PK: Hindu bashing for Seculars on a comic platter

PK: Hindu bashing for Seculars on a comic platter

Last evening I posted my views on PK movie based on the reviews of my non political not so religious friends having no biases at all.I had decided that I would not spend my money which goes directly or indirectly to Underworld..but I had to watch it anyhow so that the stand I took gets verified, movie was readily available on internet to be viewed online. First half an hour was awesome, though idol worshiping was cursed heavily but I still loved the theme because of my core spiritual Hindu ethos. I almost felt that I should delete two of my previous posts which ridiculed this movie. But wait, there was much more to the movie which went completely undigested and hence comes the intentions under scrutiny, a design much beyond the scope and thought process of ‘ordinary janta‘. Few points to substantiate :-

1. It was shown that a temple priest forces open the wallet of Anushka, takes money out of it and drops into the donation box.

Now, people may comment on this post and enlighten me if they have had any such experience in any of the temple anywhere in world ? It seemed as if script-writer had put huge efforts to find something out of Hinduism which could be portrayed negative. In my life so far, I have met with priests who are the most under paid class of utmost polite people doing their service round the clock in temple, showing them in this utter stupid manner not only shows entire religion in bad light but disillusions people from their faith.

PK: Hindu bashing for Seculars on a comic platter2. It was shown that people blindly following Godmen (Babas), and that they donate heavily to them for temple construction etc.

I would like to ask the enlightened janta here that what right we have to question or mock an ordinary man who spends his hard earned money anywhere he wishes ? In this case, he goes to a baba (howsoever fraud he is ) devotes some time for prayers, bhajans etc, what harm is he doing to society at large ? Is he spreading violence ? Is he learning to operate AK 47 ? tell me what is he doing which this film fraternity is so disturbed about ? He too has all the freedom to invest his money and time anywhere  exactly the way rich urban class has the privilege to invest their money in a 4000 bucks bottle of tequila. For how long this “handholding” by one superior class to other inferior class of people will go on in this country ? The other aspect about money donation is very interesting, as the sole topic has been targeted in numerous movies, and the point is, is this some kind of “jealousy” bollywood feels that the money which should have been routed to them is going to these Babas who indirectly have become pillar strength of Hinduism strengthening the self respect of gullible Hindus in towns and villages protecting them from Jehadi and Missionary forces  ?

3. Serving fodder to Cows was shown as some backward minded act.

If you can invest thousands of rupees on feeding your imported breed dog, why can’t you serve an animal which is hundreds time more productive than dog ? Looked like it was a loserish attempt by the script writer to dig out something stretching his imagination beyond the limit.

4. People would counter me that this movie has shown dark sides of all religions so the point which I am raising holds invalid.

I watched the movie online and its duration was 130 minutes ? I counted those scenes and the duration, they did not even come close to 3 minutes ? So in a way you make an ill designed ill intended movie which 98 % of the time shows a specific faith in bad light and serves 1 % to other faiths as well to skip Censor board ? And obviously get an OK certificate from the elite secular Hindus ?

5. It was mocked of Hindus who visit shrines or holy places thousands of kilometer away from their homes 

We all remember it,  just last year Amir khan went along with his mother to Mecca to offer pilgrimage.So why do you preach something which you yourself cant practice ? What is the problem here ? Unsolicited Handholding hunhh ? 

6. Idol worshiping

All the time during the movie, this particular topic was mocked upon. We all know which religion mocks idol worship (butparasti ?), one should remember that we Hindus celebrate both the types of worship, that is, with form (sakar) and without form (nirakar), so declaring idol worshiping as some form of backwardness or a myth comes under the most objectionable content of this film. Than Aamir says “jo dar gaya vo mandir gaya”, now imagine our modern Hindu kids, they anyways feel shy of following their tradition or visiting temple, and than you serve them such progressive movies, completely detaching them from their dharma, imagine the void it will create in future and how the “market forces” would utilize such a void.

7PK: Hindu bashing for Seculars on a comic platter. Love Jehad was mocked and termed as imaginary.

