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The Little Known Dark Side of Gandhi


After posting the final address of Nathuram Godse to the court earlier I received a few too many crude and abusive comments/messages. There is no denying that Gandhi contributed a lot in the freedom of India but we cannot just brush away his negative approach towards the Nation in spirit of so called “patriotism”, especially when most of us only know the half-baked “truth”.  Have we become so closed minded and coward that we don’t even dare to question the popular belief? Are we so illiterate, fanatic and hardcore that if someone put facts ahead then all we can do is retaliate to counter with all available force!? Well it is a shame that a Nation which gave so much to the World is deprived of all that makes a Nation and society strong and sane!  I am neither a Gandhi bhagat and nor against him, but facts are facts – no one can deny them. So, going forward I decided to put up some very unknown facts and statements made by Gandhi. 

Though Gandhi was an orthodox Hindu even he went against the sentiments or the feelings of the Hindus in order to maintain communal harmony. The famous Vande Mataram’ song had proved an inspiration during those days. Bengali community almost worshipped the song. But when Jinnah, the president of Muslim League and a handful of his follower Muslims objected, disregarding the nationalist sentiment of the song, Gandhi put a ban on it and forced the whole nation to abandon it. In 1940, Congress announced a decision that the words Vande Mataram’ should not be used by Congress members in any public speeches and announcements.

Gandhi also put a ban on Shiv Banvani. Shiv Banvani is a small inspiring poem by poet Bhushan. The poet had written that if Shivaji had not been born, entire India would have been converted to Islam. The poet had used exact words to correctly depict the fierce fanaticism and intolerance preached within Islam. Gandhi imposed a ban on this poem to keep the sentiments of his Muslim brothers’.

Khilafat movement was an attempt by the Indian Muslim community to unite together in support of the Turkish Empire ruled by the Khalifa. The Muslims considered the Khalifa as the custodian of Islam. Under the leadership of prominent Muslim leaders, the Khilafat movement was launched in most parts of North India. Gandhi suggested the Muslims:

“If the peaceful non-cooperation movement does not succeed in getting justice, then, they have the right to follow the path shown in the Holy Books of Islam and I whole-heartedly support this path.”

Gandhi whole-heartedly supported the Khilafat Movement in order to bring Hindu-Muslim unity. When the Indian Muslims invited the Amir of Afghanistan to attack India and to convert this Darul Harb into Darul Islam, Gandhi supported this move also. Once, when he went to Delhi he held his prayer meetings in a Hindu temple in the sweeper’s colony. Ignoring the strong protests of the priests he adamantly read few passages from the Koran as part of the prayer meeting inside the Hindu temple.

In 1947, millions celebrated the independence that they had won through decades of struggle. But the year was also marked by a holocaust of violence and ethnic cleansing that accompanied Partition. Seventeen million people were forced to migrate and 1 million people were killed. Hundreds of thousands of corpses littered the streets of cities like Calcutta and Delhi.  There are descriptions of train cars arriving full only of dead people.

While riots raged in Punjab, Gandhi told a leader of the Muslim League:  “I want to fight it out with my life. I would not allow the Muslims to crawl on the streets in India. They must walk with self-respect.”

At the time of India-Pakistan partition violent Hindu-Muslim riot took place. Millions were uprooted from their ancestor’s territory and massive violence and slaughter occurred on both sides of the border. At the lowest estimate, one million people perished and fourteen million became homeless. When hundreds of thousand Hindu and Sikh refugees entered India, Gandhi showed utmost sympathy for them. Gandhi said:

“I am grieved to learn that people are running away from the West Punjab and I am told that Lahore is being evacuated by the non-Muslims. I must say that this is what it should not be. If you think Lahore is dead or is dying, do not run away from it, but die with what you think is the dying Lahore. When you suffer from fear you die before death comes to you. That is not glorious. I will not feel sorry if I hear that people in the Punjab have died not as cowards but as brave men.”

Gandhi presented an Ahimsa formula to the Hindu refugees. He advised the Hindus: “The Hindus not to die helplessly. But they are to die without a murmur. Only then the riots will stop.”

In another incident, Gandhi addressed the homeless Hindus at the end of one of his Prayer Meetings and said, “After all, who are the killers ? They are our Muslim Brethren, none other. Does a converting into another religion break the bond of brotherhood ?”

In a speech on April 6, 1947; Gandhi again advised the destitute Hindus, “Even if Muslims decide to wipe out the Hindu race, there is no point in Hindus getting angry on Muslims.Even if they slit our throats, we should be patient and accept death. Let them rule the world, we will pervade the world and merge with it. At least we should not be afraid of death. The providence is made of life and death. Why feel unhappy about it ? We will enter a new life if we face death with a smile. We will create a new Hindustan [India].”

On September 23, 1947, during a prayer speech, Gandhi said, “[Even if Muslims] killed our relatives, our people, why should we be angry with anyone ? Those who got killed met with a proper end. We should know that they attained heaven. Let this happen with Gods’ wish with each one of us. God should grant us this kind of death. If you want to ask God for anything, let it be this.”

On Muslim slaughter of Hindus and Sikhs, Gandhi elsewhere said. “I would tell the Hindus to face death cheerfully if the Muslims are out to kill them. I would be a real sinner if after being stabbed I wished in my last moment that my son should seek revenge. I must die without rancor. … You may turn round and ask whether all Hindus and all Sikhs should die. Yes, I would say.  Such martyrdom will not be in vain.”

Gandhi died for upholding Muslim equality, assassinated in 1948 by Nathuram Godse.

~  Dr. Purna Chandra Pradhan;   Source:  Government of Orissa


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  • I assume during the hindu-muslim riots gandhiji also addressed the muslims.Could you please quote him if such instances had taken place.

  • Thank you for this article & the “why i killed Gandhi” article as i never knew most of the information you provided, & have always had much respect for gandhi. This article in no way lessens that respect, but i am glad to know more about the man. Thanks.

    • How can it not lessen the respect anybody has for Gandhi? Didn’t you read? He was a fucking retard!

      • he was sick bastard who imposed his ideas on others..which did not fruit…the revolutionist had more hand in the independence than of gandhi..gandhi is just like the tarrot cards readers in the tv..that show you the way ell you what is good for you and what is bad…out of their personal opinion who made him the judge to me he was the biggest adn the worst thing that could happen to india..and the more bad thing is that he was idolised like hell..wish people like us..our new generations who has perceptive ideals about things…were there at that time and at a large number…it could have overthrown gandhi ideals easily…and i bet i would kill gandhi too if i had the opportunity..and would proudly do it…and i even dare gandhi could never win against a new generation in deate..we could force him to suicide….wish i had the time machine and support the guy who killed gandhi..he is a hero to me…i seriously wish he would have done it much earlier…though better late then never…hats off to that guy

        • The entire plot being to keep India a jewel in the crown of the British empire even after Independence. The bastard had escaped a life attempt amongst many others in South Africa because he had incited communal riots between Zulus and migrant population in order to make benefit for the wealthy Gujrati businessmen settled in Africa at that time. Thats why the Brits to save their agent sent him to India with full security and he was made to join the INC as British represenatative. He did not have any prior political exposure. How did he become President in his 1st year? And when Bose’s candidature on the basis of a fair election was not liked by Gandhi because his candidature was defeated, even without holding any position (he resigned from his membership in 1935) he had Bose removed. The most conceited bastard of his generation, Nehru had the guts and suave to impress women, like Mountbatten’s wife, but Gandhi would not spare his own under ageneices or his devotee’s wives. The one’s whose wives he liked were asked to sleep with him. And on the days before any non violent peace protest, he would make sure the separated husbands would attend the protest and die so that the wives became his property. A bastard of the highest order, the evil that men do still lives after them. And the bloody West has a big role in keeping thsi image of Gandhi Nehru and all their agents while villifying Bose, Godse and others. Godse should be the father of teh nation.

          • crude and rude. you havent gotten the spirit of the man

            • Britishers wanted to rule india, if you protest peacefully they will not harm you…because at teh end they have to rule you…

              But if some one is killing you, you can’t apply this principle…you are just a chicken in slaughter house…run if you can…fight if you can…your protest will be just entertainment….

              That diff Gandhi could not understand…He thought…If hindu will protest peacefullly…Muslims will not harm him

              • there was no peace at that time from the british.our women were raped in public,men were slaughtered. being in that position how he cannot address that situation. is he that dumb, who has given him right to say that “get killed happily by our brothers”. are u ready to be killed by ur brother

              • I agree with you sanjeev.
                i really wish that indian currency should have a face of shivaji or lokmanya tilak rather that mahatma gandhi.

          • Bravo ! My friend. Thats calling a spade a spade. I have always felt this great saint was an undercover agent of the British. What was left of his sainthood was completed by the British firm by Attenborough. It was a sham that he had to do hard work to generate the funds. Just a ruse I think. Time the real truth about this chalatan came out in open daylight.

