Indian Muslims: Babar or Ram?

babar or ram

Indian Muslims are today at a crossroad. The bombs attacks in India, may have been guided by Pakistan, but could not have happened – like all recent Islamic attacks on India – without the strong support and involvement of Indian Muslims. Once again, we see that the silent Muslim majority of India – remains silent. Instead of universally condemning violence against their motherland, India.

muslimThe question that Indian Muslims should ask themselves now is simple: “who are we” ? Amongst the 120 millions of Muslims in India, only a tiny percentage descends from the Turks, Afghans, or Iranians who invaded India. The majority of them are converted Muslims. And converted how ? By terror, coercion, force, bloodshed. The ancestors of today’s Indian Muslims are probably those who suffered the most from the Arab and Muslim invasions. Those Hindus and Sikhs who chose not to convert, took refuge in their faith, fought together and kept their pride and honor. The first two generations of those who converted must have endured hell: for they certainly did not convert out of conviction, but because they had no choice: their daughters and wives were raped, sons taken into slavery, parents killed. It is sad today that their descendants have sometimes made theirs the intolerant cry of Islam.

Do Indian Muslims understand that they were part of the richest, most advanced, most tolerant and generous civilization of ancient times. That their culture was so advanced that it had spread all over the world ? Do they realize that more and more archaeological an historical discoveries are pointing out that the genocide of Hindus by Muslim invaders is without parallel. The conquest of Afghanistan in the year 1000, was followed by the annihilation of the entire Hindu population there; indeed, the region is still called Hindu Kush, ‘Hindu slaughter’. The Bahmani sultans in central India, made it a rule to kill 100,000 Hindus a year. In 1399, Teimur killed 100,000 Hindus in a single day. Professor K.S. Lal has estimated that the Hindu population decreased by million between the year 1000 and 1525, probably the biggest holocaust in history. Surely, many of present day Indian Muslims’ ancestors must have been among those slaughtered.

muslimIslam cannot be wished away. As Sri Aurobindo said “Mahomed’s mission was necessary, else we might have ended by thinking, in the exaggeration of our efforts at self-purification, that earth was meant only for the monk and the city created as a vestibule for the desert”…. . Thus Indian Muslims have to keep their faith and any attempt by Hindus to convert them back is not only futile but counterproductive. But the question to be asked to them is: “what kind of Islam do you want to practice ? An Islam which looks westwards, towards a foreign city, the Mecca, swears by a Scripture, the Koran, which is not only not relevant to India, but which was meant for people living 1500 years ago, in a language which is not Indian ? Or do they want to practice an Islam which is “Indianized”, which accepts the reality of other Gods, as Hinduism and Buddhism accept that there have been other avatars than Ram or Buddha.

Do India Muslims want to worship Babar, a man who destroyed everything which was good, beautiful and holy and lived by the power of violence, or do they want to imbibe the qualities of Ram, who believed in the equality of all, who gave-up all riches and honors of the world because he thought his brother deserved the throne more than him ?

Whatever the West says, which is obsessed with China, India, a vibrant, English speaking, pro-western democracy is going to become the superpower of the 21st century. Do Indian Muslims want to participate in that great adventure ? Do they want to feel that they are part of India, that they are Indians ?

muslimNowadays it is politically not correct to say anything against Islam. You are immediately labeled anti-Muslim and dismissed as a “rightist”. No matter if you are only reporting the fact that there is a real problem with Islam in South Asia: that India is surrounded by fundamentalists states: Afghanistan and Pakistan, while more moderates like Bangladesh, tend to close an eye to anti-Indian activities; that Indian Muslims sometimes tend to put their religion before their country; and that Kashmiris, far from being the persecuted that the Foreign Press likes to portray, are actually paying the price for having allowed Afghan and Pakistani Sunnis radicalize what used to be a more gentle and tolerant Islam and left their Hindu brothers and sisters being butchered and chased away from their ancestral land.

Thus the question has to be asked again: do Indian Muslims want to be like Babar or like Ram? This choice will shape their future for generations to come. It is maybe only in India, that Islam can come to terms with itself and accept the reality of other faiths.

Otherwise, if it continues on the path of confrontation, not only in India, but with the whole western world, it is surely going towards self-destruction.

