Is Kejriwal India’s biggest scam ?

Is Kejriwal India's biggest scam ?

Written by  RSN Singh
A former military intelligence officer who later served in the Research & Analysis Wing. The author of two books: Asian Strategic and Military Perspective and Military Factor in Pakistan. 


This article is going to be based on facts and facts alone. It purports to clearly decipher the process of subversion and use of Kejriwal and his associates by powers and countries inimical to India. Sadly, as invariably the case, there are vested interests at the highest political levels in India, who are part of the design.

The flowchart below gives out the link of foreign funding and subversion of Kejriwal and associates. Each of the links given in the flowchart are backed by documents.

Is Kejriwal India's biggest scam ?

A US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) secret document (declassified) given below, duly signed by the then Director Allen W. Dulles clearly shows the link between CIA and Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation and Magsaysay Award. It may be mentioned that Dulles was the longest serving Director of CIA from 1953 to 1961. Even in the citation of Kejriwal for Magsaysay Award, the first reference was made to CIA.


The link between CIA and Ford Foundation and Magsaysay Award is yet again reinforced by a secret (declassified) document. The document clearly shows that how so called intellectuals, professors and students of target countries are financially enticed by the Ford Foundation on behalf of CIA to avail education facilities in the US clearly with the purpose of subversion.

Is Kejriwal India's biggest scam ?

The grants given by Ford Foundation in 2002 to various Indian entities are given below in the accessed document. Arvind Kejriwal’s NGO ‘Sampoorna Parivartan’ and CSDS (Center for the Study of Developing Societies) have been granted $80,000 and the $250,000 respectively. Key associates of Arvind Kejriwal like Yogendra Yadav have been functionaries of the CSDS. What makes this funding to Kejriwal a criminal activity is the fact that he in 2002 was still a government servant and therefore not entitled to receive it. Government servants are not permitted to float NGOs without due permission.

Kejriwal, while on study leave and availing full government salary started Parivartan along with Manish Sisodia in 2000-2001. On its website, Parivartan on 10-March-2009 declared that it is not an NGO or a registered organization, and for Income Tax purposes it was an Association of Persons. However, in 2002 the website declared the organization was registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860 and was exempt from Income Tax in Section 80G of 12A of IT Act. This is a clear fraud on India and Indians (Click here to see more).

Further, under the banner of Parivartan, Kejriwal received funds from World Bank for a Jan Sunvai campaign even as the organization was not registered. It is again a criminal act. This funding nearly coincides with the period of Kejriwal resigning from service (not accepted) in 2006, and Ford Foundation funding and grant of Magsaysay Award. In fact, Kejriwal got the Magsaysay Award shortly after he featured in the World Bank report of 2005 (page: 29-33).

Kejriwal branched off from Parivartan to establish yet another NGO, Kabir. As per the documents, Kabir was established on 15 August 2005. This was again illegal, as Kejriwal continued to be in government service. The subversive agenda of the Ford Foundation is quite clear in the contradictions in dates between financial documents declared by Kabir and Ford Foundation. While Kabir claims that the NGO began its operations on 15 August 2005 in which the contribution from Ford Foundation was Rs.43,48,036/-, whereas the annual report of Ford Foundation claims to have made a contribution to Kabir to the tune of $172,000 on 15 July 2005. It is not only intriguing that the Ford Foundation funding to Kabir began from the very first year of its operation, but the money was given one month before its birth. The fraud is evident from the two sets of documents of Kabir and Ford Foundation, given below:

Is Kejriwal India's biggest scam ?

As per Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) submission made by the Kabir in its annual return indicates that between 2005 and 2011, only Rs.75,54,006 were received from Ford Foundation in two tranches; i.e. 2005-06: Rs. 43,48,036 on 15-July-2005, 2006-07: Rs. 32,05,970 on 12-Dec-2006. It also shows a sum of $1,97,000 was not accepted as Kabir had become a political movement by then. It may be reminded that it was at this time that lot of questions were being raised about illegal foreign funding to Kejriwal’s political activities. Kabir tried to mislead by removing or omitting all details from website regarding its funding from Ford Foundation in the year 2007-2008, 2009-2010.

However, the fraud can be nailed by visiting the Ford Foundation website (again suppressed), which clearly indicates that in the year 2007-2008, Kabir received $1,97,000 and the very next year Rs.60,75,149 (Kabir website, details suppressed again).

