Global Influence of Hinduism

Foundation of Hindu Culture

foundation of hindu culture
foundation of hindu culture

“Those who first arrived on the continent later to be known as America were group of men driven by that mighty current that set out from India towards the East”
-General Outline of the History of Mexico
(Foreign office Publication)

The Astec Calendar (known as Astec Chakra to Hindu Astronomers) is the foundation stone of Hindu Culture in America. The Ancient Americans believe in the four Hindu Ages (Yugas or Cycles). This Astec Calendar (of Hindu origin) depicts the Hindu Ages of the World.

“The doctrine of the world’s sages (Hindu Yugas) was imported into Pre-Columbian America… The Mexican sequence is identical with the Hindus… The essential fact remains that they were derived from a common source… It would be ridiculous to assert that such a strange doctrine was of spontaneous origin in different parts of old and new worlds.”

~ Mackenzie, Myths of Pre-Columbian America.


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