            • Im not Indian, but i traveled to India for 14 years. I ve been telling this to my friends there but they couldnt see, without no information about it they would oppose and complain saying i wasnt indian so i dint know Gandu, how blind they are, this b…. was an agent of the brit-ish ( the men of the covenant ) and as is happening now he seek for the destruction of his own as the sick man he was, a mere pawn, an hypocrite. They are trying to destroy India and hindus, i love India, shes my mother, the mother of Indoeuropean culture. Without it, europe and the world will be lost. Wake up my brothers, HINDUS RISE UP, Krishna tells you to face battle without fear, for is already decided the destiny of mecchlas, by mecchla actions themselves…

          • You are a special kind of idiot, aren’t you? Gandhi, as a British agent? Bwahahaha. What did Godse do to deserve the tag? Did he lead the salt satyagraha? Did he starve in prison for his nation? He pulled a trigger and was done. That is his contribution. Do you have an iota of grey cells? Just because you can never be a mahatma doesn’t mean that you use your cunning and base thoughts to bring a great man to your level. Please don’t demean that great man by talking about him.

          • Unbelievable – people with your mindset are alive!! no wonder the world is going to dogs

        • Gandhi is dead now, you are alive. Instead of killing someone, i would like to see you do better than Gandhiji.

          • respect boss, of all i ever heard on this topic u certainly have the best opinion.

      • I lost all the respect I once had for this man.He used the Mask of Peace upon a nation of trusting hearts.It is clear,by reading his quotes,that his desire was to destroy Hinduism.To hand it over to a violent religious race of blood thirsty fanatics,whose mission is to take over the world,and plunge it into darkness.

        • I lost all respect for him too once I learned he was completely disrespectful to the Sikhs even though they did nothing to harm him in any way

      • The people who still respect him after knowing what he has done are idiots and Gandhi was a plain scoundrel who I would have liked to see rotting in jail or hanged

        • Gandhi is one of the greatest minds the world has seen. Who are we to say those who followed him and even now have respect for him are idiots. That is too offensive. Do you think ppl who followed him didn’t have a mind of their own?? they respected, followed, and acted accordingly cause they realized it is possible to achieve their freedom through non-violence. It does sound that he didn’t care about what happened to his fellow hindus but the truth is, his voice was powerful and he was aware of the consequences of what will happen if he steered the mass in the wrong direction. If he had said ” okay, enough is enough, strike back”, then the whole nation would have gone crazy. Many would have died, there’s a possibility of the Britishers taking advantage of the situation and adding more death. We cannot say Gandhi felt no emotion for the death of his fellow Indians. He would have been sad and so were those who lost their family members but they all understood that being violent will only add more fire to the situation. We don’t know how the people felt during that situation, it is unimaginable to put our selves in situations we never faced. Reading about independence struggle will not equal being a part of it. We can all sit here and Judge the actions of that Great man. But we shouldn’t deny the fact that without his guidance and the will of those who fought for our freedom we wouldn’t have got it. So instead of being aggressive about Gandhi’s action I believe we should acknowledge and respect him. Never forget that he didn’t favor or pushed muslims to kill hindus’ but he tried to decrease the intensity of that situation. Those muslims and Jinnah suck but to blame it all on Gandhi is stupid.He is definitely the “Father of our Nation”.

          • Yeah Mr Sane he was the biggest fool the country has ever known. And the ppl who followed him were like sheep with no mind at all and I think you are one of them. With out his guidance we would got independence when Lokmanya Tilak had asked for Dominion status in n1930’s that this TAKLU said we are not fit to be a free nation. I want to ask were we fit to be a free nation in 1947 or are even now fit to be a free nation Please answer this? As you say he did not push the muslims to kill any ahindus but he did not allow us to retaliate under the guise of Ahimsa.

      • Respect the opinions of others, man. Nobody is forcing you to respect Gandhi. Don’t force others not to.

    • I agree with Lewis. Everyone has his own thought processes and perceptions. Data given here along with some different data, perceptions and situation may invoke completely different responses. I am not challenging other respondent’s thought processes. But after analyzing so much data about this person (M K Gandhi) from past so many years I believe (my perceptions) he was one of the greatest people whom I have ever heard about.
      One more point: Congress and other political parties are not adding some positives to his name but has always misutilized it for their personal gains and when this name looses its utility, they will just throw it out of the window

      • Disagree entirely … the guy lived in denial. I salute the brave Sardars who took up the sword and responded to the arrival of trainfulls of slaughtered Hindu refugees from West Punjab by returning trainfulls of slaughtered Muslim refugees. This eye for an eye response stopped further massacre of fleeing Hindu refugees from West Punjab . Gandhi lived in his utopian dreams of humanity. Sadly he was in a position to impose his thoughts on the rest of the country. It was only when Gandhi decided to visit Pakistan and assure them of funds from India that someone like Godse would take the decision to eliminate him before he put the rest of India in a further financial quagmire.

    • Does this lessen your respect for ghandi (i spelled it wrong intentionally): He mocked the Sikhs and called them Hindus even though they were nothing like Hindu’s. He completely refused to believe that they were a separate religion. He was completely anti-Sikh. I also believe he was a ignorant retard.

  • Nathuram Godse – Respect.
    Gandhiji – Glad he died early,this kind of Ahimsa is a total madness.

  • Ye ko bahut pahley khatam kar dena chaheyeta. Thoda late ho giya tha.

  • No matter how much the congress govt tries a eye wash we all know gandhi and his hypocrit ways. What he did in the name of celibacy was that right? There will be a day when gandhi and his ways will be erased from the face of this earth.

  • It seems only a matter of time with the so-called Muslim Minority in India growing upto 30% in the last census, that Hindus will have to fight against them eventually & establish a land for themselves like the Jews did in Israel. With the entire Middle East & other areas under Islam, why do these people want other lands as well. I think that Gandhiji should have taken these things into consideration. Unity was necessary for driving out the British tyranny, but at what cost? Why did he only want Hindus & Sikhs to make sacrifices. If he wanted harmony & peace, there should have been adjustments & sacrifices from both sides.
    I as an Indian respect all Castes, Creeds & Religions in India, but if the Muslim minority grows from 30% to over 50% in the coming years, what’s to stop them from eradicating Hinduism as a way of life?
    I think that his actions & ideology will eventually lead to even greater problems than if he had left his ideologies to himself.

    • It seems that you have your own hostory book and probably didn’t even care to have a look at the real events that happened. Well I would firstly suggest you to read about the conflict in Israel and who was the majoity their and who all rebelled as you are seeming to have no idea about it and probably then your views might change. So it’s my personal request to you please do read things before putting it up blindly.

      And as far as this population calculated of yours is considered, I would say just one thing – Educated people don’t have such weird notions.

    • Another Goon away from the reality. Man We are hindu that doesn’t mean we are only right. Even thousand of muslims sacrifices their life in independent fight, but nobody cares, lakhs of muslics get their head cuts by the britishers because of our India, Did you know that? I am sure you will not because we are living in a country where right is wrong and wrong is right

      • No body is denying the fact that Muslims were killed!! Muslims were killed and Hindus were killed and so were the Sikhs. They all fought for their land. But the kind of shit Gandhi taught people is the kind of weird things that makes me think that he should have been shot years before even Bhagat Singh was martyred. At least we would have saved a lot of people in that fight of independence. He was a sick bastard Gandhi, he favored one religion instead of one nation. Independence came because of freedom fighters likes Bhagat Singh and not because of Gandhi.. Congress party has always been and will always be a Muslim party and till the time people realize this it would be too late!!

      • let a muslim be hanged- asfhaqullah khan sahab

        yes i know muslims died for independence struggle. but they died for independence of hindustan and for division and two nation theory. we are not criticizing muslim community. but we cannot deny the fact that partiality creates the sense of insecurity as well as over confidence and despotic behavior. you can either say both are equal for me or favour one, you can’t do both simultaneously. yes i am not one of the gandhi fan club, but i know he did few things for us and be credited for only few things he did.

  • Mahatma is a title bestowed on him by his supporters. He was not worth the salt. He came back to India to avenge the British of throwing him out of the train in SA. He used the teachings of Jesus as a vehicle to het the tag of non-violent and peaceful and all that entailed. This man was hopeless, useless and worthless. His being freedom fighter and all that attached to it was no more than a publicity stunt by a biased group of people who liked his popularity. Gandhi sucked. This was my opinion when i was 10 and even today @ 40 and it will not change.

  • Gandhiji envisioned a unity yet did he anticipate eventual actions and it’s consequences, even though intentions were sound? The unity he envisioned could only be possible if all people were living the same ‘ spiritual ‘ reality and this can never be the case since each person is at their own platform of spirituality no matter which religion – whether secular or religious. So; he spoke of ways to make people envision what he envisioned and people now question this translation as valid or invalid. He made void any physical defense to cruelty yet made valid a mental passive aggression as defense to cruelty. A fight of the spirit over the fight of bodies. Either way there had been a battle – inner and outer. As a freedom fighter and political leader who was thinking forward over a different subject ie spirituality to attain religious calm amongst people for unity in the nation. Was he right to do so?….This cannot be wholly judged. Did he favour one over another?…. This, too, cannot be wholly judged. All we have is Indian history as evidence today, within which paradox existed and paradox still does exist in current times. Similarly; human beings are paradoxical as well and this is natural to all within. The message I take with me after reading this is ; intentions are not enough to guide reality. Intention + action = consequence. Hence all the 3 should be equally considered to guide through reality. Had Gandhiji done this?…. We cannot wholly judge.

