Touching the Earth

Touching the Earth


In the Buddhist tradition that I am a part of, we do a practice called “Touching the Earth” every day. It helps us in many ways. You too could be helped by doing this practice.

When you feel restless or lack confidence in yourself, or when you feel angry or unhappy, you can kneel down and touch the ground deeply with your hand. Touch the Earth as if it were your favourite thing or your best friend.

The earth has been there for a long time. She is mother to all of us. She knows every thing. The Buddha asked the earth to be his witness by touching her with his hand when he had some doubt and fear before his awakening. The earth appeared to him as a beautiful mother. In her arms she carried flowers and fruit, birds and butterflies, and many different animals, and offered them to the Buddha.

The Buddha’s doubts and fears instantly disappeared. Whenever you feel unhappy, come to the earth and ask for her help. Touch her deeply, the way the Buddha did.

Suddenly, you too will see the earth with all her flowers and fruit, trees and birds, animals and all the living beings that she has produced. All these things she offers to you. You have more opportunities to be happy than you ever thought. The earth shows her love to you and her patience. The earth is very patient. She sees you suffer, she helps you, and she protects you. When we die, she takes us back into her arms.

With the earth you are very safe. She is always there, in all her wonderful expressions like trees, flowers, butterflies and sunshine. Whenever you are tired or unhappy, Touching the Earth is a very good practice to heal yourself and restore your joy.

~ Thich Nhat Hahn