The hide and seek being played on the net by Kabir and Ford Foundation is testimony to the fraud. In fact, Parivartan and Kabir, suddenly shutdown their websites after coming under scrutiny in 2012.

Kejriwal and dubious American funding

Kejriwal received the Ashoka fellowship in 2004. He conveyed an impression that the outreach to him was by an Indian organization. In reality Ashoka is an US registered organization, whose strategic partners include McKinsey & Company, Corporate Executive Board and Latham and Watkins. Since the Cold War, this organization has been engaged in creating human assets for expanding American influence.

Is Kejriwal India's biggest scam ?

It emerges that after liberal funding from various Western sources, Kejriwal decided to send his resignation from government service in 2006. This story began in 2002, when his ‘Sampooran Parivartan’ was given $80,000 (Page: 104)


Is Kejriwal India's biggest scam ?

$80,000 in 2002 was equivalent to Kejriwal’s 15 years’ salary. Moreover, the biggest fraud is that the donors, i.e. organizations that funded Kejriwal’s so-called NGOs were the decision makers in the award of his Magsaysay Award. This includes the CIA. Further, the representative of Ford Foundation on India Steven Solnick admitted on 31st August 2012 that the Magsaysay Award for Kejriwal was funded by them.

Subsequently, foreign money began to flow into Kejriwal’s NGO. As per the response to an RTI filed by a website Beyond Headlines, the other foreign contributors to Kejriwal’s NGO ‘Kabir’ were Ford Foundation (Rs 86,61,742), PRIA (Rs 2,37,035), Manjunath Shanmugam Trust (Rs 3,70,000), Dutch Embassy (Rs 19,61,968), Association for India’s Development (Rs 15,00,000), India’s Friends Association (Rs 7,86,500), United Nations Development Programme (Rs12,52,742) while Rs 11,35,857 were collected from individual donations between 2007 to 2010.

The link 6 in the Chart at the start indicates recipients of the funds by the Dutch entity Humanistic Institute for Cooperation with Developing Countries (HIVOS). It provided € 1.3 million between 2008 and 2012. Of these more than half, i.e. DISHA, GKVP, SAFAR, MAHITI, SWATI, and UTHAN are active in Gujarat. The others like CJP run by Teesta Setalvad and ANHAD run by Shabnam Hashmi are known for their virulent anti-Modi campaign.

HIVOS in turn is the highest recipient of funds from Ford Foundation. It has an office in India receiving $1.2 million (/Grants/Search?searchphrase=kabeer).
HIVOS also funded Kejriwal’s Parivartan (/eng/content/view/full/96/(sector)/10000025/(country)/10000011).

There are various other organizations funded by the Dutch government i.e. PSO Association and PRIA. These organizations ostensibly are engaged in ‘development and social work’, however their main purpose is to promote American agenda. The US adopts the Dutch route in various target countries so that suspicions are not aroused. HIVOS receives €27 million from the Dutch government and funds the PRIA, which is also a Ford Foundation partner. Another PSO partner Soliaridad also funds PRIA. PRIA funded Kejriwal as well. Many countries have compelled the PSO to windup its activities as they have been found to be intrusive.

Another Dutch funded organization is PANOS, which has seven offices in South Asia. This too is recipient of funds from Ford Foundation and its main purpose is to manipulate the media ‘in South Asia’. So is it surprising that a segment of Indian electronic media has gone to vulgar extent in amplifying Kejriwal? The funding of the Dutch entities as mentioned by the Ford Foundation is evidenced by the document placed below:

Is Kejriwal India's biggest scam ?

Collusion between CIA and Kejriwal

All the documents above suggest the alleged systematic subversion and creation of Kejriwal by the CIA through the Ford Foundation and the Dutch entities. A CIA document clearly establishes as to how CIA loans officers to Ford Foundation.

Is Kejriwal India's biggest scam ?

It has also been established that CIA operatives operate through the academic route. One such academic researcher Ms Shimrit Lee was associated with Kejriwal’s Kabir NGO in the garb of doing research on 
‘Public Power: India and Other Democracies’. Ms Lee specializes in Tahrir Square type demonstrations that we are now witnessing in Ukraine. She has been active in Cairo, Haifa, Chad and Israel, India and US. It is she who introduced the ideas of Mohalla Committees and brought the Arab Spring technology to India to launch Kejriwal. Ms Lee’s photograph is given below:


Is Kejriwal India's biggest scam ?