Multiple intelligence reports as well as Hon’ble high court of Kerala have vindicated this trend of Love Jehad,  thousads of such cases have been reported and proven but still some film makers want us to believe otherwise for the reasons unknown. If I talk about Aamir khan, he himself is a soft Love Jehadi because he married two Hindu girls and still on the record claims that his kids would follow Islam ? Why this discretion Aamir ? Why don’t you give your kids a freedom to choose their own faith ? This is what is primitive form of Love Jehad people have been talking about.

8. I would be countered that “come on this is just an entertainer film, don’t take it too seriously”

Do you remember how eloping started in our country ? It started after a movie called Kayamat se Kayamat tak ? Do you remember when this trend stopped, it was after films such as DDLJ, do you recall how may cases of “couple” frauds were committed after Bunti and Babli movie ? Do you remember when did we start calling a local goon as “bhai” ? Do you remember how this trend of youngsters joining underworld as shooters or supari killers started ? If Bollywood is all about entertainment why were they so worried about Naredra Modi becoming Prime Minister that they had to sign and release an appeal to NOT VOTE him ? 

9. I would be countered that “are our sentiments so weak to be hurt anywhere and everywhere”.

This is the most disgusting statement I ever hear from people, an enemy is demolishing your fort brick by brick and as you react after every demolished brick , they would challenge you , they would remind you of your strength and this way you would be forced to keep quiet, foolish of us, isn’t it ? I agree, for ordinary masses, the theme of this movie sounds philosophical / spiritual but one thing to remember, religions world over because of their sheer political importance have turned out to be a tug of war in a way, every brick demolished weakens our future as an integral nation. While Islam grew world over by the power of sword, Christianity grew by the power of money and conversions, but ever wondered why did they grow ? what was the objective ? The simple answer is to attain political dominance, to bring back the lost “colonies” in the form of population dominance and subsequently dominance over governments. As the secular Hindus forget this political importance of their religion, as they let go their heritage, beliefs and traditions, they must be ready to see their kids live under either sharia or church because trap is ready  for them to be poached. 

In last, two major scenes which made my opinion concrete about this film, a train blast scene where I was expecting that the other side of the story would be shown but alas, it was totally skipped and not even the name of any terrorist group was mentioned ? wow..what a neutral and secular way of writing a script ? Second, We were forced fed that “trust a Pakistani but not a Baba” and this climax scene made my job easy as it spoke volumes about the target, intent and design behind this movie. The poison this film carries is summed up in this single dialogue of Aamir ” jo dar gaya vo mandir gaya” !!

Still,  few of the self hating Hindus would love this film rather are loving it…because as  Tarek Fateh once said “secularism exists in India because Hindus are the majority”, though it was said with a respect towards Hinduism but with different perspectives I always prefer it to be a satire on coward foolish and self loathing Hindus.

~ Gaurav Sharma 



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  • Hi,

    Very well written , but the fact is these small steps like this articles can create very negligible difference. Aamir khan is such a hypocite person that he blames 3 bollywood actresses in his show satya mev jayte, that they do besharam scenes ,, but usko ye ni pta ki actor to vo b hai,, usne b kei baar aise scenes kare hain,, Aamir khan is a person jo satya mev jayte me har episode me 3 crore le kar desh k baare me sochta hai,, aur sir,, ye sabi bollywood starts, hindu ho ya muslim, ek jaise hain,, is desh me jo b galat hai,, meri nazro me vo movies ki vajah se hai,,, aaj se kuchj saal pehle is desh me logo ko awareness dee jaati thio aids k liye, HIV k liye,, aur unse kaha jata thaa, ki sharam na karen,, aur aaj kuch hi saalo me ye desh itna besharam ho gya hai,, ki aaj ki hamari betiyaan Sunny Leone ko apna ideal character bana chuki hain,, is desh me jin logo ki soch sabse gandi hai, vohi bollywood me hain, paise ki chamak k aage sab feeka ho gya hai un k liye.. aur in sabme ham zimmewaar hain,, unko adakaar se upar uthakar bhagwaan hum banate hain,, sharukh k suputr ka nude video aaj kal har bache k watsapp pe aa chguka hai,, but aaj b sharukh ye kehke media k saamne rota hai,, ki wankhande standium me us k masoom bacho pr atyaachaar hua thaa,, us ki masoomiat koi us video me dekhe, jisme vo apni gaadi me kisis ki beti ki izzat ko camera me capture kr rha hai,,,. klehgne ko bhut hai sir,, bhutt zada hi hai,, but sach ye hai ki is tarah ki baate aaj koi sunna hi nahi chahta,, ye islamic beej bhut bad chuka hai,,, ye asur rajya laa k rahega is desh me

    • We must take pains to express what we feel is right, without fearing that we will be less in numbers. Then & then only we will know other like minded people around us. I will never spend a single n.p. for any thing Amir. Simple.

