष होतो कारण द्वेष करणाऱ्यांना ही भीति कायम असते.की याने इतरांना शहाणे केले तर आपली सत्ता जाईल.
    आज ज्या बी.जे.पी. च्या नावाने ब्राह्मणी राजवट म्हणून टीका करताहेत त्यांत सर्वात जास्त टीकाकार हे राष्ट्रवादी कोंग्रेस चे लोक आहेत.कारण पुन: सत्ता मिळेल की नाही ही भीति त्यांना सर्वात जास्त आहे.तीच स्थिती केंद्रीय पातळीवर कोंग्रेस ची आहे.ज्या आर.एस.एस. वरब्राह्मणी राजवटीची टीका होते त्याच आर.एस.एस.ने निवडलेले पंतप्रधान हे ब्राह्मण नाहीत. पण हे सोयीस्करपणे विसरले जाते.” फोडा व राज्य करा ” हीच ब्रिटिशांची नीती स्वातंत्र्योत्तर काळातही राज्यकर्त्यांनी वापरली आहे.
    जेव्हढे लिहावे तेव्हढे थोडेच आहे,फक्त वाईट या गोष्टीचे वाटते की भारतीय लोक खरेच शहाणे कधी होतील का ? भारताला सुवर्ण भूमीचे दिवस परत कधी मिळतील का ?

  • i don’t need to think about history..what they did ,what we did,as i see now ,how much much respect our all brothers and sisters is my bleesing from god..As a big family of HINDU,,,i think we don’t need to defend ourself for i m BBBig,,,you are smmmall,
    As our god’s creature “body”,we have head works for control ,hands works for power,stoumch work for absorb energy,legs works for alway reach to destination,..none of them are efficient body without each other.all prespective have uniqe and working for HE’s admireble work.and our love and respect to each other is ‘soul’ of ‘body’..i am brahmin and i never critisied any of us..i still never think first for my cast,i think for other casts first ,because they give us a respectful and admire work to contribute our time as devotee.as my all my friends are from diffrent castes ,i never see them as SC/ST/OBC..i know them as they are beliveing in our faith in ‘HINDU’ and respecting rituals, mythology,veda’s,puran’s,religion…it’s all enough to know.
    srry little bit english mistaks..but at last
    i m gonna always blessful from our brothers and our lord.

  • The passage is well written. It does encompass the positive or the best examples which survived the history. But that does not hide the truth. Let’s be very blunt, education was never made accessible for all even before british era or mughal era. Neither during chanakya period. Few hindu scholars who tried making education accessible for all indians where either made demons out of braminical stories epic and if it was not possible to made demons and the characters were very famous, it seen that they were made gods out of it. Neither of the above acts are justifiable. Though Western system might have deficiencies, it did bring a way and future for common man. Which thousands of years of braminical society described above didn’t bring. Of-course there is no doubt in that today’s bramin society is cunning & self centered because of its bad past. But when did they have a good past. you create tomorrow ‘s past today. and today’s bramins smell like shit. Let me tell you a real life example, Airtel company chennai branch service has bramins, which does not allow non bramins to even get promotion.

  • Chanakya helped Chandragupta to bring down Nanda dynasty because, Nanda dynasty was ruled by a Shudra ruler. So dont speak high of chanakya. Also if Lord Siva was from a ST caste, who prevented ST caste people from entering Temple? There are lot of flaws in your claim and I dont want to counter each and every one of your claims.

  • it serves india right if its getting underdeveloped , for introducing the reservation system , people say chilldren not to go out of india , instead stay in india and serve , but then our laws gives forward classes no choice but to leave india in search of better prospects because they dont get seats in colleges , even if their marks are above sc/st/obc’s , what if a person who is an fc is more skilled than a person who is sc/st/obc , he doesnt get a seat on college , seats in these colleges should be based on the marks the students get and the cut off should be equal , , if a person is sc/st/obc , doesnt always mean that person is very poor or doesnt hv necessary facilities , giving facilities to these ppl is not bad , but then why rob the oppurtunities for the fc’s? , india wants evryone to sty in india , but it gives injustice to fc’s , then why the hell should we stay in india , we can go to other countries and make them more properous , just as told in this article , whoever is the writer of this article , im proud of you , IM PROUD TO BE A BRAHMIN!
    and for ppl who think that caste sys is bad , read the history which is unpolluted by our foreign invaders , the caste sys was originally based on the qualiities of the person , ppl who value knowledge are brahmins , ppl who have bravery and patriotism are kshatriyas ppl who r good at trade were vaishyas , and the rest were shudras , this was not originally a heirarchial sys , in time it grew into that , and also usually children tend to aspire to be like their father , and that bcame commmon tradition that the caste was considered heirarchaily

  • Hey.. this is “Bhadrachalam Robertson” (viz facebook)…

    1. This is an closed community.. why ? – Because, these are Vegetarians… There was a board in Singapore which read ” All grass eating animals graze together and not even two category of meat eating animals stay together…
    Rules might have been set within brahmin community ” to protect the feminine gender, as Brahmins can’t fight back physically.. ! Hence , closed community.