~Francois Gautier



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  • What is the purpose of posting this? What is the message? Should we Hindus get hatred against other religions, Islam, Christianity?
    My comment on FB was removed btw.

    • Kiran,

      IF you read the article in full length and still don’t understand what is the “purpose” of this article and how it is related to India and it’s culture (Sanskriti) then nothing that anyone can say or do anything will change your mindset. I removed your comment from FB page for the same reason. As Author concluded his informative opinion ” Thus the question has to be asked again: do Indian Muslims want to be like Babar or like Ram? This choice will shape their future for generations to come. It is maybe only in India, that Islam can come to terms with itself and accept the reality of other faiths.”

      There is much more going on around you than advertised secularism and double standard propaganda, you just need to pay a little more attention to things that actually matters in real life. This website and FB page is all about India and all that is related to India and its Sanskriti, and I will post everything that affects India directly and/or indirectly. And this is a very relevant topic which affect us all.

      As far as Christianity is concerned or any other religion which is hell bent on trying to prove that their way is the only way and rest WILL go to hell must be countered and opposed. If you are not aware of what Christian missionaries have been and are doing in India to destroy Indian culture and it’s identity then you need to read more about it. Visit and see what is happening in India and check few of other posts on our website as well on the same topic.

      Please pay more attention!

      • Thank you for the post and the reply.

        Mr.Kiran, Please pay more attention to the details, read things with open heart and also good to do some study.

    • @Kiren , For the Muslim , you are a kafir and their aim is to convert you as muslim or killed you . the feeling of muslim is same even in 2014 but they less in number so they look like so sekular and sweet speaking. donot worry bro your kids or (may be their kids) wll be muslims.

  • sir , there exists only one islam, not two, indianized and other. if anyone assumes like that then it is biggest foolishness, but i think there exists two types of muslims – indian muslims and other. indian muslims are best relatively others in terms of tolerance and other qualities

  • Dear Kirna,

    I think you should read this Article once again your understanding will be clear.
    This article is not saying that we Hindus get Hatred against other religions, Islam and Christianity.Its our mindset to be changed. Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitahan.. Dharma protects those who protect it.

  • Thank u Sanskriti, I would like to thank those of you who contributed to it by answering learners’ questions, sharing insights, Culture, Faith and having intelligent, civilized conversations. 🙂

  • I very much agree to this article, and I very very whole heartedly want to ask our Indian Muslim and Christian Brothers and Sisters to think. It might be true that now you are believing in Allah and Jesus, Quran and the Bible. But do you think that you are really a muslim or a Christian???? NO!!!!!! the blood running in you is from your hindu ancestor. Actually by believing in your current religion you are supporting those who cruelly and brutally laid your ancestors to death, who forcefully made your ancestors convert to their religion. By supporting them you are humiliating your own blood, your own ancestors who died, or who converted out of compulsion, or out of fear of getting killed. Can any Muslim brother or sister go to Pakistan and say that you want live there because you a muslim??? In 1990, some muslim brothers with family went to Pakistan to live there. The men were asked to remove their pants to prove they are muslims and ashamed and later got killed,… and the women were gang raped, brutally killed and thrown near the border. But who is supporting you, it is our indian brother and sisters, you know why>???? because they are tolerant, as hindus they show us love, they support us. Because they know that you are their own, we are all one.

    • Yes dear Eliza your assertion is true the current generation of Muslims and Christians are descendants of Hindu ancestors which they have forgotten.
      Since the arrival of these foreign religions into India,we stand divided today and at odds with each other fermenting mistrust and hatreds usually ending up in violent attack against each other.

