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Indian Christian Jihad

Christian group claims to have converted over 80,000 people in India this year

Christian group claims to have converted over 80,000 people in India this year

Christian conversion in IndiaAt a time when India’s Parliament proceedings are disrupted over the contentious issue of religious conversions, a North American organisation is planning an event in Chandigarh called ‘India Journey of Compassion’ to mark the claim of its partners in north India that they have baptized over 80,000 new believers this year.

The organisation has invited people from all over the world to participate in one of the largest house church movements.

The event, organised by Impact Nations, is proposed to be held at Chandigarh from March 15 to 27 next year.

Impact Nations is a Christian organization that claims brining hope and restoration to the poor and vulnerable in the developing world through both supernatural and practical expressions of the God.

The organisation has fixed USD 1,850 as early registration fees, for which the last date is January 8. Regular registration will cost USD 1,995, as per the information available on its website.

The organisation has its offices at 860 E 53rd Ave, Vancouver (Canada) and 4830 Pan American FWY NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA).

“India, soon to be the most populous nation on earth, is a country like no other. It is estimated that there are now over 150 million believers–but more than a billion have yet to turn to Christ. India is in revival. Our partners in north India have baptized over 80,000 new believers this year. They have seen over 200 people raised from the dead. What is happening is historic; Impact Nations has been invited to take part–and we are extending this invitation to you,” the description given on the website reads.


Christian conversion in IndiaChristian conversion in IndiaChristian conversion in IndiaChristian conversion in India

Christian conversion in India


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  • When such massive conversions are being done , taking advantage of poverty and ignorance, why do they make such a hue and cry over the puny minimal number of conversions under the banner “ghar Vapasi ” ?!!!! These all happen only in India !

  • These things are disturbing but can any one tell me why Indians can not shift our attention to develop ouselves and try bringing scientific temper in our children and thus take them away from theology and thus thwart their efforts to change the Hindus. Hindus are as such very seculasr, dynamic and have scientific temper. There is no use crying. These people will do it. Their religion encurages them. Just please some body tell me how we can stop that and improve our own home

  • Ask these third rated fellows to get out of india. what they know about hinduism?
    All good things is being grabbed by christians and muslims. nothing in their religion. all things in muslims and christians are copied from hindu religion only. duplicate and fraud guys. Ask them f… of from here.

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  • Vinaashakalay Vipareetha Buddhi. By trick or treat or threat conversions have damaged Bharatvarsha. Ban all conversions once and for all all over world and let religion help bringing in humanity rather than being inhumane. I only see Christianity and Islam on a desperate verge on converting entire world. Why ? what are they going to get with all this ? Its high time Jesus and Allah teachings should be practiced by respective followers regarding respect and peace. Every culture no matter how tiny/big has the right to live in peace on earth. Live and let others live.

  • All Christian educational colleges n schools in Delhi n most probably everywhere hv 51% reservations for Christians. Is it right? For ex St Stephen has such reservations but Hindu college has no such thing. Ye kahan ka nyaya hai?