    2. Personnely , do strongly believe that Caste is nothing but the habits of an individual/family/community.
    Habits are cultivated by practice for an better disciplined living. “Birds of same feather only flock together”

    3. Lets accept that, all past (British/Mugal invasion, Ambedkar rules etc.,) happened was for “Good”, which removed Untouchability, education for all…

    Yet to understand – All Govt/Private Offices/Companies/Secretaries to ministers – There is an bias being followed, if an superior/higher position is an Brahmin and he plays lot of politics ( My personnel 16+ years of experience with various org’s ). Should be the 10% in these castes.

    Lets abolish the Caste system – No quota for sc/st or OBC or any other ! Let govt provision the books, fees.
    No quota in Admission / Jobs

    4. Talents are moving out of country from all castes for their comfort of living , which is robbed by politicians in the name of caste.. ! Lets all unite as INDIANS and not Brahmins or other castes… !

    Hope all agree that, we don’t go back again in seggregation of castes, if time provides an opportunity to flashback… ! Consequences will be what it stands today..

  • There are two classes of Brahmins a) the rich and elite (raj rishies type) who form a miniscule of the brahmin population and b) abjectly poor who form the majority of the brahmin populaiton. The latter are perpertrators of all bad in the society and the poor who are the real Brahmans (i deliberately use this word, because they all believe in the good of the common man and belong to brahmin). While the former are scheming and cunning, the majority of them are poor who eke out a living believing in god (again those poojaries, who provide differential treatment to the devotee who comes to pray in side the temples). It would be decieving and misleading to mix them both in the same league. Also, it would be wrong to compare the brahmins to deers because the deer are harmless. Even a section of the poor brahmin if given a chance spits venom because they are yet to become brahmans.First define who is a real brahmin then assess what percent of the current Brahmin population fits into the definition, only a few will be eligible to be considered as Brahmans others are all just mere brahmins who do not deserved to be called one. One cannot become a brahmin by birth, one has to achieve the status of brahmin and on to become a brahman. Its time for Brahmin community to do some soul searching and start behaving as true brahmins (brahmans) rather than pin pointing fingers at others and whining like …… . I am a non brahmin who has brahmin as close friends, we discuss on this issue and also am benefited by my brahmin teachers who stand out side this crowd called brahmins, they are all brahmans and I prostrate myself before them for what I am today. My respects and pranaams to them, my brahmin (brahman teachers).

  • The muslim chronicles and the many Namas that have been written by the court historians of of various muslim dynasties in India re full of praise for those killing the Brahmin priests of Hindu temples.Their view ,so long as the Brahmins are present they cannot succeed in converting the other Hindus,Take the case of Robert de Nobili an Italian priest who worked diligently to convert Brahmins in Madurai,He was convinced that if the Brahmins were converted the rest of Hindus would follow and he even wore the sacred thread and a tuft to pretend that he is brahmin and so conversion would be easy.he was frustrated and left India as he failed.Similar is the case of the well known writer Abbe Dubious of the Book Hindu Customs and Manners who went back to France as he failed ot achieve his objective.It is easy to attack a defenceless and meek community like the Jews.

  • Just for the record, Brahmans were not ‘poor’, simply because they were supposed to have dedicated their lives to doing sattvic karmas and living the life of ‘Brahmani Charati’. This implies that they are not allowed to accumulate any belongings etc. They are supposed to follow the sadhna system and Shat Sampat so Sudama was one who had excelled in Dama. Even Swami Vivekananda had written how this trend for blaming Brahmans for everything was so harmful. Since they did not have any material resources and wealth, how exactly were they bullying the others. If they had strict discipline and expected something similar from others, is that so wrong? Don’t we expect the same in society today, such as clean environment etc? Does that make us bullies?

  • Brahmin atrocities are based on the principle of detroy purity. Yam and Niyam have ever been a matter of hate for flesh eating violent people.
    It may continue until brahmin emerge as lethal destructive power.

  • all my Brahmin brothers and sister we should make our aim to achieve a knowledge which is beyond our imagination and make world a better place.

