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Indian Christian Jihad

Hindus under siege: Evangelical Missionary war on India

Hindus under siege: Evangelical Missionary war on India

Christian missionaries in India enjoyed much support from European Christian colonial masters who controlled the political, economic and educational institutions for centuries, to 1947. With the active support of the European Christian colonialists, missionaries founded churches, large-scale political organizations, and educational institution. Even after independence, political parties handed over Christians an influential position in India.

Leaders of the Church became key advisers and also exercised political, economic, and educational functions as government leaders. They have penetrated and controlled several national institutions that were taking shape after independence. Christians have created the press, economic institutions, commercial enterprises, as well as grabbed urban and forestland, established non-governmental organizations, schools, colleges and formed political parties.

Coercive and deceptive conversion of Hindus increased the number of Christians, which reshaped several states. No wonder that from the beginnings of the 1950’s political Christianity made all the political, economic and educational decisions and controlled everything. Hindus could scarcely make their way in education, media and commerce. Political Christianity formed a special clique, finding their ideal in real estate, education, health industry, media, plantation and commerce. They operated under the theory that Christians should be strategically placed in policy decision bodies.

The Church built large estates, business enterprises, banks, and educational institutions. Political Christianity in India maintains that Christians had first to constitute an appropriately divided Hindu society of classes. This they would accomplish only when they formed caste based organizations and regional political parties. Then Hindus would continue their class division and the Church would accomplish their goal.

Historically, political, cultural, and economic Christianity had in common a sense of competition with Hinduism. Christians dismiss Hindu spiritual and cultural traditions. The Church was clearly intent on liberating Hindus from their cultural roots and enslaving them with rigid, closed, divisive and linear Christian dogma. Missionaries with the closed, rigid and non-compromising dogma are obsessed with the idea of converting Hindus who believe in pluralism, tolerance and the all-inclusive Vedic philosophy. Comprehensive and spiritual Vedic thought has always posed a serious challenge and dilemma for the Christian Church. For centuries, unable to challenge the broader and systemic Hindu philosophy, Christian missionaries have resorted to deceptive mind manipulation strategies to trap and convert Hindus.

Pseudo political leaders and India’s alienated intellectuals failed to provide pride and dignity to Hindus and they despise and demean them. Political parties and secular leaders allowed Christians not only to influence government policies, but also tolerated their attack on Hindu spiritual practices. This political patronage enabled Christians to exercise an influential anti-Hindu role in public life and in government.

The power of the Church in India is enormous. Massive inflow of foreign funds helped the Church to influence the media, own large tracts of urban and forestland, control political parties, as well as own commercial and educational institutions. Their explicit purpose, among other things, is to stop Hindu consolidation and get them to fight on caste lines. In order to solidify their growing hegemony, Christians have made alliance with the Congress party, the Marxists, and regional parties as well as with parochial organizations.

The explosive effect of this unholy alliance can be gauged by the emergence of Christian power in central and several state governments. Control of educational institutions, trade, plantation and real estate brought wealth to Christians in ways Christians had never known. All the while, Christian organizations received massive amounts from abroad for conversion activities.

Christian conquests are more and more commercial and less spiritual. Well-established business, trade and commerce proved better, more wealth producing mode of occupation than spirituality. Concurrent with commercial success, the Church with the help of foreign funds elevated the role of political interference with absolute control of government in many states. Political influence of Christians in India marked the modern scene to an extent unknown before.

Deceptive Practices Of Evangelical Missionaries

One of the more alarming trends in India in recent years is the growing number of evangelical Christian organizations. This growth has been accompanied by an astonishing increase in Christian missionary activities which target Hindus for conversion. Well over 3,000 missionary groups, which are obsessed to convert Hindus, spend over a billion dollar each year for conversion work in India. Evangelical Christian groups sponsor hundreds of full-time missionaries. They also sponsor television and radio programs. Missionaries have sponsored thousands of non-governmental organizations for overt and covert activities for furthering Christian causes.