That the US has been using the Dutch for pushing its agenda in India, which includes destabilization of India’s Northeast is known. It is evident by the bonhomie between Netherlands and various Naga outfits, particularly the NSCN (IM). It was the NSCN (IM) which took umbrage when on 17-July-2002 in a written reply to a question in parliament, the late Digvijay Singh then Minister of External Affairs said that Netherlands was one of the countries where terrorists have safe heavens besides Pakistan. It may also be reiterated that the NSCN (IM) always insists on holding talks with the Indian government in Amsterdam. It is also well known as to how the CIA and the Dutch Intelligence Agency (BVD – Binenlandise Veiligheidsdienst) connived in allowing AQ Khan to steal nuclear secrets from URENCO, site at Almeto in Netherlands, only with the purpose of balancing Pakistan with India in nuclear capability during the Cold War. It is through this kind of geopolitical balancing in various regions that the US maintains its lead role.

Just as in the case of lead role by geopolitical balancing the Western countries maintain their supremacy in global economy through the ‘offshore financial centers’. These centers thrive on black money of the developing world. Was it for this reason that Kejriwal was created to kill Ramdev’s movement for recovery of black money stashed abroad? During the entire Anna agitation, not even once, the issue of black money in foreign soil was raised.

In pursuit of the CIA agenda there are Indians who have been partnering Kejriwal. Is it a coincidence that a former Admiral also a recipient of Magsaysay Award accompanied Kejriwal when he filed his nomination from New Delhi constituency? This Admiral, whose daughter married to a Pakistani, has been in the forefront against India’s ‘nuclear development’. Is it a mere coincidence that the closest aides of Kejriwal are recipients of funding from Ford Foundation. Is it also a mere coincidence that Kejriwal never served out of Delhi during his government service, and helping him in this bid was none other than Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, who wrote a letter to ensure the same? Is it also a mere coincidence that Arvind Kejriwal is a protégé of Aruna Roy, another recipient of Magsaysay Award, and a member of Sonia’s National Advisory Council?

Arvind Kejriwal is therefore not a political threat but a security threat to this country, his main objective being to destabilize India to perpetuate US agenda.

Arvind Kejriwal is India’s biggest scam.



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  • Why do we allow Ford Foundation to function in the country? It is a blatantly subversive organisation! Just as UNMOGIP was asked to move, the FF should also be asked to shut shop.

  • Even BJP & Congress received donations from organisations like Ford, but since they do not disclose their donations, you can never find out. It is easy to blame a man when he is completely transparent, and keep yourself hidden.

  • A K was nurtured by US to make a stooge out of him. But he turned out to be a stupid. who could not hold on to pressure. AK is a closed chapter in the political history of India.

  • Great… so atleast it is established he is not the Congress or BJP’s B team. Do service to nation and file a FIR against Kejriwal for receiving illegal funding like you state in the article, if you are busy forward it to Mr Subramaniam Swamy who has made this a profession.

  • India is moving smoothly under the leadership of Modiji, but this anti-national bhagoda kejriwal speading lots of negativity, kejriwal is a full time liar & a pure criminal, who hijacked movement of Aanaji.. talitani kejariwal is very dangerious for democarcy ..pls bless him for political death and dont vote him..

  • Every one needs funds to try bigger aims. In order to get funds this kind of network to be created. As long as funds are received and spend for public welfare and to make a change in the system. I don’t see him as a villain or criminal. However law & order takes care if someone registers a complaint. Many Government officials participate in non-profit organization organized programs to encourage voluntaries. Efforts can be in the form of funds or personal involvement both are more or less equal, it does not mean being Government you are not supposed to contribute nation other than your office duties is not correct.

  • With this fact, why this guy can’t be arrested and put it in jail? Why only killing politically? Both Congress and BJP were in power for good time to take action? Is something else being played here instead?

