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Dastardly killing of 25 CRPF and dangerous intellectualism

Indian intellectualism is a threat to humanity

Indian intellectualism is a threat to humanity

– By Salil Gewali, Shillong

The mass killing of the innocent cannot be justified by any sane people. But in India a certain section of scholars have gone quite insane so much so that they defend all such cruelties upon the humanity. What is more shocking is that some are often complicit behind the scene. They hardly hesitate to coax the subversive forces into committing the crime. Well, post dastardly killing of 25 CRPF jawans in Sukma has thrown a clear picture, though not much published, some media elites and intellectuals are hell-bent to prove the killing as a justified retaliation. A prominent journalist of ‘India Today Group’ Rajdeep Sardesai had hurried himself to invite Ms. Nalini Sundar to his studio for the opinion. Ms. Nalini, a professor of Delhi University, has long earned a bad name for taking-pro-Maoist stance and inciting anti-National forces. She is also involved in several Naxalite activities, apart from the charge of murder of a tribal man in Chhattisgarh. The formal complaint against Rajdeep Sardesai has already been sent to ‘India Today’ by Vinay Joshi, the convener of Legal Rights Observatory.

Well, this is how the sharp edge of the ‘freedom of expression’ has been bruising the heart of the NATION. Yes, in the Indian markets are replete with those literature/novels which all are written by Anti-Hindu Hindus. They are the ones who normally received accolades for their literary works, no matter how badly they denigrate Hindu culture, Hindu deities, and its value-based ethos. Our own convent educated youths are the ardent fans of those writers, such as — Arundhati Roy, Ramachandran Guha, Shobha De, Romila Thapar et al.

Incidentally, with the credibility of the media sagging, the former Editorial Director of ‘The New York Times’,who is now the Editor in Chief of ‘Huffington Post’, Lydia Polgreen has very recently echoed her deep displeasure.  With anguish, she expressed her regret —  ‘the trust of the general masses in the media is a historic low’. One reliable American media agency ‘Pew Research Center’ lately, after an exhaustive survey, has come up with a very disquieting finding. It has revealed that 82% of the news audiences are disillusioned with the biased attitude and distorted reporting of the media houses. Many have already held media as the ‘enemy of American people’ — as famously retorts the US President Donald Trump. Should not all this grim fact, now directly from the horse’s mouth, get our Indian journalists/columnists to have a serious introspection of themselves?

Given the everyday’s ranting and raving in TV studios and outrageously devious inclination of the media fraternity, one is not surprise if a dreaded murderer Charles Sobhraj is cordially invited from the “Jail room” to the “newsroom” for his precious opinions if ever a robbery and murder happen in some places in New Delhi. Who know very soon some TV channels might send a free air ticket with security to Hafiz Mohd Saeed, co-founder of Lashkar-e-Taiba,  or take him through the hotline, to lash out at India as to how the terrorists are heartlessly shot down by the Indian army.

Have we not heard enough from the media that the “innocent” stone-palters in Jammu and Kashmir have been harassed round-the-clock by Indian army?

Paramilitary soldiers of the 74 Batallion killed in Sukma attack
Name Rank Name Rank
Raghubir Singh INSP/S NP Sonkar CT/GD
Sanjay Kumar T ASI/GD KK Pandey CT/GD
Rameshwar Lal ASI/GD Vinay Chndra Burman CT/GD
KK Das SI/GD P Alagupandi CT/GD
Naresh Kumar ASI/GD Abhay Kumar CT/GD
Surender Kumar HC/RO N Senthil Kumar CT/GD
Banna Ram HC/RO N Thrumurugan CT/GD
LP Singh HC/GD Ranjit Kumar CT/GD
Naresh Yadav H/GD Ashish KR Singh CT/GD
Badmanaban HC/GD Manoj Kumar CT/GD
Saurabh Kumar CT/GD Anup Karmakar CT/GD
Abhay Mishra CT/GD Ram Mehar HC/GD
Banmali Ram CT/GD