These evangelical Christians use deceptive tactics to attract secular Hindus, journalists, academicians and westernized intellectuals. Evangelical missionary groups use Hindu names for their organizations to attract and trap innocent Hindus. They frequently misquote, mistranslate and misrepresent Hindu scripture and texts in order to use it as a bait and switch game. Evangelical missionaries are specially trained in mental misdirection and psychological war. They know well how to conceal, camouflage, and distortion of reality and power play. This deceptive game involves getting Hindus to trust, like, and feel comfortable with their bait and switch game, so they will want Hindus to do what they want to do. They use sophisticated psycho programming for softening people up for the kill. Like most power plays, softening people up for the kill is dangerous. It is not transparent enough for Hindus to see through and choose not to buy into it.

Missionary Agenda We See, Agendas We Don’t

Evangelical Christian organizations advertise under the heading of Human Rights, Dalit Organizations, Solidarity movements of the oppressed, Environmental Protection groups and social service agencies. Their goal is to mentally misdirect Hindus, to fabricate false reality, erase memory, and soften them for “thought implant”.

Pamphleteering and false advertisement of evangelist Christians are on the increase. There is an upsurge in Christian pamphlets being distributed at Hindu festivals, temples and sacred places of pilgrimage. Missionary groups aggressively distribute Christian publications to denigrate Hindu deities at Sabarimala, Thirupathi, Guruvayoor, Ujjain, Benares, Palani, Uduppi, and Sivagiri where Hindus congregate in large numbers.

In addition, missionary groups employ scare tactics, intimidation and violence to discourage and prevent Hindus from organizing protests against deceptive conversion tactics. Evangelical missionary groups engage in a variety of relatively benign deceptions intent to leave secular Hindus with a more positive impression on them. The real purpose for engaging in hidden agenda power plays is conversion of innocent Hindus. Hidden agendas, psycho programming and mind manipulation techniques are used to entice unsuspecting Hindus. The secret they keep from others and the camouflage they use to disguise their true intentions has dangerous consequences for Hindu society. Beneath the polished exterior of Christian educational institutions lies a burgeoning political and cultural war machine that strikes at the traditional spiritual values of India.

Evangelical Christian Culture Warriors

The Christian missionaries have already infiltrated religious organizations, media, social agencies, political parties and institutions of higher learning and threaten to bring down Hindu society. They continue to poison our cultural tradition, moral values, spiritual beliefs, and thus destroy the social fabric of our nation from within. It is a massive culture war which has disastrous consequences for Hindus and India. Their game plan is to misdirect Hindus and delegitimize Hinduism by claiming that Christianity is the only path to salvation.

Several missionary organizations disguise themselves as human rights and social service organizations. In fact, they fraudulently represent themselves as human right and social activists, and these so-called human right and social service organizations are elaborately disguised Christian front organizations. Most of these non-governmental organizations that receive foreign funds exhibit “messiah madness” and manifest a great sense of urgency to convert as many Hindus as possible for creating a Christian vote bank.

Recent Christian violence in Orissa, Bihar, Kerala and Tamil Nadu are perfect example of the deceptive practices used by evangelical proselytizing groups. There are at least 500 Christian proselytizing organizations that operate with foreign fund in Orissa and Bihar alone, which are actively targeting Hindus for conversion. Recently deceptive and aggressive conversion efforts have led to escalating tension throughout Bihar.

Facing The Evangelical Culture War

Incredibly, much of the evangelical Christian aggression is the direct result of certain government policies to appease Christians. Policies of Christian and Muslim reservation, quota system and special privileges are in fact, effective in promoting mischievous Christian power play and aggressive conversion tactics.

There has been an ominously deafening silence from secular political leadership at all levels. This silence itself is complicit in creating a favorable atmosphere for Christian conversion groups. Phony secular leaders engage in ineffective maneuvers to maintain the status quo and avoid unpleasant thoughts to the back of their minds because thinking about deceptive missionary conversion practices only make matters worse. Consequently, what they do in the name of maintaining equilibrium only deceives them. It is a self-defeating behavior that may lead to disaster. Most frightening are the bogus intellectuals, journalists and alienated intellectuals and armchair academicians who at the helm of this Christian invasion, try to force insidious and deeply harmful Christian dogma down the throats of Hindus under the name of mindless universalism. These pseudo secular leaders smug their attitudes as they ridicule us of our spiritual values.

Defeating The Enemy

As Hindus face the ongoing deceptive conversion gang and their sponsors around the world, we must cope with the continuing scourge of denial, accommodation and cowardice. Hindus need to recognize the dangers of putting our faith in mindless universalism-when the times call for decisive action. For only through strong defense of our spiritual culture, freedom at home and abroad, can we preserve, practice and promote our tolerant and all inclusive thought system in the dangerous world.