    • If you cannot wholly judge the intentions of Mahatma Gandhiji, even after going thro’ the written statement of Nathuram Godse and the dark side of Gandhiji (see above), then you cannot judge anything. Have a gud day

  • in sort ….gandhi was a selfish and ***** who was trying to lure hindus under pressure from muslims…..margaya sala kuthe ki maut……jo jaisa karega vaisa hi bharega…..and i would be more proud to have shivaji on the india rupee note rather than that *#$%$ who lead to kill many and shining on india as father on nation………….and still today knowing the fact they cant do anything brave like nathuram did….he killed gandhi but this fucking indian congress government made him hero…..god help indians to be indian atleast in india where the belong or better be pakistani…….i am sorry to be angry but …..we were fooled by gandhi untill now and how long i dont know…..but i dont want that studip idoit selfish man on my countries currency note……………remove him from there or tear him from there……………….then only posts like this will be effective to read or useless…..senseless… me and you…….

  • very informative ….from my childhood and as per the conventional history lectures Gandhi’s image has been portrayed as a saint…and as a magician who did ..the unthinkable….gave us independence ..without using weapons or violence … i feel he was needed for uniting the nation on one ground initially ..but later on the type of person he turned out to be is very shameful and ..these types of post should be available to our youths and next generations who follow the fairy tale..without actually knowing about the reality..Thanks Sanskriti .

  • i can’t belive what i read just now i an in grave shock, if this true then i guess what GODSE did was right.

  • Well done Mahatma Godse ……… We are followers of Warriors like Ram and Krishna not a hijda like Gandhi….. …………

  • I am a true supporter of Netaji who didn’t get support from so called Mahatma n Nehru!
    I feel more people should read your article n see the real face of Congressmen who call themselves Gandhis!

    • from gandhi to rahul gandi.. all effected the indians.. and ruined india deeply.. even though these so called gandhi’s are not real gandhi’s just taken there names .. and rulled this country.. they are not even qualified are good at it.. even rajiv gandhi got the certificate by bribing from a university.. these fake gandhi’s from the past to present, these culprits are continuing the work done by gandhi… who is step father of nation..

      • Don’t get misled Gandhi is Gandhi & always the no 1 even God thought Noble prize was not enough & he should not be one among thousands of Noble laurets but 1 & only 1 . Just go by the movie Gandhi in which his intention is explained clearly or else read few books on Gandhi. Criticism is a common factor n God even can’t escape. Gandhi is Gandhi that’s all otherwise world would have exposed him.

  • Gandhi advocated “Sati” for “Hindus”. Following in the false philosophy of post Ashokan “Hinduism” ie. Imperial Budhism, he wanted Hindus to turn Christian (the other cheek). All he ever wanted was for the eradication of all self esteem and self preservation in the crucible of self sacrifice. He anointed Jawaharlal Nehru to see his pogrom through!

  • Mr. Vardhan Patel, I read your reply above and felt your hatred towards Muslims. If you read about Islam you will come to know that those who are most straunch to muslims at the end becomes best muslims.

  • I always used to defend “mahatma” gandhi. But you have opened my eyes. We, from our childhood read such fascinating stories of this person and here i am shocked. Fantastic article, love it.

    • Okay u cannot judge a person from one article. What is the guarantee that this is even all true? We have no evidence from 2 articles by the same man that this is even all true. Remember dont believe everything u read on the internet.

    • History repeats itself, hindus have never been United and always suffered so is the case in present scenario I still find so many hindus supporting SP/RJD/CONG who openly support Muslims over hindu.

      If this doesn’t change
      GOD won’t be able to save Hindu. Oldest religion of world will die its own death

  • The fight for the independence of India started in the South long before Gandhi returned to India after his trip to South Africa. Yet Gandhi never went to the South on his various marches to throw out the British rule. Neither was there any official acknowledgment from the Indian government for the role the South played for the independence and for the rampard they erected to stop the Muslim/Persia/Mogul invasion of India.

    It was with no surprise that the film “INDIAN” , on the fight for independence, starring Kamalhassen was banned from projection in India

  • Congress is pseudo secular, only power is the criteria. If left they may say even Chatrapati is traitor. Many names who sacrificed their lives for independence have been rubbed off from the.
    history by Congi. The latest is KCR fraught for telangana, and his is is vanished. Under the cover of so called secular the parties in India are creating havock. congress will sell india to Italy in ten years time.

  • Gandhi was most probably a megalomaniac. A man who loved his great image than the country. India is suffering badly to this day, his bad decisions. Of course, most Indians patriotically believed back then, and still believe he is a Mahatma, and reality may stay ignored for a long time. Nothing against Muslims, but slaughter of Hindus, and Hinduism in a country traditionally belonging to Hindus should not have been encouraged this drastically.

  • I share the fears expressed by vardhan patil . All of us are aware of the decades of persecution of Hindus at the hands of Muslim invaders and rulers . Since we all also know that followers of Islam cannot tolerate other religions and believe in imposing Islam as superior, they pose as permanent danger to society . They are basically violent in nature and their mandated consumption of halal meat is a classic example . Hindus / Hindu religion is the best in the world for its’ inherent big hearted nature. Hindus have never believed in aggression . How on earth can Muslims and Hindus live side by side. Yes there were good Muslims who loved and believed in peaceful living among Hindus for the same reasons . But their number is in miniscule now. Most Muslims support divisive and anti Hindu politics and are conspicuously sporting bigger and bigger families to bring about serious demographic changes with clear ulterior motives .

  • If he was not there our people and brothers (Hindus and Muslims) fought for india and still India will be a one country. I know he died coz of a bullet. Given the case he must have hammered to death like how muslim brothers to for a brothel. As he is a sick bastard and a traitor.

  • He helped us gain freedom, that was great but if he really did support equality and communal-harmony then he should have supported Hindus and Muslims equally. He, himself being a Hindu should not have supported the Muslims more than the Hindus… I mean no dis-respect, of course. It is true that Hindus have never believed in aggression except some kings driven by greed which alone led to wars, otherwise Hindus believed in peace. Ravana used to rule Sri Lanka, then he was defeated by Great Sri Ram. There was no need for a partition. Equality should be given to all, be it a Hindu or a Muslim….

  • if u understand understand it otherwise think that i am a fool ” happy to be a fool ” , it all works out like this , with EGO man became religious and group centered , EGO can make a man feel he is doing justice even when he is doing injustice , The best way to break EGO is realization of wrong , And best way of realization of wrong is positive seasoning ( Ever lasting compared negative seasoning ) , And best way to Put forward positive seasoning is AHIMSA …Jesus , Mandela , martin luther king , Ghandi ect …. realized it …… can only happen with you if you break boundaries of race , religion , everything separating us from nature and we become another plant or tree which grows and cut down by yet no reflex , imagine those who where cutting also are trees , then they would learn it and turn and attack the EGO in them and Destroy it , ….GANDHI DID NOT SEE MUSLIM AS ENEMY , BUT SAW EGO AS ONE HE FOUGHT IT TO GIVE LIFE WITHOUT EGO , AND MORE A LIFE WITH SENSE OF SOCITY THAN A PERSON ….

    these statements seemingly against hindus where made by gandhi , but its gross injustice if you don’t also say gandhi’s words to muslims …

    on contrary you may have a question ” why is islam the fastest growing religion of world ” , its because you are attacking the enemy’s followers , why not kill the enemy itself ” the ego ”

    for gandhi’s principles to work , (1) there need to some audience , (2) free exchange of information (3) freedom of expression ,…although it will work in other conditions also though with with less effectiveness ,….what unknowing we are doing is just opposite , we are making the society more religious to attack muslims and other religions , yet we completely forget who our enemy’s are ..

    • I completely agree with Sunil. Off all the comments read, you got the point (i guess). “To err is human” – so is Gandhi. He may have made mistakes but the main root of evil was EGO which Sunil have pointed out above.I guess if a lot of people thought about it, with having patriotic sentiments, i think a lot of people will get the point.

      — Let peace prevail.

    • Indian, please don’t compare Gandhi with your ass, your ass is supporting you everytime you want to sit, but Gandhi sold his ass to Jinnah. I salute Subash Chandra Bose and Shivaji.

      Equally I honour Nathuram Vinayak Godse who safed India from being thrown to charity.

      They had their ass intact with them, while Gandhi was exposing his ass to his women around him. Ptui. Don’t call him Father of Nation please. He was a greed for woman and power. He is fit to be call Father who tampered India.

  • The other reason to hate Gandhi is the fact that he imposed the Nehru lineage on India. Why did he hate India so much that we are still reeling under that mistake?

  • There obviously lots of people who were pro-British who hated Gandhi. The RSS & Jamat i Islam were the two communal organizations set up in India by the British to divert attention of the youth from Anti-British to anti- each other. Have you ever seen RSS launching any moves to get rid of British from India – any movement, at all? Same can be said of Muslim League & Jamat – e- Islam.
    Additionally, taking comments out of context is both mischivious and driven by hidden agenda of the author to malign Gandhi.
    If Gandhi was so flawed – how did Nelson Mandela & Martin Luther King and others got inspired by his life and work? Here is a simple picture of the world Gandhi faced –

  • If the father of the nation was so inclined to the minority cause he so espoused ,why didnt he lead by example and embrace Islam rather than exhorting Hindus to be tolerant and face death ???.He could have started eating beef to start with. Beats me how gullible the people of those times were.The beginning of the end of Gandhism has just started.People of this generation are not hypnotised anymore.

