Why are Modi haters becoming India haters?


Ever since Narendra Modi was declared the Prime Ministerial candidate of the BJP and opinion polls started hinting that he had an edge over others, his so-called critics turned into compulsive haters that they always were (but masqueraded as neutral commentators).

These haters fall into various groups and they could have different reasons to hate Modi – the common factor being an intense loathing for Hindutva – but now they have started hating India itself after Modi became the Prime Minister of the country.

That they would start hating India itself was indicated when many started issuing statements about them leaving India if Modi became the Prime Minister. The implicit message was “I will hate a country that is represented by Modi.

And now they have started hating the country. Recent events confirm this development.

Consider these three major events in the last three months that would still be fresh in your memory:

1. Openly distrusting and attacking the navy and the coastguard of India when a rogue Pakistani boat sank in the Indian Ocean. The Modi haters were more vocal and passionate in supporting Pakistan than the Pakistani establishment itself. Pakistan never claimed that India killed its innocent citizens, but Modi haters painted India as a nation that carries out extrajudicial murders without any provocation.

2. The widespread cheering of Indian culture as “rape culture”. While no one can deny that a lot needs to be done for improving the condition and status of women in our society, calling Indian culture as “rape culture” was as hateful as it can get. Statistics show that rapes cases are higher and conviction in those cases are lower in many Western and developed countries (even if we factor in for underreporting of cases), still Modi haters cheered and clapped when India was painted as the global den of rapists.

3. Stupid wish to see India fare poorly at the Cricket World Cup. As per Modi haters, a World Cup victory will fuel “extreme nationalism” that could spoil Indian harmony. This is as ridiculous as it can get. On the contrary, Cricket is the only thing that unites Indians of all ethnic backgrounds together. When India wins, and people hug each other to celebrate, they don’t care for the religion and caste of fellow supporters. Wishing for defeat of India only shows how a person has started hating the idea called India.

And there are many more examples, e.g. commentators wishing for Modi’s “Make In India” campaign to fail. They are trying to convince everyone that India’s manufacturing dreams will fall flat in wake of competition from China. They are virtually praying that India fails and China progresses.

These events clearly prove that Modi haters are now India haters.

So what explains this? Well, their hate itself explains this transformation. Such a thing happens when a person hates someone or something beyond redemption. It is like ISIS hating “infidels”. ISIS hates everything about the infidels, so they genuinely don’t believe they are doing anything wrong when they destroy monuments or burn people alive.

Modi haters have similar hatred for him. Their hatred is intense and absolute; and thus they have started hating everything about Modi. And now that Modi is the Prime Minister of India, they hate India.

And they think, like the ISIS guys, that there is nothing wrong in what they are doing.

The question now is – can India survive this extreme hatred?

Can the idea of India survive these people who ironically claim to represent the idea of India?

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  • It is only in India that the native majority cannot have their wishes fulfilled. In every other country, even if the natives are in minority (for example, Dubai), the natives enjoy special status. In India, political outfits have made a mockery of Hinduism and have spoiled the entire nation’s approach towards Hinduism. Thus, whomsoever calls himself a Hindu will under fire. To the persistent hater, patriotism is his last priority. If you take Tamil Nadu, you will notice that Brahmins have been persecuted consistently by all the political parties starting from DK to DMK to AIADMK to PMK to DMDK to VCK. Are Brahmins not Indians? Are they not paying the taxes? Are they not entitled to live in peace and harmony? Brahmin-baiting has caused severe brain drain that people who went to USA, Australia and other countries do not want to return. A population of less than 3% of Tamil Nadu is being consistently persecuted and the world is watching. If you sum up the proposition, all the political parties together with the institutions that indulge in conversions, have proved that to them Hindus are enemies; Brahmins are the foremost; and to champion their cause, they would nto hesitate to hate India itself.

  • As We bow -So we reap
    After Independance,the Bhaarateeya Samaaj’ was re Built on Shakey foundation following blindly the western concepts.
    Half baked Edustitutes, their by product -Journalists have damaged Bhaarath very badly
    It takes time Bhaarath to bring to normalcy
    Consistency,Hard work based on-Our own Virtues-Values can rule the Mind ests all over the globe

  • Majority of even Educated Indians are brainwashed Idiots to such an extent that when Chandrayan lands on the Moon on Nov14th,they can’t even question “whynot on Oct2nd?”
    So the dynasty has cleverly manipulated everywhere with looted money n favors,a network of Italian Mafia,who can fool the people thro’ their Pimps in the Media!
    This will not stand the test of Time as there is One Watching these looters closely.
    Modi is God’s Choice.
    Modi is a Karmayogi.
    There is no fear,whatsoever,he will not Succeed!
    Italians will be rooted everywhere !
    Sathyameva Jayathe!

  • Late entrant to the conversation in progress. The recent intolerance debate, highly articulated by the celeb community and the anti- Modi lobby, has added to the churning. The Indian polity is undergoing a catharsis of sorts by this churning. For centuries, the people have been in a subjugated mode and have now found expression through the arrival of this yug purush; the restoration of Bharateeyta/ Indian culture being of paramount importance. The direction shown by the PM is that our ancient culture can be coexistant within the movement towards modernity. A majority of the ‘haters’ appear to be from the principal minorities, viz, Muslims and Christians. I wonder if this is a result of the investigations/audits into their sources of funding and consequent functioning. A majority of the trollers are from these minorities while the rest are classified as Bhakts by them.

  • ….give it a thought, it all boils down to diminishing Soul harvesting….people have now hopes after seeing Modi, one among them rising to the highest position in the country…the self respect factor has gone up among the ordinary….