Hindus must exercise constant vigilance to educate about the true nature of the hidden agendas of Christian groups and non-governmental organizations funded and directed by foreign agencies. Their mission is couched in ecclesiastical terms but their ulterior motive is to diminish Hindu population by coercive conversion.

Hindus must be aware that the value of free speech and the basic right to free expression is not absolute under the Indian constitution. Hindus have the right to oppose Christian hate speech and deceptive practices that are deemed offensive. Awareness, education and assertive protest seem to be the best way of confronting deceptive missionary proselytizing. Teaching and informing Hindus that Hindus need not believe in the Christian dogma, not to tolerate intolerant and deceptive conversion practices and Christian churches are to deceive the Hindu community are important first steps.

Though many political and community leaders have sought economic development and social reform, particularly globalization, they have generally been unwilling to see the power play and hidden agendas of the Churches. One key to the success of evangelical Christian deceptive conversion is that Hindus tolerate the hidden agendas and sinister games of the missionaries. The trouble with tolerating coercive religious conversion, of course, is that while we’re averting our eyes, the evangelists grows and festers around India. Their goal is political domination and this has been true for the past few centuries.

Indeed, the greatest threat to our nation is Christian and Muslim appeasement policies – and selfish opportunism – of the pseudo secular politicians. The Congress party, the Marxists and several parochial regional parties are ideologically inclined toward appeasement and special privileges for Christians and Muslims. These corrupt, anti-national political parties dismiss or understate hidden agendas of evangelists. And of course, rather than containing or confronting political agendas of the missionary groups, they acquiesce with them.

Hindus can no longer afford to remain silent or passive when they encounter Christian bigotry and hatred. The consequences of silence and passivism are too dangerous for our nation and for the Hindu civilization. We must not surrender the public arena to the forces that seek to promote hatred and polarization amongst various communities in our nation. Deceptive evangelical missionary conversion tactics must be actively resisted and responded to so that such hidden hatred and subversive plan become totally unacceptable in our country.

If unchallenged and unchecked, coercive religious conversion can erode and destroy our spiritual tradition, dismantle our social fabric and destroy our moral foundation. Every Christian statement is a deliberate attack on the pluralistic and spiritual tradition of our society and on our sacred values that demand respect, tolerance, and kindness for all who live in the world.

Hindu organizations must see diverse Hindus as a people with a vision not of what was, but of what is in order to be. Hindu leaders must take that vision and transform it into fact. Hindus must now break the wall of denial. No way around it. At some point, every Hindu is confronted with danger of deceptive conversion ploys. How we choose to combat that challenge is often life-defining. Hindus can face injustice and fraudulent conversion plans head-on or run from them, or ignore them until they consume every Hindu. But no one escapes conflict and confrontation. Hypocritical politicians see no evil in deceptive evangelical missionary practices, ever seek or act against it. These pseudo secular politicians who do not acknowledge evil are spiritually lost.

Tolerance, complacency, avoidance, apathy and acquiesce of deceptive missionary practices will not lead to spirituality. It leads to confusion, chaos and immorality. Only by ignoring evil practices can a nation embrace deviance that ends in weakness and decadence.

It is time for Hindus to wake up, join together and show courage and determination to discriminate between good and evil to create a strong nation. It is a culture war, a paradigm conflict. It is a political invasion from within. It is a bloodless war for the minds, hearts, and souls of Hindus. It is being waged with force, foreign fund and deception on our television, in the classrooms, in the media and in the political fields. It is a constant and continuing war on our spiritual values in order to weaken our nation. We must stand up and take sides in this war for the minds.

~ Dr. Babu Suseelan


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  • I agree. What I do not understand is – what the hindu institutions are doing in face of this assault. We have some of the richest temples (think Tirupati, Vaishno Devi etc.). Why are they not doing anything?

    • धर्मशिक्षा और धर्माचरण द्वारा ऐसे सांस्कृतिक और धार्मिक आक्रमण को रोका जा सकता है । तात्कालिक उपाय हेतु हिन्दुओं को संगठित होकर वैध मार्ग से संघर्ष कर शासन पर दबाव बनाना होगा । जैसे कश्मीर में आंतकवादियों के financial routes को investigate कर terror support infrastructure पर हमला किया जा रहा है, वैसी ही कार्यवाही इस संदर्भ में भी अपेक्षित है ।
      धर्मशिक्षण और धर्म संगठन हेतु
      hindu jagruti.org

    • Every institution of hindus is being controlled by govt.

