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How India and Indians failed Kashmiri Hindus


Be it any political party in India, in one way or the other it has made its duty to appease the minorities at the expense of majority. Indian government can do anything to prove its secular credentials to world, anyone who found it hard to believe should read about the Kashmiri Hindu genocide of 1990.

In 1986, Anantnag massacre took place and it was a warning for the impending doom which was about to hit Kashmir. Congress who was at that time in centre failed to read the signs while the National Conference who was enjoying the power in State were least bothered. In 1989, the targeted killings of ‘Kashmiri Hindus’ started and prominent Kashmiri Hindus became the first target of Islamic terrorists. These targeted killings soon turned into random killings and then these random killings turned into massacres.

Three slogans which were echoing in the atmosphere of Kashmir during 1990 were;

1. ‘Ae Zalimo, ae Kafiro ‘Kashmir hamara choad do’ (Oh infidels, leave our Kashmir).
2. ‘Gali Gali main kya chalega ‘Nizam e mustafa’(which rule will be there or what rule will be there in every street? Islamic rule.
3. ‘Aes banao, Kasheer Pakistan, batav varai, batniyo saan’(We will make Kashmir as Pakistan, without Hindu women but with their men).

These three slogans were and are the reality of the freedom movement in Kashmir.

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Kashmiri Hindus inhabited Kashmir 5000 years ago and some 700 years ago, Muslims started migrating to Kashmir and were embraced by Kashmiri Hindus who were then oblivious to their evil plan. In last 700 years Kashmir has seen so much bloodshed that this place should be renamed as ‘Valley of Death”. 700 years of torture, subjugation, massacres and forced conversion turned the valley into a Muslim majority place. In 1947 the Hindu population of Kashmir was around 24% and in 1989 it slumped to 5% and today the population has further slumped to 1%.

Indian Government has always sidelined the nationalist Kashmiri Hindu community, no justice or compensation was delivered to those Kashmiri Hindus or the families of those Kashmiri Hindus who were killed, tortured and forced to flee POJK in 1947. After giving/losing half of the land to Muslims in 1947, the rest of land which belonged to Kashmiri Hindus were taken from them by Abdullah family in 1971 by passing ‘Tillers Act’. In both cases the centre government maintained its silence to uphold its secular values.

In 1967, when a minor Hindu girl ‘Parmeshwari Handoo’ was abducted by a Kashmiri Muslim and some 7 Kashmiri Hindus lost their lives(Killed by Islamists and JKP) and over 1500 were seriously injured in protests which were going on in whole Kashmir to reclaim the abducted Hindu girl, not a single Congress leader came to help us then. No justice was delivered to ‘Kashmiri Pandits’ by Centre government. Though they sent their envoy to Kashmir after the damage was done, but instead of meeting the Kashmiri Hindu leadership, he went to meet the state leaders (Muslims) who filled his head with disinformation and sent him back to Delhi.

Major General GD Bakshi(R) who has served in J&K during 1990’s once claimed that ‘some 20,000’ houses of Kashmiri Hindus were destroyed in 1992 alone just to make sure that ‘Kashmiri Hindus’ should not have a home to return in case they think of returning back to their homeland. This plan was made by Pakistani Intelligence agency and was carried out by the local “Kashmiri Muslims’. Till this date ‘Indian Government’ hasn’t compensated a single Kashmiri Hindu for the loss he/she has endured.

Indian Government made a deal with the surrendered and captured terrorists who were the killers of Kashmiri Hindus that they should be paid well if they will help government to kill and capture Pakistani sponsored Islamic terrorists, hence ‘IKhwan’ was made. Indian Government also let the genocide freak Jihadis like ‘Bitta Karate’ free who confessed that he has killed around 30-40 Kashmiri Hindus. Till this day no enquiry or commission has been setup to found the causes behind the exodus and genocide of Kashmiri Hindus or to found out the people responsible for this biggest massacre since the Jewish Holocaust.

Indian Government also hasn’t paid a single penny as compensation to those Kashmiri Hindus who lost their agricultural land, shops, established business and houses in this genocide. The only thing they did was to erect torn tents for them in Jammu and later shifted them to single quarters where they were forced to live for 20 years. They also paid them monthly relief that started from Rs 500 during the initial years of their stay in refugee camps and then it was increased gradually over the years, from 500 to 1500, then 3500, then 5000, then 7500.

Since the Modi led NDA Government came to power this monthly relief was increased to 10,000Rs per family or 2500 RS /person but no more than 10,000Rs will be given to a family. So it means if you have two members in your family you will receive only 2*2500=5000Rs. This monthly relief is allotted to Kashmiri Muslims and Kashmiri Sikhs also who fled the valley during 1990.

Kashmiri Pandits has a rich history of 5000 years and has contributed enough for this country without asking anything in return but the nation turned their back on them. This nation which claims to be superpower not only denied Kashmiri Hindu community justice but also did everything to make their life a living hell. They let them to rot in the slums for 20 years and never bothered to ease up their pain. There is no indication that things are going to change as the situation and the attitude of Government is same like it was 27 years ago.

Source : Minorities of Kashmir