  • Yeh Hedegevar aur shavarkar ki avaidh santan hai. Hedegevar jo Denna Nath Munje ke prbhav me aa kar, ( Deena Nath Munje Italy me Mussolini se mila tha ) R.S.S. ki sthapna ki. R.S.S. ek Brahminvadi sangthan hai.Savarkar jisne Brirtisher se mafi mangi, wo Adolf Hitler ke prabahv me aaya, us Savarkar ne R.S.S. ko aage badaya. Yeh Gulam Hindu Hitler se bahot prabhit hue kyoki Hitler Gemany ko shudh Arya aur viksit jat manata tha. In Gulam savarkaro ne apne ko Hitler sse jod liya. Jabki Hitler ki najar me Hindus ki koi aukat nahi thi, aur ho bhi kaisi sakati hai. Ek jati jo B.C. 327 se pitati aa rahi hai. Wo kaise ek unnat jati ho sakati hai . Subhash Chander Bose Fadidt ( Japan, Germany, Italy ) ke hath ka khilouna ban gaya tha. Iska pramaan yeh hai ki yeh aliance ” Azad Hind Fouj” ko apane labh ke liye istemaal karana chaate the aur kiya bhi, Isaka sabut yeh hai ki Azad Hind Fouj jab “Manipur” me ghus aayi to piche se Japan se rasad supply rok di. “North- East” ke ghane jungalon me “Azad Hind Fouj” ke Sainik bhukh aur machharon ke shokar hoker mare gaye. Agar Germany alliance jeet jata to Bharat dusari gulami me chala jata, jo ki nishchay hi British gulami se jayada bura hota. “Subhash Chand Bose” under ground ho gaye kyoki, International kanoon ke anusaar second world war ke yuddh aparadhio ko mout ki saza di gayi, jo aaz bhi jari hai. Agar tum jaise R.S.S. ke patra ke atirikt kuch padate ho to, pata ho. Is desh me Brahminon ne koi shur veerata ka kaam nahi kiya keva bholi Janata ko thaga. Dalito ko apmanit kiya unko pratadit kiya. Ab jabki daliton me jagarti aa gayi hai, to inke hath se satta nikal gayi, to pahale Congress ke naam pe “Brahmins” ne desh pe raj kiya. Ab jab Congress ki baagdor Brahmins ke hath se nikal gayi to R.S.S. jo Brahmins ka jamabada hai. usne Hindutva ke naam pe BJP ko aage kar diya. Babur Nama me kahi “Ram Mandir’ todane ka jikar aaya hai. ajbki “babur ne yahan ke chidyon, phulon, falon tak ka vistaar se varnan kiya hai. Hitler ki “Mign Calmf” aur Babur-Nama pado. “Rastra-Dev” pad-pad ke budhi bhrash ho gayi hai, tumhari. Muslims aur Christians Brahmins dwara sataya “Dalit Varg” hai. Brahmins ne is desh ka Bhatta bitha diya. Niche list de raha hu ki kaise RSS vidharmi “Bahu” bardasht nahi karata hai. Vidharmi (Muslim) damad ko sir ankhon pe bitha ke rakhata hai. =
    R.S.S.and hard core hindus leader respect and love non-Hindu Son-in-Law (Damaad). They hate
    Non Hindu Daughter-in-law (Bahu) as Mrs. Soniya Gandhi.

    1. – The niece of L K Advani, a Sindhi Brahmin, married a Muslim. Advani attended the marriage ceremony.

    2. – Hindu Hridaya Samrat Bala Saheb Thakre’s (Kayasth) grand daughter ( daughter of Bindu Madhav Thakre ) got Married
    with Muslim Guy.

    3. – CNN-IBN anchorperson Suhasini Haidar daughter of politician Dr. Subramaniam Swamy (Brahmin), is married to Nadeem, son of former India bureaucrat Salman Haidar. They have two daughters.

    4. – Since Hindu Marriage Act does not allow polygamy, Bollywood stars Dharmendra and Hema Malini had to convert to Islam to marry,
    as Dharmendra was already married to his first wife Prakash Kaur.

    5. – Bharatiya Janata Party’s Muslim faces, Late Sikander Bakht married to Raj Sharma (Brahmin).

    6. – Currently BJP Muslim face Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi (married to Seema).

    7. – Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi’s son Arshad is married to Sumana, a Hindu

    8. – Another one BJP Muslim face Syed Shahnawaz Husain married to Renu Sharma (Brahmin)

    9. – Smriti was born at Delhi in a Hindu family of Punjabi–Bengali background her mother is Brahmin, and was eldest amongst three sisters.
    In January 2001, Smriti married her childhood friend Zubin Irani, a Zoroastrian, who was ten years older than her.
    It is the second marriage of Zubin. Some people tell that Zubin’s first marriage broken by Smriti.
    In the year 2001, Smriti gave birth to their son Zohr.
    In September 2003 Smriti gave birth to their daughter Zoish.
    Also, Smriti is a step mother to Shanelle who is Irani’s daughter from his previous marriage with coordinator and
    former beauty contestant Mona Irani.
    Mai janata hu ki tum mera yeh comment publish nahi karoge, tum me dam hi nahi hai.

