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Chanakya Neeti

Chanakya Neeti #2

दुष्टाभार्याशठमित्रभ्र्त्यश्चोत्र्दाय्क: |
स्स्प्रेचग्रहेवासोमृत्युरेवनसंशयः ||

It is a living death to stay in a house where there is: 

  • An evil natured, badmouthing woman of low morals,
  • Or a cunning and deceitful friend,
  • Or an impolite talkative servant,
  • Or a possibility of the presence of a snake 

An evil woman only brings misery, shame, pain and mental torture for the man living with her, rendering him helpless and a model for misfortune.  Being unreliable, a deceitful friend will only bring disaster and anguish and can never be trusted.  An impolite servant will create embarrassing situations, causing mental anguish and threat of dishonour to his master or anyone else who enters that house.  Having a snake present poses constant threat of death, ready to strike any moment. (5)

आपदर्थेधनरक्षेद्दारान्र्क्शद्धनेरर्पि |
आत्मान्सततरक्षेद्दार्रेरापिधनेरपि ||

For the bad days one should save money.  Woman should be protected even if it takes the money saved.  But for self-preservation, the money and the woman should be sacrificed, if required. (6)

Most people are aware that money should be saved for difficult times and they try to do so not only for themselves but their families as well. But a life partner is far more important than money and it is a man’s duty under any circumstances to do everything to save the woman he married. But Chanakya also says that both wealth and woman should be forsaken when self-preservation comes into play.  In today’s world however, this would probably translate as a separation or divorce when a married couple wants to end a conflicting relationship.

आपदर्थेधनरक्षेचच्छ्रीमतःकुतआपद: |
कदाचिच्चलितालक्ष्मी: संचितोऽपिविनश्यति ||

For hard times and to deal with the troubles, a man must protect his wealth because the one who has money, he can overcome hurdles easily.  Money, if not protected slips away fast. (7)

Money can effortlessly overcome most problems in life but it is not easy to hold on to.  The money is a slippery customer and manages to get spent.  Even protected money can go missing because it attracts the attention of unlawful elements.

यस्मिन्देशेनसम्मानोनव्रत्तिर्नचबान्धवाः |
नचविधाऽऽगमःकश्चित्त: देशःपरिवर्जयेत् ||

Do not live in a country that does not allow you self-respect, honour, means of living, a family, kith and kin, friends, well wishers, ways of education and self-development.  Quit such a country.  It is not fit for living. (8)

A man needs a suitable environment for his physical, emotional and intellectual survival. To be without these very basic fundamental rights can make one’s life barren and incomplete in several ways.  Chanakya strongly advises to renounce a country that fails to fulfil conditions essential for an honourable living and migrate to another land.

धनिक: श्रोत्रियोराजानदीवैध्स्तुपञ्चम: |
पञ्चयत्रनविधन्तेनतत्रदिवस: वसेत् ||

A man should not make a place his home where there are no prosperous people, soldiers, scholarly Brahmins, a king, river and physicians. (9)

Presence of wealthy people is indicative of flourishing trade and commerce to offer new opportunities. Brahmins provide spiritual guidance and a king is a symbol of law and order.  Having a strong army provides a sense of security from foreign invasions and the rivers are a source of water, vital necessity for daily life and good agriculture.  It is equally important to have physicians in a country that safeguards its citizen’s good health.  Having all of these five securities ensures a citizen’s life is secure and comfortable and the land worth living on.


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