  • Dear Gaurav,
    Hats off to you for exposing the sinister motives of this movie. Your well written article is an eye opener.

  • I support this article. Although, I am born in a Muslim family and practice Islam, I am also acutely aware of the various attempts being made various forces to dilute the great religion of India – Hinduism. All kinds of incentives, inducements and other attempts are being made from time immemorial to weaken the dharma that has held India together.

    I hope the government steps in and bans such movies which are causing great harm to our country, nay the whole world itself.

    • Farida Khan

      You are the first muslim practicing Islam that I have come across who has denounced another muslim for their behavior. I hope many others of your faith would come forward and denounce the atrocities that have been committed. It would send a message to those people who are doing unthinkable acts in the name of religion.

    • Believing n practicing ur owl faith n yet understandi d realities is something not all eople dobut u did …u r the true follower of islam who can diffrentiate between d truth n false.

  • Completely agree with you !!
    My challenge to them is show any other religion in the world for whatever they follow and do, in such poor light and get away with that…….our tolerant nature is being taken as a weakness…..Sad and obnoxious !!

    • They cant do this, see what happened to Vishwaroopam, which was truly a movie of International acclaim standards, and they government stepped in to ban the movie form being screened.

  • Hinduism its values and principles are too big for person of the type AK (Asatya mev Jayate) guy. Best way to debunk is to avoid comments to abs zero, by which it will fail. The cynosure design for making this type of movies is purely on Negative Campaign like Negative Hero role in movie. Give it a cool burial by ignoring it totally.

  • I want Amir to make a movie on Muslims of South Asia next…. Let it also be as satirical as PK. The next sequel on Xtians.. and their various sects..I want to see how he is judged by that audience.
    Okay that about Aamir…
    Now… what dumb things are we Hindus doing? We have made our religious festivals a mockery and vulgar display of wealth… Ganpati was celebrated in my childhood with utmost fervour… over the years I saw men dance vulgarly with beer flowing during visarjan…Pollute our ponds with Plaster of Paris and dangerous lead based colors! Fights within Mandal organizers over money collected…!
    Deepavali… what noise…where is the Puja? I remember waking up early in the morning…taking oil bath and praying with full devotion…These days I hardly see these things…
    Holi… a festival where we used to hug each other… relatives and friends come and meet…. it was a great feeling with jokes and masti…. Over past few years I have witnessed fights and obscenity…!
    Every day I see people coming in their SUVs and BMWs and Benzs and Audis and throw tons of “nirmalya” used flowers into the nearby creek…! That much plastic is seriously not acceptable..
    Vaishnodevi yatra— that road is full of Bisleri bottles and banana peels! Ganga Sagar- I havent seen a place dirtier than that… Touts at Somnath and Dwarka…
    Poojaris whom I called for Satyanarayan pooja did not know what he was chanting…. Why not…? He asked me how much time I had so that he can shorten or lengthen the mantras…!
    How have we maintained Mathura ..? Birthplace of Sri Krishna… Saddens me….! Sai-baba was a fakir and why does he need Mukut of Diamonds and Gold? What is this system of VIP entry pass…Why so much food items wasted in the name of Abhishekam…? Cant we just have a namesake abhishekam and rest can be put to good use of the malnourished…
    I have problems with other believers, but I can speak freely about deterioration of my own faith…. That is the beauty of my faith- it has no rule book, can question its basis and come with logical and acceptable version.
    What is this new advetorial on TV that says that buy a Taweez or Rudraaksh and get rid of all problems..Buy stones buy this buy that and get rid of all problems and get all that you desire.. How is that possible… Are we not promoting blind faith?
    I m really upset at all this…and this is for the first time I wrote all that I had in mind.. I dont want to know what others follow or believe my own faith has to stop being like the Abrahamic ones…Why has Hindutva being maligned by media and few self appointed heads…
    When will real faith and devotion return in its original form?