  • I am born in Iyer brahmin community from Kerala.I have not seen how my forefathers were and how they lived.I can see only the present.
    My great grand father sold ‘ thorthmundu”( towels) and earned living.My grandfather was a stamp vendor in district court of Tellicherry-kerala.My father was BA of those days and retired as Post master in Tellicherry.I did my engineering and I am in Govt service.My sons, one a Doctor and other an engineer both have migrated to US.
    We lived in a thatched house for rent of Rs.15/- and my grandfather nor father inherited any property or house.Today, we live in our own house.We lived within our means.
    For the past many years I have seen and experienced reservation policy of Govt and the suppression and oppression to persons like me of forward caste.But that will not stop all those who are hardworking ,sincere and honest in their living.
    We say FORGET AND FORGIVE.But the politicians and few handful of people for their own benefits wants to divide the society and take advantage.It is high time that the division of society to be stopped and only merit should be rewarded.

  • All said and done ..Every Brahmin- other upper castes should take a SC/ST to a local temple and do archana at least once in a year for welfare of Hinduism and world..

  • Brahmins are vanishing fast. It is predicted that ganga, tulsi & brahmins are going to get extint after 5000 yrs in kaliyug. So that time has now come. About ganga & tulsi I am not sure but brahmins will get extint is next two generations. All non brahmins can celebrate caste less hindu religion.

  • I am a Satapathy Brahmin of Odisha, and, read all the arguments for and against Brahman’s ….. really a lot of poison expressed against Brahman’s, whereas, there is a lot of polishness in the expression for Brahman’s ….. that is the reason why a Brahman ….. of course its up to the Republic of India, for how many years Brahman’s, one of the poorest cast in Indian social structure, be always face the discrimination in their policy on education, on employment, on promotion and others inspite of their ability and deservance …… Rest, on the point of entry to Temple, there is no such prohibition at all, if so he may be strictly punished, on performing rites at Temples by others then Brahmans, its upto you and your Trust of that Temple ….. any body can performe the same if general public accept the same….. Jay Parasuram.

  • The entire article describes that a brahmin is defined a brahmin by birth.But touches slightly the concept of brahmanism which is not dependent on your lineage but by your knowledge and intention to keep pursuing knowlege. Any community in any society which tends to keep itself insulated and practises marriages and procreation within its members (by birth) will face oppression by others irrespective of its wealth or power.Brahmin community of today has already shed that inhibition and is well accepted socially in every country.The political system in India is based/nurtured/developed with caste as its basis of electing its leaders- MPs and MLAs-.Such a system is not expected to create a castefree society and has actually institutionalised caste as an important social ingredient.The fallacy of the system itself will ultimately destry it anda new system will evolve, as proved hundreds of times in History in every part of the world.

  • the enire article describes all about the brahmans and each and every thing mentioned here is very informative and i didn’t knew most of the things that are mentioned here.really man the article is very well written and very very informative keep it up man and keep posting like this.keep going ang keep writing. even i have also written few articles on lakshmi ganesh ji aarti may you would love to read them.

  • the article written is very good and a lot of in depth knowledge is given here.even i have have also written article on essay on diwali .keep sharing articles like these.kee it up bro.keep writing.

  • all the pitadhipthis sankarachryas are brhmins.why they never thought of unifying all castes why not encourage promote common sanskaras?why brahmins shying away learning new trades? why not encourage translation of sansrit texts prayers into indian languages?

  • you want me to believe you by just writing a simple article which does not state any other real historical facts. get a hike. don’t put the blame on the Britishers without any facts. people know what your ancestors really did to the society and we are not dumb.

  • To things i pointed out in ur article to be wrong..
    1) Vedvyas edited vedas.. Sir Vedas r unchanged and no one can change or edit it.
    2) Manu maharaj never gave brahmin high status.. He gave them higher responsibilities and higher punishment.

  • Vah True. Brahmins must learn from Sikhs 1 percent pure khalis Sikhs are living in India N in the world with raised head and pride. Hard working and do service Sewa for the fellow members of the society Every brahmins must read History of Sikhs spacially of Guru Govind Singh Maharaja Ranjit singh. Of Peswas .of Pune spread Hindu pad padshahi fro TANJORE to Kanpur bithoor Jh
    Ndi to Satlaj. Read learn and follow Brahmins were handling Artillery of Maharaja Ranjit singh ji and fought for the British army. Read learn change your ways serve people

  • What is all said above is 100% true. It is of no use to harp on the same strings repeatedly. What is to be done to restore their past status in the society requires serious thought.

