Congress Party on ego trip

Congress Party on ego trip

~ Salil Gewali, Shillong (INDIA) 

Anger, envy and greed are sure ways to disaster. One with clear conscience can realize how the Congress is degenerating due to the above vices. The recent skipping NITI Aayog meeting by the Chief Ministers of the Congress ruled states of the Northeast is much uncalled for. PM Shri Narendra Modi has announced a mammoth Rs 92000/- Crore for the development of the Northeast India.

Well, it must not be a wish of sagacious Chief Minister Shri Mukul Sangma. We citizens of Meghalaya can at least vouch for our Chief Minister who is far open and broad-minded than the Congress high command. Rahul’s utter lack of eloquence in oratory; his self-righteousness and noticeably phony and selective sympathy towards the poor has brought a whole lot of misfortunes upon the party. There are dozens of others in Congress who are more competent with more political acumen to hold the chair of the Vice Presidentship or so. No wonder, the Gandhi family members who are ever being sweetened up by a bunch of sycophants can hardly see their failings.

So, all CMs of Congress-ruled Northeast meekly obey what their masters dictate from the center. All are well aware that how Shashi Tharoor’s praises for PM Modi’s Bharat Swachcha Abhiyan had cost the former the post of spokesperson. In this party a member cannot venture to think of becoming a good human being as well. It seems the party members are even forced to call a lovely fragrant lily as a stinging nettle and vice versa.  

Well, who will bring the high command to sense that the party is suffering from lots of debilitating ailments among which the egotism, incompetency, insincerity, sycophancy and appeasement policy are the most prominent?

The vindictive protests and wayward demonstrations often staged by the Congress activists across the nation and a load of petty allegations hurled at the Modi government shows how low a party can stoop when it is out of power. It is very hard to believe that the national party of high repute can encourage the party workers to indulge in any sort of boisterous vandalism in the name of protest.

Well, it was a massive corruption and blatant discrimination in the line of castes, creeds and religions which in fact had spelled a humiliating defeat for the Congress party in the last election.  Why don’t the party leaders introspect themselves and adopt the corrective measures? 

One without prejudices can see as clear as daylight that PM Modi is at work. Yes, he has been working tirelessly and innovatively for the larger interest of the country. He has thought out an array of flagship plans to revitalize the country that was sagging under the load of corruption and mismanagement. PM’s paying extra attention towards the alleviation of the sufferings of the poor is very praise-worthy. Well, now just paying Rs 12/- as a premium per year qualifies one for the accidental insurance benefit of whopping Rs 2 lakhs. 

Again, a mere payment of Rs 330/- per year secures the dependent with the dividend of Rs 2 lakh in the event of the policyholder’s death. Why can’t the Congress appreciate such significant schemes rigorously implemented by the present government? Does it not fall under the aim and policy of any concerned political parties in the country to mitigate the sufferings of the poor citizens and improve their economic status?  

“Digital India”, “Smart city”, “Make in INDIA”, “Skill Development Mission” are doubtlessly epoch-making plans and programs. They will certainly bring vibrancy and dynamism in the arid landscape of unemployment. They can effectively accelerate the overall developmental processes in the country. The economy that was virtually strangulated by the colossal amount of corruption and nepotism is now seeing the ray of hope and optimism.  

But what makes the Congress loose its sanity every time the Modi Government pulls its socks up. No matter who is at the helm of the government the nation should be prospering, thriving and booming. The narrow outlook and egotism of any party should not make any state and its citizens deprived of the developmental plans and programs initiated by the central government.



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  • Everyday the citizens of India worldwide are watching the shameless dramatics of the Congress leaders – shamelessly using false and blatantly biased excuses to stall nation’s progress driven work through the central government’s efforts – simply to be in lime light and win some instant recognition. I wonder why the public is not taking a stand to stop such a waste of public money and Congress’s eyewash attempts. What are the nation’s leaders within various industries up to? Why are they not being proactive to stop Congress from being so out of control?

  • Now please dont consider congress as national party… shud go to another level and reach new heights of greed and anti national, anti hindu agenda, so that it wud be easy to terminate the party….ablish congress…give chance to new nationlist party(definitely not aaptards,they are run by congress)