    • it was passed by Leela Samson, head of Censor Board(Jewish husband. Z!on!sts are good at spreading hatred). Why do you think there are so many of such movies showing vulger things????

  • There is nothing wrong in making movies that criticize religions and religious practices. It fact, we need more such movies to made to create awareness. But such films should be made with honesty and sincerity. The director should do a detailed research before saying anything about such things. Even on the issue of idol worshiping, the director only looked at it at the surface level, without trying understand the deeper meaning of that. In hinduism there is proper justification for why it has been followed. If the director have no time or interest in putting his effort in learning such things, he should avoid making films on those sensitive subjects. Basically the idols that are created and worshiped are imbibed some form of energy due to their shapes, forms, temple constructions, mantras and the various pujas conducted. What we worship is not the idol itself, but the energy behind it. There are lot more explanations in hindu religious texts about each minute aspect of our practice.

    • How many of us actually worship with energy and focus in mind? People who look for energy find it in music, yoga, meditation etc. Vedic knowledge is not all about being hindu.

  • Even i watched this with the great expectations post ‘3 idiots’, “tare zameen pe”. Thoroughly disappointed
    and post your reviews completely agree. we have a great hypocrite amongst us, who gets paid for all the nonsense. i was comparing this with a recent movie i watched “kya dilli kya lahore”,,just 3 actors in the heroine with skimpy clothes. far more entertaining with right messaging. one thing i picked from the movie, probably our superstars can learn from that or go back to their boards to unlearn and come back fresh just like AK coming as a alien

  • I think I have committed a sin by watching this movie. If i would have read this article before, i wouldn’t a have dared to watch this movie. Shiva chasing scene has hurt me a lot . Cannot imagine that people will use gods to make money like this……

  • I have seen pujaris snatching money, giving bad omens and also seen fakirs doing that in famous religious places… So there was nothing wrong that was shown. Believing god is not wrong, but making business out of it is wrong

  • To sachin n Chandrasekar : Just ignoring films like ‘pk’ has not solved in the past and will not solve the problem in the future. Every step allowed in denigrating/mocking great hindu culture/belief system gives more and more power to xtian n moslim extremists (in all their outer forms from silent consent to active part at various levels – political to totally violent) to attack and there is always some gullible hindu population that falls prey to such propaganda. sachin : About condition of Hindus – there are really many saints working tirelessly – have you made any efforts to look into their teachings, understand the rituals – why we do and what wrong we are doing now? By taking active part -if every hindu individual does whatever he/she can to improve the mentality of the masses – in no time all the religious/sacred places will truly become the energy sources whereby humanity will soak into it and achieve higher consciousness. Try, sathya sai, asaramji bapu or Shri M n many such Saints’ teachings and how their devotees are bringing the betterment of the society day by day- you must sincerely try what appeals to your being and no point in just expressing regret that the hindu dharma has fallen so low in india.

  • Well, this is so biased too. Just because your upbringing made you a religious fanatic does-not mean you can criticise a message. The movie has a great message and that is rise above religion. You are still talking of the thappa…. tera thappa and mera thappa. Stop being selective. Religion has already caus they want.ed lot of troubles than good. In west lot of people are christians but so many haven’t even visited a church in years. Everyone is free to do and live in the way they want but practicality is above religious belief. Shivling pe doodh ya garib ko roti? You are also scared my friend, of something, a conspiracy etc. Darr…. 😛

  • No.. Article is misleading.. I do not agree to any point ..Simple things.. It really matters where a person spend his money.. It might not matter to you .. You might be selfish.. But it definitely matter to a social person.. Where one illiterate poor person waste his money on stupid sadhu baba.. Rather than giving education to their kids. So many babas exposed in recent past.. Still if someone can write such comments it’s not good for society.
    One more big point was about aamir.. It’s not required to leave your job and do good things. You can be do your job earn crores and still do good awareness activities for society. Any other hero/actor will dare to do this much?? Will you dare to do this much?? You did not learn anything from satyamevjayte show?? If so, then you were just worried about aamir income than the show..
    Problem is , most ppl became negative.. First thing is to search negativity.. We do not accept facts..
    I think movie was just trying to say follow one religion and that is LOVe… But some ppl trying to turn it to hindi Muslim issue.. Ya Hindu content was more.. But we Hindus have infinite number of gods.. Content percentage should be more..
    Plz search positivity and spread good words..