  • I did a survey. I asked 700 post-graduate students in Pune on 15.July.2013, if they believed gandi is fadder of the nation. Out of 700, only 17 raised their hands. Most students said gandi was the HORROR OF INDiA!

  • I jst dnt understand y still 2day we r taught dat gandhi was a gr8 man…he was a fuckin pimp who was behind d partition so dat he can be a memorable name in d history of india…..had i been at d position where respected Godse was,i would hav ripped his head of his body……dat fuckin bustard doesn’t deserve a place on indian money…..

  • i think Gandhi should not have been given the title of Mahatma, all he did was leave us scared and his actions delayed the achievement of freedom, cause he was too busy spinning the wheel of so called ahimsa driven fight for freedom.

  • yes this is an important fact of our history to have got a divided nation which was one. it feels disgusting to see what selfish means one can use to attain their goal. In the long run, or atleast after so many years of independence what i feel is the bad politics that have been played by the so called leaders to have our country still economically backward on the global platform. Here we stand at this day talking of something that has passed decades by, where as true citizens of our country we should be worried as to how to put India back on top on the global economic and cultural platform. It is very important to educate our children what life has to offer and the wider aspects to be attained in life. if i were to give a very simple example, ask a child today who is going to school from a rural or urban backgrounds. He/She would still talk of being a doctor/engineer/govt.servant etc. (i bear no offense to people working in these fields) unless any elder has spoken to him/her as to the various options of career choice. anything lesser than a 95% on the general caliber of education is considered disgraceful to the child and the family. it is when we let each child pulverize his/her talent, no matter what field he chooses to be in, we would still remain backward as a country on the economic platform. its about time we ask ourselves.. are we still going to be affected with the talks of modern day politicians who still make talks of hindu muslim rivalry that had happened years ago and pave way for their selfish ways jus as gandhi did or be sensible to step up to the situation as Bose or Tilak to make a difference, no matter how small at its inception, to bring forward a better India.. cheers everyone.. god bless.. peace…

  • I completely agree with u mr. Indian with a different thought!
    Its the time not to waste more time worrying about petty issues and beliefs that could probably a game of any ducking Politician or a stupid Egoist. Its time to collectively stand up and strive to put our mother India at the top of the world( here again, not to dominate others and dictate them but for the greater good:) both economically and culturally. We must not bother much about the past, the historians or politicians since.. meh.. they were humans too..! but knowing the facts and critical thinking DOES help and IS necessary to avoid making the same blunders the people of the history did. We don’t have personal enemity with anyone hindus or muslims or Sikhs or Christians whatever.. I am a hindu and ive been taught to be tolerant and I Do believe in that, but not at the cost of my self respect. That’s it! Anyone with a similar attitude is a brother! I do have some very good friends among muslims too. Im not against anyone and yea I value myself too. But I’m not an egoist like this Gandhi and Jinnah who r responsible for killing of millions just for the sake of their names being Up in history. Shame on us calling him Father o the nation and the worst part ignoring the millions of others’ sacrifices.
    After reading this I’m more happy that the Gandhi dynasty has been checked by the citizens of India from the highest power! kudos India! This doesn’t mean im an ardent supporter of modi or bjp, but hell yea for a change ! for the brighter future of India!! And cmon Hindustani is not bad! his intentions were not correct though. jai hind!

    • the current Gandhis are not connected to MKGandhi. They are the offsprings of Feroze Gandhi and Indira, the daughter of Pandit Nehru.They exploited the Gandhi sir name.

  • The problem is not Gandhi ..its us the people who just follow our leaders without even analyzing things.. Its the same till date we support politicians on the basis of what we hear Rather than actually knowing the facts..Hindu Muslim riots of 1993 didn’t have a Gandhi …wake up people please,for the good …

  • The greatest non-violence in human life is not physical but psychological or spiritual. Gandhi always wanted everyone to follow whatsoever he said. Otherwise, he threatened to go on hunger strike or actually he did it. This way he forced everyone around to follow his principles and path. Is this non-violence? If you cannot listen to opposite views and take the best out of them and balance your thoughts, principles and methods, then what is the point in preaching non-violence? Whatever he preached Hindus during 1947 partition, had he preached Muslims as well, then we may say that he was impartial. Blood for blood is certainly not the right way. But, expecting one to shed blood all the time, without any resistance even in defense, is utter foolishness. One may die, strictly following his owns principles. This may be classified as personal idiosyncrasy. But, expecting or forcing someone else to die based on your principles is shear non-violence. This is a psychological abusive behavior or an emotional degradation or a spiritually incorrect attitude.

  • Agreed with Indian with Different thought ! If India has to progress socially/economically in the global platform the first thing we collectively accept Common Civil Code and Equal Opportunity without Reservation whatsoever. If we areable to achieve this then the difference in caste creed etc etc will automatically vanish and caste and religion will become a private affair. Also government should not support any religion based subsidy like contribution to Haj Piligrimage. If the Government starts treating all are equal that is the day of true independence achieved by Indians and not the one supposed to be got MKG !

  • Indians are in debt to Nathuram Godse. The man of courage. I wonder what would have happened, if this so called father of our nation,would have lived even a year longer. It needed immense courage for “GANDHI VADH” and Nathuram managed to get that courage. I don’t think I would have any respect for Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the next time I see him on the currency notes.

  • I can’t believe this were comments from Indians. I feel ashamed that they can’t see what stays hidden in Gandhiji’s words.

  • Gandhis book “my experiment with truth” actually betrayed indians by not mentioning the actual background of nehry family….also the conversation of feroz to parsi by changing the name to feroz gandhi…..

    We have been deprived for 60 years the basics for the poor people….because of dynasty rule….hope the change and growth will start for india and will do the turn around in the 21st century…

    in history surely we should forget and remove most part of nehry dynasty and also mahatama’s gracy decisions which lead to the split of india….and we are stil facing the music….from so called brothers of us!!!

  • Gandhi could not bring up one of his sons properly. Yet he is called
    as Father of India!(nation)

  • mera apna yeh mat hai ki godsa desh bhagat tha, sahan karne ki bhi had hoti hai…………

  • Gandhi’s ideas were difficult to understand for any common man.He held his own understanding on non-violence,ahimsa etc and these ideals were to be acheived in perfection to his understanding and he demanded nothing less than that.Due to these methods,he faced criticisms not only from his rivals but his supporters too.
    India,being a country of Hindu majority,he expected us to make the greater sacrifice to make the muslims comfortable in a hindu dominated majority.I agree,it was too much of a ask for some of the hindus and move seemed impractical.He was asking humans to be much more and closer to a divine figure devoid of various human weaknesses but inspite of all these negatives,he was the cog of our independence movement and gave the movement a much needed path and direction,a direction of peace and a path of non-violence.
    We were sometimes unable to comprehend his whole idea and other times even he failed to lucidly impart his understanding of the idea.This caused several failure of his suggested movements but overall we followed his ideas not to the fullest but to the extent we understood and inturn it was decisive in our freedom.
    He deserves credit for our freedom not the whole thing but surely a major one.

    Despite all his negatives and stubborness,it were his ideas that influenced the masses,united them and form a common and a resilient force against the british raj.Not all means of freedom gurantees a successful and a prolonged practise of independence .He built our democracy on pillars of truth and non-violence and hence eliminated the possibility of aggression and violent turnover of the rulling government in future as it is evident now unlike most countries freed by agression and violence who have to suffer the fate of a coup or military oppression or even dictatorship in the longer,chile etc.

    He gave peace and non-violation a whole new dimension,an identity non-existent in the practical world but ironically dominating the pages of every religious book and moral institutions.He inspired Martin luther King in his fight against the whites in U.S and even Nelson Mandela In south africa.

    He had his negatives but its only human and his pros will anyday outweigh his cons.

  • all i can conclude after reading about our pre and post independence period is that; in glorifying one single personality(Gandhi) and his contribution, the historians have done a great injustice to all the revolutionaries and freedom fighters across India ( several freedom fighters from Punjab, West Bengal, Maharashtra and pan India )
    It was an independence attained by the efforts of myriad of revolutionaries but they all hold hazy picture in the Indian minds due to the over glorification of the top noch Congressmen (Nehru – Gandhi ).

  • Thank Ishwar Godse did right otherwise Hindu community would have suffered more.

  • Gandhi was just like Ram Deb Baba got fame due to publicity not by internal material , he is the worst enemy India ever had.

  • As a lecturer of history, thinker and Hindu, I believe that what you have quoted-write is almost correct.

  • This Taklu used Khadi Condomes and thats why he is called Father of the Nation.

  • Wipe out GANDHI from school text books….for spreading hatred…

  • I lost respect not with Gnadhi after reading these articles you posted, but with our community as a whole. Why do we always tend to get so manipulative that we end up following the wrong leaders? This scenario has not changed much, we always fall for someone or the other. Currently too, we all have fallen for Modi. though nothing negative has happened in this case till now but then again why are we so weak that we get manipulated so easily with words and phrases?

  • Guys,
    Just read the books written by Swami Vivekananda “O HINDU NATION AWAKE ARISE” in that book he urges that it is not considered a sin to kill even a “bramin” who wants to kill you or want to destroy your religion . I couldn,t understand why people contemplate the wrong meaning of “Ahimsa” or non-violence . if necessary we should take revenge we should prove our vitality,manhood as Shree krishna did in ranbhumi.
    jai hinu jai hindustan



  • Is there any evidence in relation to the quoates? what were the sources? can you name it. The article is an eye opener but i would like to verify it before sharing it with others.