  • Shame on those Brahmins who could not keep their children from going astray from their fold embracing a detested religion. Along with it losing their true Hindu Identity and their children’s.

  • So true. Very well written article. The biggest problem with Indian Muslims and world wide is that majority of them don’t get educated. Consequently, they do not become aware about the history. They live just in present immaterial of good or bad. They also don’t get rational thought which becomes most important for them if they want to consider country above religion.

  • Rohanji should I cry or laugh on your comments … I am confused …. The article is related to the “tolerance” within the Muslim religion or the very face of it … If you have seen then you can acknowledge that Muslim Shariah ruled countries have various number of restrictions on conduct of other religion within their countries … the article asks the Indian Muslims to be more “tolerant” to other religions and encourages them to “co-exist” with other religions.

    Now for your comments :

    RSS was formed by a person who was impressed by Mussolini and a Brahmin organisation-
    I dont know if Dr Hedgewar was impressed by Mussolini but I know that RSS is working tirelessly for the betterment of Indians with no relevance to religion. In fact they have already got a wing within their organisation called – “Muslim Rashtriya Manch” – Muslims are recruiting to it in large numbers. Hence your comments that RSS is a Brahmin Organisation doesnt have any factual evidence. I can also quote Dr Ambedkar who had praised the efforts of RSS for bringing equality within their organisation between various sections of society.

    Swantantrya Veer Savarkar – He is the only person who was announced to have 2 “Kala paani” equalling to 100 years of imprisonment. He stayed within the Andaman & Nicobar Islands “Kala paani” till India got independence. So your comments are again baseless.

    SC Bose – He had only intent within his mind “India’s Independence” Hence he tried all means to get this done. However he made little success though but commendable one.

    Thanks for quoting the examples this shows how Hindus are open and liberal

    for Sonia Gandhi the only bone of contention was – She is still have Italy’ citizenship. Still doesnt have a valid Indian passport.

  • There were articles on the psyche of Muslims where they are majority and how badly they treat minorities and where they were minorities and how they fight for rights and increase population. In India hundreds of temples were destroyed and mosques built in their place.Muslim invasion from BC till the Moghul rule of the sword and
    convert are also well documented.Hindus in India should be fully aware of all these and make their children be aware too.In many countries in SEA and South Asia black magic is used to entice non-muslim girls.All these are on the Hindus while respecting fellow Muslims should know the past and maintain a bar of distance especially in issues of marriage.If not future India will face lots of unrest from both sides.I agree many are moderate from Abdul Kalam till actor Shahrukh etc but greater awareness must be made.I saw on the net in Malaysia where a father converts to marry a Muslim deserting his family but subtly converts all without consent and when they grow up to marry or the wife wants to maintain custody of her Hindu children, the religious officers prevent and in some cases the civil court decisions are disregarded and the Hindu wife is asked to go to the Shariah court.So moderation is a hypocrisy.Just see in Sudan a similar case.In Thailand they are minorities and kill Buddhists because they want a separate state just as in Philippines.In the state of Sabah in Malaysia what was a predominantly Christian population is wilfully changed demographically by issuing instant citizenships to incoming Muslims.What Hindu population worldwide including India must be made aware of all these.It is not hate as there are many moderate people especially in India but awareness is imperative to maintain cultural status quo in perpetuity.

  • Very nice article. Muslims in India need to decide whether they want to inherit the qualities of Ram and respect Ram or they support Babar and his monstrous activities. One side we have an epitome of tyaag, dharma and human and super human values and other side we have an epitome of all monstrous activities. This would shape their future and in fact of every Indian.

  • First of all, you should understand that Islam is not a religion. It is an overgrown cult that wants only destruction. Second, there cannot be a moderate version of Islam bacause Quran clearly divides muslims from non – muslims and this division is regularly reinforced through masjids and madarsas.

    So, any attempt to Indianise muslims will be futile. The only solution is for the muslims to realise that Islam is a deadly virus that will lead them to hell and they are the worst victims of this desease.The antidote to this virus is information and free thinking.

    To this end, Internet is playing a crucial role and your attempts in this direction should be louded.