    • I absolutely agree with you. It’s fanatic Hindus like these ppl speaking so strongly against this movie who have ruined he meaning of religion. If after so many scams and eye opening instances against these so called god men ppl are still not ready to accept the reality then I think you are blind. Religion has become such multi core business tht I am not surprised so many ppl talk against this movie which had basically such a simple message to send.. Religion is belief and love in God and not about spending tons of money and torturing urself, spreading violence, and hate all in the name of God? It’s important to be a good person and help people no matter what religion they belong to rather than pray all day and then cheat and rip poor ppl. I don’t think India will ever Progress if we let such people s voice spread and create more hatred among religions. I think it’s time that mature and educated ppl start speaking against such religious fanatics who are ruining are country

      • Rai

        The person who has written this article and the ones who are supporting it are not fanatic Hindus, we are against someone singling out Hindu religious practices as the only bad practices in a country of multi religious backgrounds, Why pooint out only bad faith in Hidus, why not bring out the bad practices of Burkha, atwaas, madarsaas(a hub for all anti India & Terrorist activities) Christian conversions of Tribals, which are much more major issues. It is our duty as good educated ppl to stand up against these hypocrites.

    • agree with your point of view– all the comments and the article itself is Objective — it is simply missing out the essence and message it was intended for …. can somebody please let us know how this movie will do and what reaction it will recv in the sequel where RANBIR KAPOOR will play the protagonist …………. simply because Amir Khan has this role – it has invited such useless criticism- OMG on the other hand had Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar — which quietly was watched and loved… I think it is not Amir who is a hypocrite but sorry it is us who are worse …. the movie offered us to choose between a Samosa and an Apple to eat and we – as humans are – chose Samosa and left the useful and healthy Apple back on the table. ……………….. Guys learn to decipher the message …

  • Hi, your article is far away from reality. I watched the movie in a theater and I remember the shot from the movie in which PK told the Godman not to tell poor people to travel thousands of KMs to telling again telling their pain which is not gonna help in that particular context.

    There are flaws in your article not in PK movie.

  • Lol….your a little sensitive. and im suer everyones encountered money grabbing priests in temples on roads and sometimes they come to the house. They come to my place almost every week and every week I have to shoo them away…they even try to fool people with really simple magic tricks…

    are u seriously saying that people have never blindly followed a baba? The best example of this buffoonery is Nirmal Baba,… people followed him blindly until he was exposed im sure some of them still do.Just watch his sermons or interactive meetings the man is obviously talking shit and has the confidence of a veteran conman…

    The hindu religion also teaches tolerance and not to take anything seriously. sab maya hi toh hai? The hindu religion is a beautiful religion because it agrees to constantly being subjective with no hard and fast rules except for the ones you make up for yourself. it is continuously changing and malleable and is essentially a form of nature worship. Why do we have thousands/millions of gods? because they represent nature and all its possibilities.. ranging from physical to emotional to spiritual. Thus any problems u have are your own, and any offence that you take is solely your state of mind. The hindu religion sees it as an opinion, and all opinions matter, all realities matter no matter what they are..

    …..theres no point in you getting offended, by being offended you are just one half of the answer.. you must understand all view points… at all times… thats hard.. but thats what truth is.

  • i completely agree with you..we should condemn such brutal attempt by the pseudo secularists like aamir khan and would not hesitate to say that I lost all my fanatics about his..shame on him and those who pretend to be over mature

  • Agree with you on all points. Very well written. This movie has ridiculed and humiliated and targeted only one religious faith – because that is the new definition of Secularism. I paid for the ticket and watched my own faith get mocked – well done PK, what an achievement for you.