  • Aren’t we still continuing to suck up to Muslims, Christians etc. I mean I have no issues with them, I have my circle of friends. But have to say this, I see the unity in them that we as Hindus Lack. We always preach that all religions are one and all that, but talk to the Christian she/he will say Jesus Christ to be the only god, Talk to Islam they will not even think of anything or anyone other than Allah. With our relatively numerous options of worshiping any god, a conversion for Hindu to any of these religions will not be a major problem, and they end up preferring these one-pointed concentration of a single entity. The governments especially the Congress was always sucking up to the minority community to the extend Hindus have become the new minority in their own country. Sometimes I am saddened by the number of conversions happening, and I always fear whether Sanathana Dharma will disappear, such a beautiful humanistic way of life cannot be found else where, SAd that our own people don’t recognize this. The latest of the problem is the growing number of Atheist.


  • Why was the trial of anthrax godsend not done by jury in an open court? Both nehru and Gandhi failed in all their efforts and sacrifices when they agreed to the partition of the country and their ideology and preaching failed completely..Inspite all this killing anyone is not justified when in our religion we do not kill even the insects.u

  • I think if Gandhi would not be there India would be have got Independence early and India would be a developed country… I just hate him and Congress government too… All Gandhi’s behave the same… at that time people suffered under british power and now people are suffering under congress government.. If congress gov would not exist India would be super power till.. I know people also need to change lil bit if country need to developed but there would be vast change if gandhi’s did not exist only…

  • Tanveer,

    Thanks for your comment. I am no Islam hater. However, I do feel confused about how to evaluate it well. Your comment intrigued me that if I read about Islam I will one of the strongest supporter of it. I have my serious reservations, but let’s get into a mature dialogue. I want to understand Islam. Help me do that.drop your id which I can reach at.



  • Feels so sad tha half truth history we learned and same our children will be learning. I wish the chapters are deleted from the history pages or give the full story (truth ) and let the future generation decide themselve who should they follow

  • It is too late to know the follies of Gandhi. After independence, Congress under Nehru came to power and it was under power for too long to allow the truth to come out. Damage, unfortunately, irrepairable has happened. Fro the day of independence, India has been spending a lot of its budget in defending it from irresponsible non secular neighbor. This is the gift of Gandhi and Nehru. Create a demon and fight it all your life.

  • I am a third generation Indian born in Guyana, where for 28 years an African Party {PNC} in my country stole the Government from a majority Indian Party {PPP} with the help of the British and American Governments. The Africans beat, brutalise, rob and burn our houses and rape our indian women at will and the indian men did not fight back. This is all to do with the non-violence that Gandhi instilled on Indians because I often heard it said. ” An eye for an eye and the whole world shall go blind….. my arse. I say a tooth for a tooth, the fittest will survive and at least if we should fall we will fall with the dignity of defending ourself. In a way, Gandhi was a self made dictator imposing his will on helpless indians

  • I dont accept gandhi as the father of our nation and after dis article i feel ashamed dat we give so much of respect to a person who just dosent deserves it …he literally said dat muslims have a right to kill hindus and sikhs nd d later should accept it as gods will or rather as mahatmas will .

  • Well I think many of you guys know this. The so called MAHATMA was a defence lawyer for many english smugglers in south africa when he stayed there. He was probably an ass licker of the british.
    This article should be shown to every INDIAN out there. And ppl still supporting him are FUCKTARDS

  • Seriously…..I feel relieved that this man did not stay on for long after India earned her independence.

  • Author seems paid professional, I wanted to show all dark side of gandhi but he didn’t mentioned any positive side of gandhi. Today world accepts gandhi philosophy and we forgot it. Nalson mandela followed gandhi’s thought.

    • brother article is named dark side of gandhi not bright side of gandhi. nobody opens an article named dark side of gandhi to read how good he and his fucking philosophy were

  • mr. anonymous doesnt even know how to spell “nelson mandela” n he’s talking about his philosophy… sir, the motive behind nelson mandela’s thought was the unification of the black n white races in south africa, which ws torn apart due to apartheid… while gandhi, his motive was separatist politics… n he somehow succeeded in fooling the entire nation… his ‘harijan’ philosophy was just a sham… he never ate or even shared his meals wid the ‘harijans’… infact even took his own goat for milk everywhere… n his autobiography… well, it sounds so bloody superflous n exaggerated… self-praising pile of bullshit!!! like he wants to call himself god… the fact remains that because of his and nehru’s political agenda, india was partitioned, which could have been prevented had gandhi firmly put his foot down… rather he went on his famous idiotic good for nothing fasts… did the fast succeed in saving the thousands who were killed??? u know the answer… d conclusion i draw is politics is always dirty… d politicians then were no different from the politicians now… scavenging and preying upon the common man… n the common man is stupid enough to end up worshipping selfish men like gandhi…

  • From here onwards on every 30th Jan I will pray whole heartedly for the biggest of my motherland parampujya shri Nathoo Ram Godse. Though i knew that the useless bastard (so called Gandhi) was biggest curse to the nation, but I was ignorant of such great facts. He should have be killed long long back. Shri Nathoo Ram Godseji should be called the father of the nation. Being a patriot of this nation I bow my head in respect to you Sir. There will be a day when this poor and useless people of this country will understand what a great job u have done for this nation for which you had to sacrifice your life. RIP Shri Nathoo Ram Godseji.

  • This is definitely a sick forum and needs to be banned by the Government of India. People who criticize the Mahatma dont deserved to be called “Indians”. Its unfortunate that so many fanatics besmirch his name.

    • GO and file a complain, try your BEST… Truth is bitter and hard to swallow!! Educate yourself instead of being a spoon-fed sheep!

    • You should be thrown out of this country. How the hell do you say that a factual information like this should be banned. Every country men of India have got birth right to know the truth of this Country how ever bitter it may sound. If a truth seems to be bitter to swallow that doesn’t mean it should be banned and suppressed from public.

    • Is there anything called irreversable brainwash

  • Thank you all. Really I got to know a lot from the write ups you have written. So real Indians are not Gandhians!

  • Gandhi ji was a great man, but the man who killed him was greater than Gandhiji. He knew that he is going to kill a great person, but for the sake of nation he killed Gandhi Ji.
    Every great person is not suitable to run nation so Gandhi ji was not.

  • Thanks for this post……its enlightened me about Mr.Godse……Hats Up……

  • The post is eye opener, on wikipedia godse termed terrorist. In the country where we call Kashmir Muslim as freedom fighters this the gift of Gandhi ideology.

    I believe if Godse would have succeeded early we would not have gone through the pain full devision.

  • If not for Gandhi’s idiotic ideas about Ahimsa, Indian could have celebrated freedom from the British much earlier

  • All Gandhi, Nehru and Indira were the main reason what India is today.
    I dont know why we all think them to be the great people of the Nation. they were all greedy of the power and fame. Congress party was a good party but these people ruined it for their self benefits which their followers still following to do.
    I wish we all could remember more other patriots who really brought independence to the nation.
    And i thank Nathuram Godse for ending the life of such a selfish man. and even ask a favor from the govt to remove the face from Indian currency.

  • Gandhi was in a place where he could negotiate with British to stop the execution of Bhagat Singh,Rajguru & Sukhdev by not signing the treaty,but he didn’t as the bastard knew that the people started supporting the fight of the martyrs, and his popularity was outperformed. Its the raita spread by 3 fukin bastards Nehru,Gandhi & Jinnah just ’cause they wished to rule.Heard somewhere but not sure that they were behind the death of Subhash Chandra Bose also.. a hidden truth..

  • Not only did he sleep with naked teenage girls he did this too all for what a mask an illusion and alot of people are like him an illusion to keep the muslims alive,i say we kill ’em all!

  • If all these words written are true….i want this to be linked to Wikipedia of Gandhi’s page.

  • nathuram wud have killed gandhi earlier before partioning india..see wat has happnd to our nation n ppl ..either of any religion ..they forgot the humanity..god….all politics..n yeaa..gandhi was the true politician …he was worst than hitler..!!!

  • Independent India: Gandhi is a Propoganda that the West has laden on the Minds of people to save itself. Its my Personal Belief that our Freedom was not earned but was given to us not on gold platter but like it is given to a begger. Remember that Just before our Independence Britan has fought two back to back World wars. It was WWII along with a economic depression at that time that had broken the back bone of the british empire. They did not have enough resources to have rebuild Great Britian itself. At that particular time they could not look after the whole of british empire and have to let go off some. Also the pressure was surmount on the Bristish empire due to Subhas Chandra Bose forming INA and The rise of more proactive independece activist gave them nightmare. This eventually led them to conclude that it was better to partways and give India Freedom. Right before they left India they had collected taxes surmounting to USD 1 Billion at that time from India. Which they latter utilised in rebuilding GB. So after Independence India didnot have enough money or resources to rebuild itself.

