Why this indifference ? The politics of Delhi CM Kejriwal

Why this indifference ? The politics of Delhi CM Kejriwal

~ Manoj Sharma, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 

Arvind Kejriwal, CM of Delhi, has been trying to derive political mileage after the brutal murder of Meenakshi in Anand Parbat. Kejriwal can be heard on every TV and FM channels giving clarification to the people of the nation that Delhi Police was not able to save Meenakshi and the people of Delhi are very scared. Kejriwal, in one of the interviews in the first week of June, had sounded rude and arrogant against PM Modi.

Learning from his mistakes, Kejriwal appeals to the PM in a sweet and mischievous style that he should take out one hour in a week to listen to the problems of Delhi. Kejriwal, in another advertisement, can be heard appealing to the people of Anand Parbat and of Delhi, that had they came forward, Meenakshi could have been saved. He further questions the people of Delhi if their female family members were to be in trouble would they remain mute spectators. He is the same Kejriwal in whose protest rally against land acquisition bill, farmer Gajendar Singh had committed suicide and AAP leaders had continued with their rally. They did not have the sensitivity to stop their rally for even 10Mts and rush to the tree and make sense to Gajendar Singh to climb down from the tree. The CM of Delhi loves to lecture the Delhites that they must help a woman who is in trouble, but he was himself a complete failure in inspiring his political supporters who should have taken the initiative to ask Gajendar Singh to climb down.

Kejriwal in his daily advertisement can be heard asking PM Modi to let his govt exercise control over Delhi and he will reform the Delhi Police force.  Is Delhi Police the worst? I doubt! In a neighbouring state of Uttar Pradesh the efficiency of Police is well known.  The UP police was not able to ensure the safety of Saharanpur journalist, who was burnt to death over an article and facebook post against Samajwadi party MLA Ram Murty. This was the same Uttar Pradesh police who was asked to search buffaloes of Azam Khan and it did successfully. But Kejriwal will not utter a word against Akhilesh government because his government has sought the transfer of police officers from Uttar Pradesh!!  Just a reminder to the esteemed readers a couple of years back, Padam Singh, PSO of the then CM Mayawati had used his handkerchief to clean her sandals.

When Kejriwal says there is dictatorship in Delhi, he intends to malign and accuse the Centre. What Kejriwal wants is a subservient, obedient and duteous police force. This Kejriwal has recently referred to Delhi Police as “ Thulla” but he should know that Mohan Chand Sharma who laid down his life fighting terrorists in Batla encounter was also from the same force. Kejriwal has tried to correct himself following criticism.  If Kejriwal sincerely remorse for his remarks he must name a road or launch any sadhbhawna scheme named after Late Mohan Chand Sharma. Sure Kejriwal will develop cold feet. If reformation is needed in police force it should not be restricted to Delhi Police alone; it should be carried out across the length and width of the entire country.

Now our Bajrangi Bhai Jaan, whose larger than life image is portrayed by the electronic media each time prior to the release of his movie, wherever Salman Khan goes to promote his movie, media creates the hysteria in the background; sharp shrills and whistles electrify the atmosphere. Media beams the interview of the girls, just in their teens, going crazy for this man said to be around fifty years old. The parents enjoy the media attention their daughters get courtesy Salman Khan. But same parents will get a massive heart attack if they ever come to know that their daughters are in relationship with a man double or triple their age. This very Salman Khan had tweeted that Yakub Memon, culprit in the 1993 Mumbai serial bomb blasts should not be hanged. The tweets, one of which said, “1 innocent man killed is killing the humanity”. Though, Salman deleted his tweet on the insistence of his father. It raised a storm of protests on social sites. He is the same Salman Khan who is facing charges for killing a blackbuck and is also involved in a hit and run case in which innocent lives were lost. Just a rewind, Salman Khan had visited Sanjay Dutt, when the latter was imprisoned for illegally possessing weapons acquired from the masterminds of Mumbai serial blasts.  It is believed Sanjay Dutt, son of Sunil Dutt and Muslim mother Nargis, was not charged under TADA but was punished under less punitive Arms Act.         

 Ever since Yakub Memon was sentenced to death, Muslim leaders from all walks of life have tried to give it a religious colour.  Many Muslim leaders have questioned why so much of haste in giving death penalty to Yakub. These insane leaders fail to understand that it took law of land more than 22Years to punish one of the Mumbai serial blasts perpetrator, whereas it took him less than an hour to kill over 300 innocent people and cause life time injuries to over thousands of people.

Majeed Memon says that Yakub is being hanged because he is a Muslim. Will Majeed Memon explain since when the religion of convict has become so vital? After every terrorist attack on Hindus, the perception that gained firm belief was that every arrested terrorist is a Muslim. To counter this growing negative opinion amongst the Hindus, it was said terrorists have no religion.  If terrorists have no religion then how come the religion of Yakub matters? After all he was an equal partner with Dawood and Tiger Memon in waging a war against India. Why Muslims all over the world demand death penalty for non-Muslims accused of blasphemy, but oppose the same for Yakub convicted for serial bomb blasts. Indian Muslims are outraged to know that loop will be placed around Yakub’s neck, but they have never expressed their resentments against the killings of Shiites at the hands of Sunni ISIS. The same Muslims had vented their anger and desecrated Amar Jyoti  at Mumbai’s Azad maidan  and also vandalised Buddha’s and Mahavia’s statue in UP  because Rohingaya Muslims were at the receiving end by the Mayanmar Buddhists!!

In recent years, both Hindus and Muslims have displayed an indifferent attitude. Muslims’ indifferent attitude on issues like Surya Namaskar, Yoga and ban on beef meat is enough to convince Hindus that they consider themselves Muslims first, whereas Hindus are indifferent to the Islamic terrorism which is a threat to their very existence. Hindus indifferent attitude is best explained by Tarek Fatah and according to him Hindus have disconnected themselves from their roots and live in their own world–lust for career, money and good life.  We need to find the answers why Hindus are not moved when common citizen in this country is mowed down by an actor’s car. Why Hindus are jubilant to hear the news that the accused actor has got an interim bail from the court, but when one of their family members is fatally injured in road accidents they block roads, attack police station and set afire police vehicles and even accuse doctors of not giving first aid to the victim(s) in time.

Why is it so that Hindus love to give a thunderous applause to their Hero in a movie for delivering a dialogue—“What runs in the veins of a poor man is not blood but sheer water? Why the people come to fatal blows on roads when their vehicles are not given side and a small scratch on their car is enough to cause road rage and the passersby are cold to the crime happening around them? Why is that we have more sympathy for terrorists who had killed hundreds of innocent people? Why we have no empathy for those who had lost their near and dear ones in terrorists’ attacks? Why don’t we see eminent personalities standing for the rights of Hindu victims in terrorist operations but see them filing a mercy petition before the President for a Muslim terrorist?  This humiliating situation can’t be reversed unless the original inhabitants of this land wake up from their deep slumber and stand up for their rights; take pride and assert themselves. The day this happens, we would no longer witness debates, tweets and mercy petitions for Yakubs and justice would prevail punishing all those who spread terrorism.