      No wonder if I call congress is radical Vatican agenda party…

      Now when Rahul Vinci has failed, he pretends to be a janeudhari but his mother has contributed a lot to this hindutva breaching silent killers…

  • Time has Come to bounce Back
    I am ready with ‘ YES I CAN-My Bhaarath’ on Face Book
    let us work,work and work- till we win globally
    -China- is like Cousin- by Heritage Culture and Religion
    better tie up with it-Off course differences-can be sorted out by Discussion
    Nothing is impossible to a willing MIND

  • Thank you for the article. I would be grateful you could give us some references specially those regarding the numbers .. number of Christian agencies, money being spent, etc. Has anyone taken up the study of collating all the activities? Thanks.

  • what we have to do is simple
    1) Make a pratice of reading Bhagavad geeta with everyone in the family
    2) Thirumalai temple is teaching vedas for everyone utilize those like things in your locality. veda is oru education system personally i know how it is. They are very rich in science as well as any education.
    3) Start with a children. if your knowledge is limited in the matter, you are chlidren too.
    4) when we starts to do. Every thing will work automatically you just have to start and give a time for it daily.
    5) Education is important for knowledge. Oru present education system is not more than vedas, the only problem is languge. we can learn it through many ways.
    -oum namashivya…..

  • Firstly the misuse and abuse of black magic for the cowardice, crab thinking, jealousy, greed, unjustified anger, total selfishness etc.of scums and encouraged by scoundrels( for commercial benefits only) has resulted in weakening our spirit, health, thinking, courage, power, God’s grace, progress of self and community apart from a host of other damages!! Already lessons are being and had been taught to us like Kashmir, Bengal, Kerala, Assam etc in India apart from the total destruction of American Incas and Aztec empires and their people!!
    Time when we Hindus has to gear up for drastic changes in our thinking and actions. No use only cribbing over the current problems, the necessary solutions must be done immediately

  • This began with the extermination of the herditary law giving priesthood and walking libraries pf the People of Dharma (Those who followed Aryan ( Brahmin) Law), the Brahmins and Brahmanism by the British who were convinced by the Moslems that the 1857 mutiny was the doing of Brahmins.

    This was followed through by their Cambridge, Columbia, Oxford, Elphinstone, Presidency, Madras Christian, St Stephen’s Loyola and otherwise brainwashed stooges since 1921. Recognizing that the Brahmins were the cement that held the myriad religions, cultures and temples of the People of Dharma together with the laws of Arya Varsha represented by the Swasthika and the Prathamo Upanishad received by the Saptha Rishis from Brahma (from which the notions of Karma and Dharma originate), in 1923, the British confiscated the temples, treasure, lands, waters, educational institutions, and religious freedoms of the People of Dharma, and ousted the Brahmins from the courts and derecognized Brahmin law and folded the People of Dharma into a lumpen called “Hindu” into which they added outsiders whom they labelled as “Dalits” to destroy the congregational and community education, feeding, alimony and other welfare systems centered on the temples and administered by the Brahmins who led a way of life that proscribed personal wealth.

    In 1949, the Indian Republic, by means of its Constitution, rendered the People of Dharma into Third Class citizens by elevating Dalits to the First Class and Christians, Moslems and those certified as congenitally backward to the Second Class. In 1959, the Indian Republic deprived the People of Dharma of their temples, treasurer, waters, lands, educational institutions, religious freedoms, gymnasiums and other commonwealth through the residual British India as well as in the former Princely States.

    This orphaned, the Hindu lumpen, perishes with erudition, arithmetic, culture and integrity challenged Courts, Politicians, Bureaucrats, Policemen and Journalists largely drawn from the certified to be congenitally backward or those educated in christian institutions or those who are Christians and Moslems determining what is “Hindu” and what Hindus may or may not do includng what and how they may worship.

  • Parents should tell there off spring abouth they religion.
    Our for fathers came to Trinidad 1n 1815
    Same religious frame work exist through
    U the elders shall do the groundwork
    The off spring can follow