  • I guess hitler had the courage to protect germany and her people, but I do not think Gandhi had what hitler had. There might be some hidden truths of Gandhi before the time he stepped into politics in India. My doubt is, HIS PERSONAL LIFE. To all researchers, I guess we can find out the truth (of why Gandhi fully supported the Muslims by abandoning our hindu people and our motherland INDIA by brainwashing our people that SACRIFICE OF THE SELF IS SOMETHING SPIRITUALLY SACRED) if only we can dive deeply into the HISTORY OF GANDHI’S PERSONAL LIFE.

  • Gandhi is born Bastard, hope this Bastard is not playing his dirty ploltics at either Hell or Heaven where ever he is!!

  • Gandhi wasnt a bad guy, he was an idiot.

    When you are in power and your actions are responsible for the life and death of women and young children, you cannot talk like this. I respect Mahatma Gandhi as a good human, but he should never have been holding any power

  • Rabindranath Tagore called him Mahatma. He did not know the dirty politics of the so-called Mahatma.
    Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was forced to resign from the post of Congress President because this Mahatma opposed the democratic election that elected Netaji. And the Congress talks about Gandhis democratic ideas.
    The fuckhead Gandhi and his cronies invented those ideas of Indian (Pseudo) Secularism which Hindu- bashing, (Pseudo) Ahimsa and all the shit. Gandhi was a propaganda by the Congress bosses to usurp the fight for Independence. Gandji side-tracked efficient people to make Nehru the Prime Minister of India.
    All his ‘Experiments with Truth’ are bullshit. It is hard to believe a person who claims that he has not been untruthful.

    • He was a Blackmailer. But They never called it Black mailing

  • its ok taj mahal and kutubminar and many other indian temples were accredited to muslims we have been taught wrong and false histroy for the last decades. again we have given chance to the converted gandhis in fact whose identity is mistery to rule and ruin us for the decades

    people have changed now only let us think for bright future

  • i believe that its because of gandhi that india is partitioned and we have such rivalry even now ….
    i have learnt that truth and ahimsa are his weapons but there is no truth in what he said and in fact his work for independence led to brutal killings and massacres….
    in my opinion he should nt be addressed as the father of the nation….and his bday shouldnt be celebrated as a great day and as a national holiday……….in fact there are finer people in the list who sincerey worked to drive away britishers…ex rani lakshmi bai..bhagat singh,..etc

  • till this day i was so so with gandhi, after reading this oct 2nd and jan 30 is just a wastefull days in indian histiry

  • Dear God. I was shocked to death after reading the article.To think I grew up just like Godse in my childhood,respecting and hailing Gandhiji and then slowly finding out that something is wrong here.I Feel a sense of betrayal.That’s probably what Godse would have felt too.No human being has a right To ask millions of trusting citizens to just walk into death happily. Answer me, do you have the right to even influence one person into doing that? I don’t want to comment on the fact that Godse appointed himself as Gandhiji’s slayer.But it looks like problems would have escalated 10 times if Gandhiji was not silenced.That bothers me very much. Also the fact that the life of such a learned and intense man as Godse was lost when he was just 39.Huge loss for India. How many men and woman die this way? Our ancestors,our blood, for one man’s misconstrued beliefs? Hurts me to think that life’s lessons have to be learned like this.Is there no other way to learn than cause violence in the name of peace? Is there no other way to exist, than adjust to the whims of a few contorted minds that have made an entire religion called Islam, look violent? I’m not ready for one more betrayal.Are we truly free now? How many more Godse’s does it take. Answer me?

  • After looking at these article and also based on some other facts it seems to me that Gandhi is too greedy a person for getting his power, popularity, fame and publicity. I see no difference in the way today’s politicians tries to increase there vote-bank. And in my opinion a greedy person like this can never be selfless and saint like as Gandhi use to portray himself in the public. There are other national leaders and patriots in those days who were definitely the real hero for our independence. Obviously Netaji was the most prominent personality among those personalities for India’s Independence, but our history book does have only page for Netaji where as a complete chapter for this person called Gandhi. Even it is heard that Gandhi and Nehru has got something to do with the disappearance of Netaji. I will not surprised if that is true because it clearly appears that, they did not want Netaji to return back to India because that could have been potential risk on there political positions and popularity.

  • This is utter madness. Gandhi wanted to make sure that Hindus suffered like chicken while the Muslims took them out one by one. If he was alive to see the Kargil war, he would have asked Indians to surrender to Pakistan. In fact if he was still influential, he would have handed J&K to Pakistan long time before. He was my idol, a person whose ideals embodied in the work he did. But I’m astounded to know the the man we read about in our history textbooks, is a man who was responsible for a divided India itself.

  • There are some persons having power of keeping people blind .Mohan Das Gandhi is the leader of them otherwise he couldn’t keep us blind till now .It will be better if we call him devider of nation instead of father of nation.Thank you Godse ji for your great did.

  • Super article.. Must read by every Indian and blind followers of gandi(u)

  • I read this article and got to realise why Gandhiji was known as “Bapu”. When there is a fight between two siblings, generally, parent ask the elder one to make adjustments. For Gandhiji both Hindus and Muslims were his children. Every parent can understand this. It’s the parent who has to sacrifice for his children. Gandhiji got killed by one of his child.

  • Dear writer of this article,

    It appears you have failed to understand Gandhiji’s words. It requires a spiritual meditativeness to understand what Gandhiji tried to express at that time. But it appears from your writing that you have understood Gandhiji’s words only from an orthodox religious vew. There is a vast difference between being religious and being spiritual. It requires a spiritually inclined being to understand Gandhiji’s words because Gandhiji himself was a highly spiritual being and not at all an orthodox hindu. I am a Hindu myself and after reading what you have written, I clearly understand deeply what Gandhiji meant by what he said.
    I sincerely urge you to please, learn and practice some spiritual breathing techniques before commenting on highly spiritual beings like Gandhiji or anyone else. You never existed in those times and that’s why you cannot appropriately comment on anything of those times.
    The young India of today must learn and practice yogic spiritual breathing techniques to understand the deep hard works of the highly spiritual beings of this world.

  • This article completely ignores the sex-starved Gandhi who slept with his own grand-daughter. The author should research and write about the miserable life of his grand-daughter, so people can know that this messiah was as much a child molester as another (preceding) messiah he adored. and it should also be clarified, that in the riots of 47 it was not once did he tell the muslims/pakis to stop their heinous crimes. It was in fact Sardar Patel, who announced if the killing of Hindus in Pakistan does not stop, he will retaliate in kind.

  • This bastard has planted a time bomb which is about to explode sooner or later in which another partition of this nation would happen. And the so called followers of Gandi/Neharu as congress still protecting that bomb. This Timebomb could be term as politics of minority, reservation etc. which wouldn’t be an issue had they (Gandhi/Nehru) let all the Muslims from Hindustan go to their Pakistan. If separated, it should be a clean separation.

  • Okay 2 things:

    1) Im reading all these comments about how Gandhi ruined this country and thats why we are suffering now. Like all this shit about how stupid gandhi was and how he led us into a worse future. Okay not saying he did or not, but instead of always complaining about it, how about u guys do something? Like u guys are always like “this is why we are bad now” and “we have no future”. Whether Gandhi led us into a worse future or not, its not like he kept making it so that it would be ruined even after he died. India had a chance to make it somewhat better if they felt the need so. Even now Indians complain about all the problems we have and they also know the problems we have. They spend so much time talking about it, why not take action then? Like how about we start actually acting and not just complaining. Maybe that can make it better.

    2) Okay u cannot judge a person from one article. What is the guarantee that this is even all true? We have no evidence from 2 articles by the same man that this is even all true. Remember dont believe everything u read on the internet. With all these comments u guys are making Gandhi seem like Hitler which he isnt.

  • I am thankful for these information. A man who could move whole country was to pay his price , finally entangling into a situation where HINDU-MUSLIM wings will be killed or converted unequally. //his great persona is visible that a great country like India was on his disposal for final verdict. A civil war was the only answer for such happening. Why Hindus didnt believe hindu orgnizations? Was Gandhi a tantric, master of hypnotism? RSS/Hindu Mahasabha had a role in putting forward the feelings of Hindus but they had no trust of community hence looked towards the Gandhi. It was open field for them and congress led by Gandhi. Gandhi was not the throwned King who was running government by dictat. If one sees the BJP elevated to power- would know that even BJP reached upto other sect of community. Because society is so close knitted that you can not drive away the other faiths. Had it been possible, the hindu outfits wouldnt have relented , they would have done it. Do not mask your weakness in one so called bravery of killing of Gandhi or breaking Babri Masjid. Because it has turned right in to wrong. These were attacks on symbols not on the root cause. A society living into modern technology should not be dragged back by using modern technology. Like ISIS or others are doing. PaKISTAN IS NOT FARING WELL BY BEING INTOLERANT. DO WE WANT TO FOLLOW THEM? We want to make history by being pragmatic and resisting foreces like that or want to follow history by creating unrest and diverting our police and legal system towards divided society?

