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Like all the social networks and big internet properties, Facebook is in it to make money. Until now, Facebook Pages have more or less been a way for brands to advertise for free, and now Facebook expects to get paid: if you want people to see your content, you can sponsor your posts and Facebook will push them to more people.

We spend countless hours and a lot of efforts in getting the information to our website and facebook. Our only aim is to get the right and correct information to everyone, we are not in it to make money and we can’t spend large amount to get our posts to your timeline.

There is a very simple solution to this problem which will make sure that you will be notified when we post new articles / information on Facebook page or on our website.

Please follow any of these two steps and help us spread our SANSKRITI…



This will make sure that you will get all our Facebook posts in your notification area on Facebook:



1. As shown in above image, please go to our Facebook Page 

2. Go to Like / Liked Button

3. Click on Get Notifications and DONE!



This will make sure that you will get all our new website posts notification in your email.

Simply go SUBSCRIBE PAGE and type in your email address and you will be registered to our email notifications.

IMPORTANT: You will receive a verification email from Google after registering, it is important that you verify your email to activate notifications. 

PLEASE NOTE: We have a very strict privacy policy and your email will not be shared with anyone in any situation and you will not get anything else apart from notifications from us.


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