Vijay Stambh of Chittorgarh

vijay stambh

The Legendary Vijay Stambh of Chittorgarh
Rajasthan is one of the most beautiful states of India and is home to some of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the country. One such destination is Chittorgarh, a prominent seat of Rajput glory. The city sits majestically on the banks of Bearch and Gambheri rivers in the south east of Rajasthan. Out of its many attractions that reflect Chittorgarh’s rich past the most famous is the legendary Vijay Stambh, a prime example of splendid Rajput architecture.

History of Vijay Stambh
Vijay Stambh was built in 1440 AD by Maharana Kumbha of Mewar. He was a very powerful ruler and a brilliant tactician on the battlefield. The tower was built to commemorate the Maharana’s victory over the Muslim rulers of Gujarat and Malwa..

The structure is 37m high with 9 storeys. It is covered with exquisite sculptures of Hindu deities, depicting some of the best scenes of Ramayan and Mahabharata. The narrow steps are a prominent feature of the Vijay Stambh. It is said that it took more than 10 years to build this structure. It has ornate windows and balconies at every storey.

On the fifth floor of the tower there are inscribed images of Jaita and his three sons Poma, Napa and Puja. At the top of the tower, the genealogy of the rulers from Hamir to Rana Kumbha is sculptured on inscribed slabs. From the terrace one can actually view the beautiful Chittogarh city and the fort.

Location of Vijay Stambh
The tower is located near the Chittorgarh Fort and is very close to the famous Mahasati river. It is built at the cremation ground which was used earlier used by the royal family members of Rajasthan. The visitors can also find a number of Sati stones placed around the tower.