  • This Article is completely Biased.
    Writer mentions that no body has restricted other castes from gaining knowledge. It is a false statement. Still today many scriptures/books are written in favour of this group only, specially mentioning that only Brahmins are entitled for mastering them.
    Writer has cleverly presented some facts, in his supporting.
    But any how , we Indians believe in doctrine of kharma. If a person commits some kharma/act , he has to face it’s consequences. Be it an individual or a community or a country.

    • Mr.RD very easily said that hindus were unable to fight against mughals.He must have forgotten or must be ignorant of historical figures like shivaji maharaj,sambhaji maharaj,rana pratap,prithviraj chauhan,bajirao peshwa and many more.Anyways,better get some history books mr.RD.

  • Krishna wasn’t born in Yadava community. He was raised by them. He was born to Kshatriya parents. So, he was not a Yadava but a Kshatriya. Also all the Zameendars in the Bengali community were Brahmins.

  • Let the Brahmins come forward to make available for all castes in the HIndu fold, the priesthood in all the temples in which they alone officiate as priests. Thereafter, if there is any Brahmin bashing is there, they can legitimately raise that issue.

  • All incidents mentioned in this article were True…Good Article…Atleast we should support them from now onwards..

  • This article is a great summary of persecution of Brahmins. Because of such persecution, many Brahmins (i.e., those born to Brahmin parents) are leaving behind their Brahmin duties in pursuit of lesser goals in life. To those reading this, please share it with your friends – through emails and on facebook/twitter. We should not be afraid to start this much needed discussion about the plight of the Brahmins in this country. India will never fully become a superpower while oppressing one of the most devoted and ethical group of its citizens.

  • Yes i have heard many times brahmans are cruel..they take power..humiliate other caste but i searched the history i didn’t found may be some cases which have i any society..blaming brahman who doesn’t did.. some did..all brahman’s can’t be blamed…brahman’s doesn’t support them…blaming brahman community is demorlising the heads of hindus..thus demorlising hinduism….

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  • Respects to Udaylal Pai,
    This article is an eye-opener to all those who believed the bullshit of the world to be true.
    Thanks a lot for putting so much work n thought in this endeavour, also for the thoughts that got penned down as words.


  • In every community, there may be a few people who don’t follow the righteous path & become a curse on the community. But, they don’t define the community. The same happened with Brahmins. There were a few who abused their power/knowledge in the past & at times, looked down upon the other castes. But, most Brahmins aren’t like that & most of them aren’t rich. They are calm, well natured & helpful if you approach decently. I know a lot of them who always talk about spirituality & aren’t interested in material things, politics etc… They are others who are taking up jobs but also follow their daily practices like Sandhya Vandan etc… religiously. So individual experiences with a few Brahmins shouldn’t be used to judge the community as a whole.

  • The problem is not with being Non Demanding and staying suffered with the Tortures, The real problem is not claiming and not Demanding by Brahmins is leading to a system where all others in the sub caste and middle layers are also put in the same tortured state, Just imagining, when the highest of the Deities Lord Shiva is a Scheduled Tribe and being worshipped by the Brahmins then where is the whole problem, There is a competitive mindset entered into the peoples mind when the time had ripen to get independence, The people started applying logic to make the colonizers i.e. britisher’s give some titles of being the rescuers for past ruled time that’s too not real titles for just getting rid from their rules and being independent, that was ok till that point of time, but after we got the freedom from those rulers, after awarding them their desired titles, now things should be sorted soughted by Brahmins immediately.

  • The word Brahmin should be used only for Brahma gani .There are four varna in Brahman dharma/sanatan dharm.. ..vipra satriya vashya sudra….. GOTRA rishi ….is THE FOREFATHER of THAT particular gotra .. they were Brahmin and brahma gayani….. Rishi putra/sons were divided in four varna according to their skills… for helping each other and society hence varna system is a samajik pratha/niam . after sanyas a man/sadhak does not have any caste or varna because varna is not consider in spiritual progress . In astrology too jatak varna is know only by vipra satriya vashya sudra. another eg from Indian history ..by birth Vishwamitra rishi was a satriya by the power of his sadhana he became Brahma gani/brahman. Hence technically you cant call a vipra a brahmin its a technical mistake done by many learned pandits and scriptures for that you have to acquire brahm gayan, …therefore ..four varna are vipra sastriya vashya sudra.

  • This article is a bit heavy, although this is the first time I am seeing an article published against Brahmins. I can accept that caste system should be abolished but there are lots of disadvantages.

  • I just loved this.

    Truely amazing.

    We really have to hear that brahmins oppressed others in past, but this article helps to counter the argument.

    Please share more articles on sacrifice and contributions of brahmins in past.

    also on how can be abolish the malicious reservation system?