  • I appreciate your efforts but please donot mislead us. Today when the whole media and all parties are against Kejriwal, this kind of conspiracy would have been disclosed much before. But all they have is Kejriwal’s cough, muffler and Chatni to blabber about.
    From the back end, they release their puppets to disclose these kind of baseless bullshits about AK. Suppose he receives the fund from Ford foundation then what’s you fucking problem old man? Even BJP & congress get their fund from anon sources. Did you ever try to write any article asking the sources of BJP/ Congress?
    Kejriwal receives the fund, he uses it well & the good thing is, he discloses everything at AAPs website. Use your energy in right direction and stop posting this nonsense which proves nothing.

  • Initially AAP seemed to be genuine . They did promise good government and a corruption free India . But the way they carried business in Delhi for 49 days, the candidates for general election, general behaviour of AAP supporter in social networking sites all shows a pattern. Most of the AAP(tards) either abuse the PM or praise Kejariwal without any substance. Most of their leading volunteers are US MNC employees who come on leave. If we correlate these with the above article its clear that AAP is a genuine threat to the nation. AK is not to be trusted, leave alone corruption , for any thing.

  • As Ramesh rightly said, entrust this job to Subramanya Swami who would systematically with the help of legal knowledge present the case in perfect way to nail AK down thoroughly . This may bring out others “BIG” people involved along with him..

  • The main agenda behind US creating people like AK is to bring Christianity to India this has been a demand from the American right wing Christian sponsors who have put millions of dollars without much results. The new Ambassodor to India is a result of such an effort. Bobby Jindal, Obama are all beneficiary of this groups money and power.
    Their effort has shown tremendous results in China where in the last 20 years the Christian population has grown to 250 million. Indian has dissopointed then to that effect.

  • He’s a truest form of a person without any BACKBONE. Before his 49 days regime election campaign, he’s been shown on many tv channels saying that he has ‘Solid Evidences’ of corruption against Shiela Dixit, the then CM of Delhi and he will put her behind the bar once he’s elected as CM. WHERE IS THAT PROMISE and COMMITMENT against corruption. Secondly and recently when one of his minister formed a committee to find evidences of ‘Delhi Jal Board Scam’ and collected many evidences and presented to this ‘Krantikari’ the Krantikari’ transfered this minister to the other ministry. What about the ‘Karyawahi’ against people involved in ‘Delhi Jal Board Scam? Can someone tell me what kind of fight is it against ‘Corruption’ on pretention of which he befooled delhi people? What big difference has he brought to the society at large?

  • Kejriwal or no Kejriwal, it is high time the GOI prohibits under law (i) any official serving in the Central or State Govt from accepting any award from any Foreign agency. (ii) Awards to serving govt. officials from any Indian entity which is private shall first be routed through the Central Govt. for security clearance. (iii) all foreign “aid” from Govts overseas and from any foreign Entity must first be cleared by the Ministry of Home Affairs after due diligence. A lot of such “foreign aid” is fradulent, meant to give employment to unemployable foreign “specialists”.
    I do not see why any Indian individual requires to be recognized by a foreign Govt. or any foreign entity for any thing. Any outstanding work or achievement of an Indian must be recognized by India, Indian entities and Indian Government. That should suffice. That is also one sure way of infusing self-esteem and decolonising the Indian mind. How many Chinese achievements wait for recognition from the West and crow about it when received?
    Unless these restrictions backed by statutorily are imposed, more and more Kejriwals ant Sisodias will pop up now and then to destabilize the country on one pretext or the other, legitimate or illegitimate.

  • Dude,

    Well written article. He should be kicked out of SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC of INDIA.
    But hold on, who all should be on list :
    1. All other NGOs who receive funds or political parties who don’t share their fund details?
    Goons Politicians? Should they be allowed to beat a poor toll guy for ask toll fee or to do scams on our hard earned money.
    3. All Indian citizens. Who ever had paid bribe to a police wala or TTE ?
    4. Politicians who only win election once and are eligible for pension and other govt funds. For OROP army personal has to work for at least 20 years. Moreover no other govt servants (the name only suggests they are servants for govt).
    5. Doctors who goes to govt funded (funded by our taxes) institutions for education and than opens Max, Forties, etc etc. They charge ridiculously high.
    6. Should also add ~40% people who don’t cast their vote. This skews the results alot.

    I forgot many more Journalists, Police officers, Policy makers and common man (AAM Aadmi).

    PS: You wrote Late Digvijay Singh, seems like Ford foundation should fund into indian