Desperation of Intolerant Congress

Desperation of Intolerant Congress

There is something to be emulated by the Indian media and Political leadership of this country from France in the aftermath of multiple terrorists attacks on Paris that killed 127 people and left 80 injured.  The Paris attacks have many similarities to the one happened in Mumbai in 2008, but response from the French political leadership was of solidarity with the President Hollande and all the leaders including the opposition spoke in one voice whereas in the aftermath of Mumbai’s terrorists attacks Congress leaders like Digvijay Singh attempted to paint the RSS behind the attacks and even dared to release a Urdu book ‘RSS ki Sajish”.

Had the brave policeman Tkaram Ombale with lathi not laid down his life before getting hold of Ajmal Kasab, Congress in all possibilities would have implicated the RSS. Digvijay had even blamed Hindu organisation for the death of ATS Chief Hemant Kakrkare in 26/11 attacks by the terrorists and later clarified his dubious opinion.  

The Congress party will deny the game plan and would refer to Dijvijay’s statement as his personal views on the incident. But the fact is Congress during its second term had seriously contemplated to indict RSS in terror activities and declare it a terrorist organisation.

The remark of the then Home Minister, Sushil Kumar Shinde, who at the Congress chintan Shivar had intentionally and after great contemplation attempted to associate saffron organisations with terrorism and malign the credibility of nationalist organisations. When Shinde was confronted by the BJP he retracted from his irresponsible statement. Thanks to wikileaks, the nation came to know of Rahul’s  statement which he made to US ambassador to India, Timothy that Hindus terrors will be a bigger threat to the country than the likes of LeT.

The remarks of Rahul, Shinde and Digvijay were part of Congress plan to defame Hindu organisations by coining terms like “Hindu terror” and “Saffron terror”.   If this was not enough Congress had used central agencies to implicate and declare Hindu nationalists in fake terror cases.

Bhawesh Patel who was arrested and made an accused in Ajmer blasts during Congress rule has written a letter to the CBI and said “I was threatened by the then Home Minsiter Sushil Kumar Shinde and Congress general secrtary Digvijay Singh. According to Bhawesh “Both these Congressmen were forcing me to take the name of RSS. Was it part of Congress party’s strategy by implicating RSS to counter the growing perception in India that not all Muslims are terrorists but every arrested terrorist is a Muslim?  

In the last 18 months with the coming of BJP at centre a certain pattern has emerged that is to attack, defame and blame Hindu organisations that due to them intolerance is growing in the country and minorities don’t feel safe. Christian priests raised the bogey of “Churches under attacks” and Christians are living under constant fear. The first attempt to malign the Hindu organisations came to light when a Church in Mamta’s Bengal in Ranaghat in Nadia’s district was attacked and Nun was raped. As expectedly the media and pseudo secularists along with Christian organisations pointed fingers at Hindu organisations.

The message was sent to the world by Christians’ organisations that Churches and Christians were unsafe under BJP and allegations of intolerance were first time levelled.  Debates in media without proof hammers Hindu Organisations responsible for growing intolerance and which is not the case. A few Christian leaders went a step forward and even asked for help from the Vatican and many approached US. But days later when culprits arrested in the nun’s rape case turned out to be illegal Bangladeshis, the anti-government and anti-Hindu propagandists turned silent. All debates on attacks on Churches stopped immediately, the way debate on intolerance and returning of awards stopped soon after Bihar polls.

 Sonia’s Congress which is in the forefront of accusing Modi government for growing intolerance in the country and leads a delegation to the President to register the protest, but fails to rein in her two senior leaders Salman Khurshid and Mani Shankar Aiyar for making statements that are not only against the interest of the country but also amounts to treason. The remarks of both qualify for treason and sedition.

In Islamabad, Salman Khurshid has criticised PM Modi for ignoring the peace overtures of Pakistan. Khurshid who is known for his “pen and blood remarks” in the embezzlement of funds by his NGO, must have known that a few days prior to his visit in Islamabad former President of Pakistan, Parvez Musharraf had said on TV that Mujahideen who fought in Afghanistan and Kashmir valley were Pakistan’s heroes.

The allegations of intolerance in India have its genesis in PM Modi’s policies and vision. PM Modi has hurt the interest of many influential people in the country by stopping the flow of money for fictitious and dubious NGOs which were involved in harming the interest of the country at the behest of vested foreign powers. The strong line he has taken against the pro-Pakistani fifth column in the country and their patrons abroad has not gone down well with breaking India forces.

The negativity in media against Modi stems from the reason that Modi refuses to take media persons in his aircraft when he travels abroad.  His world tours pitching for strong economic growth—make in India is not liked by people and countries which see a threat to their dominance in manufacturing sector from India in the coming years. His aggressive foreign policy –Look East or taking care of Indian minorities in neighbouring countries is disliked by certain powers which acted as stooge of others at the cost of India. The daring action by Para commandoes in Myanmar against terrorists has greatly rattled India’s enemies. The other factor for growing intolerance in the country could be attributed that PM Modi has not accommodated crony scholars and other beneficiaries of the old regimes. 

Every day, slur is heaped on the PM. Yet, the liberals, historians, scientists, rationalists, artists accuse and hold the BJP govt responsible for the intolerance. But the most disgusting comment has come from Mani Shankar Aiyar who served as country’s High Commissioner in Pakistan. Mani Shankar had told a reporter on a Pakistani TV channel that “you remove Modi and bring us. Don’t the statements of both Salman and Mani Shankar reveal the “intolerant mindset” of grand old party of India which has ruled for close to 60 years? 

In Congress loyalty to the first family is considered USP of the Congress leaders. Hence, these Congress leaders have never liked mass leaders or leaders who had risen on their own strength. This effectively explains Congress’ strong dislike for Chai wala (tea seller) who despite their reservations went on to become the PM of India.  Does this not reflect the feudal mindset of Congress? Are these not the signs of desperation amongst the Congressmen?  Is this not an attempt to destabilise the world’s biggest democratically elected govt which has a massive majority. Has the Congress bothered to know what its consequences are?

The results will be anarchy, wrong precedent and assault on democratic order. It will be better for power hungry Congress to wait for their return to power till 2019 and do “manthans” for their sorry state of affairs.

~ Manoj Sharma


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  • Mr. Manoj Sharma: Your daring article with clear, rational analysis of the factual political scenario within India now is most praiseworthy. However, you have not presented any solutions to the menace created by the Congress-I party leaders. Would not be appropriate for the BJP to not just face but handle such profoundly dangerous approach of the Congress-I party with firm response? Why is RSS not challenging the defaming claims by this Congress-I using the legal means? Why is the NDA govt. not using the media to counter the misleading accusations so that the public will have clear facts? Mere facing of such dirty politics does not help in the long run.
    Thank you.