  • All hindus plzzzz reunite or else by treachery n force we’ll be all wiped out..Take up arms n destroy those who denigrates our god..Has amir khan or raju hirani has ass main shit to make a movie of islamic barbarism, 72 hoores of jannat n all, if he did that his head will be swinging on char rasta…It’s high time we show them that world’s most tolerant people when become angry only blood sheds..

  • People Blinding follow Godman – This is absolutely correct. It may not harm us. But we feel the sense of being betrayed in the name of God. Its nothing but fooling. Someone who is born like us, one day decides to become a Guru and then people treat him like God. This is wrong.

    Same as you have asked – Is he spreading voilence? We can ask you the same. Its a movie. You go you can enjoy or if you don’t dont watch the makers movie again. He is not spreading voilence.

  • @sadanand
    Nobody forces one to go behind any ‘GURU’, it is a decision taken by individual and is his or her right to take any decision wrong or right. So your argument does not make any sense.
    Dont single out one religion and highlight and portray things in negative manner, either do it for all or don’t do it

  • I dont object to what they have shown with regards to the innumerable farce by the Godmen of Hindu relegion but I object to what they have not shown of the numerous farce being commited by Muslim clericks and Christian missioneries. That is the hypocrecy practiced by the artists and the director/producer of the film. shame on them as well as the censor board which failed to protect the relegious sentiment of one particular community.

    • And shame on us Hindus for not just tolerating this, but also happily celebrating our own insults by calling such movies as good movies.

  • i was just wondering on the post and i felt that author of the post had tried to concluded that Amir has done all of these mistake through PK. Author has to understand that it was the director/writer’s script that he played off and the producer who has approved the script and invested the money.

    why no comments on Director/Actress/Producer/co-actors etc…. i hope you got my point.

  • who ever thinks in favor of this article has definitely not visited 1 of the 4 holy places in india, hands down. i hail from the state of orissa (puri being 1 of the shrines) and literally have been their for dont remember how many hundreds of times and trust me PK is not wrong,
    people, i dont disrespect your religious believes and practices but its high time open your eyes and be truthful rather than “JUST DOING ANYTHING IN THE NAME OF GOD”. its atrocious.

  • It is indeed a interesting read… I am amazed to see how conveniently this author using few points to force and spread his views. He seems to be annoyed as apparently (haven’t watched the movie yet) this movie talks particularly about one faith.. but isn’t he doing the same thing by pin pointing only Aamir Khan for everything, whereas there were at least 50 ppl involved in the making of this movie and 95%+ of them were not from the faith which is hated not only by the author but many ohter on this board.

    Well I completely understand that there are good babas, Imams and Christian priests but we also know the Nityanandas, Asaaram, head Imam who wanted to talk to Pak and so on….

  • its a movie, a story written by someone.. Purely for entertainment .. Simply amazed that peoe have the time to dissect the scenes, write and article and people like me who comment on it as well … Movies are fiction written from a perspective e of an author, dramatized for entertainment .. It’s not about right or wrong .. You watch it if you want, get entertained and leave it … There is nothing right or wrong .. U don’t like it , don’t watch it… It’s as simple as that.. I don’t consider it to be a bashing or someone being a hypocrite .. It just entertainment and fiction ..

  • I watched the movie yesterday, although i agreed with certain instances like harassment by touts,vendors at famous hindu temples, i could feel as the movie rolled by that the exploitation & con jobs done by christian missionaries , terrorism in the name of jehad were only given a name sake satirical treatment and not as graphic as it was done on hindu beliefs .Scenes like the head priest of the temple emptying out the cash in the purse dropped into the donation box by the character played by anushka sharma are exaggerated and deliberately made up just to drill into the audience minds that these happen at hindu temples as a matter of fact .

    The scene where the pk character says why go to a temple 2000 kms away instead of spending time with the chronically sick wife should also have added “Masijid,dargah,cathedrals etc etc… .After all, pilgrimages to shrines of muslims,christians are also followed strongly……… . So, Aamir Khan is conveying that the pilgrimage to mecca which he undertook last year with his mother is the true one because it is islam ,the religion which is beyond judgement . High time hindus ………. wake up ,else our next generation will be definitely living under muslim rule in the north and christain rule down south of India .