  • @Tanu,/Palak. Great to see that young ones are so mature in thinking. Tanu said it so eloquently. I am impressed by Godse’s writing and his young face. How he was misguided to be violence, and loosing all pragmatic sight. He was a person of emotions and determination. He should have been directed towards the political opposition of Gandhi. You know , if people do not stand up against hard liners in BJP, Modi ji will be destroyed despite of being so progressive. He should not be allowed to go without putting accountability on him. This will be protection for him. If Godse would have stood against Gandhi and would have gathered support from masses , he would have given chance to Gandhi to make new choices and would have relieved him from being autocratic. He was too much burdened by absence straight spines in front. Country failed to utilize Godse’s sacrifice because he was wrongly directed. Anyways, it can not decrease value of Gandhi’s contributions vis a vis Godse’s. Godse had one -killing a person who drove whole country. Hedidnt kill Nehru, who was protected and Prime Minister. He Did not kill Patel who was home minister- but help less , unprotected dhoti clad, walking with a stick, Gandhi…because he had differnt vision-How we can take it an act of bravery?

  • Why a referendum was not taken whether india should be named bharat with HINDUISM as official state religion,allowing others to follow their own religion at the time of independence?Gandhi-Nehru imposed their own foolish ideas on us-and we are made to suffer!Were these two were really democratc or just greedy for power?

  • The articles makes it clear that how come the phrase emerged that
    “Majboori kaa naam Mahatma Gandhi”
    Thank god our generation did not have to live with this…….

    Nathu Ram Godse and our revolutionaries was the real Nationalist……
    Gandhi & Nehru Was the Politicians………..

  • Thanks for sharing the Article. Many facts, I learnt for first time and I am astonished. Peace, Love, Compassion and Universal Brotherhood is the bottom line of every Religion. The problem arose with the incoming of christan and islamic missionaries with the aim of conversion. It’s like my mother is pious and yours is not. Had the Religion respected their natural geographical boundary it would have been better. They could have gone to places where people at large don’t follow any faith unlike in India as India has a well defined social order and religious practice lasting four more than 5000 years. In fact, Hindu society has given birth to other faiths as well. It’s our duty to safe guard our house and finish the evil forces even if it is in our midst. There should be no rethinking on this. It’s high time these articles are widely spread across the country specially the youths 18-35 years of age group. Because there lies the future of this country.

    • The Independence movement was originally started with the issue of COW slaughter, which was against the very tenets of our Sanatana dharma.
      Our countrymen rallied under Mohandas Karamchand who clearly spelt out that once swaraj was attained, there would be complete ban on cow slaughter.

      As he was a Bania and grew up drinking Goat’s milk, he was incapable of realising the true worth of Gomatha, our Holy Cow. As and when we got independence, he swayed to the side of his Muslim brethren (Jawahar, Jinnah and Abdullah – who were all pure Muslim blood – bcos of inter family feud the country was split into India, Pak and Kashmir)

      Mohandas openly sided with the Slaughterers and expressed his unwillingness to introduce legislation banning cow slaughter. Is it not a shame on all of us that we are the largest beef exporting nation in the world?

      This day – Aug 15th is the day we DITCHED OUR HOLY COW after using her as the rallying plank. We still continue to do the same by milking her daily and then killing her when she is dry. Isn’t it apt if we call it as CONDEMNED COWS DAY. It is the curse of our GOMATHA that we see increasing number of our young generation ditching their own mothers to old age homes.

      Lets resolve today to reverse these wrongs

      1. Start a new Independence movement to save our Holy Cow and ensure total ban on Cow slaughter.

      2. Restore the name of our sacred country back to BHARAT – because the whole of our nation came first under one rule during the period of the valiant King Bharatha, son of Dushyantha & Sakunthalai (Daughter of Sage Viswamitra & Menaka)

      3. Remove pictures of individuals from our currency and replace it with picture of Gomatha and Goddess Lakshmi.

      4. Remove Tiger from National Animal status and confer it on HOLY COW.

      5. Introduce stringent laws to punish those who harm and ill treat Holy Cow.

      6. Replace Ashoka Chakra from National Flag with COW AND CALF

      Ashamed to be called INDIAN. Proud to become a BHARATWASI.

  • If i am not wrong gandhiji had twice called off the national movement when they were in full swing. On both the ocassion the british were finding it difficult to supress the movement. But twice gandhiji preferred himself over the nation and called them off. Had the movements not been called off, perhaps we would have attained freedom much earlier……

  • Gandhi’s views were too ideal for this world and especially with the enemy like Islam not only on our doorstep but also within. Reality is that the Hindu India would have perished if Gandhi would have been around for much longer. Sadly there are even people today who have ideal views like secularism when around the world it has been established that when Islam becomes a majority or even a considerable population, they either demand their own country or start harrassing and killing the other believers. If Hindus want to live peacefully on this land, they have to make sure they are more than 80% of the population at all times. People like Gandhi and ideal secular followers should be eliminated.

  • surya roy true…..
    Gandhi took benifits of being liked by the people…..He worked wid the people of india but for the britishers…..Ghanta ka Non violence….koi tumhari gardan kaat de….izzat loot le…maaar de den also u say hone do…..sir jhukao ,,,katwa lo…U are a big fool ….and THE GANDHI asks us to let it go on and sacrifice urself…..I still dont understand y people so blindly follow him or any other people…….

    Lets just talk about the present situation……
    Still today blindly following some specific people is seen….Y do people follow …ASS-ARAM and RAMPAL,,AND OVAISI and such other peoples……they have dere brain….use dem….WE all know that people are good and bad bin every religions … I have both Hindu n Muslim friends its not the rreligion which makes people fight and have hatred to others but its these people who take wrong advantage of being followed by the others….so dont follow any one blindly just use ur brain and work for building a strong nation and a peacefull one….jus believe if the fight between religions is over ….U can Imagine a strong stable Nation……..Abhi naa pakistan safal hai na hi hindustan…..jitna ki woh ho sakte the…..

  • Gandhi was pure religious materials. He fail to understand meaning of ‘Hindu’. In his power lust even Nehru ignore meaning of Hindu….he is expected to learned, being Kashmiri Brahmin, and Historian, but powerlust make him evade the issues. Hindu is Civilization, and in any condition unmatched with Religion, any religion, no matter Religion like Islam which has base of Violence, or Jain, which has base of non violence. Religion and Civilization are unmatched–philosophically.

    Better late then never…..lover of Civilization unite in the name of Civilization and follow the steps, made by Turk’s founding father, Ataturk Mustafa Kamel Pash,, what he did ? He not only abolished Khilafat, but put ban on religious education, religious uniform…anything approaching religion, and ask Miiltary to keep watched on such ban. We, as Hindu must raise very high degree of ban.

    If anyone feel agree with my view….I am person of philosophy….. contact me to think out the idea.

  • No doubt the conniving Nehru did not want the nation to know the real ugly, anti Hindu character of Mohandas Karam chand. This man thought he was god looking at the millions who marched with him to get independence. This man mistook the people’s hatred for British and the love for mother land as the approval of his character and leadership. He has let the Sanathan dharm and he has done treachery to his mother religion. He had failed as a father, he had failed as a husband and he failed to protect the interests of Hindud in Bengal, Punjab, kashmir and other places. By supporting Nehru and ignoring Sardar Patel, he also destroyed the post independence years for our country. No doubt his own children left Hinduism and converted to Islam. Thanks for educating the nation with this info which was hidden by the Congress mafia all these years. Satyam eva jayate.

  • Would like to know what muslims think about Gandhi…..Anyone please

  • gandhi showed his ego problem when his candidate to INC was defeated by bose…and gandhi resigned from the INC……how wicked he was and we have to address him as father of the nation…this should change….

  • I don’t admire the way Nathuram Godse carried out his mental outburst, though Gandhi’s policies were not genuinely in favour of the nation. If I were Nathuram Godse, I would have administer some medical dose to Gandhi that he would have lost his common sense and walked out of politics due to imbalanced mind, as other politicians then would also be ashamed to keep a man who has lost sanity and asked him to stay out from active politics.

  • We, as Indians should very well understand that in a nation we all members of different caste, colour, creed & faith stay together as brothers. If any policies of any politicians will let tthe country down, make that personality disappear from the political arena, with an imbalanced mind, that is the solution.
    see Pakistan has hardly any hindu numbers, but they are still killing one another, see in America whites are against blacks, see in UK british are against Irish, Irish christians are against Roman catholics, even Hindus are against fellow HINDUS, so this will continue irrespective of one caste, colour, religion.In this world, man has become greedy, and its universal law that somewhere it has to be stopped, but by whom, when, what way everything God determines.Gandhi was a hindu, but shrewd Nehru, another Hindu, played his cards to safeguard his throne. So its not about religion? Then God arranges one and only one solution i.e.Nathuram Godse. It is the bad luck of our country that Subhas Chandra Bose and Vallabhai Patel did not rise where they shiould have been, because our Indian people are to be blamed for this. See after running this country for more than 50 years still congress is crying foul, this should have been done, that should have been done, etc etc. What they did last so many years? Can Indian people apply fevicol to their mouth? So what’s good we dont understand, whats bad we tolerate and make him Gandhi, the father of Nation.Revolutionary persons like Netaji or the Iron man of India are born once in a century. Do you all agree with me.?

  • This is an eye-opener. Very proud to have people like you with a voice which can reach people like us.
    There are two sides to every story, epidemic and riots. GandhiJI was killed because he had to be stopped. Nathuram Godse emerged as a savior. I don’t know much about history but pride can take over a sane person’s mind and turn it into a disastrous time bomb. Similar thing happened with GandhiJI. His South Africa success ruined his power to decide between wrong and right. He forgot that Hindus belong to the warrior clan. No back stabbing, no give- ups. They rise, fight back and go back to being the peaceful nation.
    The true meaning of ISLAM is Peace.. Anybody who goes against it, is just another terrorist.
    It’s not just about Hindus or Muslims. Encouraging Musalmans to kill Hindus and encouraging Hindus to accept defeat and die in order to go to heaven is utter CRAP! I would like to find our if the LEADER is in hell or he truly found heaven after all the chaos and disasters that he caused.

