Mystery behind the haunted village of Kuldhara

All of us have had an encounter with a ghost or heard an eerie ghost story. The existence of ghosts is a debatable topic. Many scientists and researchers, all across the world, have studied the phenomenon and tried to unravel the mystery behind strange and scary places.
Recently, Paranormal Society of Delhi acknowledged that there is something strange about these scary places.
Mystery behind Kuladhara
The society was studying one of these locations in Jaisalmer’s Kuldhara village. Kuldhara village is a haunted location and it is believed that it is impossible to spend an entire night in the village. The society decided to unravel the mystery behind the village of Kuldhara’s spirit.
Delhi’s Paranormal Society of Delhi reached Kuldhara under the leadership of Gaurav Tiwari.
A brave team of 18 members decided to spend an entire night inside the village along with 10-12 other people.
Mystery behind Kuladhara
The team spent 12 long horrifying hours inside the village and experienced some strange activities.
The team equipped with their high-tech electronic equipments scanned the entire village and encountered really strange activities. From moving shadows, haunting voices to hand imprints of children on cars; the team members lived through one of their scariest nights.
One of the members revealed that he felt someone touching his shoulder from behind. When he turned back to see who it was, he found no one.

Spirits revealed their names

The team used a highly sophisticated equipment to communicate with ghosts and spirits. The equipment, named ‘Ghost Box’, was used to ask questions from the spirits. The spirits responded and even told their names.
Mystery behind Kuladhara

Sudden rise and drop in the temperature

The team had a K-2 metre device which is used to measure change in surroundings temperature. The device recorded a temperature of 41 Degree Celsius at one location and as it was moved a few steps ahead, the temperature instantly dropped to 31 Degree Celsius.
The team used LASER rays and found unexplained moving shadows.

Society objective is to dispel fear

The team’s main objective is to dispel fear from the minds of the people. The society has surveyed over 500 locations all across the nation. These are the places which are considered to be haunted by the locals and it is believed that no one can spend the night in these villages.
Mystery behind Kuladhara
In the beginning, the team came across a lot of strange activities, but as their confidence increased these strange activities diminished, the team found.
The team could not concretely establish or deny the ghost-phenomenon, but they sure did helped the villagers dismissed the notion associated with the village.

We hope, villagers of Kuldhara will have a good night’s sleep.