    Know what……….. Hope is there…….. because the biggest applause from the audience came from the brief scene where the christian missionaries are being bashed for conveying that if you are not a christian , you are damned forever ! ……… . If god truly loves mankind as per the christian version ,then definitely he would have ensured that every one is born a christian .

    • Again… why are you only taking Aamir’s name and not others’… Director, Producer, Script Writer etc…
      There were at least 50 people were involved in the making of this movie but you guyz are taking only one name, is it only coz he belongs to a faith you have hatred towards?? These things will not help anyone but create more issues. We need to get involved in a dialogue to solve things rather than creating more.

      It’s okay if people cannot spread love but at least don’t spread negative things.. God bless

  • I have been fascinated by the polarized positions on this film. Perhaps a more centrist position can be offered. I would concur the film is anti-Hindu; there is little, if any criticisms of any of the other religions which are briefly skimmed over.

    The challenge to Hindus is how to respond to this? We are, after all, guilty as charged of having fake god-men, money-minded priests, and vague rituals for which we are unable to provide a rational explanation. Simply crying out “anti-Hindu” does little to correct the views of Hinduism in the eyes of its critics.

    Some intelligent responses, which are rational and based on Vedic injunction, are required if we are to ever make our faith on par with other major religions.

  • I did not feel hurt or angry by the movie. The movie is not intended to hurt religious sentiments or denies existence of God. It only highlights the malpractices or hypocrisy in the name of religion and god. Yes, there have been more references to Bhagwan and Hindus and less references to christian conversion or Mullahs. The fact that showing more of religious hypocrisy in Hinduism and not counter balancing with other religions is what’s hurting most people. But its okay. That’s where the strength of Hinduism lies. To accept the flaws and work on those rather than accept that our faith is perfect and create a riot over it. We have overcome or trying to overcome our past social evils which were practiced in the name of tradition and faith(Sati, dowry, widow remarriage etc.) through this acceptability. We also respect those social reformers also who fought against these.

  • It’s funny how everyone on this site is doing their best to miss the point of this movie, ofcourse u don’t like it the movie was meant to offend religious nut jobs like you.Religions are ugly the movie is just showing you the mirror. Fear of hell and desire of heaven is the easiest revenue generator in India and the great news is that no one is ever coming back for a refund. An even bigger question that movie has raised and very few people have realised is that Have we some somehow figured out who created the universe? Or Was it created at all? No religions is immune from scrutiny because religions makes huge claims about the world we live in and all claims are subject to question, mockery, redicule and scientific inquiry sadly no religion has survived either of these tests. For those who are proud of their “faiths” let me tell u that u are simply a prey to a very old propoganda that was invented to keep ppl from asking questions that cannot be answered, faith is not virtue but weapon to control masses, and finally I agree that a man should have the right to spend his money wherever he want but if he is putting in pedophiles like Asaram’s pocket he is equally responsible for the little girls who’s lives were ruined which i think is much worse than buying an AK 47.

    • I think you missed the actual point behind this article. The movie is only showcases the negative aspects of one religion yet fails to address the problems in rest. Nowhere in the movie do we see pedophile priests or swindling and converting people under the name of the ONLY REAL GOD, or the destruction they purposefully create in the country by divide and rule, the prostitution that goes on in the Church, the child sales…you name it, its not there. Again, there is no mention of rape jihads, love jihads, child rapes, rapes of all manner against kafirs, brainwashing the illiterate community to hate others and wish for their most horrible death in Friday sermons or Madarasas. Nowhere is there mention of Arabs who come into the country and marry poor young girls for a few weeks or months just because they cannot hire a prostitute instead. Nowhere is there mention of communal mentality among the Muslims. But here are a couple of articles that hopefully can make you understand the reality behind the movie. You may also want to research on the issues pertaining to the costs involved as well that were funded by Middle East and Pakistan. It is simply not just another harmless movie! Don’t forget to check the second link out which clearly shows the double standard of the Bollywood Censor Board!

  • Why did Aamir khan use Indian god and godess stickers, why not christ or Mecca stickers.? There seem to be inherent bias in the movie against hindus.