Teaching Children Indian Cultural Values

Indian Culture is unique and it is one of the oldest cultures of the world. Every aspect of Indian Culture is distinctive. The way of living, dressing, eating in India is inimitable. It is very necessary to make our children aware of this rich Indian culture at an early age. Children should follow and respect Indian culture.

The world is shrinking and people instantly know about the developments and changes going on in any part of the world. They can interact with people from any part of the globe anytime and that too instantaneously. Children are not untouched with these changes. Today, almost every house has a computer with internet connection and most often there is no age limit for any child to understand all the things going on. They interact and chat with new and old friends and send and receive emails.

The trend is good and the development is seen very fast. But at the same time it becomes your duty as a parent to make your child aware of the Indian culture. But for this, you need lot of patience and perseverance first. When you are explaining about Indian culture do not just give your child a lecture or order him or her to behave and dress up in such and such manner. There is a proper way to teach them so that they understand and conceive the real Indian culture and the right values, which is much above dressing sense and styling. This will also help them understand the world and the changes going on in a better way.

Below are some tips to encourage children understand their culture:

  • Have a quick look at some tips which will help you to make your children understand the importance of Indian culture.
  • Give examples of Indian culture because children learn through examples. Show them the better side of everything you teach them. Make sure they get all this in such a way that they build lifelong bonds.
  • Celebrate festivals following the Indian culture, Indian tradition and Indian rituals. This will definitely bring them close to the rich Indian culture.
  • Show them folk dances or attend Indian cultural programs along with your children. Such things will help them to come closer to and understand Indian culture in a better manner.
  • You can make them aware of various customs and traditions of different states and show them that there is unity in diversity in India. Also, make them aware of how unique the culture is.
  • Read out stories that promote Indian values and Indian culture and make them get emotionally attached to the moral of the stories. Emotional bonding helps a lot in developing any habit in kids and helps them learn.
  • Make the kids aware of the different religions and their vision towards life. Teach them to pray in your own culture and learn the power of eternity.
  • Make trips to different parts of India in vacations so that they can see the natural beauty and Indian culture more closely. Make them realise that people from other countries visit India to understand the unique culture in a better manner.
  • Tell them to behave politely and respectfully with elders and younger ones which is one of the Indian values. Show them how good it feels when you talk politely or shun away any problem with polite behaviour. You should also practice what you teach as children will always follow whatever you do in your life.
  • Make them aware of the wrong doings that go on in the world today. Try to teach them not to compromise with their values but at the same time be practical also. Build trust in your child and this begins with openness and authenticity.
  • Make them believe and understand that Indian culture is one of the oldest and unique cultures in the world. They should also understand that even people from other countries respect this culture so much and want to know about it. So it is their duty as well to respect and protect the Indian Culture.
  • Make one night in a month or two when you take your children out for a dinner in an ethnic restaurant and if possible encourage them to wear traditional dress too. It is very necessary that children respect the traditional dresses. They should also have good knowledge about traditional dishes and encourage eating healthy traditional food items.

Making your child aware of Indian culture is important. It is better to start as early as possible because anything taught in the early age of the child develops in habit and lasts lifelong. Do not expect that everyone will accept and conceive it in the same way. If you are late, give some time and space and help them understand.



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  • One thing that helps is to find friendship among Indophiles not necessarily Indians.

  • Making children aware, while adults are not living it…is an oxymoron! The only way to revive or preserve culture is by living it, practising it ourselves….and culture is what we do today…. today’s indian culture is what we all practice today…for better or for worse… 🙂