  • Gandhi didn’t really cause peace then. This is more indicative of appeasement. Real peace comes from creating social order out of chaos and conflict. To do this you have to have universal education and to eliminate beliefs, ideas, and values that cause social disorder and suffering.

  • Here was a man of all 52 kilo in weight, almost naked, lived in a remote hut unconnected by roads, lead no government or military in the days of poor communication and yet if he could dominate this vast country like a king passing dictatesdictates, for 40 long years on issues which would be considered most unpopular like banning Vande Matram, removing Bose and so on, and that we discuss him after 65 years of his death, so passionately, even in opposing him, there must have been something extra extra ordinary in that personality, don’t do what he did if you don’t agree but learn from him how to lead. How to command. If you want to learn, look at many great qualities he must have possessed. His criticism would do you no good but learning from him would benefit today’s leaders who would go only for cheap popularity knowing fully well that they are misleading and fooling people. How he made people follow him although he never did anything for gaining cheap popularity as it comes out from all his criticism above.

  • Buddy from which Source u got all this information…u have dare to answer me

  • gandhi was a big politician as told earlier too in many of sites which posted the darker side of gandhi he ha d seen a bright future in making india free he also had indirectly killed many great leaders like bhagat singh and netaji subhash chandra bose he was too clever a person and the reason why he chose his two principles of non-violence and satyagrah was that he firstly could not fight tje britishers so he chose non violence and satyagrah because as he could not do anything to the bristishers so he thought to do this to himself!!!

  • Had Gandhi accepted Jinnah as PM instead of Nehru , India and Indians lived in peace !!gandhi for untold reason has affinity towards characterless man brought misery and destruction !

  • Hey our India is like such a country. Time to time many people used to come and do their philosophical and religious type of experiment. Gandhi has tried ahinsha method in India, and got many followers, like baba “AshaRam Bapu” for example. If Neheru wont be there, then his statue would be in our temples like Gods. But Neheru spoiled his dream and brought his photo into politics, offices, colleges and even into money. Actually Gandhi was not interested for prime minister as we know all, he want to be a god like “Ram” and was talking his dreams which is very similar to Ram’s own dream of “Ram Rajya”. And many Indian were enjoying that dream like we usually do before variety of ‘BABA/ MATA’. We like those kind of words more as we know. Neheru thought this mad man if will be there, my descendants wont be able to rule India. Very soon people will understand one day and throw my grand children out of this country. So he told few people that this Gandhi had gone mad and want to be a god of muslims only. So Sir Nathuram Godse, who was a simple man and understood entire situation but thought at least lets get rid of this old one first. That poor fellow had a dream that we will very soon understand this Neheru and will do the rest part of his job. So, he killed him simply. But Neheru was very sana tha means clever like British people, because he learnt these thing only in there as per his best you know. He knows gandhi and indian very well too. So he ruled over us and told his children “The rules to rule Hindustan” and told to pass it always to your family members only.

    Tough time demands strong leader to lead a group. A strong leader should not have only art to bias people in his words, he/she has to defeat his competitors too to be a leader. So, Gandhi/Neheru may not be good leader today before us after looking into their way of being leader or leading people during these past 100 years, but truth was they somehow able to accrue that position defeating those leaders, for whom we were getting aspirant. If we need good leader, we have to be smart and bold enough to choose our leader or remove bad leaders like Nathuram Godse or be a leader as per our need, not for demand of situation. Because situations can be created to win a game. We Indians are bold enough by born, just need few words of spark. Only thing is, time demands from us now to be SMART and WISE enough. So lets educate our selves and help others to learn more. As fats as we will be able to do that, most of problems will be automatically solved.

  • every person have some negative pts n some positive pts….Gandhi provoked people n helped them no doubt but he doesn’t deserve that position on the Indian currency note….m neither his fan, nor against him…..m just sayin that forget the past n move on….instead of thinking abt Gandhi think how India can be improved at this point of time

  • At a far deeper level, I think that Gandhiji is right!

    But only Yogis/ great people can make such sacrifice (not retaliating when being killed), because they understand that Karma can restore balance.

    May be Gandhiji said those words with the hope that the murderers will one day turn inwards and question themselves on what they are doing. May be it might lead to an awakening even in the staunchest Muslim believers and give an impetus for an uprising from Muslims within Islam against the bad practices done in its name. May be it will one day lead Muslims to shed Islam without any fear of their majority backlash and become seekers of the truth by gaining their own experiences rather than blindly believing a piece of text.

    At a far deeper level, may be Gandhiji is right, and only that seems like a long term solution.

  • Every perception, belief, ideology has its own constrain and limitations which can never be implied 100 % at all time…Though we surely can respect his protest against an empire in peaceful and mighty enduring way…one can not change the fact that – It was expected from British empire who believed in constitution…but when you agree upon some thing as terrible as partition and face worst nightmares of wide spread violance across all nation…Mr. Gandhi failed miserably in predicting and understanding the partition situation and its aftermath which resulted in losing millions of their lives…One really has to to save his own life ifs its about to get killed by other……This is how its has been in nature before, Gandhi, simple evolution truth to understand . Even if we seek 50% truth of above cited dark side of great man….His arrogance towards his immature ideology has coasted more than a free nation could have ever afforded. A loss which is beyond repair….its not just about the riots and killings but its also about the un ending saga of burning issues like terrorism and kashmir,separatist movement which INDIA is still batteling out after 60 years of its independence. Please dont hide his grave sin under the hood of sacrifice, where he had no right to take a call of lives of million countrymen. I quote – BRITISH EMPIRE would still have ruled 5-10 years more had they not been shaken by AZAD HIND SENA moves by Bose which could only make matters worst. PLEASE REMEMBER india’s independence did not came at the coast of begging ones own rights in so called constitition over years by some learned ideological fools by gandhi but timely jolts given by 1857 movement & Bhagat Singh & BOSE heroics. Please don’t hold false proud of gaining independance in 150 years from an empire through their own way at the coast of exploiting your very own nation for years !! I firmly believe Mr. gandhi may have had good intentions or might have did some good deeds but eventially it all falls down to his above cited wrong doings…He was very much a mortal, puny avarage man whose imgae was blown way out of praportion by his followers…He niether deserves tag of being labelled MAHATMA not Father of nation !!!

  • Just Take a leaf out of any page in history…you will observe one common thing…when a man surpasses his limit to conquest other mans territory, rights, life.. his greed towards this power can never be satisfied with any idological theoris like- AHIMSA or brotherhood and unitiy. Even animals retaliate when cornered. Life is too precious when it has family to live and die for…one simply can not lose ones life just to change mindset of killer who is about to end your very own existance with your family. We indians are always misdirected by such leaders whose short sighted vision caused grave damage to our nation. Time to Wake up and know the truth before we accept some one blindly !!

  • More one time sickulars don´t have any shame! Brits and their agents don´t need make any work, because Bharat are full of servants traitors. Gandhi was a great fraud, a real matrix in DNA of Indians. And still today brits, missionaires(christians and catholics), marxists, talibans muslims, indians sickulars are laughing. A counseil: at least show some shame. S. Chandras Bose: the true father of the Indian Nation. Finally: stop conversions.

  • Did Gandhi really believe in non violence ? Why did he have camps to organise recruitment for the British forces during both the world wars ? Lakhs of Indians died fighting for the Britain for no reason. Gandhi was awarded the title of Kaisre Hind by the British during World War 1. Why didn’t he preach non violence to the British when Bhagat Singh was to be hanged ? He was selfish when he undermined entire Hindu culture and heritage. He called all our freedom fighters like Jhansi ki Rani, Mahrana Pratap as terrorists and misguided people.

  • Ok friends forget Gandhi.
    He had a mission of independent India. It is past. Today we have many issues like corruption, proverty, drug & human trafficking, etc. Let us choose one objective from above & try to make our country free from it. Now you analysis the way to eradicate this problem,
    1) in the way of nathuram,
    2) the way of Netaji Bose,
    3) the way of mahatma,
    4) the way of sibaji.
    Or chose any way of your idle person.
    Now only you can realise the persons we are talking about.

  • Dear, Mahatma Gandhi was great soul & he had some vision , he also knew some thing which couldn’t be understand by each and every individual. If you want to know real & complete truth about the india and indian politician then kindly study “Rajeev dixit”. Rajeev dixit had sacrifice their complete life for nation & he studied , research all the truth about india. Also he never ever talked without any evidence.

  • You have to be tricking people with this nonsense, or do you really not know that Gandhi was a British agent from the very start? How do you think that a young man from a poor background could possibly travel to England and study at the top University and be called to the bar? Where would the large amount of money come from?
    The people of India fell for the trick and the British held onto power an extra thirty years because of Gandhi!

  • My respect for Gandhi just fell apart. How come great minds during his time failed to see the destruction Gandhi was bringing the Hindus who were the majority? Were they attached to him emotionally.