Vedic India, Its culture and thoughts!

Vedic India, Its culture and thoughts!

Culture is a combination of thoughts and acts that gives rise to righteous impressions of human life. Culture determines the norms of social behavior. It enlightens the principles and ideals that purify and refine the human life. Like a shining beauty, entire human life becomes beautiful and happier by cultural orderliness. Then follows the development of body, mind and intellect. Virtually, development of body, mind and intellect.

Virtually, cultural orderliness rules the entire human life. Human contemplation and character are carved by cultural orderliness only. As soon as we cleanse our thoughts and acts, we become cultured. Purity and sanctity of thoughts and acts are directly proportional to cultural orderliness. In fact, to be cultured, is an ultimate aim and purpose of the human life.

After deep exploration, Acharya Shriram Sharma has stated that our good or bad thoughts and acts are the parameters of our mannerism. Collective mannerism gives rise to culture of a particular society of country. Ultimately, mannerism becomes the culture. In other words, mannerism is the practical manifestation of a culture. Culture is a measuring scale of civilization. After deep contemplation, the ancient philosophers have made a base for peace and happiness. This base is a product of culture. To absorb culture; should be the purpose of learning. Students should be motivated to adapt mannerism. That will make their lives marvelous.

A mannered person can be easily converted into a cultured person. Development of human values and human prestige is the need of current era. It is a challengeable task and every one of us will have to accept it by cultivating mannerism and orderliness in ourselves.


Orderliness gets revealed in behavior of the person. When it enters into the innermost being, it becomes a culture. It makes the man cultured. It should not remain confined to words only. Otherwise it will become formality only. Orderliness must be revealed in the conduct and characteristics. Nowadays, students learn and acquire distinction in various subjects; but they remain ignorant regarding orderliness and culture, which are the aims of human life. Actually, human life should be the admixture of wisdom, orderliness and culture. When man adapts to idealistic principles and emotional sentiments, his dormant potentialities get awakened automatically. Then his wisdom becomes fruitful. 


Mannerism can be learnt in company of well mannered and cultured people. By constant practicing it becomes a part of character and dignity. When man behaves otherwise, he is called characterless. Mannerism should be learnt from the childhood only. Our behavior with youngsters, elders, friends, enemies should be cordial. Such worthful education needs to be given to students so that they become self-confident, well-mannered, righteous and cultured. As these students grow, they command respect and honor. On the basis of these talents, their courageousness and enthusiasm get matured. Such dignified persons always work sincerely and reach the top. 


Higher level of mannerism can be known as righteousness. It consists of ethics, social and moral discipline; and human values. Once cultivated, these characteristics become a part of character and they are revealed in the interaction also.

In absence of righteousness, people start exaggerating their problems. Then, instead of rectifying their own mistakes they start blaming others. Student should introspect within themselves and try to eliminate their own faults. Righteousness can be learnt by deep faith and fidelity. Greatness, orderliness, culture, and mannerism should be the essential ingredients of the student life.